Loren’s Tuesday

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Loren’s Tuesday
Hi I’m Loren. 23 year old open minded sexually active girl. I’m not easily shocked but what happen last Tuesday night..well I can’t stop thinking about it and it turns me on every time I do.

I dated a guy named Ted for nearly a year. It was pretty much exclusive for me, anyway. Ted satisfied me even though he was not as adventurous as I like. (or as me). Ted has a nice cock 8 1/2 to 9″ that is circumcised. It has a shaft (when stiff) that I can barely get hand around to touch my thumb and middle finger. The head on the other hand swells up to about half again around. Felt great going in and out. I would spread wide and have him put it all the way in me and get him to pull it all the way out until my pussy would make a popping sound. He is not a big volume cummer but its sweet tasting and he cums often during a 1 hour session. 3 times min!
After we had been together for 6 or 7 months, he came to me saying he had something to tell me. I could see he was upset.
He announced that he was Bi and he and his friend from work Sammy were having sex and he thought at the minimum they were Bisexual. I had no illusions of marrying Ted and said that I would be happy to share if that made him happy. It with on that way for another month or so but Ted just could not do it and we stopped seeing each other. Ran into each other every once in a while and hello and good bye hugs were the order of the day.
UNTIL…last Tuesday night. He calls around 6 and ask if I want to meet for a drink. I had nothing going on and said sure. After a quick shower and change of clothes I ran out to meet him at “The Pub” down the street. I he was in a big corner booth alone when I got there. He was sipping a beer and ordered me my usual. Some small talk of life and work went on for a few minutes. When I was about to ask why the meet…Sammy came it flanked by a tallest 30ish brunette and a tiny 20 something blonde…Plan??.. Introductions all around and they joined us. Brunette, Vicky, was clearly the second (next to me) strongest personality in the booth. We dominated the conversation thru one more round. When little blonde Nina piped up and said we can drink for free at her place only a few blocks away. So to Nina’s it was.
Her sparsely furnished apt was 2 rooms and a bath. long high armed sectional, side chair and steamer trunk coffee table was the living area with kind of kitchen to the side and a tiny table with 2 iron chairs. Sammy went to the frig and pulled out 4 beers for them and Nina poured me a short vodka rocks. I sat on one end of the sectional. Vicky plopped down next to me Nina stood behind the couch and Ted and Sammy shared the steamer trunk. Vicky announced let’s get comfy while taking of her boots and jeans. Come on Loren she said “get comfy” as he sweater when over her head. I said not unless everybody else does too. With that the boys were naked before my shoes and jeans were off. Looked around to see Nina was naked and could have been first. Vicky stood over as I finished with blouse and bra. Vicky is 5’10” athletic shape with natural Cs that have dark pointed nipples. Slim legs and round butt. Her shaved pussy has full outer lips with the inner lips and clit hood just winking out.
As I started for my panties little Nina was there to pull them off. 5′ maybe, thin with those tiny tits with the pink puffy nipples. You know the ones just barely a rise then all puffy pink nipples. The thin outer pussy lips could not hide the long inner lips and meaty clit hood that didn’t cover a big clit. Looked like a tiny dick. Nina grabs my ankles, placing one leg over the back of the couch and the other back to spread me wide open. She kissed my thighs, the part of my butt cheeks she could get to, before she started those long full length lick that barely flick my clit. Felt wonderful. I was already wet.
Before Vicky bent down to put her tits on mine I looked over and saw Ted and Sammy sitting side by side on the trunk with one leg over the other’s. They were stroking each other’s cocks slowly…….
Vicky has my left breast in one hand and her right breast in the other. She licks and gently sucked my nipple until its hard and dripping wet. She would take her nipple and makes tiny circles on my nipple. same speed each time and after 3 or 4 circles she’d flicks the very end of my nipple with hers nipple a couple of times. I thought I was going to loose it right then.She must have thought so too cause she herself. She changed tits and repeated the drill. She has those full kinda Italian lips and nose that she used to caress and kiss my neck and behind my ears. You know nuzzling just below the hair line and kissing to the nape and back up. I couldn’t stand it any longer and I reached for her pussy. She threw one leg over my middle giving me full access to hers wet pussy. with my fingers in her (sometimes 2 sometimes 4)from one hand(think she liked 4 the best) ….when I put 4 in her she push down for deeper penetration and kind of squirmed my hand in past the knuckles ..while used my other index finger to stoke her clit. the hood was so nice and big that the tip of my finger would fit under it a bit and her clit was on my finger print. Vicky never lost concentration and never neglected my neck, ears and tits even though she was way aroused Meanwhile…Nina was doing her thing. Lots of tongue in my vag. on my clit in circles and flicks. She tongued my ass (thank god for the shower earlier). For such a little girl she had a big long tongue. She could mold it into scoop shape make hard as a cock. she would take a finger from each tiny hand and pull me apart and poke her tongue in me 2 to 3 inches. Licking my pussy lips and vag walls. Only coming up long enough to swallow the pussy juice she collected in her curled tongue.

It was ecstasy from neck to knees…….

I had to get Vicky off my neck face ears and tits..She was driving me mad. I put 4 fingers deep in her and gently pinched her clit hood with my other hand’s thumb and fore finger Curling my finger behind her pelvic bone I pull her pussy toward my face. She immediately got the idea and put one foot on the floor and one over the back of the couch. That centered her full wet pussy on my face. I licked repeating what I was feeling from Nina. Each clit circle and flicks was met with an involuntary jerk.

I took a quick glance between Vicky’s legs toward Nina to see Ted standing near Vicky’s thigh with a gloriously hard big headed cock ready for action.

Sammy was down near Nina’s face and my well work over pussy. Sammy is about 6’3″ with swimmer’s body olive skin, black hair, shaved were it needed to be. His cock is longer than Ted’s by an inch or so.. same size around as the head of Teds cock. Sticks out like an arrow (no curve). His cock’s head has to be one and a half to two inches from the tip to the back of the head. Uncircumcised, you know the type. Even when it’s fully hard the skin still covers all but the hole and half inch of the head…. wasn’t sure what was coming but it was all good so far…

I took a short break from eating Vicky’s pussy a reach around to give Ted’s sweet cock a tug. I could feel something new happening to my pussy. Looking thru Vicky’s legs I could see that Sammy had gotten on his knees on the edge of the couch with his cock sticking over my pussy in Nina’s face. Nina grab it gave 2 good deep throats (half maybe) coughed and put the head of Sammy’s cock in my clit. She stuck that wonderful tongue under the foreskin and went round and round the head. Each circle rippled across my clit forcing Sammy’s foreskin to stroke my clit. Nina held my clit cover back for maxim effect. I was soooo good. I tingle thinking about it.

Was only able to watch Sammy and Nina for a short time..cause view between Vicky’s legs got blocked by Ted’s balls. Ted with one foot on the floor and knee on the back of the couch had gotten in to position to put his dick in Vicky’s pussy doggie style. This force Vicky’s clit back on my mouth. Vicky said “don’t you just love that big ole head” I agreed. I had little work at this point.. each time Ted trusted her clit and part of the shaft of his cock would slide across my tongue. Thinking of old times I said “pop her Ted, Pop her”. He began pulling all the way out of her and driving back in until they got the rhythm that made that pussy pop sound. Vicky slid farther up my face and Ted began to alternate between Vicky’s pussy and my mouth. I was gently squeezing Ted’s balls when I felt them fighting. I know I wanted to have happen and it did. Just before Ted came he push Vicky’s farther up with a huge thrust and came out of her and shoved his whole cock down my throat. Never saw Ted cum so much. For a girl that has a pretty controlled gag reflex I choked a bit on the cum down my throat as the big head filling my mouth. Vicky dismounted as did Ted..Sammy and Nina stopped and stood up. I sat up and caught my breathe exclaiming ” that was great everybody” a full room of agreements… I reached for my panties… when Vicky said..”no, no, no, Missy you ain’t done yet….

Vicky’s explained, “Loren you may or may not have had an orgasm (had twice) but I do know I haven’t, Sammy hasn’t and Nina hasn’t”. Nina chimed with one of her few comments,” no I haven’t and need too after eating that sweet thing so long”. Nina left the room and I followed her to use the bathroom and left the door ajar. Nina poked her head in the door and point to the douche bag hang next to the tub. “You may want to use that” she suggested. I said “don’t mind a little pussy juice build up if you don’t” and laughed. She said “I love your pussy your juice build up”, “use it warm.. water up your ass”. and pulled the door shut. I wasn’t sure but everything had been great so Far..and I am the one who claims to be ‘open’ minded and adventurous. I filled the bag a used it 3 times. cleaned all with soap and water and hung it back on its hook. When I opened the door Vicky was there and announced “I’ll be right out”. Sitting on the couch I inspected the toys that Nina had brought out: a 10″ hot pink dildo, some anal beads, an 8″ strap on that had a 6″ long vib with a 2 ½” egg vibrator for the giver’s “g” spot, a 12″ black suction cup vibrator stuck to a heavy mirror and 2 pocket rocket clit stimulators. That should do it I thought. Nina had taken her bathroom break and both she and Vicky were back. The guys were sitting stroking their own cocks getting them hard. Nina sat the 12″ suction vibrator on the edge of the coffee trunk and lubed it up. She squatted on it with her pussy and took about 8″. Vicky laid the 10″ pink and a pocket rocket on the end of the trunk Nina was facing. Vicky brought the strap on and beads . “put this on and put the egg in you” which I did and did not turn the egg on as Vicky instructed. Next the well lube beads went in my butt. They were the ones that had 6 beads. I bent over the arm of the couch while Vicky stuck a lubed finger up my butt. I wanted to say just keep doing that but Vicky squeezed the first one in..about 1 ¼” diameter and was a bit of a painful stretch to my virgin asshole (well almost virgin). Put the other 5 in and it was easier as they got a little smaller each time. Between the egg and the beads, I felt pretty full. Vicky lay back on the trunk and I got behind Nina.” WE are all going to cum when Nina does” Vicky announced. Right I thought but said nothing, sliding the 8″ strapon half way in Nina’s butt. Nina slid the 10″ pink in Vicky’s well lube ass and turned on the BIG black boy and started slow going up and down on that blacky. With each stroke a little more of the monster disappeared in Nina. I took this as my cue to turn on the egg. A chill ran all over me as the egg vibrated my g spot and my butt puckered as the strong vibration from the hard plastic egg went thru the vaginal wall and vibrated the beads in my ass. Nina used the pocket rocket on Vicky’s clit. Ted shoved his cock deep down Vicky’s back bent throat. Sammy went from girl to girl getting his dick sucked and using the last pocket rocket on each nipple. Nina alternated pinky from ass to pussy and back on Vicky. Nina and I got a do rhythm going… as she came down I went in her ass deep with the strapon. The movement and the egg had me there quickly but I was determine to wait for Nina who had quicken to a really fast pace. Vicky was moaning, I was sucking Sammy’s cock and decided to try Nina’s under foreskin lick (need some work on that). Nina started to wail and Vicky was panting. Ted was beating off over Vicky’s tits. Nina gave out a loud cry and sat all the way down on blacky…It disappeared to the suction cup. Vicky screamed and squirted all over Nina and Teds legs..Ted shot first squirt one Vicky’s tits and the second two in Nina’s face; Sammy grunted twice shot a huge load in my mouth (Thick and sweet) that ran out the corners of my mouth and at the same time yanked the beads out of my ass. When that last big one popped out..that made me have both a clit and vag orgasm and squirt down my legs. Guess I was wrong we COULD all cum at once….

Vicky said,” Loren, you got the duty” meaning toy cleaning was my job. Nina handed me 2 kitchen towels and a tiny bottle of dish soap. I gathered the toys and headed for the bathroom. With Vicky yelling, “rinse them well nobody wants a chafed pussy”. I was gone 9 or 10 minutes including the cool water douches for pussy and ass that I enjoyed. When I got back to the living room Ted was laying on the steamer trunk, cock hard with Nina licking his balls and Sammy and Vicky licking opposite sides of the shaft and head. I didn’t want to be left out so I started to get down joining the licking. Vicky said,” we have a better idea”..Sammy said “yeah”. With that Sammy and Vicky one on each side picked me up under the knees and shoulders and lowered me down on to Ted’s cock. With his cock in me and my back and shoulders on his chest, I had to keep my legs back to keep my pussy in just the right position to get his entire dick. Nina licked my clit while Ted fucked me. Vicky move to my tits and sucked and licked much rougher than before. It was great!! Ted kissed whatever he could reach on neck head and shoulders. Nina moves to my left breast while Vicky worked the right. Sammy stroked my clit 3 or 4 time hard with his thumb. Then he put the head of his cock next to Ted’s. Ted stayed still…. and with one long steady push Sammy shoved his dick in my pussy with Ted’s cock. At first I thought my pussy was going to split open to my asshole. It wasn’t until Sammy’s big cock push Ted’s big head to the side and stretched out my vagina that I knew I could take it. This time Sammy stayed still while Ted fucked me with short slow strokes. After a dozen or so of Ted’s thrust. Sammy started his own short strokes. Teds strokes got longer and harder. Sammy caught Ted’s rhythm and they were fucking me with two big cocks sliding from just inside by vag hole to my cervices with each thrust. They got going at a rabbit pace stretching me out with every stroke. Ted came in me first but kept going as he had always done. Sammy drilled and drilled me to the wet sound of cum filled pussy being fucked well. I screamed and orgasmed with what felt like a ½ cup of pussy juice that was running out around Sammy’s continuing drives. Sammy grunted and shot me full of more cum. They pulled out and pussy juice and cum ran out of me, Vicky went to the guys and licked every drop off their cocks. Nina lapped up the sweet juice that had run out of me onto the trunk. After that double dick fucking, I was so streched out that I had no problem with Nina sliding her tiny fist in my pussy. After 3 or 4 nice shoves she opened her hand and scooped the cum and pussy juice out of me. She switched hand and soaked the other one. She wiped the soaked hand all over my tits. She took the scooped hand and wiped across open mouth. It was a bunch her cupped hand was full but I sucked it down my throat. Salty.sweet creamy: it was like the whole evening… delicious

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