Mistis’ Adventures Part 73

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Mistis’ Adventures Part 73
After a bit, and some more talk, they had gone up to their respective bedrooms. Cathy, for one, was far from finished with Mike. He had taken her anally, but he had yet to place any of his sperm into her womb. This was what she wanted. She hoped that his would be the one to fertilize her egg. Any of them would be good, but, at the top of her list was Mike, her Dad, and William. She had many years for Billy to ring her chimes. Close second to him was Rick. She felt almost as deeply for him as she did Billy. Either of them would be great.

They had taken another shower, and she had used her best training to bathe Mike, and turn him on. She didn’t know that he had been anticipating being with her almost as much as she had thought about being with him. He had been taken with her almost from the first time he saw her. She had a quality about her that made men dream about having her.

She had, when finished washing him, sank to her knees and began to suck him to an even better erection. It didn’t take much effort. It was all he could do to restrain himself from taking her in the floor of the shower. Not that she would have objected. Still, the bed WOULD be nicer for both.

They dried each other quickly, each realizing that neither of them wanted to wait. They didn’t even take the time to hang their towels on the rod to dry. They dropped them in the floor and went straight to the bed. Cathy leaped onto the bed, turning to land on her back, her legs already spread wide. “Come to Mama, Baby. Mommy wants some more of your baby gravy. Right up her hot little cunt.” Mike had to laugh at her, in spite of his being so worked up. She had one of the cutest twats of any of the women. She ran a close second to Misti. She, after 11 years together, was still the most alluring, and sexy women he had EVER seen. She had stolen his heart almost at first sight. It had been agony for him to go without seeing her for that first 6 months. He had done it to make sure of himself, and decide if it was more than infatuation. He couldn’t look at another woman without thinking, and comparing them, to Misti. And every one of them had come out a VERY poor second.

He had grabbed her ankles, and lifted her feet and legs even higher than she had, and took a nose dive into her sweet little honey pot. Tongue first. He almost made her swoon as his tongue went full length inside of her. He shook his head, nor only to work his tongue and lips across her pussy, but to use his mustache to scrub her clit. He was fully aware of what this did to women.

He worked his tongue in and out of her, tongue fucking her, and making her cum repeatedly. She had her hands around the back of his head, trying to force him even deeper. He could feel her pelvis bones pushing against his nose. He pulled his tongue out long enough to lick her sweet little back door, making her jump one more time. She arched her back, whispering to him that she was ready. “PLEASE, MIKEY!!! PLEASE FUCK ME!!! I WANT YOU INSIDE MY PUSSY!!! PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME WAIT ANY LONGER!!! PLEASE! PLEASE ! PLEASE!!! FUCK ME. FILL ME WITH YOUR CUM!!! I WANT IT, RIGHT NOW!!!

He climbed up and sucked her nipples one more time, and kissed her throat, before kissing her lips. He had his full weight on top of her and was humping to find her vagina. Impatiently she grabbed his dick, and held it to go inside of her. She was so wet, and turned on, that he sank inside of her on the first thrust. He began sawing in and out of her, and soon was filling her with cum. He was still as hard and excited as he had ever been, so a little thing like dropping his rocks in her did nothing to slow him down. He kept going, continuing to hump her, much to her delight, working toward a second load. As soon as he had felt himself stop spurting, he had moved his arms and hooked her knees around his elbows, raised up on his toes, and began to long-dong her. Her ass started moving like it had a motor, cross ways to his long strokes. The different rythms worked to excite both of them to even greater heights. She was almost tearing his dick off for him. And she felt like he was driving all the way through her. They caused such a commotion that the others came to see what they were doing to each other. Robbi and Misti were giggling, even though both were a little envious of the gusto he was hitting her with, and Rick and Billy were chuckling at the same thing. Robbi went into the bathroom and got one of the towels they had used, and wet an end of it, and hung the other on the towel rack. She doubted that Cathy would want him to eat her cream pie this time.

Cathy screamed out with a loud cry, and Mike groaned as they enjoyed a long mutual orgasm. Cathy didn’t even have enough strength in her legs to lift them up. Mike’s arms gave out and he dropped on top of her. Rick and Billy rolled him over to her side, and Robbi and Misti started cleaning them both. Robbi using the towel on Cathy, while Misti used her lips and tongue to clean her husband.

They were still on top of the covers, so Robbi went to the closet and pulled out a large homemade quilt to cover them with. They took turns kissing the two u*********s lovers, then kissed each other bidding each other a “Good Night,” and going to bed, this time to sleep.

The next morning, nobody was up as early as usual. MIsti’s phone woke her up. She looked at the clock on the front of the phone. It was almost 9:00. She answered. She heard someone on the other end tell her that they were needed at her and Mike’s house. She told them that they were just waking up, and would be there as soon as they could get around. She put her phone on the nightstand and leaned over and kissed Rick gently on the lips, then on his eyelids. His eyes opened. “Your Mama called just now, and said something is going on, at OUR house. We are ALL needed there. We need to wake the others and go see what is happening. Will the a****ls be okay for a little longer?” Rick shook his head to clear the cobwebs, and thought. “Yeah. They’ll be okay ’till this afternoon. You go get Mike and Cathy, and I’ll get Robbi and Billy.” They got up and started for the door. Rick took her arm and pulled her back to him. He put his knuckle under her chin and lifted it to give her another kiss. “Thank You for a wonderful night. I hope, someday, to find someone like you to share MY life. Mike is so very lucky to have found you. I know he already thinks the same way.” Misti put her arms around his neck and pulled him down, standing on her tip toes to kiss him back. ” “Thank You. You don’t know how much it means to have you say that. All of our friends and family make me want to do better than my best for them. They have taught me what true love and friendship REALLY are.”

They went into the other bedrooms, waking the others up as Misti had awakened Rick. With gentle kisses and warm smiles. In seconds, so it seemed, they were dressed, straightened the beds, and made a pot of coffee. They each poured a cup full and got into Rick’s and Mike’s trucks and headed for home. They stopped to get a breakfast sandwich to eat on the way. Both pickups pulled into Mike and Misti’s driveway. They opened the front door and went in. Nothing was amiss, and nobody was there, so they went over to Dave and Carol’s house. They opened the back door, and Mike and Rick both called out. There was no answer. Rick, now worried, looked over to William and Sharon’s house. His back door was open. They all went over to see if the others were there. Robbi called out as she opened the door a bit wider. They heard voices and went to see who it was.

They were all in the living room. They were facing as a group, the new arrivals. Mama Campbell shook her head at them, frowning. “You have been a very naughty girl, Misti. How long has it been since you had your ears cleaned? Mary heard your phone ringing early this morning and Jerry used his tools to open your door and see what it was. He took the call and him and Papa went to Dallas at 3:00 this morning. They just got back when I called you. You missed a VERY important telephone call. There is someone here to correct you both, and set you back on the right track.”

The others parted, to reveal someone else. Misti’s Mom and Dad. She screamed, and ran to them. They hugged and kissed each other with everything in them all. How did you get here so SOON?” Mike asked. Misti’s Dad answered. “I forgot about the time difference, My Son. I was supposed to tell you we would be here THIS Friday, not next. I hope you will please forgive me.” Mike hugged his Father-in-Law one more time. “There is nothing to forgive, Father. We are just so glad that you are here with us, I pray, forever. Soon you and Mother will be Grand father, and Grand mother. Misti has two little girls growing inside of her for us all to love.”

They filled in Misti about all the things that had happened around home with the neighbors she had known all her life. The ones she was most interested in were the lady down the street, who had taught her about herbs and medicine, the neighbor who had taught her how to dance, and the boy next door, who had taken her virginity. Mother told her that the lady down the street had passed to the next life about a year ago. She had been 94 years in this life. The lady who had taught her to dance, and the gentleman from next door had sent their love, and respect to their dear friend. The man next door was a very important man in the town, now. He had been the Mayor two times, and was now an important official. He was in charge of all the police and firemen in the town.

Now the circle was complete. Her parents had Visitors Visas, that were good for 6 months. They would have their Papers for Dependent Parents in about 2 or 3 months, and have the status of Permanent Residents.

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