Meeting Daddy at the Bar

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Meeting Daddy at the Bar
I had set up another group at Malarkeys. I was the first one there, trying to get a drink at the bar. All of the sudden I feel a hand on my waist, feel fingers slide down under the hem of my skirt; start to tug along the tops of my thigh highs.

“Get your ass out to my car.”

I smile and push my ass back on your hand and try to wiggle against you. “I’m waiting for my drink, and it’s cold out there!” I say over my shoulder, with a laugh.

Suddenly I feel you grab the hair at the nape of my neck, twisting it around your fist as you shove me forward, pressing my tits into the bar top.

The patrons closest to us take notice.

You don’t say anything right away, just your breathe against my face.

“Are you really talking back to Daddy?” you growl. “Because you know how bad girls get punished.”

My cunt immediately starts to throb and my mouth waters as I realize that Daddy is here for playtime.

You can feel my face flush, feel me start to shake. You know that I’m ready to drop to my knees and start sucking your cock right here in this bar.

“Now, are you ready to be my cum dumpster or do you need a reminder of who is in charge?”

“No Sir, I’ll be good. Please let me show you what a good fuck toy I can be.”

You finally turn my head so I can see you smirk. You turn and start to walk towards the door, knowing that I’ll be following right behind you. I can hear the guys around us start talking about it. It just makes me wetter.

You’re waiting at the side of the car, the back door open. You smack my ass a few times as I duck my head down and crawl over the seats.

In an instant you unbuckle, unzip and your cock is swelling inside my mouth. Your hand is on the back of my head and I hear you sighing with relief as you begin to pump my mouth around your dick.

“That’s right. There’s a good slut. So eager to suck me the first chance you get.”

I pull my mouth off of you, pumping your cock with my hands so that I can look you in the eyes. “I wore the pigtails just for you Daddy.” I say, hoping to get some praise.

You pet my hair and smile without saying anything as you shove your cock back in my mouth.

This time you set a much harder pace. Lifting up your hips as you work my head up and down. Fucking my throat and growling.

Your other hand slides up my skirt and pushes aside my soaked panties. You slide 2 fingers into my cunt and smile with how easy it is.

“Such a good whore. Getting so wet while you blow me. Your cunt just begging to be fucked. So eager to be used.”

You feel me whimpering and moaning around your cock. Trying not to squirm too much every time your thumb passes over my clit.

“Maybe I should turn you around and fuck you right here. You can watch all your friends walk into the bar while I’m stuffing your cunt full of my cock.”

I smile as much as one can with a cock running along their tongue. I start to twist around, more than ready to get your throbbing cock into another hole.

That’s when I feel the stinging slap on my inner thigh. Again and again. You grab my hair and kiss me roughly. “Did I tell you that you could stop sucking, you stupid, greedy slut?” I try to shake my head but you’ve got an iron grip on my hair. Apologize and show me how sorry you are” you snarl.

And I’m trying to, but suddenly you’re biting on my shoulder. And all I can do is tremble and gasp and mewl.

“Plea…please Daddy. I’m sorry. Im sorry I’m such a greedy cock whore. I’m sorry I didn’t listen. I’m just too much of a cum slut, I need it so bad. Please let me swallow your cum. Don’t take away my reward. I’ll be your good little whore. A perfect fuck toy.”

You’re satisfied with that plea, and it’s been far too long since my warm mouth has been around your cock.

You let me lean back down and start my cock worshipping again. Its not long before I feel your balls tighten up and I know that soon you’ll be giving me what I really need.

Your hands are wrapped around each of my pigtails and you start to pump my head harder and faster. The sounds of my choking and gagging mixed in with the groans and curses falling from your lips. You’re bottoming out at the back of my throat now. Your hips slamming up to meet my mouth, your fingers tugging at my hair.

You start groaning and I know that you’re close to giving me my reward. I tighten the seal of my lips around your dick and swirl my head around the head of your cock like I know you like.

As I feel you start to spurt on my tongue, you ram your cock as far as possible into my mouth and hold my head still against your lap. A strangled sound escapes your mouth as I milk the cum from you and swallow every drop of delicious nectar.

I kitten lick your cock as you start to come down from the high, enjoying every twitch and jerk of your body. I finally, regretfully, raise my head from your lap…my eyes shining and my smile victorious.

I take a quick moment to gaze at your face, noting how handsome my Daddy looks after I’ve drained his cock. I wait until you open your eyes again before peppering your mouth with quick, desperate, teasing kisses and nuzzle against your neck for a few moments.

Before you know it I’m out the door, sauntering proudly towards the door of the bar, knowing what a good little cum slut I am.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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