Mommy and Me ~ Part 2

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Mommy and Me ~ Part 2
This is part 2 of my Mom and me story

“Honey? Wake up honey!”
“Huh?” I opened my eyes and saw my mom standing over me with her bathrobe on.
“Get up son.”
“Whats going on mom?”
“We fell asleep cuddling” I looked down and saw my skin had that raisin effect. I got out of the shower and looked out the window, it was dark.
“How long did we sleep for?”
“I think a couple of hours… we must have really been tired after having sex.” I looked at my mom, remembering what had just happened. I started getting a semi.
“Oh son, we can’t go again. The servants will be back soon.” I had totally forgotten about that. Every month my parents pay for them to go on a vacation for one week. And they come back Friday.
“Oh shit mom! Did we really have sex?”
“Yes babe… you look tired, why don’t you go to bed? I’ll see you tomorrow!” My mom winked and walked out of the room. I went to my bed room, dried off, got into bed and dozed off…

“Mmmmhhhhh…..” I heard as I awoke to the sight of a women sucking my cock. As my eyes adjusted better I saw that it was my mom.
“What the fuck mom?!!”
She lifted her head up and said “What? I came in and you were hard. So I figured I’d help you out.”
“Mom, last night… I didn’t know what I was doing, I was horny… not(my mom started sucking me again)….thinking….straight….fuck me.” I just gave up and let her suck my cock, I grabbed her ass and took her panties off with my hand. I felt her wet pussy between my fingers twitch, I could tell she liked it.
“Suck my cock bitch!”
“Mmmmhhhh, yeah son” I came shortly after that all over my moms face. She licked it all up and told me it was my turn. I went down on her pussy licking it prufusly making her moan loadly.
“MMMMMHHHHH… FUCK YEAH…. MMMHHHHHH… FUCK ME… LICK ME GOOD!!!!…..LICK ME SON! LICK MY FUCKING PUSSY!” I began going faster and my mom squirted all over my face. She got up, went over to put her robe back on, and left the room. I licked the juices off my face and threw on a pair of boxers.
I went downstairs to get breakfast when I ran into one of our maids, Sandra. I
Sandra had always attracted me, whenever I saw her I usually got a semi. She has the most beautiful smile, red hair, blue eyes, and freckles. Her tits weren’t big, but they weren’t small either, and her curves were really defined in her work clothes.
“Sir?” I snapped out of my day dream of fucking her when I heard her voice. I had totally forgot the servants had returned.
“Did you hear me?” I nodded no “I said is your mother alright?”
“Yes of course, why would you think she wasn’t?”
“I was just curious, sir.” I saw her look down and she smirked “You out of pjs sir?”
I realized I was standing there with boxers and a noticeable semi. “Umm… Yes, I was heading to my brothers room to grab some of his.”
“I’ll talk to John right away sir.”(John was one of our Butlers) I went turned into my brothers room and got a pair of his pjs and went downstairs. My mom was standing over the counter sipping her coffee and reading the paper.
“Hey son! sleep good?” I went along with her act…
“Yep, best night of sleep ever!” I sat down at our island and one of our Butlers dropped a plate in front of me.
“Mmmhh, thanks Mark!” I ate breakfast and headed up stairs to take a shower. I half expected my mom to come in but she didn’t. After my shower I threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top. I layed on my bed and texted my friend, Luke, Luke and I had been friends since 3rd grade and we did almost everything together. His family wasn’t rich, infact they were having problems just being in the middle class. But we still clicked like that. After about an hour I asked Luke if he wanted to come over and do something. He said he wanted to come over and ride some 4 wheelers. I said to come over in an hour.
The door bell rang and I ran down the steps and saw Luke being showed in by John.
“Good morning sir!”
“Good morning! How’s your family John?” Luke had always been nice to our servants, and cared for them.
“There doing fine sir” He hated when they called him Sir but he gave up telling them not to. We went out back and raced around my yard for awhile. He pulled over later on and I did that same.
“Whats up?”
“Can we do something else?”
“Sure, what do you wanna do?”
“Can we go swimming?”
“Sure, I’m guessing you didn’t bring your trunks?”
“Don’t worry, you can borrow mine.”
“My plan… HAHAHA” We rode back to the house, got off and ran up to our pool house and we quickly changed into my speedos. When ran into the pool and started a splash war. The fun thing about having a big pool and servants is that you can tell them to get in and play with you. So we called them in and picked teams… After half an hour we got bored and declared a truce. I dismissed the servants and we dived off the high dive a few times, swam a few laps and then went back into the pool house, dried off and changed.
It was now 2:30. We went in to have lunch. After that we ran up to my room, played some video games and watched a movie. After the movie he wanted to go home so we said our good byes and he left. I went up to my room to rest and when I came into my room I found a note from my mom…
It read:
Hey sweetie!! If you’re not too tired you should join me for a quick snack… there will be juice. Meet me at the greenhouse if your interested…
I smirked at the “Juice” part, getting my mothers humor. I ran down the steps and over to our greenhouse. Our property is pretty big, we have our pool, the house, tennis and basket ball courts, lake, garage house, and other things. But our greenhouse was the most usless thing out of all, my dad insisted on getting one so he could clear his mind. The gardner came every week to take care of the plants and she wasn’t very good at her job because the plants were mostly dead.
I went and got a golf cart and rode up to the green house… I got why my mom had chose this place though, it was up in the corner of our property, the only thing close to it was the lake and that was still a good distance. When I got up to the house I went inside.
“Mom! Where are you?”
“Back here!” I went over to the back and pushed open the door, we were in the storage place and my mom started to kiss me.
“Oh honey! I’ve been so horny since breakfast. And watching you in your speedo didn’t help. I’ve been wet for hours, craving a fuck!”
“Ha mom, my little bitch can’t wait to fuck me? I’m glad to help… but theres no blanket here.”
“I know son, we’re not fucking here.” With that my mom turned around and pressed on the back wall. It opened up to a stairway!
“Your father doesn’t know that I know he built this here.”
“What is it?”
“This is where your dad takes his work… he fucks his sluts here.” We got to the bottom of the steps and my mom turned on the light.
“Whoa! This place is…” The room was the size of a master bedroom, there was a bed in the middle, both walls had shelves that were full of sex toys, games, etc. on the wall with the entrance there was open closets, with sex clothes for men and women. The carpet was a fuzzy red and the bed was big enough for 4 people, there were tables next to the beds with different lubes and condoms. “…amazing! It’s the perfect room for fucking!”
“I think that’s what your father had in mind… and since no one comes out here, you can’t hear any of the noises that comes with it.”
“Wow, daddys been cheating on you.”
“Yup, and I know how to get back at him!”
“Fucking his own son in his fucking room!”
“Mom… that’s something I would love to help you with!” I ran up to her and pushed her onto the bed…

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