Mom Takes Five

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Mom Takes Five
This one had no author so credit goes to “anonymous”, whoever that is.

I find that being 21 years old and living with your single mom can be sexually tense sometimes. Particularly when your mom looks like mine and is still very sexually active. My mom Jackie is 45 years old. She’s about 6’1” built a little thicker than others. She has large breasts and a nice bubble butt that would make any man drool. She’s got dark black hair down to her shoulders and a beautiful Irish face. You wouldn’t know she was 45 from looking at her. Now, I’ve heard my mom in her room getting down and dirty with her fuck buddy Tony fairly regularly but never had a chance to see it. That is until two days ago…

I was working the long 12-9 shift at my job when my boss realized she scheduled too many people. Seeing as how I didn’t desperately need the hours and the fact that I had been there longer than the other k**, I decided to take my leave around 5 or so. I got out of work and called my mom. I told her that I’d be getting some dinner and watching the baseball game at my friend’s house for a while. She told me she loved me and to be safe as usual. After I got a quick bite I realized that the team had an off day and thus there was no game. So I decided to call it a night early and headed home.

When I got home I saw Tony’s car parked there and figured they’d be going at it pretty good by now. I entered the house very stealthily and headed for my room. That’s when I heard them going at it but this time it was rather loud. I went to go listen to what was happening when I realized the door was very slightly cracked, exposing my mother in all her glory, doing what she does very well: fuck.

My mom was bent over on all fours on the bed, getting pounded by Tony from behind. She was moaning very loudly, and with good reason. His cock must have been at least 9 inches, possibly more. He was absolutely massive. I didn’t have that good of an angle but judging by the way he was occasionally spitting on his cock, I would say too that she was taking it up that ass of hers. He continued to plow in to her and deep. With each thrust she became louder and seemed to enjoy it very much. That’s when Tony’s phone rang. He answered which I thought was strange. All he said was, “The front should be open.” and hung up the phone. That’s when I heard the front door open and 3 strange men entered the house.

Instead of confronting these men I decided to see what they were doing here. Clearly they were here because of Tony but I had no idea why. That’s when I overheard them talking in the kitchen. I left behind the hot ass pounding my mom was getting to see what was happening. That’s when I saw them putting ski masks on and talking.

“Do you think she’s as good as he says?” said one of the men to another.
“He tells me she’s a freak,” said the second man. “And he tells me she’s a hell of a cocksucker too.”
“You think she swallows?” said the third man to the second.
“Yeah, he told me she does. And get this, she’s got like no gag reflex. I’m gonna pound this slut’s throat like its my job.” the second man says excitedly as he hands the other two guys ski masks.
“Tony said there was one more who was supposed to show up.” said the first guy holding up an extra ski mask.

I was in a bit of a shock at what I heard. These strange men were clearly talking about my mom. At first I was very uncomfortable but became very aroused that my mom could entice such excitement in strangers. At that point I was in the living room listening to them dirty talk about my mother who was getting pounded like nobody’s business upstairs. That’s when the second man said, “Ah forget it guys,” referring to the man who had yet to show up. “Lets go get our cocks wet,” he said hungrily. That’s when the men entered the living room and saw me there. They looked at me for a few, all with ski masks on. They looked at each other for a second and one of them tossed me the extra ski mask. “Shit, it’s about time you got here! What took you so long?” one of them said to me.

I had no idea what to do. They clearly didn’t know each other before this instance so they had no idea that I was this woman’s son and not the last man in question. But looking down at the ski mask and thinking about my mom’s slippery, slimy throat on my cock I quickly responded, “I got tied up for a few after work.” I then asked what the ski mask was for.

“Well Tony told me that this chick loves the idea of being robbed and as the muggers come into her room she begs them not to take anything and says she’ll do anything to get us to leave. That’s when we stick it to her. Are you in?”

Was I in? Here was a chance at what sounded like the thrill of a lifetime. And it’s not like my mom will know it was me. What the hell, I was in.

We went upstairs and watched for a bit as my mom and Tony went at it. Now my mom was riding on top of him. One of the men counted to three and we all walked in. My mom looked surprised but very turned on at the same time. She went through the whole bit about doing anything to get us to leave her alone. That’s when she came over to me and started rubbing my cock through my pants. The guys muttered to each other as they watched her rub me and peeked back at them saying “I’ll be a good girl for you guys.”

Before we knew it we all had our cocks out and were standing in a circle around my mother who was now on her knees and stroking two at a time and looking up at us. She slowly stroked me and another guy while she put her lips on one of the other cocks and started sucking. As she got more into it she took his cock deeper down her throat. Not balls deep but deep enough to be impressed. She began getting sloppy and drooling all over herself as she alternated cocks and began to suck another guy. At this point Tony was watching and stroking his cock in the corner, loving every minute.

We were all pretty good sized. I was the second biggest next to Tony at almost 8 inches. All the other guys weren’t far behind. Mom looked up at us and smiled. She drooled all over herself, lubed up her tits, hopped up on the bed and looked at us. She reached out and grabbed my cock and pulled me toward her. She said, “I want this one first.” Without saying a word I got up on the bed, bent my mom’s legs up to her head and folded her backwards as my cock began to enter her tight, wet pussy which made a squishing sound as I thrust into her. She bucked on my cock like an a****l, just loving every thrust more than the last. After fucking her tight wet cunt for 10 minutes or so while the others watched she looked over and said, “Don’t be shy boys. Hop on.”

One guy laid on the bed as my mom started to lower her sweet dripping pussy onto his cock. Another got behind her as she was riding and slowly slid his cock into her already primed ass. I watched as my mom was double penetrated. She looked at me and said “I wanna be airtight.” and gestured for me to come closer. I got close to the edge of the bed and she bent down and started sucking me off, moaning on my cock. My mom was plugged up taking cocks in all 3 holes like a champ. The fourth guy just watched and dirty talked in my mom’s ear, driving her wild. He called her his good little slut and promised her a mouthful of cum.

After 10 minutes or so, we all got off her and she laid on her back. Panting she asked for the other cock, and the man who was just dirty talking to her pumped her pussy like crazy. Her head was hanging off the side of the bed and me and the other fellas took turns pumping her throat and testing to see if she had a gag reflex. If she did, I wouldn’t have known about it. Each of our cocks slid smoothly down her slippery throat and she took each one like a champ, sucking hard as we pulled out and opening wide as we thrust in. The man pumping her snatch was ready first. He pulled out and stroked his cock right into my mom’s mouth. She practically begged for his cum and took every drop and sucked him dry. Without swallowing she took the next guy in her mouth as he pumped her throat and filled my mom’s face with his seed. As he pumped jizz into her mouth little drops oozed out of the sides. Again, she sucked every last drop of cum out of his cock and cleaned it. She grabbed the next guy’s cock and pulled it to her and vigorously sucked the head and pumped the shaft. He shot a third load into my mom’s face as she took every drop, moaning all the while. Tony, who had remained quiet during the whole ordeal jumped in and gave her his fat load. He stroked off in her mouth as she massaged his balls. Now it was my turn. With a mouthful of sticky cum she took my cock all the way down her throat until I pumped all my seed right into my mother’s mouth. I could feel the warm cum and her tongue swish around my cock until every drop of cum was gone. I was completely spent. It was then that she gargled all of our cum and swallowed it down like it was nothing. It was then that she asked us to take off our masks…

The End

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