Loss of control

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Loss of control
The doorbell rang, I jump up, the fateful hour has arrived. It’s been a long time since you waited for this moment, enjoying the power that I left you a few moments and you have abused without holding you back. In a last reflex, I look at my image in the mirror, me who never looked at me I keep checking that everything is in place. It is true that I fear your anger and that I know how far you can go. So I will open to your guests who are also for many my old friends and to whom I am forced to reveal the infamous condition in which you make me live for months and months.

We met for the first time more than 10 years ago, you were just 19 years old, still a student, discovering everything in this universe SM that attracted you. Your Master of the time took pleasure in showing you since you were not only fresh, but also pretty and very a****l. Later we met really, a dinner in mind, a slap that I gave you to break your arrogant attitude, and 6 months of a crazy passion where I dragged you into the depths of my perverse desire . I used you, I abused your youth and your freshness, we practiced all immoral games until the day you said stop. Not that it went too far, but it was not exactly the enjoyment you were looking for in the v******e and perversions that we were doing. Sign probably, you were the only one to have stopped, in general it was me who tired me. First to leave me, even if we stayed in touch, sharing this same incredible madness, and those desires of a complexity and a perversion that only the two of us could share.

One afternoon, both caught in the fever of our exchanges, I indulged in you, who wanted to dominate, suggesting that you might like to play with me. It was also a question of seeing you again, of giving you the means to live these excesses which carried us both. A first meeting was set up, hardly, I hesitated, measuring the incredible v******e that inhabited you, and asking me how I was going to react. I understood only too late that your desire for submission was only a desire for extravagant domination that you had trouble assuming and hard to realize.
I decided to be the most perfect submissive for you, that you spend a memorable evening. So I followed your instructions to the letter, and I was waiting now in the entrance of an unknown apartment, naked, on my knees, handcuffed in the back, sex and the rest of the body perfectly waxed in institute, the ass pleasantly filled with a plug that I wore since the morning, knowing that you had forbidden me any food for 36 hours, and all drinks since 12 hours. Around the neck a necklace with a leash symbol of my abandonment, and sex padlocked in a chastity belt that I had to buy, closed by a padlock whose only key was clamped between my teeth. I was sweating, and I was full of desire. I had always loved you and never recovered from your departure, I only dreamed of you. And this desire had only taken an incredible volume since we discussed this exchange of role and while waiting for this evening. I wanted to prostrate myself at your feet, knowing that yet you would not fail to make fun of me, and no doubt to despise me. I know how you only love strong people, and I was stripping myself of my posture as a powerful man. Without knowing what I could win in return.

The sound of the heels provoked a hint of desire repressed in my sex, and I had no time to raise my head that I received two violent slaps that made me rock. My new Mistress had arrived, I had no doubt, and She forbade me to look up at Her, who dreamed only of that. I was stunned, I thought of a certain complicity, I would only discover little by little how wrong I was. She took my leash and made me enter the living room, very large, but I kept my head up, I was afraid and difficult to walk on my knees as well in the back. She grabbed me by the hair, raising my face while forbidding me to look at her:

“So here are the rules, until the sun rises you are nothing, just an object for my pleasure. I will use you as you could use me and even beyond, I will make you suffer and humiliate you like never, you are a vermin, you make me ashamed, but I like to discover the scr****g under your pace so serious. So now it’s too late and you belong to me, at least for this evening. ”
To punctuate his speech She kicked me in my balls stretched by the chastity belt. He was too strong and I writhed in pain, it was atrocious. She was angry to see me so wimp at His feet, grabbed my parts, hugged them so hard, I thought I was fainting. I was ready for anything for her, in just a few seconds I was reduced to nothingness. My shame was all the greater as my cock grew visibly, which she did not fail to see. I found myself quickly attached, arms in the air on the ceiling, legs apart, the body quartered. Her voice was full of fury and v******e, and I bandaged so hard despite my cage, She decided to make me pass my desire.

The crocodile clips on the nipples made me scream in pain. She had removed the plastic protections and the points penetrated my fragile flesh. She amused herself by pulling them and seeing me make too much noise, I inserted a swelling gag in her mouth. Her taste was acrid, but of course She did not care, and began to inflate vigorously, stopping only at my insane eyes, I was panicked, the body crossed the heart. I felt her hesitating, hoping that she would deflate the gag a little. But she just asked me if I wanted to stop everything. To my negative answer, she gave extra pressure and promised me that I would regret forever. I was panicked but also captivated, I so wanted her.

In fact She was wrong, because if I was going to regret the moment, I would be unable to say today if I regretted or not this initiatory evening. She began by taking care of my nipples already abused. The two clamps were connected by a chain and she hung weights. The tension was painful, but also strange. I felt so weak, but that did not stop him from continuing to put pressure on it. She was pleased to see that the clamps held with a cumulative weight of 3 kgs. I moaned continuously under my gag, She inflated a little more, stroking one hand, the other swinging the weights to further increase the excruciating pain. Her words were hurtful, degrading, She promised me much worse, while making myself enjoy my suffering. I wanted to stick my diaper to her sex, or even, to penetrate as I had done so often. But there I could only bandage half locked in a plastic yoke.

Hardly satisfied, my punishments resumed, again on the balls. Mistress took great pleasure in fastening them tightly to their base to make them protrude and stretch the skin, then scratch them hard, before beating them with a paddle. Each blow was a torture, I was shaking with fear, as she tapped each time harder, with even more mischief in his voice, that I let myself do so, that I was really nothing and that I was going to drool. The blows writhed in pain, but that only made her laugh. She talks about me crossing them with needles, I could only hurry no, but here too it made her laugh. I cried gently with pain, but also with exhaustion. The blows stopped and I heard him put himself in my back. The blow that I carried to the crotch behind me took my breath away. The links held me back, I was half fainting. In a delirium like we could have in a cat, She told me to want to cut me those masculine attributes that I did not deserve, and the blows reiterate more. One moment I let go, the pain was too horrible, deep, I felt then to open myself totally, to receive this pain as a sign of His power, of my insane Love for Her, I would have liked to be free to throw me at His feet and offer me more.

She felt this change in me, the blows did not calm down for a long time, but She deflated my gag while I was still lying suspended by the hands, the nipples just as torn by the weights that my movements had only made even more painful . She leaned softly to me, wondering if I wanted her, if I wanted to belong to her, if I would be her devoted slave and ready for anything. Totally hovering I tell him how much I loved him and I was ready for anything. She challenged me to prove it to her, which I did by straightening up and asking her to give me 20 paddle shots as hard as she would want on my balls or torn nipples. She decided that it will be 20 shots on each. I counted in a delirium the blows on my purple balls and which had disproportionately inflated, then on my nipples which were in blood, which She did not care. I could not feel anything, my hands turned blue by the cut traffic seemed like dead. In less than an hour, I was nothing but an unimportant rag. But I was mostly totally transported and crazy about love.

Seeing my hands, Maitresse began to detach me and massage me to restore circulation. Then remove the cord from my balls, burned by the rope, the pain was very pungent. The nipples made me very frightened, but the pain was sharp, that removing the claws was barely noticeable. The nipples were half torn off, and the blood ran down my belly. As a consolation I received only one pair of slaps, while I lay on my back. She lifted her skirt and caressed her sex on my face, my nose and my mouth, then much more sadistic on my breasts tortured. Suffering for me seemed at the peak of her pleasure to her and for the second time I felt orgasm rise in her. Still without losing control, She ordered me to open my mouth and relieved myself directly in me, reducing me to the state of a pissotière. I realized that at the slightest drop, the punishments would resume again.

I realized how scared she was, her v******e was limitless, and she had felt no guilt in treating me the way she wanted. I had never been half as far as She who was only discovering. I liked having her taste in the mouth, I tried to lick her, but I received only a pair of slaps, as well as the promise of punishment.

“I think you have not understood, you are an object, I throw you when I want, I break you when I want. You take no initiative, and the punishment is not for your pleasure but for you to be in terror to displease me permanently. So as a first punishment, I’m going to be hard and hurt you a lot. You’ll regret having even thought to lick me, big con. ”

Mistress took the string to cook and began to prepare my balls like a sweetbread, squeezing to the maximum to cut in two each of my balls. The crushing of these added to the burning of the rope on the skin sensitized by hair removal made me scream. A few slaps got the better of my screams, and I almost missed the gag. The pain was permanent, deep in the belly. But it was still not enough for her. She was crazy. And I loved his madness, finding there the excess that I sometimes felt. Catching the rope from the ceiling, she tied my balls and pulled hard to half suspend me by this package that already no longer belonged to me. My tears did nothing, the more I begged, the more She pulled up, I understood then that it was necessary never to beg, but simply to suffer. In a breath I pulled a thank you to thank her for educating me well.
The punishment was supposed to last an hour, I never thought I would suffer so much.

Maitresse had gone to rest and I finally heard some noise coming from the room. The lack of food was felt, I was very weak. She unhooked the rope from the ceiling but without releasing my balls unfortunately. Pulling on all fours by the leash She took me to the room without a word. The hope of resting or even making me cuddle made room for fear when I saw a man waiting for us.

“Come and give allegiance to your Master. We play together and I have agreed to dominate you only with His agreement. And I want you to obey Him as to me, you’ll see, it’ll be as hard as you wanted. You were afraid that I flank, you remember … There I think it’s you who may flinch, but it’s not like you had a choice. Come here and lick Him feet. He is also sadistic and perverse, but above all He does not desire you. I want to destroy you, He does not care, so he does everything he wants. ”

Collapsed I approached my mouth with His feet and began to kiss and lick them. Never had I approached a man and that She knew it. I reassured myself that in a few hours everything would be over, and that I had to give the best of myself. No doubt I will never do it again, so do as much as possible and build me a nice memory. Also reinvigorated I went back to the task with an energy that did not escape them. She offered me a great experience, although at this point I would have stopped. But it was far from over. Mistress ordered me to lick it, and to avoid that I hesitate She took my bursaries tortured and still bound in His hands. Panicked I went up the head, discovering a long and thick sex waiting for me. I had never touched a man and it disgusted me, but the pressure on my privacy did not give me the choice. I approached and gently licked the limb still soft, feeling it harden quickly. Master took my head, exerting pressure, I opened fully and swallowed it, taking care not to hurt him with my teeth and licking conscientiously. I discovered a rather pleasant sensation, feeling the excitement under my tongue, and the member shuddering. Mistress perceiving that I was no longer reluctant let go of the pressure, and looked at me licking her lover so long. I felt him tense, and I knew then that I was going to live the unspeakable. Wanting to surprise her, I did not withdraw, and received long spurts of cum in my mouth. I heard him forbid me to swallow and keep the cum in his mouth. When Master had finished, I had to turn around, and open mouth to show all the sperm He had spat in me, while Mistress took me so picture. I wondered what She had taken with these shots already, but I was hovering and had trouble having two consistent ideas as a result. She made me swallow, thank Master, lick his cock to clean it. He slapped me in turn, telling me that I was a good whore. I felt happy to please Him, stupidly proud to have a man cum in my mouth.

They talked for a long time about me, what they wanted to do. I struggled to follow, both because I was exhausted, my body sore, my balls in a state of unthinkable pain, and I fell asleep between words, unable to fix myself. He told her that she should release my balls whose color was disturbing. She replied that at worst they would fall and that I did not need it, I was no more than a domestic a****l. The rage in her remark excites me, She was always so motivated. She discovered herself little by little, exposing a sadism and a rare perversity in a young woman. I just heard her tell Maitresse it was time to go to the main course I came for. I did not have the strength to ask myself what it was.

Mistress made me put on all fours, ass well up. She removed the plug I had forgotten for a long time. Not having eaten and having a maximum enema, I was rather clean, but She plunged the plug at the back of the throat to clean it, while His fingers softened my anus. I had revealed to him that since a long time I loved the anal sensations and that I plugged often for the pleasure. It had him more. That night She had decided to fuck my ass, as she remembered that I was taking pleasure in pounding her and leaving her bleeding. She showed me the strap-on dildo They had bought both thinking about me. He was very erotic, with a small plug that She introduced into Her before tightening her belt. The god itself was a little bigger than the sex of Master, but especially very long. She put a little cream on me, and positioned her head at the entrance of my hole not quite virgin. I still had the plug deep in my throat, I was distressed by the pain. I knew it would be brutal, as I liked being. And I was not on it, if She did not rush violently, She did it gradually, without ever releasing the pressure, without ever going back, cutting my breath, until abutting on my prostate She pressed the as much as possible. I felt incredibly possessed. My hands searched her thighs to caress her, I wanted to express how she possessed me. Master positioned himself in front of me and without them needing to tell me anything, I took it in my mouth again, while Mistress came and went in my ass, tearing me gasps

I collapsed, totally emptied. Mistress ordered me to sit up and drink Master. I no longer had the strength to resist, but as much drinking was easy, as I did not imagine the same thing with Him, but I obey, totally mate and exhausted. I was also very thirsty, it helped. And I took pleasure in taking his soft cock in the mouth and feel so degraded, on all fours, to wait for It relieves in His slut. I never felt slutty and there I was served. This situation excited me so much. I swallowed all the sips, and I took to thank Him and kiss his feet to thank him. I received only a shot from him in my face, illustrating the contempt He had for me. If He had accepted it was only for Mistress, I was only a larva for Him.

Set on 4 legs, I was filled by a wooden plug that protruded between my thighs. Mistress promised to fist me, but it was already late. They uncorked the bottle of champagne I had brought, and used my back as a table. I barely had the strength to hold on my limbs and I panicked to actually lose my balls so ligated for so many hours. Maitrey got up and came to bring me in a bowl a foul mixture. She explained to me that for a few days they had prepared that for me, a mixture of cheese crusts, fat of meat, broken vegetable, rotten fruit, watered with their morning urine, and left macerated in the open air and hot of this early summer. I was obviously atrociously late, but that was simply impossible for me, my will absolutely refused. I did no head, eyes lowered but imploring, always on all fours.
Master got up and explained to me that I had understood nothing, that my first punishment that I still suffered with my balls so suffering had been for nothing. I realized too late that I should not have been uncomfortable. I begged them to let me eat, but Master and Mistress did not hear it that way, and wanted to tell me what I had to do in their service. I found myself again attached to the ceiling, arms stretched, legs apart at the limit bearable. Mistress with a big, delighted smile came again filling my mouth with swelling gag. When I started to gasp by the sensation and the total filling of my mouth, She waited until I calm down, before giving 3 additional pump strokes. I was on the verge of suffocation, jaw dislocated, She told me that She was delighted to see me in such a decline. Master took a fine leather whip, and told me that a whip was counted by a hundred shots, and as it was a punishment I would have 10 hundreds. I had already flogged, and I knew it was possible, but also in what state I was going out. I cried hot tears, I would have liked to devour this foul dish without thinking, but it was too late.
The first shot zebraed the buttocks, the pain was bearable. Mistress applied the second shot on my nipples, sadly, to hear me screaming despite the gag. The blows were slow, I had time to prepare myself, but also to fear them. Every part of my body was marked, including my arms and calves. The blows were stronger, they wanted to hurt me, to mark me psychologically, to destroy me as Mistress had promised me. If my balls and my imprisoned sex were spared, my pubis was marked by dozens of blows, and the pain radiated strongly. I had asked that I not be too marked, having other meetings planned, but the question was no longer there. I dangled miserably, no longer having the strength to support myself, having lost count and even consciousness for a long time. Master came to me and asked me if I was ready to eat my meal, I nodded, I would not have the strength to suffer anymore.

Released, it is with shame that I went to the bowl, 4 legs, the ass always filled, the mouth painful to have been so fucked. Mistress warned me that at the slightest hesitation, the punishment was reset. So I closed my eyes and started lapping the filthy mixture, my Masters mocking me and telling me that I was just a good sow to eat the garbage and crap of Her Masters. I found them so unfair, I simply had no choice, tears flowed, but I continued to eat despite the high the heart of disgust, I was too scared. Yes I was terrorized, it was not a game at all, I felt like They could own me. I licked the bowl completely, so that it is clean, hoping to satisfy them, but only attracting me mockery for my desire to please them. Mistress decided to free my balls, and Master buried his tail deep in the throat to stifle my cries of suffering: I never thought to have hurt, between my skin raw, and the balls under pressure for several hours I was shaking all over my body. Landed, I felt my penis erect, he who had remained so quiet for a long time. Mistress realized this, and made the remark to Master that I loved all this, that I was indeed a sow, a bitch to torture, and nothing more. I wanted to say no, but I did not dare, She made me say it aloud, and too panicked what She would do otherwise, I repeated with full conviction before taking Master in the mouth to make him enjoy the third times of the night.

The day was up, I could not stand it anymore. Mistress took off the plug that dilated my flesh, and looked at me for a long time, the body atrociously striated from everywhere, black balls and very swollen, sex still caged, hair covered with sperm, haggard face and mouth remaining open after the torture of the swelling gag.

“You really are a shit”

I was deeply bruised because I felt that she really meant it. She took the leash forcing me to follow her, threw me on the landing with my loose stuff, telling me to keep the key to my cage until further notice. I had forgotten her and I had no idea where she was.

I do not know how I managed to get home, I was only a suffering body, but it was nothing compared to my thoughts that were in absolute disorder. I had an amazing experience for me, so dominant in my life and in my sexual relations. Especially by a subject that I had already prepared long. I was especially troubled by the emotions I had felt, I who believed that I would never let myself be done or imposed anything, master of my life and my actions. I had not enjoyed it, but it was something else, a kind of appeasement.

By reflex I looked at my mails, and I saw that you had just written to me. My eyes were scrambled, but I was too curious about what you were going to tell me, probably a debrief and a funny message about what we had just experienced.

I was wrong.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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