Little Sister

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Little Sister
My name is Mark and I’m a university student. My live-
in girlfriend is Jennifer Greenwood, but everybody
calls her Jenny. We’ve been together now for some time
and I really do love her. She is a sweet lovely young

Jenny is twenty-one and has a great personality and a
super great body. A fact that she’s well aware of. To
me her breasts are a perfect thirty-two C and she has a
nice ass. She usually wears clothes that show off her
great body. Short skirts that barely cover her butt and
bras that create a nice cleavage. Jenny portrays a lot
of confidence but she can be really shy in certain
situations. She doesn’t wear a lot of make-up nor does
she need to. In social situations she can be quite
flirty and the guys all love it. I do too.

Since we’ve been together our love-making has only
gotten better. She’s always been receptive to trying
new things. She quite adventurous. Sex in semi public
places for one. The only thing she hasn’t shown any
interest in is adding others to our sex games.

I really would like to see her with another man or even
another woman but that hasn’t happened. In fact she’s
always seemed cool to the suggestions. It seems a shame
to me because I think she is a lot more woman than any
one man can handle. I had almost resigned myself to it
never happening but suddenly it changed.

One night a few weeks ago Jenny and I went to a party.
It was mostly students letting off steam to begin the
weekend. I noticed that there were two strangers at the
party. Two black men from some third world African
country called Togo. They called themselves Mike and
Mick. I’m sure they were not born with either name.
They both spoke English with heavy accents. They both
seemed to be drawn to Jenny, but I’m used to that. Most
men, if they are normal, are attracted to her.

As usual the party consisted of a lot of drinking and a
lot of chat in small groups. I found myself in one such
group. It was some guys from my classes in business
studies. Suddenly I realized that Jenny had gotten
bored with our discussion and had wandered off. I broke
away from my group and went in search of her.

I found her with the two Africans, Mike and Mick. Jenny
was doing what Jenny did. She was flirting shamelessly
with them. Touching their arms occasionally and leaning
forward to give them a teasing glimpse down her blouse.
I stopped short and watched the three of them a few
moments. Mike the taller of the two had his hand on her
arm and Mick was standing very close to her. I had an
erotic image of them all naked and having sex. It was a
vivid image in my mind and I realized that I had a
throbbing erection just thinking about it.

On the way home that night I mentioned them to Jenny.
She told me that Mike and Mick were in some of her
classes in the Social Studies Department. I mentioned
that they were well developed physically. She told me
that they both played rugby and competed in several
field events nearly at the Olympic level.

Later that night Jenny and I were in bed. She was
stroking my cock to get it hard again. She had sucked
me to completion once and swallowed my cum as she
usually does. Then we fucked with her on top which is
one of her favorite positions. She wanted a third round
and I wasn’t sure that was going to happen.

“Mick seems rather well endowed,” Jenny said as she
tried to restore my limp cock. I asked her how she knew
that. “It was rather obvious,” she said with a giggle.
“He apparently doesn’t bother with any sort of
restraint. He seems to have a constant erection even in
the classroom.”

The talk was having the desired effect on me. My cock
was slowly coming to life. “They asked me to attend a
party next weekend with them.” She said. “Ah, I see
little Mark is rising to the occasion.” Little Mike was
indeed rising. I mentioned that we should go to the
party with them and she laughed and told me that she
didn’t think the invitation included me.

“Then you should attend,” I told her. I got Jenny on
her knees and while she held on to the headboard of the
bed I fucked her from behind. Every time I stick my
dick in her cunt I marvel at how wonderful it feels. It
something like having my cock grasped in a velvet
glove. She had great muscle control and can actually
milk my cock. I never ask her where she learned that

“Are you serious?” she gasped as I plunged in and out
of her tight hot pussy. “You wouldn’t be jealous?” I
assured her that I would be terribly jealous but I
would survive. I had to stop talking as I was about to
cum. She moaned loudly as I emptied into her. She came
while I let my cock soak in her quivering cunt a while.
Nothing more was said about the party until later the
following week.

“Are you sure you wouldn’t mind if I went with Mike and
Mick?” she asked me on Thursday night. “I’m sure there
will be a lot of people from my classes there.” I told
her that some of my classmates and I would go bar
hopping and that she should have a good time. Jenny
seemed a little uncertain but agreed that she would go
with them to the party on Friday night. I told her that
I would see her when she got home. I teased her a
little and mentioned a curfew of midnight.

Mike came to the apartment door to get her. We chatted
a few moments and then they left. I had a moment of
panic as they walked down the walk with Mick’s arm
around her. I pushed the thoughts away and went to meet
my friends at the pub.

I got back to our apartment just after midnight and saw
that Jenny still wasn’t in. I didn’t start to be
concerned until I woke up just before three o’clock in
the morning and she still wasn’t home. Then I began to
worry about her. By the time Jenny came home on Sunday
afternoon I was a wreck.

I had been out looking for her and when I came home she
was there. She was sitting in the living space on the
sofa looking worn out. Her hair, usually neat was a
disheveled mess. There were dark smudges under her

“My God, Jenny!” I said rushing to her. “I’ve been
worried sick. Are you all right?” She nodded then shook
her head. “What’s wrong?” I demanded.

“I was ****d,” she said in a dull tone of voice. “Many

“Who? Shall I call the police? What happened?” I
couldn’t stop the flow of questions from my mouth.

“No Mark, no police,” she said her voice not as dull as
it had been. “It wouldn’t do any good anyway.” I
hurried to the bar and made her a strong drink. She
gulped it down in only two swallows and handed the
glass back to me to refill. Jenny was on her third
glass when she begun to show some signs of life. She
got up and told me that she was going to soak in the
tub for a while.

I followed her to the bathroom and helped her undress.
It didn’t take long because she was only wearing a
blouse and skirt. Her panties and bra were somewhere
else. I drew the bath for her and while the tub filled
I went back and got her another vodka and orange. I got
one for myself because I felt I would need it.


“They ****d me,” Jenny repeated. She was laying nearly
submerged in the tub. “Mike and Mick and some of their
friends. They made me do things with them.” Fearfully I
asked her what. “Every sort of thing, Mark..” Her eyes
were closed and she spoke so softly I could hardly hear

“As you know, Mike and Mick took me to what I thought
was a party. I suppose for them it was a party. We went
out of the city a short ways to a house. I was shocked
when I saw that there were only Africans in the house
and even more shocked when I realized that I was the
only woman there.

I told Mike that I thought he should take me out of
there, but he just laughed and told me to relax. He
gave me a glass of what I thought was fruit punch. It
tasted delicious but it apparently was very potent. It
didn’t take long before my head was spinning. There was
some kind of jungle music playing on the stereo. Loud
throbbing drums and rattles and the sort. It had
something of a hypnotizing effect on me. Some of the
men were dancing around to the beat of the drums.”

“I don’t exactly understand, but for some strange
reason I felt compelled to dance to the beat. I found
myself up and trying to imitate their movement.
Apparently I wasn’t doing so good because some of them
laughed at my effort. Mike gave me another glass of
that punch and told me that it would help me get the
movements right.”

“’You are too much overdressed to dance properly,’ Mick
told me. ‘See the others are dressed properly.’ He
wasn’t entirely correct. They were mostly undressed.
Two of the men had what I suppose was loincloths on.
One was completely nude except for a large mask. I know
it had to be the punch I was drinking, but at the time
their attire didn’t look out of place.

Mick and Mike helped me up from my seat and without a
word they removed my shirt and skirt. I tried to resist
but I know my attempts were feeble and they just
ignored them. Mike pushed me to the center of the room
and told me to dance. I did much better that time and
all the men showed their appreciation by jumping in
place and making a hooting sound.”

“Soon we were all dancing to the wild drum beat,” Jenny
paused and looked up at me. “I know I should have ran
out of the house at the very first, Mark. I’m so

“It’s all right, Jenny. It wasn’t your fault,” I said.
“What happened then?” She didn’t respond for a few

“I don’t know exactly how or when it happened,” she
finally continued. “But suddenly I found that I was
dancing topless and then totally nude. I remember
wondering how I got that way when I noticed that all of
the men were also naked. Mike was dancing right in
front of me and he took my hand and put it on his
thing. Oh, Mark, it was massive! At least twice as
large as yours.”

I doubted that. I have a good seven inches and I
couldn’t begin to imagine a f******n inch cock, but I
didn’t interrupt her. “So there we were dancing with
his big thing… dick, in my hand. I remember thinking
about the contrast between my white hand and his ebony
black dick.

I felt another person behind me and I glanced over my
shoulder and saw that it was Mick. I could feel his big
thing on my back and he reached around and took both my
breasts in his hands. I knew things were out of control
but I honestly couldn’t think of what I should do. Mike
took my free hand and pushed it back to Mick’s big
dick. I couldn’t see it but it felt nearly as big as

“There was part of me that was screaming to release
them and run from that place. There was another part of
me that was very naughty. The naughty me won the
contest of wills. I wasn’t overly surprised when Mike
pushed me to my knees and told me I should worship his
manhood. I did as he demanded and sucked his giant

Mick quickly put his big cock to my face and I
alternated sucking first one and then the other. My
body was inflamed with lust. I think there may have
been something in the drink because I had never felt
such heat. I was on fire, Mark. I was consumed by a
passion like I’ve never experienced before. I knew they
would not be contented with oral sex, but right at that
moment I didn’t care.”

“I could only get about half of their cocks in my
mouth. In just a few moments my jaw was aching from
being stretched by their girth. After a few minutes of
me sucking them Mike picked me up and carried me to a
mattress that someone had put on the living room floor.
I knew what was going to follow, but I had no idea of
just how much of it would happen. ”

“Mike lay me down on the mattress and shoved my legs
wide open. He made me tell him to fuck me.” Jenny
sniffed and I could see the tears streaming from her
closed eyes. “I did, Mark. I told Mike to put his big
black dick in me and to fuck me. He shoved his massive
black dick in me and he did exactly as I told him. When
he was fully inside me I could feel his dick hitting my
cervix. He fucked me long and hard for over ten

I started to have orgasms just as soon as he entered me
and I didn’t stop. When Mike erupted in me he filled me
up with his cum. Mike got off of me and Mick took his
place. He too fucked me and then all of them took his
turn. All six of them. Mark, I was insatiable. I
couldn’t get enough of them, but I shouldn’t have
worried. They didn’t stop or even slow down. I was made
to get up and shower several times that night. Each
time there was a break for that, they gave me some more
of that doped drink.”

“You know I’m not a fan of anal sex, but that made no
difference to any of them. When they got tired of
fucking my pussy they did my ass. It hurt a lot at
first but they used some sort of grease and it was
something I could stand. After a while I was so
stretched it didn’t make any difference. I had only a
vague reference as to time. I remember seeing out the
window once and noticing it was daylight.

That was yesterday morning.

Sometime about mid-morning they let me rest for a
while. I showered and used the douche Mike gave me. I
went to a room and fell onto a bed and slept as if I
were dead.” She fell silent for a while. I wanted so
say something but frankly I didn’t know what to say. I
was aware that I had a throbbing hard-on, but I didn’t
think I should mention it right then.

“I was awakened by feeling someone getting on the bed
with me,” Jenny continued after a long silence. “It was
Mick. He grinned at me and helped me sit up. He handed
me a glass of that punch drink. I was parched and I
quickly drank it. He have me another. After I finished
the second drink I lay back and tried to get my
thoughts together, but it was no use.

I dozed off but not for very long. The next time I
awoke Mike and Mick were both on the bed with me. Mick
had his head between my legs and was eating me. Mike
was licking and biting my nipples and squeezing my
breasts. What Mick was doing felt heavenly and what
Mike was doing caused me some pain. The combination of
pain and pleasure was strangely erotic. I had a
crashing climax from what they were doing to me.”

“When Mick got through eating me he put his big black
cock in me and he fucked me while I sucked Mike. They
both insisted I call their dicks cocks. When Mike came
I swallowed his cum but I nearly choked from the sheer
volume of it. When Mick came in me, he got off and Mike
got on. After they both had fucked me they sent me to
the shower. For a few minutes I thought they might be
getting ready to send me home, but that proved

In fact they were just getting started. I found a robe
and put it on until I could find my clothes. I went in
search of them and found a group of men waiting on me
in the living room. There had been six of them the
night before, but there were two new men waiting for me
when I got out of the shower. One had a name I can’t
pronounce but the other one was a huge man named

He looked like some of the photos in National
Geographic magazine. His teeth were filed to sharp
points and he had tribal markings and scaring on his
face as well as his whole body. It was apparent that
Thomas was some sort of leader. All the others deferred
to him. Thomas watched me with his reptilian eyes while
Mike chattered at him in their language.” She fell
silent again and I added some hot water to her bath.

“I could feel the effects of the drink in my body.
There was an internal heat throughout my whole body,
but especially in my pussy. I knew I was as wet as I
had ever been. When Mike finished talking Thomas
motioned me to come closer to him. I finally managed to
get my legs to move.

In all honestly I was afraid of that big black man.
Afraid, yet oddly attracted to him, also. When I got
close enough he reached inside the robe and grasped my
nipple and pinched me. He laughed when I cried out from
the pain. He kept a firm grip on my nipple while he
removed the robe, letting it fall to the floor. I have
never felt more naked or helpless in my life. Also, I
have never been more turned on either.”

“Thomas said something and Mike told me that he had
said for me to remove his clothes. I managed to make my
trembling hands work enough to get his shirt and pants
off. When his pants fell, I nearly fainted. There
hanging between his legs was a long black snake. That’s
exactly what it looked like. A cobra with it’s hood
flared out.

Thomas’s cock wasn’t any longer than Mike’s but it was
considerably thicker. At least as big around as my
forearm. The fear I had felt before was nothing to what
I felt then. I was sure I couldn’t take that monster
inside my body, but I was wrong. I could and I did. It
wasn’t easy but he persevered and managed to stretch me
enough to get it in me.

I’ll admit that it hurt me at first, but I managed to
get used to it after a while. It was a good thing, too.
Once he got that black viper in me he didn’t take it
out for over an hour. I can’t even begin to guess how
many times I orgasm. Dozens and dozens I suspect. When
he finished with me I leaked his sperm all the way to
the bathroom. He must have spent a quart of his seed in

“Thomas called for food and the other scurried to obey
his demand. I have no idea what I ate but I was starved
and I are a lot of whatever it was, washing it down
with more of that drink. I managed to ask Mike how long
they planned on keeping me there. He just laughed and
said I could leave whenever I wanted to. That answer
surprised me because I thought I was some sort of
prisoner or something.

“I thought back and there was no time that there was
any mention of being a captive. It was strange I
suppose, the feeling that came over me. I could leave
anytime I wanted and when I asked Mike about my clothes
he pointed and there they were, hanging over a chair. I
determined that I would leave that place. I got up from
the table but had to hold onto it for support. My head
was spinning again. Thomas barked an order and Mike
translated. I was to go to Thomas and suck his cock.

“I swear to you Mark, I had no intention of doing it,
but I quickly found myself on my knees at his feet with
that great b**st of a thing in my hand. I couldn’t
stretch my mouth wide enough for it to fit comfortably,
but I kissed the tip and licked along the shaft. Just
holding the enormous thing caused me to moisten. I
could feel the natural juices flowing into my pussy.
Yes, I was going to leave there, but not right at that

“The Prince wishes you to show him something,” Mike
whispered in my ear. I asked him what he wanted to see.
“I mean he wants a show. Dance for him, Jenny. Do an
erotic dance for Thomas.”

I’ll admit that it was a strange request but I did my
b**st to please him. They put some music on and I
started to dance for Thomas and the others. Of course a
true dances would have laughed at my puny effort, but
the men seemed to enjoy it. While I danced nude for
that group of naked black men, I suddenly had a flash
of some barely remembered dream where I was naked in
the company of a group of people. Similar, but
different because I didn’t recall my dream having the
same effect that I was having on that group.

The dream wasn’t risqué, but what I was doing was very
erotic. The men formed a circle around me and as I
danced in the mists of them I touched every one of them
on his cock while they all touched me. My breasts my
ass and my pussy. Then as the music slowed, I touched
them longer, stroking them until they all were at full

I’ll admit it was madness, but I couldn’t stop myself
from the lewd behavior. I had to inflame them, I needed
to inflame them. When I reached Mike I went to my knees
and took his big cock in my mouth. I sucked him a few
moments and he took his cock out of my mouth and moved
away. He was replaced by another cock. I stopped
thinking of them as men, but rather just as cocks. The
circle of cocks moved around me as I suckled them.

I knew without looking up when Thomas arrived. His was
the fattest cock of all. Thomas was not content with a
quick blow. He let me worship his cock only a few
moments before pushing me onto my back. He mounted me,
ramming his massive spear, as he liked to call it, into
me. It went in much easier that time. Still a bit
painful, but the pain didn’t last but a brief moment
before the pleasure set in.”

“I can only guess at the time, but I think it was
around midnight, but it could have been later, that
some of the men left. Thomas left with the others, but
not before he had taken me three or maybe four times.
That left Mike, Mick, and another man who’s name I
didn’t get. The three of them fucked me until I went to
sleep or was rendered u*********s.

“I remember at one point Mick found a long slender wine
bottle and I swear they managed to get most of it in
me. I wonder if I will ever be as tight as I once was?
When I woke up the bottle was sticking out of me. The
house was totally empty except for me. I managed to
find my clothes and leave after calling for a taxi.
There you have the whole story, Mark. I’m so terribly

She raised up and when the soap bubbles cleared I could
see the love bites on both of her magnificent breasts.
Her nipples looked red and angry. When she stood up I
could see that her pussy was also swollen and tender
looking. My poor Jenny was a mess and she missed two
days of class. However Jenny has remarkable
recuperative abilities and soon she was back to her old
sweet and charming self.

I spent a lot of time holding her and telling her that
what happened was not her fault. I still had not told
her that her story had given be a tremendous hard-on. I
also didn’t bother to tell her that it had not been a
**** because she was as aware of that as I was. It is a
tribute to the resilience of the human body. Her pussy
returned to it’s normal size and tightness after only a
few days. I breathed a sigh of relief.


Two weeks passed before either of us spoke of her
ordeal. I think we both were well of the fact that she
nor I really considered her experience an ordeal. At
least in the accepted sense of the word. Our sex life
returned to near normal. I say near because it wasn’t
exactly like it had been before. Now my Jenny was even
more exciting in bed than she ever had been. More
demanding and more vocal. She had lost whatever shyness
she had and now had no reluctance in telling me exactly
and graphically what she wanted from me.

One afternoon as the term was coming to a close I
returned to our apartment to find we had a visitor. Her
name was Mary something unpronounceable, from Togo. All
I know about Togo is that it’s sub-Saharan and located
in Western Africa. Mary was a pretty woman if you like
dark skinned, doe-eyed ladies. She and Jenny were
studying for an upcoming examination in their Social

I had noticed that the African students tended to be
clannish. They stayed together by geographical, social
or tribal class, and to some extent by gender. Some of
the students learned just enough English to squeak by
their studies while other spoke the King’s English
nearly perfectly. Mary was in the latter group because
she spoke excellent English with only a slight accent.
I visited with them a few minutes and left them to do
some studying of my own.

Over the music I played, I could occasionally hear them
laughing and talking, but I wasn’t paying a lot of
attention to them until I happened to hear the name
‘Thomas’. I lowered the volume of the music to hear
better. From what I could overhear, Thomas was some
sort of royalty in Togo. Crown prince or something like
that. Mary literally gushed about Prince Thomas and she
told Jenny that Thomas wasn’t a student but something
like an ambassador without the official status.
Apparently he was some sort of leader of the students
from Togo.

Jenny told Mary about her meeting with Thomas which
surprised me somewhat. To my knowledge she had never
told anyone about that weekend. Jenny told Mary some
details she hadn’t shared with me. For example, Jenny
told Mary in graphic detail about how Thomas first took
her. She gave Mary a more detailed description of
Thomas’ huge cock. How it looked, how it felt in her
hands and mouth. She told Mary how she thought she was
being split into by the man’s huge cock and how
wonderful it felt once he had his cock in her. Jenny
described Thomas as a ‘powerful lover’. Lover was not a
word she had used when describing her experience to me.

Mary told Jenny how lucky she was to have had Thomas as
a lover. She said that she had never been fucked by
Thomas. Mary told Jenny that she had witnessed Thomas
fucking another woman and she called Thomas a ‘mighty
bull’. I got the impression that Mary was in a
different social class from Thomas and that he wasn’t
likely to ever have sex with her. She begged Jenny to
describe what Thomas had done to her again and Jenny
did in even more detail.

I wondered if Jenny wasn’t embellishing things for
Mary. I didn’t have to wonder how her story effected
me. I had a raging hard-on. I also knew I had to
witness Jenny and the big black man. Also from what
Jenny told Mary, Thomas was somewhat a sadist.
Apparently he got a kick out of making her show off for
him and the others. Doing things like making her crawl
around on the floor like a dog or making her use
various objects to fuck herself. Things she apparently
cheerfully did for them.


It took me the better part of a day to track Mike and
Mick down. I found them in a pub that some of the
African’s claimed as their territory. Both Mike and
Mick were larger than most of the African contingency
so I had little trouble spotting them in the crowded
pub. Being one of the few white people in the place
they had little trouble seeing me either.

I noticed as I approached they split apart and both had
a wary expression. I put a pleasant expression as I
could manage on my face. I certainly didn’t want any
trouble with any of them. Getting the hell kicked out
of me wasn’t in my plans. I understood from what Mary
told Jenny that Mike and Mick were also some sort of
royalty, but not as high as Thomas in the pecking
order. Something like cousins to the prince or maybe
royal bastards.

I offered to buy them a drink and that seemed to ease
their minds somewhat as to my intentions. Most of the
African students were careful not to run afoul of the
law. They were well aware that they could be deported
easily and conducted themselves accordingly. With a
wave of his big hand, Mike cleared a table for us to
sit. After a bit of small talk Mike got down to cases.

“What’ch want man?” he asked me. “Why you here?” I told
him that I just wanted to let them know there was no
hard feelings. He looked doubtful. “You say you are not
angry about your woman?” I’m not sure he actually
believed me when I assured him that it was water under
the bridge, bygones being bygones and all that. After
all weren’t we all men of the world? I had a brief pang
of guilt at downgrading Jenny’s gang bang to that, but
it quickly passed.

“What I’d like to know is what was in the drink you
gave her?” I asked, ordering another round of drinks
for us. Mike looked puzzled and looked at Mick who also
had a blank look on his face. “You know the fruit punch
drink that you gave to Jenny at that house. What was in
it?” Mike’s face lit up and he laughed.

“Rum, man. Lot’s of high proof rum and papaya juice,”
he answered still laughing. My theory was being proved
correct. There had been no magic concoction in her
drink. No aphrodisiac or anything like that. Just
enough alcohol to get her relaxed so that her natural
inclinations could surface. I knew there was the
possibility that they were lying to me, but I couldn’t
see any reason why they would.

I suspect that Jenny wanted a sexual encounter with the
Africans and believing she had been d**gged, her mind
took over and allowed her to do so without having to
fight her natural reluctance. It also explained why
Mary didn’t have any idea what they could have given
Jenny. I heard jenny ask Mary about it. I also thought
that the truth should remain my secret. Jenny thought
she had been d**gged and I saw no benefit in telling
her otherwise.

When I asked them about Thomas they both became wary
again. Neither wanted to talk about Prince Thomas. At
least to me they didn’t. Mike and Mick looked shocked
when I invited them to my place for drinks on Friday
evening. They said they would consider it and talk to
me later.

I understood that they would have to consider that I
was laying a trap for them and I did my best to
alleviate their concern. I explained that the idea of
my girl fucking black men was a turn-on for me. I told
them I wanted to see for myself. After another round of
drinks they told me they would come. Now I had the task
of informing Jenny about our guests.

Predictably she wasn’t overjoyed with the news, but my
carefully planed arguments prevailed. I told her that
it was time to get passed what had happen and that it
was part of the healing process. I explained that we
needed to show them and ourselves that we were adults
and how we faced our problems like adults. Strangely
enough I didn’t have to do much persuading. I suspected
that she was looking forward to the meeting.

Friday evening Jenny was dressed, for her, rather
modestly. Jeans and a white, not too sheer, blouse. I
was nervous as the hour approached. I was well aware
that a lot of things could go wrong. Jenny could blow
up seeing them, they might not even show up, and a host
of other possibilities. I feared for naught.

Mike and Mick arrived on time and both were cheerful.
Jenny welcomed them and took the large ceramic jug they
borough with them. While I showed the men to the living
room Jenny poured drinks from their bottle and brought
them to us. I watched her expression as she took a sip.
Her eyes widened when she recognized the taste. Jenny
quickly finished her drink and went to get another one.
While she was out of the room, Mick grinned at me.

“She’s a good fuck, man,” he said making a circle with
a forefinger and thumb and poking a finger into the
circle. “Hot woman, for sure.” Mike nodded agreement
and smiled at me.

“We will be happy to fuck her for you. It will be our
pleasure,” he said with an evil leer. “We’ll make her
scream with gladness when we stab her with our spears.”

When Jenny returned from the kitchen she had a slight
flush on her face. She brought the jug with her to
refill our glasses but none of us had hardly taken a
sip. Frankly I don’t care for the taste of one forty-
one rum. It burns my mouth too much for me to enjoy it.
Jenny apparently had no such reservation about high
octane rum.

“What are you guys talking about while I was gone?” she

“Mike and Mick were telling me what a beautiful woman
you are. Of course I agreed with them.” Jenny, blushed
and took another long swallow of the drink, but didn’t
comment. “Mike told me that you photographed well,
also,” I added.

Her head jerked up and she gave me a puzzled look. Mike
told me when we met at the pub that they had taken a
lot of photographs of Jenny getting black fucked.
Videos also. “Mike did you bring the tape with you?” he
nodded. “Jenny, would you like to see how well you look
on video?” She looked startled a moment, finished her
drink, and set back in her chair.

“Video? Of me and…” she didn’t finish the question.
She simply nodded her head. Mike handed me the tape and
I put it in the player and turned the TV on. The tape
started with Jenny dancing topless with the black men.
Her big breasts bounced and swayed with the beat of the

“Did you know we made you a member of our tribe?” Mike
asked Jenny. “You are our Little Sister.” Jenny looked
startled then smiled slightly. i****t apparently wasn’t
a problem with their tribe. The video, obviously
edited, next showed Jenny being sandwiched between Mike
and Mick. I could see where the term Oreo came from.
They looked just like a giant Oreo cookie. We all could
clearly see her small white hand on their huge ebony

Next, the video showed Jenny on her knees sucking
Mike’s huge cock and then Mick. I might add that while
both men had big cock’s neither was twice as big as
mine. I guessed that Mike was closer to nine and a half
or maybe ten inches and Mick a bit shorter. Then the
scene changed to the mattress on the floor and Jenny
demanding that Mike fuck her. We could clearly hear her
voice over the music. I saw Jenny being taken by the
black man. We could see his cock enter her pussy as the
camera zoomed in close.

I glanced at Jenny and saw that she was very flushed as
she watched herself being ravaged by the black man. Her
breathing was hard and ragged. One hand was poised at
her breast. I got up and made room for her to sit
between Mike and Mick. She didn’t take her eyes from
the TV screen while she relocated. Now, on the TV, she
was being fucked by Mick.

From my seat I could see both the TV and the others.
Jenny was not making any pretense because she was now
openly stroking her nipples through her blouse. I
caught Mike’s eye and nodded. While Jenny watched the
screen, Mike unbuttoned her blouse and pulled it open.
He pushed her hand away and tugged her ample tits out
from her bra.

Then he and Mick took over the breast fondling chores.
Even over the sound from the TV I heard Jenny moan as
they played with her breasts. Seeing their black hands
covering her white tits was causing me to hurt from my
erection. It was the most erotic sight I had even seen
to that point.

Mike and Mick skillfully removed Jenny’s blouse and bra
and were taking full advantage of her bare tits. The
both sucked and bit her nipples sending her in to a
climax that caused her to visibly shudder. I was trying
to divide my attention between the live action and the
TV. I heard a low ‘no’ from Jenny when the men took her
jeans off.

She protested while raising her butt up to allow them
to remove her jeans. When they had removed her jeans
and panties they pulled her legs across theirs and
played with her exposed and open pussy. Jenny was
thrashing her head back and forth but she kept her eyes
open and fixed on the TV screen where she was being
fucked by the black men, one after the other.

“Tell me what you want, Little Sister,” Mike said.
Jenny’s back was arched as she experienced another
climax. “Tell me that you want to have my black spear
in your wet cunt. Tell me that you want to once again
have my cock in your beautiful body. Tell me how you
want me to fuck you.”

“Oh God yes!” Jenny said, raising her voice to a shout.
“Fuck me! Shove your black spear in me and fuck me
again. I want you to fuck me, Mike. I want Mick to fuck
me also!”

That was what they were waiting on. Quick as a wink
both men were naked, their stiff cocks at the ready.
Mike took the throw that was over the back of the sofa
and put it on the floor. Apparently he was familiar
with carpet burns. Mick led an totally compliant Jenny
to the throw and pushed her to her knees. She took his
stiff ebony rod and put it in her mouth without being
told to do so.

“Suck me, Little Sister,” Mick said. “Get my cock wet
for your pussy.” Jenny went at his cock with a lot of
enthusiasm. When Mike came up she went to his somewhat
larger dick with the same amount of zeal. I was nothing
more than a non-participating spectator.

“Tell me when you are ready, Little Sister,” Mike said
after she had both of them to full hardness. Jenny
released their cocks and lay back in the floor and
opened her legs displaying her wet glistening cunt. It
was obvious that she was indeed very ready. Mike pushed
her legs even farther apart and crawled between them.

I moved to where I could see his cock as it entered
her. Mick also moved and straddled her head dragging
his huge ball sack across her face. He bend down and
took her nipple in his mouth just as Mike pushed his
cock in Jenny’s love hole. I could hear Jenny’s muffled
squeal, but I didn’t know if it was because of Mike’s
cock pushing in her or the suction Mick put on her tit.

I had never seen a man use his mouth for such a deed.
Jenny’s legs were thrashing around wildly as Mike begun
to moved his cock in and out of her. When he withdrew
it looked like her cunt was being turned inside out. My
hard cock was hurting, but I was afraid to even touch
it for fear I would cum.

Mike fucked my girl for ten minutes and Mick kept the
suction on her tit. At Mike’s command they switched
positions and Mick rammed his stiff black cock in
Jenny’s soaking pussy. When Mick released Jenny’s tit I
could see that the nipple was swollen and red. Mike
latched onto her other nipple and he too sucked her
nipple hard while tugging and pinching the enlarged

They switched back and forth for the next forty-five
minutes or more. At first I thought they were not
ejecting in her, but I soon realized I was wrong. Cum
was gushing out of her gaping hole. Unlike me, neither
man seemed to need time to recover after shooting off.

Just about the time I thought they would be needing to
rest they started on her ass. They used their combined
juices to lubricate her rectum before fucking her tight
asshole. Jenny was in some sort of orgasmic stupor. Her
voice was horse from screaming and yelling at them to
fuck her. I thought she was about to pass out from her
fucking but that proved not to be the case.

Jenny came totally alert when the two men doubled
fucked her. With Mick in her ravaged ass and Mike in
her soaking, dripping pussy they started all over
again. Jenny did whatever they asked her to do without
the slightest hesitation. She put their cocks to her
holes eagerly. She sucked their slimy cocks regardless
of whether or not it had just came from her pussy or
her ass. My Jenny was totally and completely theirs to
do with as they saw fit.

When at last the two men rested, Mike ordered Jenny to
lay on the floor and fingered herself to another
orgasm. Her clit was red and swollen and her pussy was
hanging open and when she spread her legs it seemed as
if I could see a foot up inside her. Mick went to the
bathroom and when he came back he had a plastic shampoo
bottle with him. He handed it to Jenny and instructed
her to fuck herself with it. While she was lying on the
floor masturbating with the bottle, I came without even
touching my cock.

The debauchery continued until the wee hours of the
morning and when Mike and Mick left I had to help Jenny
to the shower and held her up to wash the cum off of
her. There was dried sperm all over her poor ravaged
body. Her pussy and ass were gaped open and cum leaked
out of both holes. I managed to half carry her to bed
and she was asleep almost before her head hit the

Mike left the tape for us and a stack of still photos.
The last thing he said to me as they left was that
Thomas would come for their Little Sister the next
night. I could hardly wait to see the Prince use Jenny.
I think I’m going to like him.

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