Mother’s little secert

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Mother’s little secert
This is all non-Fiction non of it Is real just an idea came in mind.

Alex hadcame home fromhisday of school, he knew his mom has been home for a while, since he had known her routine since she had been working as a nurse in the Hosptial. Alex had also known that she would sleep for half of the day then make supper for him and her. His father was out of town for business for about a mouth and a half no. They get by with so much that his father could just retired right now, but it wasnt the best time to do that yet.Everyone had knew what his mom looked like, she stood at 5’7 nice rack of triple D breasts pink nipples that so pink it could be seen through a wet white shirt, slim yet with some nice crives that would drive any man insane both married and single, hell his mom could make a straight woman go lesbo in a second she is 45 years and still looked hot. So Alex walked with his friends pasting their houses and up to his, he said his bye to his friends. But he saw his Grandfather’s Truck in the drive way of his house. “oh Grandpa is here, why is he here dad is out of town” alex puzzled look on his face.his granddad is about in his late 60’s and very good looking at that still has young girls or women wanting to know if he was single or married

He opened the door that was already unlocked, rubbing his chin knowing that his mom always locked the door, but this was different from the norm,Alex enter’s as he calls out like he does all the time. “Mom i’m Home, mom are you here” he called out, how could she not hear him the house was big in the inside as he looked around. Then hearing Faint sounds of some groans and moans, he knew his mother’s moan for when hisdad goes away on a trip, they both would fuck for a good 2 hours to make her scream out of pure pleasure, which he found was great material for jerking off, he never told his friends about this, but he kept it a secert from everyone.
He Made his way to the kitchen to grab a small snack, as he enter he saw no food out for dinner, she had always gotten something atleast ready or was already made that was just waiting for the time to eat. He grab a apple and water, but he kept hearing noiese’s from upstiars still. He thought it was his mom watching porn and having the speaker’s loud to drown her own moans and screams of her rubbing and pumping her pussy with her Custom made dildo molded from her husbands cock. so he also had thought that his grandfather was in the garage fixing the BBQ or the car his mom had that was on the frists, since his dad was out of town his granddad was the only one that work on the car here, his Granddad would of gotten some food as payment which he loved his daughter in law’s cooking.
So alex left the house and checking out the garage, but it was locked on both sides the main door and the side down to get in, again alex rubs his chin making his way back into the house. He entered yet hearing the moans groans turn into screams that was to real to be over the speakers in the main bedroom, the speakers that she had was old but work like a charm, alex made his way upstiars to go into his room to get his homework done. He made his way upstiars the screams getting louder as he reached the top, he looked to his left seeing the door half open with silothes of his mom on all fours being rocked.
So Alex was curios of what she was rocking to so he walked up to the door then hearing his mom speaking. ” yes yes ohhh god yes pound my wet sluttly pussy fuck me” She kept saying over again, so he took his eye to the door then with a shock bugging his eye out of his head he saw his granddad pounding his mom’s pussy seeing her straight line cut of her pussy getting filled by his grandads 12inch cock out of her tight pussy. Alex stood there watching them, His grandad just held onto her hips grindding into her hard and fast, her breasts rocked back and forth as she screamed loudly “ohhh ooohhhhhhh fuck rick ooooohhh fuck fuck fuck” she kept screaming ” that is right bitch yeah you love my cock hmmmmm yeah scream you little whore say you love my thick fat cock lynn say it bitch” Rick just grabed her breasts rubbing her hard pink nipples in his fingers as lynn kissed rick with both tongues mix together as rick pull his head away from lyns tongue “ohhh yes ohhhhhh rick i love your thick fat cockpounding my sluttly pussy im your whore fuck FUCK FUCK” lynn screamed loudly.
Alex was blushing redly as his hearted beated hard and fast, his cock got hard in his jeans and couldnt help but grab his crouch grinding it as he then unzip taking it out and rubbing his already pre-cum cock as he watched his mom and granddad fuck. Rick flipped over lynn on her back pushing harder and alot faster into her creamed pussy covering his cock with her pussy creamed as lynn screamed loudly some more “OOHHHHH rick rick im cumming im cumming” she screamed to rick, rick leaned in ashe nods “yeah bitch cream on my cock i will cumin the condom you would love to feel my hot cum” Lynn couldnt help but nodding as their speed picked up as Lynn’s pussy just squeezed ricks cock wanting to milk him of everything. Alex picked up his speed of his hand on his hard cock, but he couldnt finished as he heard lynn and rick both cummed making both screamed and goraned loudly to eachother.
Alex had slowly made his way to his room holding ot his cock getting into his room he finished himself off in no time. after a while he sat in his room, till his mom opens the door “ohhh sweet heart i didnt hear you come in”lynn said as Alex sat at his desk doing his homework. “oh i did mom i had called out that i was home mom” Alex said looking at her yet not in the eye’s after what he had saw, Lynn nod yet sighed “ohh shit sorry sweetie i was just watching some you know porn since your father isnt here” Lynn made it clear as Alex nod’s “i know mom i know i heared you screaming” he Blushed as lynn said that and yet he said the same thing. Rick made his way into his room “hey sport how is my grandson doing” rick smiled like nothing had happened as Alex gave him a hug but for not too long “sorry gramps i have to get my homework done” Alex made a good one as rick nods “oh okay, well im off now see you two later” rick gave lynn a small kiss on the cheek as he had whispers into her ear, Alex turned back to his desk and kept on working on his homework, still imaging the way his grandad was just pounding his own mother hard and making her scream that loud that his own father couldnt do.

Lynn called alex down for the supper that was about an hour and a half late since her fuckfest with his granddad. It was a quiet supper Lynn notice that alex didnt say a word at all. “Hey sweet heart what is the matter your not saying how your day at school like you always do when we eat even when your dad was here” Lynn asked Alex as he looked up at his mom as his form played with his food “ummmm yeah sorry mom im just not here” Alex said as Lynn tilited her head abit as Lynn sighed ” is anyone do anything to my baby” Lynn was concered for her only bro, Alex waved his hands side to side ” no no no no noone is doing that mom im okay dont worry its just what i saw is bugging me” Alex put his hands down as lynn sighed loudly “ohh good good im glad, so what did you see that is bugging you darling” Lynn asked when she was cutting her Chicken, putting it into her mouth as alex told her ” i saw you and grandpa fucking in your room” Lynn nearly choked yet spitted out her food as she herself was shocked hearing that ” jesus son when….when……how” Lynn was now shakeing badly hearing that they both had just got caught by her own son ” when i came upstairs i saw gramps truck in the dirve way and i thought he was in the garage or in the can but i came upstairs and saw the door to your room open, saw and heared you both fucking like bunnies” Alex couldnt put it more truthly like he saw it.
Lynn dropped her fork as she would cover her face and rubs her eyes trying not to cry as she looked at her son “please honey dont tell your father please god dont tell him it would crush him” Lynned begged As Alex just sat there looking at her “mom why, but why grandpa why grandpa rick, why was it dad’s dad mom” Alex asked his mom as she sighed. “okay i will tell you but you have to not tell your father or your grandpa about this, your father cant take it and your grandpa will not be thrilled about that had happen.” lynn warned him as Alex nods to her as Lynn breathed again “okay this how it happend.

” i was in high school just finishing it all together me and your father had gotten together, we were high school sweet hearts through the final day’s. i had met your grandpa and your late grandma, already i didnt know that it was going to be this way,” Lynn took a breath as she conture on with the story “Well after high school me and your father went our ways for a while but kept in contact and saw eachother when we can, so i was finishing my 3rd year of medschool when your grandma has past it was the hardest time for both your dad and grandpa” Lynn got her elbows on the table asshe rubs her eyes softly ” your father had tooken my vinginity during our highschool party, so during the well furneal” Lynn’s mind went back to that day as he story kept going that she remember it like it was yesterday “we were at the house finishing up cleaning after everyone left, your dad was taking your aunt home with her husband they had took much to drink” Lynn was finishing cleaning up in the living room as Rick was stumbling abit had a bottle in his handnot drunk but to the point that anything looked good. Rick saw how nice and tight lynns ass was as rick smiled at it. Lynned turned around as she had jumped “jesus rick dont do that” lynn said as rick nods “sorry……bout that lynnie dear” rick called name’s differently since he was drunk as lynned did smile abit ” well one good new’s your son propose to me” Lynn shown him the ring, rick drunk walked over to her and saw it “ohh…… that is nice dear your going ot be part of the family” rick said drinking his beer, seeing lynn bending over again as he walked over to the tight ass lynn grabbing it, lynn jumped “rick no dont touch me like that” Lynn protested when rick did that “ohh lynnie i just saw what i like and im too horny lynnie” he bluntly told her that Lynn blushed redly as she shooked her head ” no rick your lost your wife, your drunk and you need to relax” Lynn told him getting back to finishing the last bit to take out the trash. lynn was in a black dress high heels and some black stocking’s as well, abit of cleavage showed but not to much, but the dress was abit tight around her ass that he could see the outline of her panites or thong if she was wearing at the time.
lynn put down the trash as Rick walked up behind her putting the bottle down as rick grabbed both of her ass cheeks andrubs them, Lynn was shocked and yet abit turned on but it was wrong but she let it go since he was drunk ” rick please stop it your son will be back home soon” lynn giggled abit thinking it was a game, but she felt how stiff he was in his dress pants and how thick “ohh jesus rick your hard” lynn spoke as rick nods to what she said ” ohh yeah i am hard as a rock baby, i didnt have sex for a while and im horny as hell, and your the only one that can help” Rick whispers it into her ear as lynn blsuhed redly ” no rick i cant” lynn protested said as rick ride up her dress revling her gatherbelt and a thong that is black, he whipped out his cock and rubs it up against her ass cheeks. she again felt his thick fat cock as Lynn just looked at rick.

They both were on the couch her thong on the floor as she slwoly put his cock into her wet pussy feeling it streach her pusys lips open as she moans softly and his groan started right away,rick didnt waste time at all as he moves his hips with her hips, she moans loudly taking it into her pussy all of it. Lynn moans more moving her hips with ricks hips up and down fast as she grabs the back to the couch feeling how huge rick was “ohhhh fuck ohhhhh rick fuck rick” lynn said as rick nods taking some of her top off seeing her big breasts bounce as lynn ride him hard “ohhh yeah baby ohhh yeah fuck this old man, take it like a good girl” rick talk dirty to her as she nods yet feeling how big he was in her. rick grabs her hips and grinds his cock deeper and harder going up and down seeing how her wet pussy started to cream she screamed while riding his cock. Rick leans up suckong on both of her breasts and her pink nipples in his mouth and around his tongue. lynn couldnt help but moan loudly as rick smiled up at her as lynn looked down at him. They both kissed each other mixing their tongues together rick kept up his speed going faster, whith lynn matching his speed as well, she couldnt help but scream again and rick groans loudly with her as they both kept up the paste with eachother. rick couldnt hold it in as he blowshis load into her pussy filling her up. lynn panted with rick as she looked down at rick “you mustnt tell your son” rick nods ” okay i will not say a word but if i keep this you must be willing to fuck me when i see you” Lynn heard ricks giving him a nod as they kissed softly, yet rick got hard again as she grins to him “ohhh rick lets go to the bed room and finish” lynn smiled as rick grined evily
The door lock the sound of the head board banging both naked the sound of her screams echo though the empty house and the bed springs squcking with their movements along with thier cloths on the floor. lynns hands grabs the board with her knees on the bed as rick kept ridding his cock deep into her pussy her scream was loudly. “FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK ME RICK OHHHHHHHH FUCK FUCK” she kept on screaming as ricks nods moving his cock deeper and longer into her pussy making wet noiese from her pussy jucies going down her leg onto the bed sheets “ohhh yeah take it lynn take my cock inyour youthful pussy mmmmmm yeah” he groans with her screaming, but they heard the door closed then her husband to be came home as rick covered her mouth with his hand “shhhhh you tell my son im sleeping and you are just keeping me company casue i need someone with me” rick whispers into her ear as lynn grabs his cheek “okay if ypu want it that badly then you better fuck me hard you dirty old man hard and fast when he leaves” lynn whispers as she kissed him again as james knocked on the door “honey are you okay” he asked “yes honey im okay your dad is asleep dear” james nods “oh okay so you will be staying here keeping an eye on him” he had ask as rick kept pounding her pussy as she wanted to scream yet kissed him as she smiled “yep honey you dad just needs someone to look after him tillll the morning” lynn was about to moan again but didnt as rick nods, he held her sides ramming harder to make sure the bed didnt shake or made a sound as he went slowly yet pouned her pussy “oh okay honey i will see you at home tomorrow” james said as lynn looked at rick laying on her back, watching rick rubs his cock up against her pussy as she smiled evily liking it as she mouth to rick ” hurry up big boy this pussy needs that cock badly” she was just egging him to ram her pussy, she rubs both of her breasts as rick licked his lips, hearing james leave. rick inserted his cock back into her pussy as she screamed wrapping her legs around his waist, he kept punding her pussy hard and faster “OOOHHHHHHHH FUUUUCCKKKK RICK FUUCK ME” she kept saying as rick leans in and kisses her and mix his tongue yet again. “ohhh baby im going to cum” rick told her as she nods “do it fill me up” lynn said feeling hsi cock pounded her hard till her cummed into her pussy filling her up all the way.
They both panted as they kissed eachother softly as she nods to rick and rick did the same.
“that how it happned honey” lynn finished as alex couldnt believe it yet cum three times in his jeans as he looked at her “so did dad get to fuck you” Alex asked her “yep he did he couldnt do what your granddad did.” she was quite as he looked at her as he nods “okay im going to take a shower now mom” Alex left.

Lynn got on the phone “hey rick its lynn, listen…….. yes baby i know i will be over in the morning to give you the morning breakfest with side of the sweet pussy” she giggled as she talk to him “well i haveto tell you rick babyhe knows the story..” long pasue of rick talking to her “no he doesnt know about that yet, no he doesnt know that his grandpa is his father.”

The End

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