Master makes my roll clear

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Master makes my roll clear
I arrived at Marks in the morning. The previous day, while his cock was buried down my throat, he had told me I would spend this day with him. He had said most of the day would be spent sucking his cock or licking his ass. Beth, Master’s live-in girlfriend, was there when I arrived. I found myself disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to have his cock right away, but would have to wait. I have been Marks cock-sucker and ass-eater for nearly a year now. Since that first day he had me massaging his legs then sucking his cock I was basically hooked. And Master Mark knew it. We kept it on the down-low as the expression is. In some respects it was stressful to have to pretend to be his equal when at work and out with friends, his girlfriend.

After what seemed like hours, Beth announced that she was going out for a while. Saying that she’d be back in a couple of hours.

“You boys play nice while I’m gone.” she joked.

As soon as the door closed behind her Mark stood. I instantly moved from the couch to sitting on the floor with my legs spread and head tipped just the way he likes it.

“Your eager today, Bitch.” He says stepping to me. “I was just going to get a drink, but since you’re so eager, you can have a taste first.”

“Thank you, Master.” I replied, opening his shorts and pushing them down to reveal his long, thick, growing manhood. That which enslaved me.

Opening my mouth I helped guide his smooth pink head between my lips. He entered my mouth slowly and allowed me to suck him for a while before he had me move. I laid on the couch with my head hanging over the arm-rest. This is one of Masters favorite positions these days. In this way he can fuck my mouth deep and hard, and as fast or as slow as he wants. This is also a good position for making me eat his ass. That is what he wanted now, my lips around his soft puckered anus, my tongue teasing, circling, probing. He reached back and parts his cheeks, giving me a good view of the dark passage I will be worshiping. Master leaned back on my face, burring me in the cleft of his ass. His balls partially covered my eyes while my tongue rimmed his soft puckered anus.

I reached around his hips to find his erection. Closing my hand around his shaft I gently stroked his shaft while he ground his ass into my mouth. I could see his balls pull up and tighten against his groin. Suddenly Master turned, pulling my hand from his cock. He held both my arms, pulled them up as if he was curling weights and plunged his long cock deep inside my throat. His balls kept time on my nose and eyes as he thrust his hips into my face again and again. Finally he pulled out and stroked himself a few times before erupting into my still open mouth.

“Swallow it.” he commanded.

After I swallow he turned and leaned back, again resting his ass on my face.

After letting me rim his ass for a few minutes while he descended from his orgasm, Mark returned to playing video games while I fetched him a drink. I took my position between his legs, holding cock in my warm, wet mouth. When Mark heard Beth’s car, he pulled me from his cock and put himself away. “Sit! Be a good bitch and you’ll be sucking me again soon.” he said as I sat in the chair he pointed to.

Beth came in and sat beside him. We all talked and played video games for a few minutes. Beth asked if I could stay for supper. I gave Mark a glance to see if he wanted me to. He nodded and I said I’d be happy to stay.

“Hey, Beth.” Mark said. “Before you make supper, want to see some thing kinky?”

“Sure.” She said with a gleam in her eye. “What have you got?”

Mark stood up. “Watch this.” He stood beside the chair he had sat me in and put his hands on his hips.

“Blow me, Bitch!” He commanded me as he stood facing me. He was looking at Beth who was watching with wide eyes.

“No way.” She said not believing what she was seeing.

I reached up and opened his shorts. Taking his cock out with my hands I held him at the base and closed my lips around the head of his cock. He was not yet erect and I took all of his soft cock in my mouth. I heard Beth gasp. It didn’t Mark long to become turgid in my mouth. I closed my eyes as I slide my lips up and down his shaft.

“Looks like he enjoys sucking your dick.” She commented.

“He’s my cock-bitch. Aren’t you? Eyes open, Bitch.” I opened my eyes and he continued talking as I continued sucking. “Masters little cock whore, that’s what you are. On display for Masters girl. Sucking his cock.” Mark gloated as I sucked his cock. “All the way, Bitch. Show Beth how much you love My cock.” Mark said.

I pushed my head down his cock, taking him into my throat and burying my nose in his pubic hair. Beth was kneeling beside Mark now I could see her out of the corner of my eye watching the spectacle before her.

When I pulled back to the head, Beth leaned in and started kissing his shaft. I moved to the other side and was face to face with her as we both worshiped his cock. We were nearly kissing each other save for his thick shaft separating our lips from each other.

“Oh yeah! There’s enough for both of you, girls.”

Mark takes hold of his cock and turns towards Beth. “Your turn, Hun.” he said.

Beth started sucking his cock. I had a moment of indecision, not knowing what to do now that I was on my knees without his cock in my mouth. Master soon made it clear what I should be doing. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my face to the cleft of his ass.

“Lick my ass, Bitch.”

I held his cheeks with my hands as I began kissing and licking his ass. Parting his cheeks I took a deep whiff of the earthy scents of his nether region. Pressing my lips to his puckered hole I began rimming Mastrer’s ass while Beth continued his blow-job. Soon I felt his ass clenching at my face as he began to hump into Beth’s face. Then Master pulled me from his ass and stepped back so Beth and I faced each other She had his cum splattered on her face, and dripping to her tits.

“Lick her clean, Bitch. When you’re done, lie on your back.”

I lick his salty warm cum from her face and chest, then I lie on my back on the floor. As I look up, Beth stands and straddles my chest. I watch as she sits down on my face, her anus over my mouth.

“Eat her ass.” Master orders. “Show her how you do it, Bitch.”

I put my lips to her dank hole and began eating Beth’s tight ass. The two of them talked a little as I ate Beth’s ass.

“I didn’t think you’d be able to get us another slave so soon, Mark.” She said.

“I’ve been working with this Bitch for a while.” He replied. “In fact it was almost too easy. This one’s eager to be a sex slave.”

As I lie on my back with Beth’s weight pressing down on my face I realized that I had just been given the chance of a life time; to be a couples sex slave. Not just Master Mark, but Beth too would be dominating me. It was an exhilarating thought and I pushed my tongue into Beth’s ass with new vigor, reaching deep inside her.

She giggled, “Feels like he likes that idea. Mm-mm, that’s nice.”

When Beth moved it was to turn and lie back on my body. She kept her ass in my face and I kept my tongue busy with her anus.

“Come here, stud. I want you inside me.” She tells Mark.

As I watched, Mark knelt between her legs, his cock thick and hard again. I had a close up view as he penetrated her now slick cunt. Slowly he entered her. When he finally was deep inside her, all I could see were his balls above my eyes. I continued to lick her ass as best I could while Mark fucked her, his balls swinging in my face.

When Beth came she shook and howled like nothing I had heard before. She slid down my body so her ass was over my neck, holding my head face up. Mark had stayed put and now pushed his dripping cock down into my waiting mouth. As I sucked their combined juices off of his cock, he laid forward on Beth, who was already laying on me. I was being crushed under their weight. I discovered later that Beth was being a little crushed under Mark, who was the Lord and Master of his house.

When Mark stood, Beth again sat up and positioned her pussy over my mouth. “Drink it all.” She said as she released the mixture of his cum and her quim into my waiting mouth.

She finally stood, satisfied that she was clean, and went to start supper. I remained where I was, not sure what to do. I was snapped back to reality when Master called me to him. I crawled to his chair and again took my place between his legs, me face in his crotch, his cock buried in my mouth. I was told not to suck this time and so I just rested with his cock in my mouth, thinking about my new position as slave to Master and his girlfriend. I wondered what possibilities this opened up for me.

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