Love n the Library

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Love n the Library
Library Pussy! The readings for a not so shy cunt!
Sasha hated the fact that her new job required her to go back to school to brush up on her computer skills. It was another late night at the library for her and frankly she was over it all. Sasha sat down on her usual chair that was in the rear of the library. She liked being in the back of the room. She had time to reflect on her day and study without being disturbed. She planted her nice round ass in her chair and gazed around the room. She wondered was her new job worth all this late night studying.
After a while Sasha lifted her head that was buried in her books to take a breather. The scanned the room to check out the fellow students that were engulfed in their studies. There was a particular student that caught her eye. She was at the adjacent table with her head in her books. Sasha’s eyes filled with lust as she eyed the beautiful green eyed brunette. She looked at her sexy shapely legs that peeked from under the table. Her eyes traced the outline of the sexy student’s body. She admired her beautiful skin tone and the hourglass shape she was rocking. “Mmmmm……fucking delicious.” she cooed. Sasha nibbled on her pencil and crossed her legs to relieve the twitching she was beginning to feel in her pussy.
Sasha couldn’t keep her mind on her studies. Her main objective is to figure out how she was going to taste the pussy of the gorgeous specimen that sat before her. The beautiful girl rose up from the table and walked over to retrieve a book from the shelf. Sasha decided it was time to make her move. It was now or never. She reapplied her lipstick and used her tongue to gloss them. She was ready for her new found victim now. Her firm ass swayed back and forth as she approached the sexy young student. She pretended to trip and fell right into the shelf. “Oh are you alright. The rugs in here aren’t safe at all.” She explained to Sasha. “Hun I’m ok. I tend to be a little clumsy at times.” The beautiful girl gave her a flirtatious smile and helped her put the books back onto the shelf. Sasha smiled back and brushed her huge tits across the student’s back. She turned around a winked at Sasha and headed back to her seat.
“What the hell was I thinking about? “She questioned. She opened up her book again and tried to forget what just happened. “May I join you?’ It was the sultry voice of the sexy student. “By the way my name is Claire.” Sasha just stared with her mouth gaped open. She finally snapped out of it and answered Claire’s question. “Of course you can join me.” I am so sorry I was in another world girl.” “It’s ok. Claire answered. Claire sat in the chair directly across from Sasha and put her head back into her books. Every once in a while the two would give each other admiring glances. Sasha started nibbling on the eraser of her pencil, when it suddenly flipped onto the floor. The pencil rolled under the table and the two beautiful women met face to face underneath the table.
Sasha and Claire locked eyes and the only thing that stood between them was air. It was intense and both women new they had a type of chemistry going on. Claire reached for the pencil and her hand met with Sasha’s. Their skin so soft and their looks were so lusty. Feeling a bit nervous they both jumped back into their chairs and pretended the heat between them didn’t exist.
It was getting late into the evening and Sasha had to go back to her place. “It was nice meeting you Claire.” “Same here Sasha. They gathered up their books and made their way to the front door. “Hey Claire do you have a ride? You shouldn’t be walking home this time of night.” “Claire stood in her tracks and let her mind wonder for a moment. “ That would be great Sasha.” Sasha turned on the ignition and popped the door open for Claire. “Thanks Sasha.” “It’s all good.” Sasha tells her.
On the drive to Claire’s the two engaged in very womanly conversation and giggled and talked about life in general. Soon they reached Claire’s apartment and the two talked in the parking lot for a few more minutes. There was a moment of dead silence and the two just peered at each other for a while. “This feels sort of awkward.” Sasha tells her. “I was thinking the same damn thing” says Claire. The gorgeous women giggled at themselves. “I feel like I am on a date.” Claire tells her. “I know what you mean.” “Can I ask you a question Claire? What would you be doing now if this were a date?” The women turned to each other and the heat began to intensify between them. Claire leaned in and planted a sensual open mouth kiss on Sasha’s glossed lips. Her hands wandered over her breast and made their way to the edge of Sasha’s skirt. She nervously played with the seam for a while as they continued making out.
The women finally came up for air and leaned back against the car doors. Their minds filled with adulterated thoughts of taking this situation to another level. The windows were fogged and the heavy panting was louder than the alternative music that blared through the car speakers. They continued to glare at each other and with one pounce they were at it again. This time Claire made her way up Sasha’s tight black skirt. She felt the heart coming from her panties. She used her index finger to trace the outer lips of Sasha’s ebony pussy. She drew her finger up to her nose and breathed in the sensual aroma of Sasha’s hot cunt. The two women were pawing on each other like to high school k**s at prom. They were swapping slobber and enjoying their soft smooth skin. Claire managed to stick her finger up the side of Sasha’s red lace panties. She flexed her fingers and inserted them inside her pussy. “Oooooooh baby!” was all she could manage to escape her lips. Claire pulled her fingers out and began to suck on them. She looked at Sasha and told her to cut off the car. She wanted her and it was now or never.
Sasha’s hand shook as she reached to turn off the ignition. Claire grabbed her by the hand and guided her to apartment number two. Sasha checked out the living quarters of her new found lover. “Nice place Claire.” “Look Sasha, It’s like this. Take off your fucking clothes.” What the hell is going on with this bitch, she thought. Fuck whatever it is I like it. With Claire’s demanding request …………. Sasha stripped. Claire walked around Sasha and scoped out her body from head to toe. “My God you are beautiful Sasha!” Sasha blushed from Claire’s words. “Your body is magnificent! The thought of her making love to Sasha’s cocoa body made Claire dripping wet.You have the most curvaceous body that I have ever seen on a woman.” Claire wouldn’t stop with the compliments. As she went on she too stripped off her clothes. The two women stood in the middle of the bedroom admiring one another. “Spread your legs Sasha! I can see your fucking cunt dripping from here!” Sasha smiled at Claire and happily opened up her thighs. “Oh Sasha your pussy looks like an invitation to dinner.” She kissed her way up her mocha thighs and sniffed out her pussy. “Your cunt is beautiful. I love how the small mound of hair accents your pussy.” Claire stuck out her tongue and swirled it around Sasha’s swollen clit. It started to stick out like a small cock as Claire continued to finger and suck on her clit. The inside of her pussy lips started turning a bright shade of pink. The moans from Sasha gave Claire all the incentive that she needed to make her lover have an out of this world orgasm.
Moans from the two vixens filled up the room. Their hands wandering and caressing each others firm full breast and making love to each others pussies. It was more than Sasha had hoped for. She loved the way Claire took her time to bring her to the hilt of explosion each time her warm mouth met her pussy. She needed to be in control and she wanted to be the one fucking Claire. But it was too late for that. Claire had already made it clear that she was the leader of this escapade. “Claire your fucking pussy smells and taste like candy.” Your pussy will remain on my mind for a while Sasha.” Sasha continued to lap up the smooth bald cunt that Claire was so eager to share. They pawed at each other for a while and decided it was time to get the double dong out. “What do we have here?” Sasha asks. “We are gonna fuck each other like porn stars.” says Claire. Claire hovered over Sasha and commanded her to suck her cock. Sasha spit on the tip and used both of her hands to massage the slobber all over the large rubber dick. Claire slowly lowered the rubber cock inch by inch into Sasha’s warm awaiting mouth. She gobbled down about 7 inches and began to gag.Claire decided to pull it out and watched as a stream of spit lead from Sasha’s mouth to the rubber cock.
Claire smacked Sasha on the ass and told her to get on all fours. She spit on the large cock one more time and rubbed it up and down Sasha’s juicy slit. She stuck the bulbous head inside and smacked Sasha on the ass. “Fuck it cunt! Fuck my cock! She smiled in delight as she watched Sasha bounce her fat firm ass back and forth on the rigid prick. “Now look at you go sexy! Claire watched as Sasha’s volumptous brown ass rotated on the cock. “I need that cock in my life right now. I need to feel your ass touch mine as I fuck this cock.” Thought Claire. She carefully put the rest of the extension into her pussy,and started rocking in the same rhythm to meet Sasha’s fucking motion. Soon the two women were screaming uncontrollably from fucking the huge double cock.
All of a sudden the doorbell rings…………………………………….. “Are you expecting company?” Sasha pants. “No! Keep fucking me bitch!” They continue to rock to ecstasy on cum covered cock. ………….Then there was a loud knock at the door, which followed by the doorbell again. “Sasha! Are you in there! ……………… “Fuck it’s Mike!” …………… But how did he find me? thought Sasha……………. To be continued.

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