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Alice Whitby was the city’s librarian and archivist. She mainly took care of the small lending library which was attached to City Hall. She had an assistant but she did most of the work. When needed she did some filing in the archives of the city which were in the same building. On Sunday, she was the church organist. Although Alice was very busy, she was not well-known in the small city where everybody knew everybody else. She was in her late 40s and was probably born in Belleville but nobody remembered. She was a spinster and kept to herself. Her curly auburn hair had been combed the same way for decades. Her clothes were very conventional: long sleeves, long skirts, blouses buttoned up to her neck. Alice looked more like a former nun than a working woman. No one had ever seen her go out with a man to the movies or with a woman for that matter. She was quite friendly with the ladies at the church but everyone thought of her as shy, reserved and rather plain. Her face was pleasant enough, but her granny glasses didn’t help nor her tight lips which had never seen lipstick. She lived in the same rooming house as Lorna.
Grace was back at work as usual the day after her romp with Helen and Trixie. She never said a word to Lorna about it. Lorna had also kept her encounter with Janice, Erica and Marge a secret but she promised herself she would tell Grace when the opportunity arose.
“Well Miss Alice…what a pleasant surprise”, said Lorna smiling at the librarian. The two women had never had a conversation before, only nodding or saying hello when they crossed paths in the rooming house.
“Oh..well…I know down usually shop at this stall but I thought I would try it, since…since…well…we live in the same rooming house”, managed to stutter Alice blushing.
“You’re welcome to try our vegetables and you’ll find them as fresh as the ones at the other stalls”, laughed Lorna.
“I also …when you are not working that is…I would also like to speak with you”, blurted Alice still blushing
“Of course Miss Alice”, said Lorna who was getting more and more interested, “maybe we can talk in my room or yours, whenever you like”, said Alice forgetting she often entertained Grace.
“You are not always alone Miss Lorna and I wouldn’t want to intrude if you have company”, said Alice who felt she was getting bolder.
When Lorna’s boss walked towards the couple, Alice quickly chose some lettuce and broccoli and paid Lorna.
“If you’re free tonight, knock on my door, no. 32”, whispered Alice as the man walked away
Lorna nodded and went to serve another customer.
Grace had been a bit distant with Lorna but Lorna didn’t mind. Although she loved Grace very much, she didn’t like the idea of their lovemaking at her place becoming and obligation or a routine. So that evening Lorna was going to be alone and Grace had made up an excuse. Lorna had just walked up the outside stairs of the rooming house and crossed the veranda when she heard a voice from a second floor window.
“Alice will be happy to see you”, said Janice licking her lips
“How do you know I’ll see her”, answered Lorna softly and looking around for possible listeners
“I know everything that goes on here. It’s my job”, said Janice making a V sign with her fingers in front of her mouth, “ and besides I told her about you”.

Lorna didn’t want to have this conversation in public so she briskly walked into the building and went to her room. She expected Janice to knock at her door but after 30 minutes she knew she wouldn’t and she began to warm her supper.
Lorna was confused. On the one hand, she knew that Alice had the perfect profile to be a lesbian but on the other hand, she could hardly imagine her capable of having sex especially with another woman, something she would probably consider completely evil if someone had asked her. She didn’t trust Janice but Alice had been standing in front of Lorna when she invited her to her room. She didn’t have a choice and began changing into something more casual and sexier than her work clothes. After thinking about it, she even left her bra and panties in her room. At 8PM, with butterflies in her stomach, Lorna walked up to room 32 and knocked on the door.
Alice opened the door after she heard the first knock and pulled Lorna by the arm into the room, then closed the door gently. Alice had taken off her glasses but she was still in her long-sleeve blouse buttoned up to her neck and her skirt which went all the way down to her ankles. Lorna was even more confused as this was not the type of clothing one would wear to seduce someone, man or woman.
Alice put her arms around Lorna’s waist and stepped closer to her, close enough that Lorna could smell her perfume and feel her blouse-covered breasts press against hers.
“Call me Alice and I’ll call you Lorna. Is that ok ?”, whispered Alice who was shaking slightly
“Of course Alice”, answered Lorna still unsure of what to do.

Alice stepped back and began to unbutton her blouse. Being so close to Alice and noticing her curves for the first time and her pleasant face, Lorna was suddenly overwhelmed with lust. Lorna unbuttoned her own blouse and let her breasts hang out. Because she was so excited and nervous, Alice was clumsy and only a third of the way down with her buttons.
“Come on Alice, let’s see those hot tits of yours”, growled Lorna as she simply grabbed both sides of the central opening and pulled the blouse open, sending a dozen buttons all over the room in the process.
“YESSSSSSSSS”, cried Alice, “Grab my tits Lorna”.
The younger woman not only took a handful of both boobs but began to suck on Alice’s nipples which she felt grow harder and harder in her mouth. Alice breasts were milky white but of a good size with long red nipples.
Alice pinched Lorna’s nipples and played with her tits with both hands. As Lorna lifted her head from sucking a nipple, Alice was waiting and aimed her mouth at her lover’s. The two women kissed, awkwardly at first, but then both mingled tongues and moaned.
While locked mouth to mouth with Lorna, Alice fumbled with the zipper of her skirt and managed to wiggle out of it. Lorna had already dropped her skirt and stood naked in front of the librarian. Lorna got on her knees and pulled down Alice’s long panties to the floor. She remained in that position and pushed her face in Alice’s hairy triangle. The younger woman licked the librarian’s labia and had to steady Alice by grabbing her by the buttocks. Alice backed away and let herself fall on the bed. Lorna jumped on her and the two lesbians resumed their kissing, groping cunts and asscheeks and pushing knees between each other’s open thighs. Lorna was determined to have a mouthful of Alice’s cunt which had been hidden from other lesbians for such a long time. Lorna managed to pin Alice’s body under her own and slide down until her mouth reached the older woman’s hairy triangle. Lorna was gaining experience very quickly in lesbian lovemaking and she began to lick Alice’s protruding cunt lips with enthusiasm. Alice was undulating her hips towards her lover’s mouth and moved two fingers to rub her clit. It was the natural thing to do for the spinster who had rubbed herself every night for decades. Lorna pushed the masturbating hand away and, instead, replaced the fingers with her mouth which covered Alice’s medium-sized love knob.
Alice let out a howl that must have been heard throughout the whole floor but Lorna couldn’t care less. She had the spinster clit between her lips and was not going to let it go. She rubbed the nerve endings with her tongue as she sucked on the piece of flesh. Alice raked her nails over the bed sheets (Lorna was glad it wasn’t her back) as she twisted her hips in pleasure, making Lorna move her head to keep up her clit contact. It wasn’t long before the spinster’s love hole gushed her cunt juices all over Lorna’s face.
“I want to suck your cunt”, pleaded Alice as Lorna moved back up her body
“Next time”, huffed Lorna as she positioned herself between Alice’s thighs to get ready for a fuck. Alice surprised her by raising her knees and keeping them against her chest with her hands. That made her cunt totally available for Lorna’s to make clean contact with her own cunt. As Lorna finished getting into position, Alice rested her bent legs on Lorna’s strong shoulders and the two women began humping in the missionary position. Their heads were close enough together to exchange kisses. Alice licked her own cunt juices off Lorna’s face.
“Fuck me…fuck me…” yelled Alice, something she had never said to anyone before.
Lorna moved slightly so that her square clit was rubbing up Alice’s crack, touching her piss hole and ending up crushing her clit. The women were gearing up for a tremendous orgasm and as it happened, as the two lesbians howled their pleasure in each other’s face and cunts gushed everywhere…..the room door opened. Neither woman noticed at first, since their orgasm was so strong. Alice shrieked first, then Lorna cried “What the …. ?” as Janice stood naked, her thighs touching the side of the bed.
“Move over….it’s my turn now”, said Janice
Lorna had no choice but to roll off Alice since both women had had a great orgasm. Lorna had known that Janice had made numerous passes at Alice but to no avail. The shy librarian wasn’t ready but when she had the courage to see Lorna at the Market and invite her, she knew it would be like her lesbian initiation. Lorna didn’t know this, but Alice had promise Janice that if Lorna fucked her, then Janice could do it also.
Alice didn’t move as Janice simply slid into Lorna’s place. After her fuck with Lorna, Alice was so sexed up she was ready to go again with Janice. Sweaty, horny and more than willing, shy Alice was making up for lost time. Janice was in fact more turned on by coming in second since she could benefit from the juices, the smell and the excitement Lorna had left behind on Alice.
Surprises were not over for the evening. The room door opened again and this time Grace walked in and took off her night gown which left her naked next to the bed. The two lesbians on the bed didn’t take notice but Lorna got up quickly from her chair.
“What are you doing here ?”, said Lorna wide-eyed and suddenly very nervous
“I could ask you the same question”, answered Grace smiling
“I had to fuck Alice…she came to the Market…and “, started to blurt out Lorna
“I know…I know…I know all about it. Janice told me. It’s ok. There’s no problem. Relax”, reassured Grace
“Oh I see…you had to pay the price”, said Lorna in a throaty voice
“I was putting off what Janice had wanted since the beginning. Even when Helen was here, Janice never lay a hand on me”, explained Grace
“Was it good ?”, asked Lorna, always curious
“Yes it was”, simply answered Grace, “ and your fuck ?”.
“Good also”, answered Lorna minimizing the intensity of the encounter with Alice

In the meantime, Janice was humping Alice into the mattress and it was as much of a first-class fuck as the one with Lorna.
“Are you waiting your turn?”, asked Lorna, teasing.
“I wouldn’t mind a taste of Alice”, said Grace

After what sounded like an air-raid siren from both women, the two lesbians on the bed came to a dead stop and Janice rolled over her prey. That’s when Grace moved in.
Sidestepping Alice’s clothes s**ttered all over the floor, Grace took the librarian by the hand and dragged her into the bathroom.
“Time for a shower”, she claimed
Grace deliberately left the door open as she turned on the shower and pushed Alice under it. Janice and Lorna, naked and shoulder to shoulder in the doorway, were getting an eyeful of Grace’s beauty and Alice’s rarely seen body. Alice protested at first but understood the purpose of the soaping up given by Grace who, her job well done, turned the shower off and buried her face between Alice’s surprisingly attractive buttocks. There were more surprises for Alice as Grace was up to her old tricks and gave her a shower of her own, but overall Alice was pleased and would certainly not turn down any future shenanigans with Grace.
Lorna and Grace were discovering how numerous lesbians were in the small town of Belleville and they were not at the end of their investigation. Their new faces had rather stirred the group and made it more active and a little bolder. Alice Whitby’s “coming out”, if not public (nobody would do such a thing in those days), made the group stronger and put a person of a certain visibility in a position where she could help those who wanted to live their sexuality in an active fashion and not have to repress it.
Another person who was a very prominent citizen was also having trouble dealing openly with her lust for women: it was the mayor’s wife. Alice was often in contact with her since she worked in the building adjoining City Hall and acted as archivist for the city.
Mrs. Mayor as most people called her, was Rhonda Thompson who had married Alex Thompson when they were both quite young. At 40, Rhonda was not a beauty queen but she took care of herself and watched her weight with some success. She was rather plain and Alex tired of her quite quickly. The mayor had mistresses across town and also in other cities. People pitied Rhonda for having such an unfaithful husband but in reality she was quite happy with the situation, never having had any real sexual attraction for him or for any other man for that matter.
Alice had befriended Rhonda but neither had spoken openly about their sexual desires. On the other hand, Rhonda had flirted with Alice who had backed off very quickly, afraid of being “outed” by the mayor’s wife. Recently it was Alice who had made complimentary comments about Rhonda’s appearance but without drawing any response from the other woman.
After Alice’s first lesbian experience, she obviously became surer of herself and accepted her love of women as something to be pursued, but with some caution as not to be noticed.
One evening, Rhonda was at City Hall quite late, which was not her habit, and Alice had had to work late also at the library to finish her yearly report. Rhonda saw the light in the library and knocked on the glass door. Alice opened and led her friend to her office at the back of the room.
“Working late”, asked Rhonda, always dressed impeccably in a medium-length dress, high heels, and pearl necklace.
“Oh I have to finish this report by end of week”, answered Alice who wore less conservative clothes than usual: a blouse which showed the top of her cleavage and a much shorter skirt.
Rhonda explained that her husband was on an official trip and that she had to deal with a few requests from citizens in his absence.
“You have more…more …exuberant clothes than usual Alice, and it looks good on you”, said Rhonda smiling
“Actually I feel more myself…more exuberant…you’re quite right”, answered Alice moving closer to the mayor’s wife.
Rhonda smiled and simply said: “I know”
The lesbian circle, both in and out of the closet, was small and Erica, the wife of the newspaper editor, knew Rhonda very well. It all flashed before Alice’s eyes. Janice had told Erica who had told Rhonda.
“So you know”, whispered Alice
“Turn off the light”, answered Rhonda

The two women faced each other in the dark of the small library. Both were lesbians but had practically no experience. The silhouettes came together in the room lit only by the evening stars. Their meeting was totally secret, or at least that’s what Alice believed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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