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…Both Donna and her son were breathing hard, as things quieted down.
She sat there panting, her breast heaving under her soiled
blouse, intermittently looking at his cock, and back up at his
face. Her fist still gripped his cock and remained somewhat in
motion, pumping erratically, trying to make him shoot more. But
it was all over. Panting, Mike looked down, gazing in awe at what
she made him do. He looked at his freshly shot jit dripping from
her jacking hand and her beautiful, panting face, and he moaned

“Oooooo, beautiful,” Donna murmured, his cock drooping slightly
in her fist when he finished coming. “Right in my face, baby! I
love it! Oh, God, how I love it!”

A drop of cum juice was beaded on his piss hole, his cock still
almost hard. Donna leaned forward and flicked the drop of cum
from the tip of his cock with her tongue.

“Fuck me, Michael,” Donna breathed, her eyes flashing up at him,
while his freshly-blown cum dripped from her face. “Fuck Mother
now. Please, fuck me!”

Donna lifted her legs high, her hands almost tearing her flimsy
cum-soaked panties in her haste to get them off. Tossing the
soiled panties onto the floor, she lay back on the couch again,
her legs spread as wide as they could go. Her cunt was glistening
and pulsating from the orgasms she experienced while jerking Mike

Mike, more excited than he had ever been, was no longer in awe.
His cock quickly jerked back into full hardness, standing almost
against his stomach. For just a moment, all he could do was stare
at his mother’s deliciously exposed cunt.

“Fuck me now, Michael,” Donna pleading through gritted teeth.
“Oh, baby, fuck my Goddamn cunt! Mother’s cunt is so fucking hot!
Shove your cock in my wet pussy and fuck me…NOW!”

Mike moved. He crawled between his mother’s legs, his cock
jerking up and down – to and fro. Donna grasped his prick,
steadied it, and shoved the head against her pussy. As she rubbed
it over her clitoris, she gasped in pleasure. She spent a few
moments just jerking him off against her clit. This started them
both moaning. She thought for a fleeting moment, about just
jerking him off against her throbbing cunt. Making him shoot
against the swollen lips of her vagina, and her distended clit.
But finally, she couldn’t take it anymore. She fit her son’s cock
between the fiery lips of her cunt, sucking in her breath, and
arched her eye brows in pleasure-pain as the head spread the
lips, and slipped fluidly pass.

Donna lifted her hips, sliding her cunt onto her son’s cock,
hissing as her cunt stretched around that throbbing, invading
hardness. Her eyes rolled as Michael’s cock penetrated her cunt
completely. The roughness of his pants, scratching along her
inner thighs, along with the feeling of the zipper rubbing
against her vaginal labia, was exciting Donna to no end. In her
mind, it heightened the experience. It described the sexual
urgency. The need to bring him off the way she had just done, and
then to immediately have him plunge his dick into her cunt,
without taking the time to remove any of their clothes,
emphasized the gut-wrenching, a****l passion of it all.

With his cock deep inside her boiling cunt, Donna wrapped her
legs about her son, locking her heels across his back. She hugged
his shoulders, his face pressing against her still hidden tits.
His own cum, shot during his orgasm all over her blouse, smeared
against his face now. She held him tight for a long minute, her
cunt working, flexing at the base of his cock, nibbling with soft
heat. Her son’s breath fanned through her blouse, searing her

“Now!” she moaned, his jit still splattered all over her face and
across her mouth, as his hard boner stabbed into her

Donna’s hips began thrusting up and down, pushing her cunt onto
his hard-on. For a minute Mike just went stiff, the pleasure
flooding his senses, then he started moving, fucking his mother,
his cock rushing down to meet her up thrusting cunt. Matching the
rhythm, he began pounding his cock into his mother’s hungry cunt
with a frenzy. The moist, sucking sounds sent erotic enjoyment
flowing through Donna. The sounds increased her own passions and
she began banging her hips frantically against her son, her cunt
gripping at his stabbing cock.

“Oh GOD!!” she screamed while violently ripping her blouse open,
the fabric wet and stained from the jit of her son’s recent
voluminous ejaculation. The buttons flew in every direction and
landed noisily, as her son’s stiff dick stabbed repeatedly, and
with force, into Donna’s frothing pussy.

Her full, round, firm tits were free and bouncing naked with the
force of the fucking she was receiving, and she pulled Mike’s
face into them. As her son pounded into her cunt, she grunted
from the force. She wanted to scream and yell and urge him on,
but her voice didn’t seem to work. All she could do was grunt and
moan and whimper and shake, her ass rolling and twisting and

Donna’s face was a mask of lust. Mike’s jit still clung to her
lips, slopped all over her cheeks, clinging to her eyelashes, and
hanging in nasty strands from her earrings. Looking at the
condition of his mother’s face, all streaked and dripping with
his own spunk like that, made Michael hotter. It made him screw
her harder with every thrust. The spent cum on her face, blouse
and jewelry continued to shimmer and coagulate, while he
relentlessly stabbed his stiff dick in and out of her clasping

Michael shoved his hands down his mother’s sides, grabbing at her
churning, naked ass. He dug his fingers into the stretched flesh
of her ass, holding on tightly. Donna felt his cock growing
inside her cunt. Her mind whirled, her eyes rolling about. Her
son’s cock, banging powerfully into her cunt, caused her tits to
jiggle and her head to bang against the arm of the couch. She had
never been fucked so powerfully in her life!

“Oh god, Michael!” she wailed, as cum dripped into her mouth from
her lipstick-coated lips, “Fuck the piss out of meeeeeee!!

She was only vaguely aware of the door opening and someone
entering the living room. Then she saw her youngest son standing
there watching her getting fucked by his brother. But at this
point, Donna didn’t mind Tony watching her and Mike fucking so
wildly. In fact, it made her extra hot, knowing he was there, and
she began to cum, her cunt clasping in spasms about Michael’s
cock. When she started to cum, the only sound she made was a
moan. But as the convulsions of her orgasm became tighter and
more exquisite, the moan increased to a low scream.

Meanwhile; at first, Tony had been standing in the room at a
distance, his jaw dropped in shock and amazement, as he watched
his fully-clothed older brother mercilessly ramming his exposed
boner into and out of his partially-clothed mother’s cunt. But
then an excitement began to grow, initially burning in his head,
then quickly racing down into his loose-fitting trousers. Donna,
although in the midst of a tit-jiggling orgasm, took notice; her
eyes riveted to her younger son’s eyes at first, but then
traveling down to stare in heated passion at the strained and
tented condition of his pants. As if in a trance–and as if his
steel-hard dick were a divining rod–Tony crossed the room
eventually finding himself standing next to the screwing couple.
He stared down at Donna’s cum-covered face as if in pain. His
stiff boner now fully grown to an immense length, and standing
straight out from his crotch, consequently causing his loose
pants to tent straight out, stretched out right above his panting
mother. Donna looked up at Tony’s grossly-distended pants and
gasped. Overcome yes, by the sheer size, but more sexually choked
by the way his trousers looked, sticking straight out that way.
It looked hot and obscene to Donna, and just the sight of it made
her pussy throb all the harder around her other son’s stabbing
dick. Michael felt it, and stabbed her harder.

Her hand shot out and grabbed Tony’s thigh. Her sharp nails
digging into the flesh right under the extending tent in his
pants. Trying to look around the protrusion, which at this point
was all but obstructing her view, Donna’s eyes stared up into his
young face, unseeing, her face contorting into a mask of agonized

“Ohh — ohhh!” she screamed softly, her head twisting now. Her
dark hair partially unraveling from the haphazard way she had it
pinned up. Curly locks fell down slightly, while being shaken
loose from the violent fucking she was receiving. Her bangs
fanned about her face. Her hips churned in desperation to keep
her orgasms going. She looked erotically disheveled.

“Oh, God! Ohhhh, God!” Donna cried uncontrollably.

Tony pulled his mother’s fingers from his thigh, bringing her
hand onto his tented crotch and curling her manicured digits
about his stiff, pants-covered cock. Through her orgasmic
ecstasy, Donna began to squeeze his cock right through his pants
as her other horny son continued to bore into her exploding cunt
with his rock-hard cock. Her orgasms seemed to be one enormous,
drawn out spasm. Her lithe body shook violently beneath Mike’s
thrusting frame. She closed her hand tighter on Tony’s
cloth-covered boner and threw her head back. She screamed loudly
as a final orgasm shot through her, just as she felt a surge of
pre-cum squirt heavily from Tony’s throbbing boner, right through
the material of his pants into her frantically squeezing fist.

Somewhat out of his head, Mike continued fucking into his
mother’s cunt, his cock swelling. With a grunt, he rammed her
hard and deep, holding himself there, gripping Donna’s shaking
ass tightly. Cum juice spewed rapidly into his mother’s greedy,
hot cunt, spurt after spurt filling her.

Donna felt him spurting inside her pussy.

“Ohhhh, yes!” she screamed. “Cum, baby, cum! Oh, I love it!”
P-Please don’t stop! Make it come right out of my mouth!”

But finished, Michael slumped heavily on top of his mother,
gasping for air. His cock slipped out of her pussy and dangled
along the crack of her burning ass. Donna kept her hand on Tony’s
blood-choked hard-on, the other sliding into the waist of
Michael’s pants and under his shorts. She squeezed the flesh of
his young ass.

Donna smiled dreamily up at the face of her youngest, the tip of
her tongue moving slowly over her lips. She tasted a drop of
semen at one corner and her smile spread wider. She moved her
hand on Tony’s cock, rubbing it up and down and feeling the
length through his tented pants.

“Mmm…You feel so good to me, Tony,” she purred softly. “I love
to feel your cock.” And I love to feel myself cum. I love it —
all of it.”

“…And yesterday was nice, too,” she added.

“Do you wanna do it again, hmmm? Donna groaned. “Do you want to
shoot off on mother’s face again?”

Not expecting an answer, she continued to frig off Tony’s dick,
fucking it up and down through his pants. He thrust his hips out
and forward, so his stiff cock would protrude even more obscenely
straight out from his crotch under the fabric of his pants,
also;so it would be more accessible to his mother’s hand. Donna’s
eyes began to sparkle again, and a rejuvenated lust quickly took
hold in her pussy. Sliding her hand between Tony’s thighs, she
cupped his ass and pulled his fabric-covered cock forward. She
kissed the swollen head tenderly through his pants, her lips
parted slightly. The tip of her tongue pressed for a moment at
his piss hole, then she shoved his cock up and out of her way,
kissing his sweet, young, hairless balls through the fabric of
his trousers.

Closing her fist again about Tony’s cock, she said in a husky
voice, “Michael, let me up, baby. I’ve got to clean my face.”

But Tony was having none of that. “Wipe your face on my pants,
damn it” he rasped, his cock juicing up the inside of his slacks.

She smiled naughtily, then lifted herself up to a seated position
using Tony’s rigid, clothed cock as a kind of handle, so now her
face was level with his protruding crotch. With a small feminine
cry, Donna rubbed her cum shot face all over Tony’s stiff
cloth-covered erection. She wantonly rubbed his brother’s spent
ejaculation, which had been shot so plentifully all over her face
earlier, into the fabric of Tony’s tented trousers. This, along
with the pre-cum his dick was shooting on the other side of the
saturated fabric, made the cloth even wetter, more slick, and
that much easier for Donna’s frigging fist to jerk off the stiff
shaft through his pants. Suddenly, that wet, sloshy sound echoed
in the room again, and was growing louder…Along with it, their
breathing grew louder.

Feeling more wicked now, Donna’s hand gripped and jacked her
youngest son’s clothed erection insistently. And as the nasty
noise got louder and sloppier, Donna seemed to grow increasingly
more determined, and dirtier. She wanted to be bad, and appear
more like a dirty, nasty insatiable slut to her son. She wanting
to make him pop off in his pants. She wanting his cum to shoot
straight through his fucking pants and against her lips…against
her entire face, while he watched.

Michael had moved from between his mother’s legs and was sitting
at the other end of the couch. His cock, dangling from his pants
through the open zipper, still glistened with the juices of his
mother’s cunt. His dick began to twitch back to life while he
watched his mother work on Tony. He couldn’t help it. What his
mother was doing to his younger brother was…it was…well, in
his mind, it was beyond slutty! His prick stiffened into a fresh
erection very quickly.

Donna, slut-like and showing absolutely no shame, jacked
frantically on her other son’s stiff dick. Inside his pants, his
pre-cum continued to flow copiously, and mix with the jit she had
rubbed from her face onto the outside of his trousers. This
further lubricated her hand, and spread the slick wetness over
Tony’s hard, concealed boner. They all could begin to make out
every line, every vein, every contour of his bloated dick. His
pants had become so wet, that the thin, saturated cloth was
sticking, and clinging to the stiff shape beneath it. Almost
every inch of the rigid, throbbing member could be seen in detail
from head to base, all the time with Donna’s hand pumping it,
making it stick more. The slushy jack-off noise grew even louder.
Fresh cum could be seen bubbling through the fabric at the top of
his erect penis as she squeezed and jacked the base. She quickly
slid her jacking hand up the stalk, squeezing the bulbous
squirting head at the top, and worked the bubbling pre-cum into
the fabric under her pumping fist. Besides the cum, her make-up
and lipstick smeared and smudged the outside of his cum soaked

“Oh shit, m-m-mom,” Tony panted. “Wh-wh-what are you doing to
me?…Fuck!…You goddamn slut! Jerking me off in my pants?

Knowing he was close, she began to beg and moan. And, just as she
had done with her other son, she begged him not to shoot his
load, knowing full well that it would have the same
effect…producing the same results as it did with his brother.
Even Mike’s breath quickened hearing her beg. He started jerking
his own cock while watching and listening to his mother…

“Oh Tony,” she panted. “You’re not gonna cum, are you?” Her hand
jacking frantically on his pants-covered erection, which stuck
straight out from his groin, and into her pumping wet fist…

“T-Tony…please don’t cum! Please don’t do this?” Donna whined
with a sexy pout and that all-too-effective ‘throb’ returning to
her voice. Her eye brows arched high, in a convincing expression
of fear and longing. “P-please don’t shoot off in your pants!”

The pace of her pumping hand quickened, as Tony grunted and
started to buck his hips, fucking his covered cock into this most
obscene handjob.

“Mom! I’m-I’m-I’m gonna…gonna jit off if-if you don’t quit
it!!!” Tony warned, his hips fucking forward more insistently,
shoving his long, stiff boner out, pushing it closer to his
mother’s slutty, sperm-streaked face.

“Oh GOD, this is so-o-o-o fucking dirty!” she thought as her
youngest son’s dick squelched more pre-ejaculation fluid through
the fabric.”SO fucking dirty!!”

The tip of his concealed cock speared onto the surface of her
cheek, and sloshed around her panting mouth, as she felt him
shove it onto her face in an effort to stab it, pants and all,
through her parted lips and into her hot mouth.

She moaned as he mindlessly fucked his cloth-covered boner up
against her face. With every thrust of his pelvis, Donna moved
her cum-smeared face around the protruding, invading erection, as
Tony frantically pumped his hips. Pre-cum trails were being left
all over her lips and cheeks in its wake. Donna wanted this
badly, she realized. She wanted to smear her lips and cheeks in
his seeping, oozing ejaculation, while she made his dick exploded
inside his trousers. Her lips kissed the squirting head through
his pants as she jacked the stalk harder.

With her lips formed into a perpetual kiss, she rubbed her face
back and forth, and all around over his protruding pants, while
her hand jerked the stiffness underneath, all the time moaning
and begging as Tony fucked his hips against her features.

“Oooooo Tony! PLEASE don’t do it baby!! PLEASE don’t shoot off on
your mother’s face through your pants! N-n-no!

In total contrast to her pleas for mercy, she then began raining
hot and juicy, wet kisses repeatedly all over the cloth-covered
head of Tony’s cock, leaving perfectly-shaped lipstick marks all
over the fabric. It was Tony’s fantasy literally coming
true.Watching his mother do this, even though she was doing it
through his pants, made him almost want to faint. His voice
cracked as he yelled in heightened teenage ecstasy.

“Oh fuck!…Kiss it off, mother!… Kiss it off!”

Donna reveled in this dirty situation of her own doing. She was
so sexually hopped-up, and she wanted to see this hot and nasty
i****tuous act through to its completion. She wanted her son to
blow his full balls through the thin cloth of his stained
trousers, and all over her face. Yes. She desperately wanting to
do this to him…to make him do it to her, RIGHT NOW! She felt
like a complete fucking slut doing him this way, and she fully
embraced the naughtiness of it all.

bloated nuts finally exploding as hot cum squirted forcefully
from his confined cock head, bubbling out straight through the
fabric and against his mother’s slut face.

“Oh God, TONY!…mumph…mulph…blaph!” she blathered
incoherently, while not only jerking up and down on the aching
shaft, but now whipping it, dragging the stiff, ejaculating
cloth-covered cock frantically back and forth across her panting
face like a mad woman…his cum oozing and bubbling out through
the material of his pants with every pulse, smearing and
literally dripping from her features now, as she frantically
painted her face with the squirting tip.

Caught up in the sheer debauchery of this indescribably dirty
thing she was doing to her youngest son, Donna suddenly became
aware of something wet and hot repeatedly striking the side of
her rouged cheeks, while also pelting against her ears and
earrings. She turned her head slightly to the right, only to
witness a ribbon of hot cum issuing from the gaping piss slit of
another stiff dick, except this shaft was sticking straight out
and fully exposed from an open zipper, and in the beginning of
explosion. The ribbon of semen struck the side her nose, and
melted down onto her pouting lips before dripping down onto her
bare tits, as she frigged Tony’s cloth-covered, spurting cock up
against her mouth.

“Ooooh!” she yelped, taking another fresh, wet shot of warm boy
cum across her lips.

Here, her other son, Michael had gotten excited watching his
mother do this nasty thing to his brother. She had no idea how
long he had been standing there next to her and Tony. But there
he was… right next to them, his stiff dick rising up and out of
his pants and being feverishly jacked through his hand. And for
the second time in less than an hour, Donna’s face was receiving
another cum shower from Mike’s fresh boner.

Mike’s exploding, red dick was not only firing against her
cheeks, lips, ears (along with slopping onto her dangling hoop
earrings again), but his propelled sperm was also shooting out
onto Tony’s pants as well. This made things even hotter for
Donna… her mind was overwhelmed with perverted lust. Here…her
eldest son’s hot jit was pelting her face, along with shooting
onto his brother’s trouser-tenting erection. Meanwhile, Tony’s
cum bubbled and virtually spurted out through the fabric of his
straining pants, as his mother jacked his clothed erection all
over her face. Donna’s hand, her face, and Tony’s pants became
coated and, as a result, made much slicker, making the perverted
clothed handjob she was performing on her youngest all the more
debase and slutty.

“Oh FUCK!” she wailed in a throaty voice, her body going over the
edge of orgasm. Somewhere in the back of her short-circuiting
mind, she could hear both boys bellowing out their orgasms.

Donna simply went nuts, and her cunt squirted in response to all
of this… Sensory overload in mach drive.. Her exposed tits
shook and bobbled as she jerked off her youngest son’s cock to an
explosive orgasm right through his pants–right onto her face and
lips…Donna took it all in, while she felt the cum of her eldest
viciously striking against her face, and slopping over her hand
as well, only to be mixed with the filtered jit of her youngest,
as he pushed and smeared the mixture all over his mother’s
panting mouth and face with the head of his clothed cock. She
ovalled her lipstick painted lips around the exploding head of
Tony’s cock, and began sucking the shooting cum right through the
fabric and into her mouth, while hot, wet sperm from both her
boy’s frigged-off cocks dripped down her face.

Tony shot three or more volleys of his hot cum through the
stretched cloth, straight into his mother’s sucking mouth that


Donna swung her legs over the edge of the couch, giving Tony an
exciting display of her hairy cunt before getting to her feet.
Her blouse was torn open and her arching, firm tits stood upward,
the nipples still very hard.

“Don’t go away boys, hmmm?” she murmured. “I’m going to wash my
face–IF you don’t mind now, Tony–and I’ll be right back. Wait
for me…promise?”

Mike and Tony, grinning proudly, nodded their heads. Donna bent
from her waist, kissing the tip of Tony’s still-hard cock through
his ruined pants with a flutter of her tongue, cum still melting
down her face, coating her neck, splattered on her earrings, and
striped through her hair. Then she did the same thing to
Michael’s cunt-wet, sloppy dripping cock. Both boys watched her
walk away, her ass swinging tightly. She paused at the entrance
of the hallway, looking over her shoulder at them, her eyes were
still very hot.

“I’ll be right back, guys.”

She gave a saucy twitch of her ass and moved out of sight.

“Hot damn!” Mike exclaimed.

“I told you… didn’t I?” Tony returned in a typical chiding
tone. “I told you what Mom did to me. Do you believe me now,
Mikey? What a fucking slut!”

“Yep, she’s good, alright. That’s for sure!” Mike responded. “Mom
is, without a fucking doubt, one hot piece of ass.”

Tony snickered. “How in hell would you know? The only hot piece
you’ve ever had was your fist.”

“Yeah, yeah,” Mike laughingly retorted. “Why don’t you go change
your pants, squirt. I think it looks a little obvious; don’t

They grinned wickedly at each other, knowing that their mother
would soon be covered in their sperm again.


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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