Merciless Sex Session…

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Merciless Sex Session…
Jarvis came by the dorm room just after Daryl had left, I was some what suspicious at the timing, knowing that Jarvis and Daryl had at one time been sexual companions. Jarvis and Daryl both have sexed me and I have been their sexual toy on more than one occasions.

Jarvis invited me into town for the week end, he said it would be just him and I… but I some what doubted him, yet I went with him. Why not, he was fronting the expense, paying for the motel and providing the party favors(poppers, and ecstasy).

We reached the motel just before dark, Jarvis went in and registered, as we entered the motel room Jarvis embraced me from behind and passionately kissed my neck and twisted my nipples through my shirt.

After recoiling from the suddenness of it all, I relaxed and enjoyed his manipulations, I got so horny my dick was rock hard. Jarvis slipped his hands down the front of my body and squeezed my cock through my pants and whispered in my ear ‘you want be needing this.’

I froze as Jarvis continued to undo my zipper and pushed my pants below my waist exposing my rigid cock. Jarvis stroked my harden cock a couple of times and directed me to ‘get naked bitch’.

I slowly removed my shoes and socks and let my pants and underwear slip from my legs. Jarvis lifted my shirt over my head and tossed it on to the chair, I was as naked as I came into the world(I always shave my gentiles).

Jarvis step back and removed his clothes exposing his massive hard penis. I gazed at his massive fuck tool with lust fill eyes wanting to drop to my knees and devour the entire length of his man hood.

Jarvis guided me to the bed and laid down on top of my body, our cocks smashed between us. Jarvis kissed me passionately about the neck and lips causing me let out an almost inaudible moan of joy.

Slowly Jarvis lifted my legs and smeared some lubricant between my buttocks and into my clinching anal opening. Using his other hand he placed a tab of ecstasy in my mouth and sealed my lips with a kiss, he popped a popper under our nose and whispered ‘breath deep’.

I suddenly was over come by a warm sensuous feeling that cause me to surrender my self to his will. I was so helpless, that looking back I am so ashamed.

Jarvis gently lifted my knees to my chest and poised his enormous fuck tool at the opening of my anal cavity. With a slow move Jarvis entered my inviting anal orifice, his gigantic cock head slipping effortless into my eager boi pussy.

Jarvis started to work rhythmically in to my ass hole like he was playing some exotic instrument. I moaned and groaned in passionate submission as Jarvis worked his huge penis deep into my anticipating fuck hole.

Once Jarvis had sunk the entire length of his mammoth fuck tool into my rectum he started to ride me like a mad man. ‘Jarvis, baby, please don’t be so rough, I’m all yours, take your time baby,’ I pleaded.

Jarvis looked down at me and said in hushed tones ‘take this dick bitch, I’m fucking you know’. I tried to calm him down by stroking his bald head and caressing his broad shoulders, Jarvis just smiled and whispered ‘take this fucking like a man and shut the fuck up!!!’

I could do nothing else but surrender to his onslaught, the d**gs were starting to have their desired effect. My butt hole was allowing him to enter with very little resistance and my lust was so strong that I didn’t want him to stop assailing my tender butt hole.

For the next twenty minutes Jarvis fucked my anus with abandonment, I held on to his upper body like a bitch in heat as he plowed deeper and deeper into my anal cavity. As soon as Jarvis shot his massive load of baby making fluids into my rectum and pulled out, as soon as he rolled off my stomach, I turned over and attacked his softening cock like a bird to a worm.

I sucked eagerly on his fat cock till I felt it coming back to life. As soon as it was hard enough to stand alone, I knelt above it and guide his huge cock head up into my eager anal opening.

Once the massive cock head entered my anus I bounced up and down on that massive pole like it was a trampoline. Jarvis rested his hands on my knees and allowed me to ride his dick like a sex starved whore. As soon as he unloaded another huge amount into my butt he pushed me off.

I tried to climb back on top of his body, but he pushed me off. Jarvis pulled me into his arms and popped another popper under my nose and whispered in my ear ‘you want more dick, I can get you more dick if you want more dick.’ Panting like a dog in heat I whimpered ‘yes baby, what ever you say, give me more dick, I want as much dick as you can give me…let me make you happy.’

Jarvis smiled and said ‘you really want to make me happy..’ I tried to lower my head to his semi hard cock, but he pulled my head back up. I half smiled and whimpered again ‘what ever you want me to do baby..I’ll do it for you…’ Jarvis said ‘just what I wanted to hear you say.’

With that Jarvis rolled out of bed and started to call people on the room phone giving them our room number and telling them to hurry up and come over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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