Mistress Demi Part 3

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Mistress Demi Part 3
4. Not in Kansas Anymore

The morning sun was streaming through the window when I woke up. Mistress was still asleep and I smiled as I watched her sleep. I had a serious case of morning wood. Who could blame me? I was lying next to a beautiful naked woman who had awoken something in me I never knew existed. I was still trying to figure out how all this had come to pass when Mistress began to stir. She opened her beautiful brown eyes. “Good Morning Mistress, I hope you slept well”
“What time is it?”
“About 7:30 Mistress.”
“7:30?! You need to learn to sleep later dirty boy.” As she started to snuggle in closer she noticed my hard on and she grinned.“Maybe I should call you Mister Anytime instead.” She took a hold of my cock and stroked it. ‘Well since we are up already I guess I should take advantage of you.” She rolled onto her back and I followed her and we kissed for a while. Our tongues dancing and our hands exploring each other. With very little urging I kissed my way down to her pussy and did my best to get her off. Doing my damnedest to take care of the little man in the boat. I gently slid two fingers inside her. I Worked them in and out with increasing intensity. Demi clutched the sheets and she bit her lip as I got her off again. Her moans were muffled as her thighs pressed against my ears with surprising strength. I felt her pussy spasm around my fingers as she came. She reached down and stroked my hair “Does my dirty boy want to fuck me?”
“Yes Mistress Demi!”
“I bet you do. You are close to earning that reward but not quite yet. Would you like to earn a few more points?”
“More than you can imagine Mistress.” I went back to kissing her wet pussy, hoping to get her off again.
She allowed me to eat her out for a few moments, sighing contentedly. “You’re an eager beaver! But I had something else in mind for my dirty boy. Now come up here and lay down for me. I want to see how excited you are for me.” I took the opportunity to kiss my way up her body and then I laid on my back. My cock standing straight up, leaking precum for Mistress. Yes I was eager to earn more points but more so to make her happy. Demi straddled me, sitting across my knees. “Remember what I forbid you from doing with out my permission? Well I am giving you my permission.” Considering what had transpired over the last few days I was surprised at how shy I was. I started stroking for her slowly. My eyes closed as I stroked. I felt her hand close over mine gently.”Look at me. There is no reason for you to be shy. I loved that I had such a profound effect on you that you HAD to jerk off. I love that you are mine. Make me happy.” She caressed her tits and pinched her hard nipples to inspire me. Seeing how bad she wanted me to do it emboldened me. The sight of her smilingly seductively down at me while she touched herself more than did the trick. I started to stroke harder and faster. Mistress provided the final bit of simulation as she rubbed my balls and that spot just under them.
“Do it. Do it for me. Cum for me dirty boy.”
“Yes Mistresssssss!”With a few final strokes my load erupted out of my cock for my Mistress. I made sure I got out every drop. I finally let go and I laid back and tried to catch my breath.
“That’s my good boy” She ran a few fingers through my load and held up her cummy fingers. “If you make a mess…..”
“I have to clean it up.”I sucked her fingers clean as she fed my own cum to me until it was all gone.“Thank you Mistress”
“For what?”
“For everything, for permission, for helping me clean up but most of all for choosing me.”
Mistress smiled, bent over and we kissed for what seemed like hours but it was only a few minutes.“You better make a hearty breakfast for us. We have a busy day ahead of us.”
I smiled and made us breakfast. As we ate she turned the questions to me and my past relationships. She grilled me about my past sexual experiences. When did I lose my virginity. Where was the craziest place I ever had sex. Have I ever had a three way. And on and on. And after the past few days with my Mistress the best I can say looking back at my sex life is that it was pedestrian at best. The only thing that stood out was my dedication to masturbation.
“Have you ever jerked off to me before the other night when I first heard you?”
“Yes, I have, more than a few times.”
“Do you remember when the last time was?”
“I am assuming you are not talking about when I jerked off for you a half hour ago” she grinned and shook her head no.”You were hosting some awards show and you had on a short yellow and black dress and it had mesh or something on the side. It was and you were amazing.”
She put her foot in my lap and rubbed my cock.”Is there anything you want to ask me about my sex life?”
“Just one Mistress, When can we have more dirty fun?”
“How fast can you get us back to the bedroom?”
I jumped up, snatched her up and practically sprinted down the hallway to the bed room. Demi hung onto my neck and squealed delightedly. I deposited her on the bed and I undressed us as we kissed and groped each other aggressively. I climbed on top of her and slid between her legs. I felt like a dog in heat, needing to be inside her. Needing her more than air. I was so intent on my goal I was completely unprepared as she turned the tables and rolled on top of me. She found my hands as we kissed and brought them up and over my head. She kissed my neck and then nibbled on my ear.“You are going to keep your hands clasped behind your head until I am done with you. Do you understand?”
I lifted my head and kissed her deeply. ”Yes Mistress” and at that moment I was so wound up I would have agreed to whatever rule she gave me.
She took her time, kissing my neck, down to my collarbone as she played with my nipples. Lightly at first but then a little harder. Making me gasp in as much surprise as pain. That mischievous grin was back and she had a glint in her eye as she got between my legs and gripped the base of my cock. Putting her full lips millimeters from the head of my cock. she blew softly on it. I lifted my head so I could see and she carefully kissed me everywhere but my cock. I was in very worked up and I had to lace my fingers together to stop myself from pounding the bed in frustration from her teasing.
“Are you my dirty boy?”
“Yes Mistress.”She rewarded me by flicking her tongue out and ever so lightly she swirled it around the head of my cock once.
“Will you do Anything for me?”
“YES Mistress!”She rewarded me with another swirl of her tongue around the head of my cock. She continued to ask questions and every time I answered ‘yes Mistress’ she rewarded me with a lick or a few pumps on my cock. Precum was flowing freely out of my cock and one time she used her finger to apply it like lip gloss and I had to literally grab my hair to keep my hands in place.
“Are you ready to expand your horizons?” And her tongue snaked out of her mouth poised to reward me.
I was squirming and practically whimpering “YES MISTRESS!”
“Good boy.”She finally took me into her warm wet mouth. I groaned in pleasure that I never knew existed, She took her time, being merciful and letting it last for a while. But all good things must come to an end and far too soon I could feel that I was getting closer and closer to the point of no return. Suddenly I felt a finger teasing my hole. I was so far gone I was threatening to pull my own hair out with the effort it was taking me to obey. I grunted even louder as Mistress slid her finger in and start to pump it in and out of me fast. It was too much stimulation for me to take and I came so hard it felt like my balls were trying to turn themselves inside out. I came in Mistress Demi’s mouth. All the blood had rushed to my other head. I was dizzy and lightheaded. My eyes were glazed and I was panting like I had just run a marathon. I was barely cognizant of Mistress telling me to open up. It took me a few moments to realize I was sucking on the finger that had just been inside me. Satisfied Mistress pulled her finger out of my mouth and she kissed me and I could taste myself on her lips and tongue as we kissed. My heart rate finally returned to normal and I was able to find my words.”Thank you Mistress Demi!”
She told me I was free to move my hands again. I used them to hold her as I tried to process what had just happened and what was happening to me. “Are you regretting your vow?
“No Mistress, I just feel a little out of control. I feel like I am on a runaway freight train and I am not sure I can slow it down or even if I want it to slow down.”
She kissed me softly on the lips,”You are not out of control, you have given up control. To me. And I think you are doing splendidly. All you have to do now is obey and trust that I know best. Can you do that?”
I thought about what she had just said. I thought about what we had done. I thought about how the last three orgasms I had were far and away the best I had ever had in my life. But it was more then just the sex. I thought about how in control I had been during my life and in all those years had I ever felt happier or more alive then in the last few days?“Yes I can Mistress, I just have never been this lucky in my life and I feel like I will wake up any minute in the other room and this was all just a dream”
“You are not the only one that thinks this is just too good to be true. Here I am lying next to the most eager and enthusiastic dirty boy a girl could ever hope for.”To prove her point she crawled up and plopped her pussy on to my face.”Now thank Mistress for treating you so well.”
I pulled her tighter onto my face and proceeded to thank Mistress three more times before spent and happy she practically collapsed onto the bed leaving her dirty boy with a sticky face, a sore jaw and tongue and a satisfied smile on his face.
“I am going to take a nap. Wake me up in an hour or so.”
“Yes Mistress.” I picked up our clothes and grabbed some of her dirty laundry from the bathroom hamper and by the time I tip toed out of the room Mistress was sprawled face down on the bed fast asleep. I took the time to start the laundry, wash up, get dressed then I cleaned up the breakfast dishes we had abandoned in our rush. I went out and grabbed the mail and I did a few other chores. I checked the clock and decided I had time to make lunch and change the laundry before it was time to wake up my Mistress. I set the outside table for lunch since it was a beautiful day. When I entered Mistress’ bedroom I found her in the same position that I had left her in. I smiled and carefully, so as not to disturb her, I crawled behind her and I blew softly on her pucker before I gave it a few soft kisses. She shifted a little, moaning softly, and I slowly increased the fervor of my attention to her backdoor until she woke up.
“MMMMM you are a very creative dirty boy aren’t you?”She stretched and rolled onto her back breaking our ‘kiss’. Are you trying to earn brownie points?”
I smiled at her and winked” Well, I AM a brown noser mistress. Literally.”I kissed and caressed her leg.
“Such a smart mouth on you” She laughed. “When is lunch? I’m famished”
“It is ready now, may I help you dress so I can bring you to the table? It is a beautiful day out so I thought we would have lunch outside.” She agreed. I helped her dress and I brought her outside for lunch. I was happy to see Mistress was eating well. The sun was warm and as I was enjoying the sun I started to doze. It had been an eventful few days and as awesome as it was to take care of my Mistress, it was also very tiring.
Demi took pity on me and let me nap while she used her iPad to check her twitter, read some email and surf the net.“Hey rock star, wakey wakey. No time to sleep on the job.”
I yawned and stretched.“My apologies, I only meant to close my eyes for a moment.”I got up and cleared the dishes “just let me know when you are ready to go inside”
“You may bring me inside when you are done with the dishes, I think we could both use a shower” I hustled and finished the dishes, returning to get my Mistress in record time. “Looks like someone is ready for more.”As we made our way to her bathroom she asked me if I had showered with a woman before. I told her just a couple times but it was not that great of an experience.“Why was that?”
“Two reasons. First both times I was significantly taller than the girl I was showering with so I had to lower the head and as the guy, you always end up standing behind the girl, freezing your ass off in the back of the shower while she is in front getting all the hot water.” I let her down gently and ask her to stand so I can show her the angle of the water and how little of it would get above my thighs.
“I never thought of it that way before, lucky for you I have an overhead shower.” I turned the shower on to warm up the water and she raised her arms over her head so I could undress her again. As I was removing her clothes and kissing her body she entwined her fingers in my hair and sighed.”And the second reason?”
I grinned up at her and shrugged,”they weren’t you Mistress.”With my hands under her arms I lifted her up and kissed her deep as I stepped into the shower. The steam enveloped us. I took my time, pampering and washing every inch of her beautiful body.
“Are you freezing now dirty boy?” I shook my head no as I paid particular attention to her thighs and ass.”Do you want to worship my ass?
“No Mistress. I want to worship all of you”
“If you are going to be a brown noser, I want you to be one. Literally.”She grinned as she used my words to make her point before turning around.
“Who am I to argue with Mistress.”I rubbed my nose up and down against her asshole before I got to work eating it like my last meal. In my eagerness Mistress was forced to brace her hands against the glass wall of the shower. My hands were grabbing her thick ass cheeks so hard my knuckles turned white. Licking, lapping and probing her pucker for all I was worth and hearing her moans only spurred me on to try harder.
“Fuck me now, my filthy boy! Your tongue just isn’t going to be enough. Mistress needs your cock in her ass, RIGHT NOW!”
I jumped to my feet almost slipping and busting my ass in my haste to obey.”Yes Mistress!” she arched her back and pushed that round, thick, full and delicious ass into my face. I pressed the head of my cock against her brown eye and started to push it in. It resisted the head of my cock for a moment or two and then my cock slid in slowly, making us both gasp in pleasure. I grabbed her hips and I worked it in and out slow and deep to start. Any faster and I would have cum. Her O-ring was so tight around my cock.
Demi looked over her shoulder at me. She was breathtaking, she was biting her lower lip and she had a hunger in her eyes that was irresistable.“Fuck me, fuck me fuck me!”She pushed her ass back each time I thrust forward. I obliged my Mistress and I gave her all I had. She had two fingers buried in her pussy and I was praying she was racing towards an orgasm because I was not going to last much longer at that pace. Her ass was slapping against me rhythmically. The site of it making my balls tighten. I started trying to think of anything to try and hold off my orgasm, baseball stats, wicker furniture, dead puppies. Finally I had to close my eyes and concentrated on my breathing and not the goddess who was bouncing her ass off of my cock. I tried to block out everything to last for her. I felt my mistress start to orgasm more than hear her. Her asshole flexed and tightened around my cock like a vice. The feeling was too much for me and with a final deep thrust I buried my load deep into my Mistress’ ass. I was oblivious to everything else for the next few moments. My thoughts incoherent and fuzzy. My legs were shaking and I was so dizzy I had to sit on the floor of the shower. I looked up at my mistress and she was smiling down at me.
“You aren’t done yet lazy bones”
I was still trying to get my equilibrium under control but Mistress comes first.”What do you need Mistress?”
She shook her head.”Are you already getting forgetful? Make a mess…..”
“Clean a mess. My apologies Mistress.” I managed to get to my knees albeit a little unsteadily and I dug my load out of her ass enthusiastically. She was surprised at how eager I was. It took some work but I got it all out.
She bent over and rewarded me with a long kiss.“That’s my dirty boy. Now lets finish up before we run out hot water.” The rest of the shower passed without incident. We got out of the shower and after drying us off I started to get her clothes but she stopped me.”No need for those, I am not done with you by a long shot” She kissed me again and I carried her to the bed on wobbly legs. I laid her down on the bed and she patted the space next to her and I joined her. Putting her arm around me I rested my head on her chest as she pulled me in close and stroked my hair.”Have I worn out my dirty boy? You seem a little dazed.”
“I will be OK in a few minutes Mistress, that was THE most intense thing I have ever experienced by far.”I took my finger and I traced her nipple.“If this is the orgasm I just had and this is the other ones I had with you “tracing the other stiffening nipple.”Then the rest of my orgasms are so far away you would need binoculars to see them.”Mistress let me spend a few minutes sucking and nibbling on her nipples.
“Always eager to please aren’t you? Are you sure you’ve never done this before?”
I shook my head no,”I am pretty sure I would have remembered that Mistress.”
“Are you worried about your vow yet?”
I looked up at Mistress and had to tell her the truth “A little Mistress, I think at the time my anything and your ANYTHING were not the same. Please don’t misunderstand me, I WANT to do anything for you. I just worry I won’t be able to do what you want.” I kissed her collarbone and neck.
“I have faith my dirty boy can handle it. Deciding I wanted to own you has been very beneficial for me. I know you consider me your Mistress but do you think of yourself as my slave?”
I thought about what she had asked me and I was torn.”I am not sure about that Mistress. I no longer have any doubt that you own me. But to me “slave” implies forced and unwilling servitude. I was neither forced and I don’t believe I could be more willing to serve you. Although I don’t know any other word that describes it better off the top of my head Mistress.”
Demi rolled over so she was on top of me “My dirty boy is a thinker as well as being obedient and eager. I like that.”She rewarded me with a deep kiss, probing my mouth with her tongue as I returned her kiss passionately. She took my hands and pinned them behind my head like before as we kissed.“So just to make things crystal clear. Tell me who owns you”
“You do, Mistress Demi owns me.”
“What will you do for me?”
“Anything Mistress Demi”
“From a scale of 1-10, knowing we are going to go to ten, how far along are we?”
I was about to say a 7 or 8, but since she had asked the question I started to think that it might be a little high.”6 Mistress”
she smiled and covered her mouth to stifle a laugh.”Oh my sweet and naive boy.” then she kissed me on the forehead.
“Am I even close mistress?”My eyes a little wide
“Ask me again in a couple of weeks.”She playfully poked my nose with that up to no good grin on her pretty face.“Now brush my hair before it dries and gets tangled.”
“With pleasure Mistress.” As I brushed her hair and the conversation turned to more mundane topics like what was for dinner, her schedule for next week and do I own a suit for when we go to some launch party for her newest single. I finished with her hair and I got her her robe and I put on a pair of shorts and a t shirt. Then I brought her out to the living room and she played the piano as I made dinner and set the table. It all seemed very domestic and nice but in the back of my head I keep thinking ‘I said 6 and she actually laughed at me’. That must mean she thinks we aren’t even close to 6. That means that most likely we are at a 2. A fucking 2?!?!! A small part of me was excited and curious to find out what was in store for me. The rest of me was freaking the fuck out. But my Mistress deserved obedience before all else. We ate dinner and we talked but I can’t really remember what about. She could see I was distracted and asked me what was on my mind. “I said 6 and you laughed at me Mistress.”
“Don’t be upset Mikey, I think it is sweet that you are so innocent and that I get to corrupt you. You really get nervous not knowing what is next don’t you?” I admit that I did. “I am going to have to cure you of that” her eyes sparkled and she was almost giddy at whatever was going on in her head. “Let’s retire to the bedroom to continue your ‘education’.”I set her on the bed and she instructed me to go to the top left drawer of her dresser and bring her what was in there. I opened the drawer and a chill ran down my spine as I retrieved the items and returned to her with them.“What did you find?”
“Two pairs of handcuffs, two silk scarfs, a blindfold and a riding crop”
“Now get undressed and lie on the bed spread eagle on your back” She stood up and her robe fell to floor and puddled around her feet.
“Yes Mistress.”I stripped and the sight of her naked had its desired effect on me. I was hard as I laid on the bed as instructed.
“It looks to me that you aren’t too nervous are you dirty boy?” She made her way around the bed slowly tying my legs to the ends of the bed. Then she crawled on top of me, rubbing her body against mine seductively as she handcuffed one hand then the other to her head board. Real steel handcuffs too, not some cheap furry ones you find in a novelty store. Then she put the blindfold on me and although I felt her moving around the bed I could no longer see her.
I laugh nervously “This is a ten right?”
“My funny boy, I wonder if he is ticklish too” she tickled me under my arm pits and I turned and gasped as I tried to get away from her fingers to no avail. I was tightly secured. “Oh I am going to enjoy this!”She tickled me with both hands, always finding new spots, and I was helpless to stop her. After what seemed like an eternity she relented and I was breathless and sweating. I felt her running the riding crop up my side and under my chin. Then without warning she smacked me with it one time. It is more surprising than painful but I could feel the sting. I felt her hand on my cock stroking it and making it harder. I moaned in pleasure and begged her for more. She twisted my nipple “No speaking unless I ask you a question” I nodded my head yes and bit my lip as she doled out punishments and pleasures randomly. I froze as the crop caressed my balls. She ever so lightly slapped them. Then she rubbed my balls and that wonderful spot just under them. My cock was oozing precum. She put her mouth next to my ear and she whispered to me as she put two fingers in my mouth to suck on.“Are you an ass man?”
“Yes Mistress” I mumble around her fingers.
“Guess what? So am I!”Suddenly the same fingers that had just been in my mouth were pressing against my backdoor. “Relax my dirty boy, let mistress in” I did as I was told and her fingers slowly sunk into my tight hole. She slowly stroked my cock as she increased the pace of her fingers. I was moaning loudly and I could feel my balls start to tighten.“Don’t cum yet!” I nodded my head and breathed deep as she added a twisting motion to her invading fingers. I was squirming again but this time in pleasure as I tried and hold off my orgasm. Mistress stopped and let go of my cock leaving it to throb and pump out precum as she left it unattended. Her finger ran up my cock and her deft touch made me shiver in pleasure. “Do you want to cum for Mistress?”
Pleading.”Yes Mistress.”
The bed moved and then I felt her straddling me,”do you want to fuck me?” she was teasing my cock, letting it slide up and down the outside of her shaved slit.
“YES Mistress!!”She kissed me hard and kept letting me get tantalizingly close and then pulling away again and again. She laughed and slid off of me. Not touching me in any way until I was not on the edge any more. She took me in her warm wet mouth and brought me to the brink again and then stopped. She used her fingers to massage and prod my prostate and then stopped. Stroking me slowly at first and then faster and faster until I was about to pop and she stopped. I could picture her mischievous grin through my blindfold as she demonstrated who is in total control. Again and again getting me to the point of cumming and then stopping. I can’t even remember how many times she had gotten me to the edge and then stopped.“It’s time dirty boy! Are you ready to cum for me?”
“GOD YES PLEASE MISTRESS!”I was thrashing and pulling against my restraints. The head board gave a loud crack as one of the bedposts started to give a little.
She plunged her fingers into my ass and pistoned them furiously. Banging my prostate over and over. I was babbling and talking in tongues when she finally granted me my release. I clenched and my balls finally emptied. Ropes of cum arcing out of my untouched cock, making a mess of myself for Mistress. “What a good boy, you really are an ass man now. Aren’t you? Tell me what you are”
I was still breathing heavily and my hands and feet were numb after I had strained against the restraints so hard during my education.”I am your ass man Mistress.” Since I was tied up Mistress was kind enough to help me clean my mess. She took my blindfold off and she brushed my sweat soaked hair out of my eyes. When she went to unlock my handcuffs she stopped.
“Oh dear. Hold still.” She unlocked one cuff then the other. I took a look and my wrists and they were bruised and raw from my struggles. She had trouble untying my feet the knots were also pulled tight. When the blood rushed back in the pins and needles really kick in and I rotated them around as the feeling returned.“Are you all right?”
“I will be OK Mistress, just a few bruises.”
She kissed each wrist ever so softly “Why didn’t you tell me this was happening?” She looked truly worried and the look in her eyes made me hers even more.
“I really wasn’t aware it was this bad, It was all just too good” I kissed her to show her I was OK and I was not upset.”I saw a first aid kit in the kitchen, I will just take care of this and I will be right back if that is OK Mistress” She still looked upset but she nodded yes.
I went to the kitchen and grabbed the first aid kit and I gingerly ran my hands under the water when Mistress slowly limped into the kitchen.”Sit down at the table” She sat next to me and patted my wrists dry with a dish towel. Carefully she put Neosporin on them for me and wrapped them up to keep them clean. She took my hands in hers and looked me in the eye.”I am not a sadist, I did not want to injure you, I need you to know that.”
I give her hand a squeeze and as I looked at my bandaged wrists I thought about her own struggles with cutting and the scars on her wrists. I realized why her reaction was so severe.”Mistress, I don’t know a lot of things but one of the things I do know is that you would never try and injure me. Ever. This is just a case of over enthusiasm from me.” I flexed my wrists to show her I was going to be fine.”It is late, what do you say we go back to bed?”
She smiled, sighed and a lot of the tension drained out of her.”I do like bed.” I gave her my arm and we made our way slowly back to the bedroom. As Mistress got ready for bed I put away everything and made the bed which had become quite messy from my struggles. When she finished I helped her back into bed. I used the bathroom and joined her in bed.”Good news Mistress, we still have another day off, I can hardly wait to see what you have in store tomorrow.”
Demi gave me a genuine smile and she wrapped her arms around me possessively.”I have a few ideas. The first of them is we are sleeping late tomorrow. You wake me up at 7:30 again, I don’t care how creatively, and you will be drawing Social Security before I let you cum again. Understood?”
I grinned as I drifted off to sleep.”As you wish.”

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