Megan’s Mardi Gras Fantasy – Pt 6/7

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Megan’s Mardi Gras Fantasy – Pt 6/7
I loaded a new cassette and batteries and we left the room. Megan pranced through the mostly empty lobby and her outfit quickly drew attention. As I had hoped, in the bright daylight, her dress became almost transparent! Her black lingerie, garter belt and nylon stockings showed through the gauzy material. Megan’s breasts were equally exposed and I could see her nipples grow hard with excitement as soon as she stepped out onto the street!

We bought a couple of Zombies next door and wandered down Bourbon Street toward the wild part of town. As we passed the Old Time Photo shop, I was stunned to see Megan’s picture already on display, displaying her black corset and bare breasts! A couple of guys were staring at her photo and did a double take as Megan walked by. They recognized her instantly and actually began to follow her down the street, ogling her lingerie and nylons!
Finishing off our zombies, we stopped at a bar for another drink. Sitting at the bar, Megan’s dress was so transparent that she didn’t even need to pull up her skirt, but she did anyway! The guys followed us in and, gathering their courage, walked up and offered to buy a round. Megan graciously accepted and actually began to enjoy the men leering at her! I started taping as she engaged her two escorts in suggestive conversation.
One of the guys began fondling Megan’s thighs, stroking her garters. She responded by casually sliding her dress up still farther! By the time she finished her drink, her skirt lay rumpled about her hips, leaving her stockings nylons, and sheer panties totally exposed! But it was mid-day and she set them on their way! Waving goodbye, she set out onto the street and I taped her encounters as men tried to pick her up. One even grabbed her breasts and asked her to fuck! Megan laughed and said “Maybe later!” as she moved away into the crowd.
We stopped in at the No-Name Bar again and the barmaid whistled as she entered! Before we knew it, two drinks were set out on the house. Then the owner appeared and introduced himself as Roberto. Holding his camcorder, Roberto asked Megan if she’d like to show off her “grits”!
She smiled, thrust out her chest, and pulled down her dress! Her rose colored nipples jutted over her half-bra, nestled above her sheer dress. As he filmed her, Megan even pulled up her skirt, showing off her luscious black stockings, lacy garters, and sheer nylon panties!
“Your drinks are free tonight. Lisa told me of your visit the other night. You add to the legend and I thank you!”
I noticed that Roberto started taping again as we sat at the bar with our drinks. Megan noticed as well and gave me an evil grin.
“I think I’ll add some more to the legend!” she laughed and reached behind her back, unzipping her dress. Megan stood and pulled her dress off! As it slid to the floor, she posed wantonly for the camera in her lingerie, nylons and heels! Then she laid her dress on the bar and coolly sat back down and sipped her drink!

We came upon a street band playing some old fashioned rock and roll. Megan paused and began moving to the beat. Her hips swayed and she made a suggestive move, grabbing my crotch and pulling me into the middle of the street. Already half-drunk, Megan enticed me into a dance. The passing crowd ignored us at first, but then Megan began pulling up her skirt. Her modesty disappeared as her sheer black stockings and garters slid into view!
Responding to the mild applause, Megan went further, teasing the men as we walked by, pulling her skirt ever higher until her black lace panties appeared! The crowd stopped passing and Megan moved to the music, finally pulling her skirt right up to her hips! The band joined in and picked up the beat. I tried to keep up, but noone paid me any attention. We all just stared as Megan slid her hands along her gartered thighs and stocking clad thighs!
Then someone shouted, “Take it off!”
Megan froze for a moment as she realized she was the center of attention. Then she reacted by reaching behind her back and unzipping her dress! I stopped dancing and stood back in amazement and turned on the camcorder. Megan slowly pulled her dress down until her breasts were just barely covered. Megan smiled and waved at Roberto and then, as the growing crowd cheered her on, she reached down and pulled her dress up over her head, unveiling her lingerie clad body for all to see!
Cameras started flashing as she paraded half naked for the crowd! She’d have been arrested, but there were so many people that the cops were just nowhere around. Throwing off her dress, Megan danced in nothing but her sexiest black bra, garter belt, black stockings, and spike heels. Responding to the cheers, Megan slid her hands along her stockings and garters, slowly reaching for her bra!
Megan turned to Roberto taping her display and then pulled her bra down, displaying her bare tits to their fullest. Then, careful to hold on to her money, she unhooked her bra and ripped it off! Megan caught the money from Roberto’s offer and stuffed it into my hand.
“We might need it later on!” she leered and danced back into the middle of the street.
Suddenly a teenage girl wearing a formal gown broke out of the crowd and began dancing alongside Megan as the crowd cheered! She drunkenly began unzipping her gown, letting it slide to reveal a fabulous pink corset accented with pale blue ribbons. The girl couldn’t have been more than s*******n and looked cute and innocent. But as her gown slid to her hips, she proved anything but innocent! As her date stood helplessly by, her full breasts spilled into view over the bra of her corset! Her bright pink nipples stood out in her excitement, jutting erotically away from her breasts!

I continued taping the show as two of her friends joined her – each wearing formal gowns and, incredibly, started showing off their stockings and lingerie on the street! As the first girl danced, she tried to push her gown off, but it stuck on her hips, but Megan danced over and gave it a yank! In an instant, the girl stood in nothing but her corset, matching pink panties, and incredibly sheer dark brown nylon stockings and pink high heels!
Megan was now totally out of control. Up to this point, the bystanders remained just that, enjoying, but not interfering with her striptease. The girl’s date fumed and tried to pull her aside, but she pushed him away! She danced with Megan in the street and laughed as her date disappeared in disgust! The two other girls decided to share the fun and quickly stripped her gowns off! One was dressed in pure white silk and brown stockings and the other was dressed in scarlet – bra, garter belt, sheer panties, and luscious scarlet stockings!
Then the world changed! Megan moved up against a guy standing right next to me, grabbing his crotch and letting him feel her up!
“Is this what you wanted?” she shouted.
“Yes!” I shouted back. “It’s exactly what I wanted!”
With a deadly smile, Megan reached down and pushed her panties from her hips! She was suddenly naked, but for her black garter belt, nylons stockings, and high heels! The crowd roared as she stripped, but at the same time, gave her privacy from the police patrols up the street!
Incredibly, the first teenager joined her, stepping daintily out of her panties and flashing her pale blond cunt for all to see! Incredibly, her two friends joined in and offered a striptease on the street as the band played even louder! Together, they began teasing the crowd! Out of nowhere, a blanket floated down from a balcony above them. Megan spread it out and then slid to her knees, pulling the young girl with her! The girls rocked to the music, dropping to their knees and spreading their gartered thighs and actually fondling themselves as the crowd grew larger!
Then Megan pointed at a handsome bystander and his buddies pushed him into the street! The guy seemed magnetized as he walked toward her, but then the band struck up Meatloaf’s “Dashboard Light” and Megan went wild! She grabbed him and began to unzip his pants! The crowd screamed as she pulled his pants down and reached for his crotch! The music thundered in the street as Megan exposed his cock and knelt down, pulling it into her mouth!
As the teenage girls disappeared back into the crowd, Megan took over! Kneeling on the blanket, she was naked except for her black garter belt, stockings, and high heels! As I kept taping, we were startled by the growing flash of cameras as Megan began sucking the guy’s cock! Then I was even more startled as another guy stepped up and pulled down his pants! The first guy shuddered and finally came in Megan’s mouth.
The crowd went wild as she pulled away and turned to the second guy! She knelt on the blanket and began sucking him off! She melted to her knees and took his cock into her mouth! I looked on the scene in disbelief! Megan lay back and willingly started fucking her new partner.
As for Megan, she moaned with delight and wrapped her legs around her new partner! Her taut nylons glistened in the dim light as she took his cock deep into her cunt! As one guy stood up, another knelt down and starting fucking Megan before my eyes! Roberto stood in the street, filming the whole thing! With one guy fucking Megan’s cunt and another sliding his cock into her ass, he taped her as she grabbed yet another and took his huge cock deep into her throat!
By now, Megan was surrounded by five men, each pawing her and thrusting their cocks in her face. She rolled back and forth, taking each in turn, sucking them and squeezing their balls, all the while being fucked like crazy by one man after another! Unbelievably, Megan was unaware of what was going on beside her and actually begged for more! Crawling to her knees, she pulled one guy down and climbed onto his cock, spreading her legs and begging someone to fuck her ass!
For her part, Megan lay back voluntarily and let the crowd have its way with her! Her stocking clad legs wrapped tightly around each one who fucked her and her hands stroked the cocks of others waiting in line! Megan took on the entire crowd! There was money everywhere as one after another, the men took turns fucking her! As Megan moaned with unbelievable pleasure,
Finally, hearing the siren, the college jocks let me go and I could help Megan struggle away from her gang ****! Megan looked up at me with a dreamy stare of ecstasy. Her garters hung limply from her hips. Roberto heard the siren of a police van and stepped in, scooping up the money that littered the street! Megan was nearly delirious as I gathered her into the blanket and carried her into a nearby bar.
Roberto came over handed Megan a huge wad of cash stuffed into a plastic bag. “Awesome!” he whispered. “Simply awesome!”
Megan looked up and smiled. “How was your fantasy, honey?”

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