meeting with Mistress M

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meeting with Mistress M
You might have read my blob entry – soon a couple of hours with mistress. This is the real story how this meeting went.

the days and hours before our meeting have been a buzzing of messages back and forth. i was supposed to take several of my thongs with me, my leather cock ring, my butt plug and my vibrator.. all that was just prepartaion.. the night before Mistress M wrote me to travel with the black thoong with one whole in it and the leather cock ring arond my balls and cock. furthermore i was supposed to travel with the buttplug inside me until i arrived at the airport in my mistresses hometown.

the next day i did as i was told and travelled to my mistress, arriving at the airport i went to the bathroom and took the butt plug out as instructed. i entered a cab and gave the cabdriver the adress (156 Mistress Avenue 🙂 ). In the 20 minutes cab drive i wrote with mistress on our chatprogramm and got more and more excited. finally we arrived at the adress and i paid the cab driver. i took my phone and wrote to mistress – ” Yoru slaveboy is standing outside” .. not more then a few second later her answer came – ” get into the door and follow the instructions”

I entered my mistresses apartment through her main door.. a small piece of paper told me to crawl into the livingroom , take off all clothes except the thong and then kneel at the spot she arranged facing her bedroom door.. i took of my jacket and shoes and started to crawl into the living room. in there i removed all of my clothes and kneeled down..

facing her bedroom door i expected her to come out from there but she came from behind.. i could hear he steps ( she was obviously wearing high heels) approaching her slaveboy. i feeled her hand on my shoulder slowly travveling down to my chest. the she came around. she was wearing a black lacquer bustier with suspenders to her black stock,ings , some black panties and her “fuck me “# high heels”. her finger goes to her shaved pussy collecting some of her juices offering me a taste.. then she kisses me telling me to open the suspenders and taking down her panties – the panties get pulled over my head and used as a kind of collar which she takes and pulls me on my knees to the bedroom.. there she lies right to the edge and spreads her legs and teall me to lick her.. i do off course as i am told happy to be able to lick her sweet tasty pussy.. i use a bit of fingerwork as well as i lick her over her wet pussy playing with her moist lips and hard little clitoris. she has been awaiting this for quite some while and within minutes i bring her amazing body to a quiver exploding into a huge orgasm. satisfied with the result she pulls me onto the bed and binds my hands to her radioator and blindfolding me .. i am all in her hands now.

bound to her bed on my back she starts devouoring my swollen cock with her mouth, playing mith my hard nipples..

sitting on my face with her wet swollen pussy. i enjoy her playing with my body.

she stripped my thong dpown and started to push the small vibrator op into my man pussy while she has my cock in her mouth.. anjoyinmg be taken care of i dont realise that she has opend the bindnings and whne taking my blindfold of she leads me to the bathroom. i have been asking to experience as a try to be peed onto my stomach and cock and now it seems she wants to do that. ” lie on the shower floor slaveboy she tells me” i do as i am told while she spreads her legs and looks into my eyes.. it seems she is shy and not famialiar with the situation as i am as well . finally she releases a short warm gush onto my stomach and dick.. it feels nice and as i am still wondering if it will be more excting trying it for a longer time she offers me her wet pussy to lick. i do as told licking her wet pussy with some small drops of her …

still high from the experience she showers me down and leads me dry to the bed again.. attaching her strap on

she orders me to bend my knees and offering her my man pussy.. i am told to first suck the strap on properly and then i can see her applying some lubcicant and the i feel the cool long latex cock entering me.. ( the last time she fucked me from behiond and i felt a bit detached form teh situation) but this time i am so much enjoying it..

she fucks me hard.. changing the pace sometimes, having my legs on her shoulders.. looking at her tits rocking in the tact and her hands on my cock rubbing while fucking my arse.. it is so amazing.. after a looong time she exist me and i am told to fuck her with her vibrator again and lick her simultaniously i get her to a huge orgasm again and am tld to finally enter her with my throbbing cock… i am fucking her hard and see her enjying it.. finally she tells me to release myself into her.. it takes me only seconds and my huge load is emptying into her.. we lay a while like that when she tells me to turn around and sitting onto my face and demandning to lick her clean…

this was an amazing 2 hours and my cock is still hard from the experience.. hope you like the story – send some feedback to me or us

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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