“Lillith Strikes”

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“Lillith Strikes”
Let me tell you a delightful and juicy story about an encounter on a forest trail that leads to more than what was bargained for, as a lonely middle-aged man is chanced upon by a woman who takes his business into her own hands.
Get comfortable, lay back, and allow yourself to enter this excited tale…


…this excited tail…

(Get it?)

Just look at this excited tail presenting!


“Lillith Strikes”
By Denuded Man-berries.



Hey you!

Listen to me, you helpless bare naked wanker, you are going to give me more sperm than you ever knew you had to give!

Way before I’m done pulling the trigger on that luscious fleshy red musket hanging from between your bare white legs, I will have already extracted your entire weight in gooey sperm, two or three times over.

I know you don’t believe me and I find that so amusing. My salacious little victims never believe how much spunk can be rung from their corpulent genipaps, until they have lost their voices screaming about it.

Such tender protuberances! Look at them jutting out, flushed and swollen, from your pale little body—-big scarlet genitalia protruding out, fat and bulging off this pastey frame. Soon you will be creaming so much sticky spunk they will be raw and burning.

Even though you have a slightly smaller than average penis, you do have an ample package, but you are such a short, scrawny little thing that these sex organs almost look like they came off a much larger, purple man; especially your balls and scrotum. Just look at the fine set of reproductive organs you have!

I am so lucky to have found such a nice set of primed cum fruit getting beat off in my grove; sorry to have interrupted your intimate moment, but you were so ripe and ready for plucking!

What was that?

You don’t like me inspecting your family jewels like this? You don’t like to have your sac pinched with my clawed fingers and drawn up to be examined?

Poor baby doesn’t like his succulent genitals manhandled while you are strung up like a pheasant, stripped and defenseless, and can’t even see what I’m doing to them, how I am scrutinizing your pendulous equipment?
Is this humiliating for you? Do you feel mortified? Shall I spank that bare bottom like a little baby? Here it comes, ten swats on bad boy’s buck naked buttocks:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

Oh my that was quite an outburst! I don’t want to sound cliche but you are not in a position to give orders.
I don’t care what you don’t like, you little bitch.

You little bitching bitch, this naked derriere is my property now! Deez nuts are mine too!

I bet you don’t like this either when I yank on your scrotum like I’m ringing a fucking dinner bell? Shaking this whole rack by yanking on your balls? By wrenching you about by your very nads? By grasping onto your stimulated genips and pulling your whole body back and forth recklessly by them..


That hurts doesn’t it? You extended your limbs and neck and let out such a scream when I struck those delicate plums! Does that mean it hurt?

What’s that, I can’t hear you. I say That really hurts when I snap these fragile goolies, Right?

Did I wrack you in your balls? What if I cup both my hands and lift you up with a swift volley to the crotch?

Oh that was a good one!

That was quite a scream that cut loose from your throat just now, good thing there’s no one around for miles and miles, your loud mouth would definitely attract unwanted attention.

Oh my, there’s a little drop hanging off the end of your ripe pecker from those ever so slightly secreting glands…. I’m punishing you now you little shit! You’re not supposed to enjoy it!


Oh god that hurts bad, please, please stop!!! OK That’s better. I like that crying and begging instead of shouting futile demands.

Now, stop goddamn talking back to me or I will strike those fucking balls repeatedly with revolving fists like I’m training for a fucking boxing match!

I’m doing the fucking talking now!

But don’t get me wrong, I love listening to your utterly futile, manic objections, it’s music to my ears all that shouting and spitting, tears and drool streaming off your face as you thrash your head about in full meltdown…but right now, I want you to listen to what I’m telling you.

What was I saying? Oh yes,

You see, I have you all strung up on my rack and suspended naked from the rafters like a plucked slaughterhouse chicken.


… so that your precious nutsack and penis jut out freely and are presented for me to easily grasp and squeeze off some very loud semen-soaked orgasms!

I can just grab them like this here.

That’s when I want to hear how loud you can be, understand?


Well, Congratulations, you fully exposed, naked little bitch, you now belong to me. You are now a personal cum gun that belongs to Lillith, until, of course, you can no longer ejaculate sperm from your glans and I really hope for your sake that doesn’t happen any time soon.

Hmm, these fully laden crimson testes look like good producers and they feel quite ripe to the touch. The scrotum stretches out nicely from your body a good five inches or more it looks like, oh, that makes you cry out doesn’t it?
Now hear this, whimpering little bitch, I intend to repeatedly fire this tumescent purple musket once, twice, and thrice more and thrice again even after that!

And again, again, and yet again, relentlessly, and mercilessly, with a fucking purpose, until you go off your nut from busting your nut!

Ha ha ha ha ha!

But seriously, I am dead greedy for every quivering load I can squeeze off just as fast as this pitiful shuddering pecker and these lush plums can spurt it out!

I’m going to drain you down to the roots of your fucking teeth through those tender juicy strawberries hanging off you which I secretly watched you fapping up and down in hapless abandon within my woods! You didn’t even see me when I took hold of your little waist and picked you up off the ground just as you were about to climax.

My last victim suffered a heart attack at that moment but you just yelled out and tried to hide your privates because you thought you were alone. Your hard dick was waving back and forth out of your open pants and you couldn’t really protect it very well as I carried you over my head and brought you here.

I wanted to knock you out because you wouldn’t stop resisting but I waited until after I denuded you so you could experience the indignity of having your clothes ripped right off your body. I love that part, the gobsmakked gape, the brief, astonished silence.

Now you’ve awoke to find you’re stripped bare, spread out and stretched, with these luscious genitals protruding off you. Your pack of twin cobblers dangling in the open air and that hot little banger sticking out, ready for some serious extraction.

To start with, I am going to suck that pulsing purple penis head ‘til it pops! Just when it starts popping off in my mouth, I’m going to pull it out, draw up on your ballsack with the bottom of my palm, and slide back the foreskin taut with my digits, and press your hard cumming dick against your belly, then start slapping full on it from below with the other hand; splashing and splattering it in its own delicious spew. I will then lick your exposed parts clean and in the process pop you off again and gulp down that viscous release as well.

Oh my word but When I found you alone and masturbating on the trails I couldn’t believe my good fortune!

I seized you from the darkness, brought you here to my barn, and despite your flailing limbs and loud protests (I love it though, that’s why I didn’t gag you), I was easily able to rend all the clothing off your writhing pale physique with one sharp finger, eagerly unwrapping my gift from the forest in one violent rip of cheap fabric—-suspending you from the rafters by your hands and feet so I could get att those succulent, delectable, gu spewing Cowberries and that stiff little pecker I watched you feverishly pounding. Yes, wow, stripping you naked made you rigid again even right now, despite your desperate pleas, despite your predicament.

And there is really nothing you can do to stop me any way. You are completely stark naked, your feet are spread, your arms drawn above your head far enough that you can’t see what I’m doing to you. You hang there utterly denuded and exposed before me—so mouth wateringly beautiful.

There’s still a piece of your shirt hanging off your back, let’s just flick that away…. wow, left a sock on one of your feet, too, ha ha ha. The look on your pitiful face was gratifying when I sliced off your clothing so suddenly jerking you forward as you watched the pieces fall all the way down to the floor—that always shuts a bitch up for a minute as it sinks in that your bare naked bum truly belongs to me now.

Make no mistake, regardless of your sniveling, groveling, moaning, groaning, regardless of any appeal to mercy you think will convince me not to devour you, it’s going to happen in more ways than one. Believe it or not, your delicate, puny body will be very useful to me. A big strong man would be too tough and chewy and might put up more of a fight than would be convenient.

Feeble little over-the-hill masturbators like you are easier and more fun to dominate.

Now listen up, I’m going to devour three times your weight in cum out of this cock and balls (and like I said probably way more than that actually).

I’m going to pump, squeeze, and suck on that ripe fruit hanging off you until I have pummeled out all the cum they can produce—non-stop—until they just wont produce any more (and from experience I’m going to say that will take several days).

Then, when I’m absolutely sure there’s no more, I will behead you, eat your genitals off, chew them up, swallow them down, and give the rest of your little body to my babies to eat, it will happen.

But for the next few days we will have hours of multiple forced orgasms and judging from those healthy purple testes, it’s going to be a very productive session.

Now I want you to fuck me in the mouth with your hard fucking cock you throbbing little bitch, with that dumb stare and your twitching little butt.

Oh Goddess that twitching little butt, little clenching buttocks, and hard stretching pecker—-pulling against the restraints with your wrists and ankles and trying to turn your head around to see what’s happening—how I’m going to wrap my lips around your shaft!

Fuck me hard in the mouth while I lift you by your skinny, nude, ass and eat your hard dick and those dangling balls from below until you explode all over my face and titties.

Oh my fucking Goddess!

You got way harder when I said, ‘titties,’ didn’t you?

Do you like that?
Do you like that when I say,

Titties titties titties
Oh my bare, bouncing titties!

What if I grab your little plums with my claws and tweak the head of your cock between my teeth like I’m chewing on it? Should I bite it all off?

Then out of nowhere I’ll SMACK it again, even harder this time, and then I’ll jerk and jerk your bucking body around by the penis until you scream and spray out again into my open mouth, the tip slightly brushing against my drooling row of sharp teeth!

Your reddened phallus begins to thicken once more as my hot breath warms your abused distended nut sac, hanging off of you awkwardly with the occasional involuntary twitch.

Oh fuck I really want to take a bite, it all looks so delectable!
My fiddling and rubbing, tweaking and clasping makes your spent, floppy penis begin to inflate again.

Shuddering out to three quarters of its full length in spite of (or because of) my ceaseless pawing, I hear your cries begin again, getting louder and faster. It’s like playing an instrument, and I’m going into my solo.

Satan plays a mean fiddle, but I play the fuck out of some naked little man bitch!

Your now ballooning organ again ejects the thick, delicious juices from those steadily engorged, ripe fruits into my waiting maw; this time it didn’t even become fully rigid before shooting and the semen that didn’t project forcefully into my mouth drips off the end of your now rock hard pole.

Your cock finished stretching out, hard as fuck now, and pointing straight out with cum all over the shaft. Let’s tongue the cum off!

Oh fuck, it tastes so good! Gulping down the sticky dick milk, your musky smell now seizing me with a fierce craving for more of your thick liquid as I pull your engorged fruits out away from your body. Let’s pull them up onto your butt and just look. How about another slap?

Slap, slap, nice, slap, oh god yes!

Tell me all about it, little bitch.

Do you find that mortifying? I’m slapping your plums and your chubby naked bottom at the same time! Well, not really a naked backside, right now it’s clothed in your own spread scrotum, ha ha!

Honestly they look so delicious it’s all I can do not to bite them right off you. Would you like to be masticated?

Well, not for a while any way because I’m after several gallons of baby sauce first. Yes you’ll be squirting out gallons of cum before it’s all over.


I bet that’s mortifying, shooting your cum so much when I know you want to escape by now. Come on, cum for me some more, that’s it.

So after you’ve exploded a few more times and your cock is puffy from all the rough handling but having trouble getting hard again, I’ll go ahead and swallow up your softening cock and temporarily empty balls and swish them around in my mouth with my demon tongue until they fill back up and you begin shrieking once more.

This time, your still soft penis begins emitting seamen again and again in my mouth in constant succession without even getting hard. Crying for me to stop, your bare body shaking violently, your little toes curling, teeth gnashing, head writhing back and forth, screeching and howling, your back arching against the rack, balls trying to pull out of my mouth and draw up tight against your crotch. Pop! Ooh there they go!

Just look at you hanging there, squirming and begging as I spread your balls back out, inspecting your inflamed scrotum, then collecting all the sensitive dripping junk, flapping it back and forth with one hand, balls and all, and smacking and slapping them with the other just to listen to your pitiful pleading and imploring.

How many times do you think I can pump a load out of a set of nuts?

You keep getting erect again now even though I am clapping at your dick and tugging your plums in all directions. You must like this you little slut!

It sounds like your trying to tell me you can’t help but get erect when I keep ferociously abusing your nether regions, that you don’t really like it and for me to please have mercy on you and stop…

Oh the clamorous outcries you spout forth, your throat sounds hoarse now, so entertaining!

But Shut up!

Stop crying out and begging, you know you want to keep cummming again and again and I just love sucking hard on skinny little men’s cock and balls and swallowing down every last drop of their seed that comes out. I especially love sucking all of it at once, cock, balls, and all, in one big mouthful, tonguing hard with great suction on your entire manhood, all your naughty bits crammed in my mouth getting all but literally chewed up in there and nearly being sucked right off your weak skinny body that couldn’t stop me even if it wasn’t tied up! Weak, skinny men are so much fun to take sperm from…. they can’t do anything about it.

And they always have more in those testicles than they would have you believe. Even with all their hysterical, babbling assurances that there’s really no more left in them. Besides, I’m going to bite them off and chew them up when that happens so you better just give me your sticky goo instead for now.


I want all the sperm I can knead out of those tumid gonads; I think I have made that clear; I want every goddamned drop and I am quite thirsty tonight for my babies… it’s just going to be better for all of us if you would keep blowing wads over and over for the next few days.

If you can’t take it anymore I’ll have to just keep smacking and flapping this utterly despoiled manhood until it swells up again… I’ve got all night for draining little bitch’s cock and balls…. and I just know there’s a lot more of that sticky goo I want in that distended purple banger, just waiting to be sucked out.

Slapping hard and then sucking hard, slapping and sucking, slapping and sucking you can’t take it can you? You keep screaming but no one can hear you but me and I LOVE the sound of little skinny bitch men shrieking out loud because their dicks are too sensitive.

Even though they are such little sluts, you can tell because their fucking cocks keep getting so stiff…. I SPANK that skinny little ass and you squirt with a yelp like a little squealing bitch… shooting just a little more, just one more little stream of spunk out into the open air…. helpless, scared, and shaking;

throbbing and dripping….

I catch the succulent pearls in my open bite, licking fang and savoring the taste of sweet, pink, pulsing, middle-aged masturbator. Pathetic as a man, but oh so scrumptious as something to eat from. What a delicacy!

You’re just my little bitch cum dispenser— a skinny pale naked middle aged bitch boy; not a man really, all washed up, worn and useless for most things.

But still good for producing the goo I want, and too much of a weakling to fight back effectively (it’s kind of cute how hard you try to defend your privates though); a bitch boy with a man’s slightly thinning and graying hair, skin mostly nerd-white from lack of sun, drawn tight across boney limbs, your body mostly hairless with peach fuzz and hairy crotch, pink toes, belly, and face, and a bare, hairless butt.

A rather plump little ass though, and a big red swollen package swinging down for me to slap, jerk on, and gobble up and I haven’t even come close to getting my fill yet, not by a long shot—-

I’m talking about sucking you absolutely dry, maybe even bite it right off you!

Listen up cum spigot, do you fucking want me to bite your goddamned cock and balls right off your skinny naked body?

Then shut the fuck up and stop fighting me or I swear I’ll bite this fat boner right off and pull off your gonads one by one and eat them!

SMACK! Smack! Smack! Smack!

What, was that too hard slapping your genitals like that?

Bad bad bad bad boy!

But I really want to know, Did I really slap your junk too hard?!

Because It’s getting bigger again and so fucking purple and red!

I squash your plums, you shriek on cue!

They feel heavy.

I think you have more in you but now I just want to keep slapping on this big, purple schtick!

I just want to keep slapping this big, purple schtick and listen to you cry out–OH GOD! OH GOD!!!

Yes, yes, just like that, ha ha!

Oh my God, You sound like a little girl….

How about I tie your balls to this dog’s leash with these panty hose and I open the barn door and let Fido bolt out into the woods? No? How about we just use this folding chair instead?

Give those little fucking balls to me this instant you useless over-the-hill man-boy, so I can tie them to this folding chair. I’m sure you won’t be using these giant plump strawberries for anything important besides feeding my babies now.

There, See? Now the chair is slowly swinging back and forth from your scrotum and wouldn’t you know, just like a little whining bitch you start screaming and moaning again….

Oh my god there goes another shot of cum, on the floor this time…. YOU WASTED it!

You will have to make up for that now, goddamn it! I fucking wanted every drop and you just wasted some!
Satan help me IM GOING TO SPANK THAT ass RAW!!!

Give me that skinny bare ass!!! Stop pulling away from me!

I’m spanking that bare ass for wasting my delicious cum!!

Shoot some more out without permission, I dare you, you skinny little bitch! You are my slave, your little bare ass belongs to me and your lingam and testes belong to my Babies now!

Look at you, whimpering, skinny, naked bitch boy with a big red swollen package dripping and a folding chair swinging from the panty hose tied to your 40-year-old sac. What a pathetic little man.

You are so helpless just hanging there with that shiny, swollen dong; like bulging fruit hanging off the tree in Summer, and that chair pulling you down by the nut sack. Where have you ended up in life?

Your my naked, strung up, middle aged masturbator turned full time, automatic sperm gun. Hanging from above by his dainty little arms and legs, and reluctantly creaming himself so very loudly until his balls fall off and I just leave him hanging here to die…..

Yes I’m afraid whenever you stop cumming out that delicious, fertile spunk, I personally will have no more use for your skinny clenching butt, twitching in its shriveling nudity, so I will feed it to my Babies.



Oh you’re whispering to me: please, please!

Such rare and steaming meat hung in my barn! It looks almost ready for the true torture milking to begin!

Let’s pull the panty hose off now, plop! Lookit those balls pull back in there like that! Where did they go? I will just have to pull them back I guess…. there we go, stretching the plums out wide in their sac; it’s a Tennessee batwing! I just love bat-winging ball sacs!

Oh Fallen Angels of Hell,

Just listen to the yelping and whimpering of my slave as I juggle these plump berries in my talons;

Oh Succubi of Anubis,

Just you mark that throbbing pipe, stretching out and jousting at me once more!!

With One sharp nail I gently trace an impossibly slow path along the pulsing crimson shaft…

Oh the helpless panting, unsure and yet …. wait ….
(the pause of dumbfounded inevitability) not again, please please ….

oh my ..

oh god no …


It then cries out unintelligibly with tears and drool streaming …

Oh but Yes! The tell tale involuntary thrusting!! And now, even more of it’s warm, ambrosial baby juice down my throat!
Hoovering with great suction to get every splotched out spurt of semen, I grasp your plump, clenching butt and pull down hard on your sac. Oh the screaming! Oh the jerking about and shaking! Oh the raw stripping of this poor little milksop’s resources, way more than it ever dreamed was possible for those throbbing plums to produce!

I forcefully yank off that one sock and toss it to the floor. I reach my face up, wrap my lips and tongue around that sore cock again and painfully suck down on the quivering meat straw until the whole milkshake slowly, slowly gurgles empty…

When the post orgasm sensitivity reaches epic proportions, as the convulsions and protests grow increasingly violent and loud, and fearing it will break loose and fall all the way to the floor, I release the spent flesh to buck uncontrollably up and down, throbbing down and let it dry in the air and its body to spin slowly from its drawn back position on the metal rack.

Its legs tied over and spread behind the back of it’s slightly gray hair, it’s wrists bound together to the rack in front and the rack itself tied to the center beam overhead.

Slightly twirling one way around and then back…

Head held just high enough from the suspended wrists so that the penis and nuts are out of its own view yet sticking out the other direction and slightly shrinking and steaming along with the usual slowing and fading, howling, and then breathing, as it hangs its fevered brow–sweat and drool dripping–and a cum strand glistening from the head of its raw penis all the way to the floor.

It’s butthole is clenching uncontrollably, it’s buttocks are twitching like frying bacon…

Hark! Hark!

Insatiable NightMother Venus!!

Behold my helpless trembling offering; reverse rracked by the wrists and ankles hanging from the rafters with those swollen and oh so very tastey genitals hanging off…

Truly ripe and ready at last I think to begin in earnest my endless, agonizing, week-long, ritual, sperm-milking tribute!!!
It’s time to bring in the machinery: the vacuum, the hoses, the electric prod and vibrating clamps…
It’s going to be a long night.

Hey endlessly cummming slave, I’m talking to you again: wake up you fucking cum faucet! Spin back around here and Let me grab that gray hair and look you in the eyes. Do I look serious?

I can’t hear you, bitch! Can’t you talk anymore, your throat sure seemed to be working pretty well up until now with all that screaming and noise you were making earlier!

Lillith drained those purple plums didn’t she? She squeezed all the juice out of those fuzzy kiwis! Your little strawberries can’t make any more sticky sticky….

How about I spin the rrack and take hold of that left testicle real hard and lift you by it—-I’ll bet that wakes you up! Yeah! There’s my middle-aged, masturbating pervert, awake and screaming!

Let’s spin you back around and explain things a bit, gonna need to have your attention, I need to let you know what’s going to (keep) happpening. Stop begging!


I’m sorry but I think I’m going to need to slap you hard in the face!


Please stop! Please!

Oh, you’re not done….

What’s that, oh god please I’m cumming too much? No, you haven’t cum enough yet, proper expression of the male glands for my purposes will require at least three more days of hardcore gleaning. The amount sometimes tapers off too, so I’ll have to stimulate even more orgasms as we go along in order to compensate, hence the equipment.
Now, let’s get these clamps in place on your nipples and scrotum and plug them into the generator….then we’ll connect the vacuum hoses!

And please keep making noise! I love the sound of despoiled little skinny naked man-bitch cum-gun!
Tell me more how I should please, please stop pumping the cum out of you!

Say it, ‘Please let go of my cock! Please stop pumping cum out of me!!’

Now say, ‘Please take all my cum! Please take all the cum I have to give; squeeze me dry until I’m all used up! Jerk me raw! Make my balls sore from making so much cum, hour after hour until I go crazy screaming and freaking out from overstimulation!’ Say it!

Say, ‘Do it some more! Rip my genitals right off!!!! Keep jerking and pulling it out, over and over orgasm after agonizing orgasm!’ Tell me to please beat you raw!

Say, ‘I have more to give you; keep going, keep going!’

Damn he passed out again…. sore swollen red penis dripping… Let’s fire up the juice in these clamps and electro-prod his balls and see if that wake him up for some more milking.

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