Massage with a Happy Ending.

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Massage with a Happy Ending.
It’s been a rough couple weeks as being new parents the stress is really getting to us. With no time for fun times and me generally feeling down so getting a break is a rare thing.

Arriving late afternoon tension is high having had a harsh discussion earlier on in the week and just not feeling the love seeing bappy was something that I wasn’t overly excited about, that was until our wee one was babysat by his mammy that evening.

Now for the readers who know us better through our past stories passion is usually big between us because I don’t “diy” and I wait until I’m with him before playing at all. I do enjoy a massage or two and this is generally where they lead to.

Bappy simply adores the feeling of my skin against his so he’ll strip down to skins as well as me and I lay on the bed half expecting him to pin me down and use me because its been a while since we last embraced an erotic entanglement and I could feel his hard throbbing cock between my bum cheeks – he does it like a pro – the massage that is.

So he got the baby oil and slathered his hands in it preparing himself for the first proper touches between us, I could feel my lower spine getting wetter and wetter from his precum and it slightly turned me on, I lightly wiggle my bottom underneath him making him throb even more.

I feel his hands slide from my forearms to my shoulders and I raised my bottom just a little, enough so he knew I was teasing him, he went a bit deeper with his finger onto my spine and ran circles down my spine to the base and took a deep breath in and sighed he was becoming increasingly turned on. I slid my knees under me a bit more so my waist was raised rubbing the head of his cock lubricated by his precum giving him immense pleasure.

He moves his hands from my spine down to my ample bum cheeks rubbing them resisting giving them a slap, I raised them even more slightly engulfing his cock so it was like a bum wank. Bappy leaned forward to kiss the back of my neck turning me on, pulling on my waist thrusting into my bum attempting to get inside me.

My bottom now high enough for him to enter my dripping wet pussy he gently slides his thick hot cock inside me inch by inch slowly stretching my pussy to his girth. Gradually getting harder and faster at fucking me in doggie I lean up to give him some passionate kisses and squeeze him teaching him not to piss me off.

One hand on my hip and one in my hair pulling hard I’m cumming hard over his cock as it pounds into me he slows teasing me with his throbbing member I’m begging him to cum inside me. He denies me the joy of hot cum dripping from my pussy just yet so I slip him out and say
“On your bum RIGHT NOW!”
So I could ride him hard and cover his cock in my juices hoping and wishing he would cum inside me.

Nibbling on his neck, whispering how much I love his cock inside me, fucking me, wanting his cum inside me dripping into my panties while I go about my daily life got him going.

Not long after he starts sucking my nipples, and holding my ass up so he can pull all the way out then pound me hard and I’m cumming amazingly hard over his shaven cock, holding onto his sides trying not to scream as his family are just in the rooms adjacent to ours – he pumps the love juices I’ve wanted for a long time into my wanting needing pussy.

We fall into each other a sweaty heap heavily breathing and well satisfied once again as all the worries have gone for a few days. Wonder what tonight will bring ;).

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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