Me and the Mechanic

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Me and the Mechanic
(Sorry guys for my bad english, not my best language)
Hope you like it guys!!!

Matthew has always been a good mechanic. Always kind to everyone. I always took my car to repair there. We’ve already had long chats about everything, including sex.
Days ago, coming home under heavy rain, my car made a strange noise. Being near the car repair shop, I decided to stop by, the door is half open and I saw no one in the service area.
I got off the car and went into the office. Matthew was watching a porn.
Don’t you think you should been working ? I said…
-Well, I didn’t hear you. He said and quickly turned off the computer screen.
Could you please look at a strange noise in my car? There is a strange noise.
-Yes, let’s do it.
– Where are the other guys? I asked…
– I sent them home earlier today. With all that rain and no clients, it’s not worth paying them overtime.
He quickly found and fixed the problem.
– Do you frequently watch gay porn? Or it was only curiosity? I asked
– I don’t know … I heard some conversations about it, and wanted to see what it was like. I never had sex with men.
– Would you dare ?
– I think so..but I haven’t had the opportunity yet. I don’t have time to keep looking around ..
but if it happens one day, it will probably be something quick or maybe a unique opportunity.
– And still missing with whom … maybe one day ..
– I see .. I answered.
Matthew noticed my interest and his bulge showed he liked it..
– He smiled and answered: “But I’m sweaty and dirty now.”
– Me too, I said. Do you have a shower here?
– Yeah, at the back there.
– I’ll take a shower while you finish it. If you think about joining me, pls do…
I grabbed a towel and left to the bathroom for a good shower.
About ten minutes later, I hear the doors of the car repair shop getting closed. And then he enters the bathroom, a little bit embarrassed and nervous.
– Matthew, you have to take off your clothes to take a shower, do you know that?… hehehe (I said)
He took off his clothes, showing a toned body and a thick and huge dick, it was about 8 inches and really tick. And got into the shower.
He barely washed himself and was about the leave the shower…
I said: What the fuck are u doing, let me help you with that !!
I got back into the shower with him, grabbed the soap and began washing his fucking hot body, nipples and cock…
Immediately he pushed me down to my knees, and I started wanking his dick into full hardness which did not take long, and he moaned louder and louder….
It was a great feeling Matthew’s hands holding my head against his pubis and began fucking my mouth,… like a piston engine, pumping as fast as he could.
I couldn’t breathe, his cock was deep inside my throat, he wouldn’t stop pushing. I grabbed his legs, but he kept on pushing.
You are fucking good at this, you whore…Please keep doing….,he said !!
Not here, I replied…. lets go to your office.
Before I noticed he was playing and licking my ass, or just preparing it for the best moment of the day….
Then he asked if he could fuck me, he was horny as hell….. I replied: yeeeessss pleeeease !!!
He got a condom, put some lube on his huge dick and started pushing it against my hole…
As it was really big I did not resist and tried to relax the maximum I could….
He kept pushing it in bit by bit and letting my tight arse accommodate it completely.
After a while, he was completely inside me and started to slowly pulling it out and in; I begged to him to fuck me hard and rough as he could…. And he did it… ooohhh yeessss.
My Godness !!!! It was like he hadn’t done it for ages.
He was fucking me fast and then asked me to turn around, he wanted to see my face, kiss me and fuck me at the same time. He pulled my legs up, exposing my hole, he pushed his hips forward and his meat pressed against my warm hole. I opened it wide and he pressed harder.
I could stay in that position for hours, it was really amazing feeling his meat widening inside my hole.
Suddenly he said… I want to come…
Not yet!! I replied,
I turned him around, and began riding his dick as fast and deeper as I could, I was fucking enjoying it, and kept bouncing up and down on his cock.
And he began to pump my cock. I never felt more alive. My cock was rock hard…
The stimulation in my ass combined with Matthew’s kiss were getting to too much to handle. I was about to exploded, when he said: “I’m cumming”…. I replied “me tooooooooo”…
His cock began spasming and shooting inside my ass… and we exploded together…
I shot my load on my chest and he inside my ass in a long kiss….
After he finished, Matthew laid down next to me on the floor and slept in each other arms for about one hour…
When I woke up, I kissed him and went back home…
Every week I go back there to change the my car’s oil…. hehehehehe

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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