Mrs King in the Drivers Seat.

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Mrs King in the Drivers Seat.
The women played netball on a hot day in the park. They wore training gear. Sports bras, tight pants, and sneakers. I watched their athletic bodies run, jump, and collide. I sat in my truck, shorts around my ankles, stroking my hard cock.
The women completed the drills with skill and ability. The work rates were raised, breasts heaved, bottoms and legs strained, the squad trained hard. Perspiration soaked clothing clung to breasts and pubes. I had my eyes closed when I felt warm breath on my ear and a soft hand on mine. My eyes opened in shock.

A brown hand with elegant long fingers slid up and down my white shaft.

“Fresh meat. ” her husky voice whispered in my ear. Her teeth gently nibbled on my ear.


I turned my head to see a mature Maori lady in Calvin Klein white sports bra and briefs. The drizzling rain had soaked her clothes. Her mouth open tongue licking her lips. I watched as her head went down to my lap. The warm wet sensation around my erect penis was incredible. My eyes rolled back in my head.


I opened my eyes and looked at the beautiful brown skinned woman lying prone in the truck across the seats. I turned to look back at the women now competing on the court in a game. A defender jumped up to block a shot, her big breasts moved down then up to her chin, her cleavage strained to come out the top. The visual and oral stimulation was too much. I came filling the strangers mouth with my warm seed. She gagged on my cock trying to swallow my sperm.

My left hand rested on her back. She wiggled her bubble butt. I moved my hand inside her waist band, my fingers wandered downward. I pushed a finger in the first sweaty hole. Her bottom moved against my index finger.

She lifted her head. ” Pull them down boy. Finger my asshole.”

“Yes Ma’am” I yank them down to her knees and she arches her back pushing her ass out. My hand caresses her ass cheeks.

Her head lowered back on to my cock. The pleasure is indescribable. Her hand caresses my balls. Her teeth move up and down my thick shaft. I feel a little pain and spank her bottom in a reflex action. She does it harder. I spank her firmly several times as she now has my swollen balls in her firm grasp as her head bobs up and down. I feel my climax build. I suck in my tummy and thrust up holding her head firmly as I cum again.

The netballers are standing in a group taking refreshments and listening to the coaching staff. The wet clothes highlight the taut young female asses and legs. My view is blocked as the woman moves to sit on my lap. Her hand guides my stiff cock in to her warm moist velvet pussy. I feel her squeeze my meat as she wiggles and squirms on my pole. Her hands on the steering wheel accidently sound the horn. The netballers all turn to look at the truck. Two girls are still looking when the others turn back, one is my oldest sister Jill, the other is her best friend, Sam.

The pleasure is incredible, the moist warmth, the soft rubbing sensation pleasuring my young hard rod and tightening nuts. We both breathe harder in unison.

“Fuck they finished. FUCK ME ” her ass moves faster on my joy stick.

Jill and Sam are walking with others to the first cars the girls joke and laugh, talking and pointing, for a few minutes. She grabs my hand puts it between her legs. Moving my fingers in a rapid circle on her clit.

“Fuck yes I’m coming” she moaned.

She climbed off me in to the passenger seat. She pulls up her shorts and adjusts her top. Her hand strokes my cock teasing me.

“Come you mother fucker ” she strokes my cock furiously up and down as my erect cock spurts cum on my t shirt once, twice three times. Jill and Sam are now only 10 metres away. She turned and looked at me.

“Thanks for letting me get warm. While waiting for Sam.” She said loud enough for the girls to hear as she opened the door.

Jill and Sam looked at the older woman getting out.

“Hi Mrs King. ” said Jill

“Hi Jill. Your brother was kind enough to let me take shelter while you finished your training session. ”

“Mum did you run here. I’m too tired to run home”

“Hop in the truck Dave can drop you off. ” she looked at me. I nodded as I pulled my jacket closed to hide the cum stains on my shirt. Mrs King climbed back in the front and girls got in the back.

“Nice to meet you Dave. ” Mrs King smiled as her fingers wiped her lips. “I will have to tell Mr King about how much room there is in a vehicle like this.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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