Long Time Coming 2

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Long Time Coming 2
Long Time Coming 2 (Apologies for the delay)

A work of fiction

Part 1 @ http://xhamster.com/user/dbfortyniner/posts/127548.html

David visited his aunts graveside regularly every month come rain or shine. He removed the old flowers and placed new ones in the vase. He removed any weeds and when he was satisfied that all was tidy he knelt on the grass beside the grave. Looking around to ensure there was nobody in earshot he spoke slowly. “Well I’m here again aunt Betty, it’s turning cold again and the leaves are starting to turn brown. I really miss you and our times together, I told you before what mum said at the chapel of rest, how you looked and I said it was because you gave up the drink, but she said it was because of the times that I stopped over at your house and perhaps I might help her to look younger.”

He stopped as some people were approaching, as soon as they had passed he continued. “Anyway she keeps bringing it up, not straight out, just veiled references. Trouble is I’m not sure if she’s just reminiscing or sounding me out.”

David looked up as if straining to hear some distant voice, he nodded a few times, then continued.

“I know, it’s not whether she’s suggesting that I sleep with her, it’s more whether I want to.”

Another vacant gaze into nowhere in particular, then he stood up. “Yes Aunt Betty, I have to sort this out for myself.” He sighed, “see you next month.”

David made his way from the cemetery and even though it was quite cold he decided to walk home.

“You were a long time,” he mother said as he entered the front door.

“Yes, I walked home.”

“Sit down and I’ll make you a cup of tea.”

He did as she asked, when she brought him the tea she asked, “so did you have a nice chat with Betty?”

This caught him off guard, “how do you know that?”

“Come on David, nobody goes to a cemetery each month to change the flowers and tidy up and takes that long, I know you and Betty were REALLY close.” Mary emphasised the word really.

David was frustrated because of his mother constantly making references to him and his aunt but never coming right out with it, so he just came out with it.

“Look, if you want some of what you think aunt Betty was getting, then just ask, if not then please stop making veiled insinuations.”

Before his mother had time to respond he put his cup down on the coffee table, stood up and went to his room.

Mary stood there in a slight state of shock. Her son had never reacted to her mentioning him and her sister this way before, she was only winding her son up. The realisation that he thought she was serious about…. Mary’s body began to tremble, she sat in the chair that David had vacated. “Oh lord,” she murmured under her breath, her son had actually offered himself to her. Mary realised that she was becoming moist in her most intimate place.

Standing at the kitchen sink Mary splashed cold water on her face. Returning to the living room she sat down. Maybe he was trying to shock her, yes that was it, perhaps she had gone too far with her constant references to his relationship with his aunt. Yes, that was why he had said the things he had said, he wanted to shock her, to get her to stop mentioning it again.

Mary went to the kitchen to prepare the evening meal, as she peeled the potatoes a seed of doubt entered her head. What if he was trying to proposition her, what if her son was actually offering to have sex with her. Suddenly everything went black.

That’s how David found her, slumped on the kitchen floor. He felt for a pulse and remembering his first aid training from his days in the scouts he put her in the recovery position. Then he rang for an ambulance.

The paramedics checked Mary out and were satisfied that there was nothing seriously wrong. They told her to rest for a day or two, but to speak to her doctor if she felt any ill effects.

David made his mother comfortable on the settee, Mary declined his offer to put her to bed. That would involve her getting undressed.

As she hadn’t got very far with preparing the evening meal, she said, “I don’t really fancy anything heavy for dinner, perhaps you’d make me some toast.”

“Are you sure that’s all you want mum?”

Mary nodded.

David went to the kitchen to make the toast. He wondered if his outburst had caused his mothers blackout, perhaps he should apologise, no, maybe not, best leave sleeping dogs lie.

David prepared himself something to eat, like his mother he didn’t relish the prospect of a large meal.

They sat and ate in silence. Both glancing at the other from time to time occasionally catching the others glances, then looking away guiltily.

Finally Mary felt something had to be said, so she cleared her throat. “David?”

He looked up, “yes?”

“If I ask you a personal question will you give me an honest answer?”

David thought for a moment, he wondered if she was going to ask about his offering to…. To what? To have sex with her?

“I suppose so.”

For a moment Mary was hoping that he was going to decline. To late now. “I’ll only ask you this once David, whatever the answer I won’t think any the less of you.”

He nodded as an acknowledgement.

Taking a deep breath she asked. “After your uncle Len had passed away, were you and Betty having sex?”

David felt that the room had suddenly gone cold. How the hell was he going to answer the question? Tell a lie and put an end to his mothers speculation, or tell the truth and open up a can of worms?

He looked at his mother and saw the concern on her face. If he told the truth would she think that his offer of what his aunt was getting was serious. He recalled his one way conversation with Betty at the cemetery, as to if his mother did want to have sex with him whether he felt the same way?

David decided to answer the question honestly and deal with the consequences as and when they arose.

“Yes mum, we were.” There was the audible sound as he breathed out a sigh of relief.

His mother blinked a few times as if trying to take the answer in.

“May I ask did she enjoy it?”

“Mum.” His tone let her know that this was an inappropriate question.

“Sorry, can I ask if you did?”

He nodded, as if he would keep doing it if he didn’t.

Mary sensed he wanted to bring the conversation to an end. “One last question please David.”

“Okay, but please make this the last one.”

“Earlier, when you lost your temper, were you serious about your offer to give me what Betty was getting?”

Part 3 Coming Soon

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