Ms. Paterson’s Addiction

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Ms. Paterson’s Addiction

Nancy Paterson was respected member of the community. She was an office manager for the county. She was active in various community organizations. She was considered a real lady by all that knew her.

If there was one rumor about her it was that she might be attracted to women but there was never any substantiation of this being true. She had never married and no one could remember her dating anyone.

The truth was much different than anyone could have known. Nancy had spent her life alone because of an addiction. It started when she was only 23 years old. She had volunteered to be councilor at a camp for disadvantaged youths. During her time there she found herself sexually aroused by the teen boys. One night she was particularly aroused and was busy rubbing her pussy and fantasizing about which boy she would fuck if she could when she heard a crash outside here window. She looked outside and there was one of her campers.

She meant to discipline the boy for being a peeping Tom but when she had him in her room she could not help but notice his large erection sticking out of his shorts. To this day she did not know how it happened but that night both her and the boy lost their virginity.

After that Nancy always became sexually aroused around teen boys. So much so she could think of nothing else! She was addicted to boy cock!

It would have been so easy to begin to prey on the boys around her but Nancy decided to resist. Instead she pleasured herself while looking at pictures from the net or wherever else could. Yes she also loved to go to the YMCA and watch the boys swim and she never missed a high school sporting event. She loved watching from a distance but then she would rush home and masturbate for hours. She had managed now to live with her addiction under control for twenty years.

One day she came home and noticed that her new neighbors were moving in. She went over introduce herself to them. It was a single mom who quickly introduced her son Justin. Nancy felt her pussy drench as he was among the sexiest boys she had ever seen! She quickly excused herself and was in her bedroom within minutes with images of the boy fucking her!

Later that night Nancy looked out her bedroom window and realized she was looking in the Justin’s bedroom and he was standing there naked and was stroking his cock. He apparently was looking at porn on his computer. She watched as he ejaculated a huge load of sperm. Nancy orgasmed at just the sight!

This scene repeated each night and Nancy would watch and rub her pussy as he pleasured himself. Then one night his mom walked in while he engaged in his activity. Nancy watched as he was lectured and the computer was taken away.

A few days later Justin’s mom knocked on the door.

“Nancy I really hate to ask this but could Justin stay here with you this weekend? I have to go visit my x to settle some issues and Justin is being punished and needs to be watched by someone.” She asked

“Well, I am not so sure that would be good idea.” Nancy said as she struggled with reason why not to watch Justin

“Please Nancy he really is a good boy and I am certain he will behave himself!” She pleaded

“Ok! Ok! He can stay with me.” Nancy said and she tried convince herself that she did so out of kindness and not desire

In a short while Justin was in the guest room and Nancy made dinner. Nancy could feel her hard nipples rubbing against her bra in a arousing way as her pussy burned with passion. He walked into the kitchen and started to talk.

“Can I use your computer?” He asked innocently

Nancy knew he would use it to watch porn and jack off!

“Yes, there is no password. Just turn it on!” She said

Justin headed off to the computer and Nancy could not believe that she was going to try and watch him stroke off in her own house. He had been on for about ten minutes when Nancy peeked around the corner and could see him pumping his dick as he looked at the screen. He groaned and quickly covered his cock with a rag.

A few minutes they both sat at the table and were eating. Nancy was beyond being turned on. She could see herself riding this boy’s cock right on top of the table!

“You have nice computer” Justin said

“Thank you! That is a real complement from a young guy that probably knows more about technology than I ever will.” She laughed pleasantly

“Yes, I have learned a lot about them already! For instance did you know that you can see all the sites that person has visited recently?” He asked

“Well no. I did not know that but as I said I just use it and I really don’t know much about how they work.” Nancy replied but suddenly she wondered why he mentioned that

“So when I logged on your computer I could not help but look and see what you are into. You really are kind of into boys!” He said with a smile that was filled with mischief

“You looked at….” She started to say

“Nude Boys! Naughty guys! If you were a guy I would think you are gay but I just have to assume that you like young cock!” He said with a laugh

Nancy looked at the boy who now knew her innermost secret but then she knew something too.

“So how much trouble did you get into when your mommy caught you watching porn and stroking off?” She now said with a smile of her own

“So you were watching! I thought I saw you peeking at me! Yeah mom was pretty pissed that night but you do not know the real reason she took my computer.” He said with a taunt to his voice

“So what was the real reason?” Nancy asked

“I was watching her video collection of her with her black boyfriends! Mom loves black cock!” He laughed

“Hmmm so your mommy is a slut and you like to watch her get fucked and jack off while you do. I like to fantasize about young boy cocks! I guess all three of us are perverts!” Nancy laughed

“Have you ever done more than fantasize about fucking a boy?” He asked and grinned

“Yes! Once a long time ago.” Nancy replied and she could feel butterflies in her stomach as she looked at him

“Can I fuck you?” He asked

Nancy struggled with last remnants of her defenses and knew that if she let this genie out of the bottle she would never put it back. Then she looked at his eyes and then reached for his hand and led him to her bedroom.

They sat on the bed and he looked at her but then reached and squeezed her tit. Nancy moaned and her body raged with lust! She opened her top and then let him again explore her tits. It had been so long since she had been touched. She removed her top and looked in the mirror at her topless form next to the young boy who now had a raging hard on!

Justin lowered his mouth on her nipple and Nancy groaned loudly as he sucked her tit and squeezed the other with his hand. Her pussy was burning and so wet!

Her hand ran up and down Justin’s muscled back. Then she put her hand in his lap and found his cock in his pants. Her fingers gently rubbed the precious cock and Nancy was on the verge of cuming.

“Show me your cock!” She demanded

Justin pulled his dick from his pants and Nancy’s mouth watered at the sight. She quickly positioned herself so that she could suck the boy. She kissed the head and licked the cock down to his balls. She gently licked and sucked his balls as the boy moaned with pleasure.

Then Justin watched as his cock was slowly but steadily pumped by Nancy’s mouth. Nancy had only sucked cock once but had fantasizes so many times as she had looked at porn. She had become obsessed with the desire to taste boy cum.

“Take off your clothes!” She commanded as she was now going fuck this boy as much as she could

She loved looking at his young frame and that beautiful cock. He looked at her and she could tell he was try to get a look at her pussy. Nancy moved back suck his cock again and she was determined to make him cum in her mouth.

Her hands grabbed Justin’s hips as her mouth pumped on the cock. Her mouth was filled with the taste of his pre-cum.

“Oh fuck! Got to cum!” He cried as Nancy felt her mouth fill with seamen for the first time ever

Nancy feverishly rubbed her clit and her own orgasm hit her as she tried to remember to swallow the sperm flooding her mouth.

As they both started to recover from their orgasms, Nancy looked up at him. She wanted this moment to last forever.

“That fucking awesome! I have always wanted to cum in a mouth!” Justin said excitedly

“Mm mm it was good for me too. Have you ever thought about eating pussy?” Nancy asked

Justin helped her onto the bed and Nancy laid back and spread her legs. She reached down and spread her pussy lips open to let the boy see her excited cunt. Justin lowered his face to her pussy and slowly licked her.

Nancy closed her eyes and was in ecstasy. She thought about how she had denied herself all these years but not anymore! She looked down at Justin looking up at her as he ate her pussy. Nancy reached and rubbed the back of his head as her pussy again orgasmed.

“That’s it baby make that pussy cum! Oh shit! Suck my clit!” Nancy screamed as her orgasm intensified

She finally had to push the boy away from her pussy. It was good but she knew what she wanted. She pushed him on his back and then straddled him. His was cock rubbing against her pussy. She leaned forward and guided his head to her pussy opening. She looked in his eyes as his cock head pushed into her. Then she felt more and more filling her pussy

“Oh god! It has been too long! Yes I need your cock! Fuck me!” She moaned as she started to ride his teen dick

Justin watched as his neighbor fucked his cock. He was glad she had sucked him off or else he would have blasted as soon as he entered her. He never imagined that pussy would feel so hot and wet. What really amazed him was how tight she was!

Nancy felt her pussy suddenly tighten on the cock and then she could only groan as another orgasm hit her like a train. When she came to she was laying on the boy and he was gripping her ass and steadily pumping his cock into her.

“Fuck me dogie style!” She moaned as she slide off of him and put her ass up.

Justin moved behind her and she guided his wonderful fuck stick back into her. He grabbed her hips and started to stroke in and out of her. It felt so good! Gradually his tempo increased and Nancy thought how sexy the sound of his pelvis hit her ass was. This caused her to one again groan with another orgasm. She collapsed onto her stomach but Justin just kept fucking her.

Nancy rolled onto her back and spread her legs open. Justin did not need to be told what to do. Nancy watched his cock covered with her pussy juice push back in her. Her hands reached and grabbed his firm boy butt and she held on as Justin fucked her hard and deep and fast!

“Fuck me baby! Fuck I live that cock!” She screamed and she knew she would never deny herself this pleasure again

“Cumming!” Justin groaned

His cock slipped out and she watched intently as his sperm splattered her pussy and stomach. She could also feel it dripping from her pussy.

Later they lay together and Nancy felt the boy rubbing her body and she knew she was about to get fucked again.

“It has been too long! I have not been fucked in so long! I have wanted more young cock all my life. Now that I have had It again I do not want to go without again. Promise to fuck me more! I have to have more young cock!” She babbled as she revealed in the high of her addiction

Justin gently laughed as he held her tighter.

“So I can come over and fuck you when I want?” He asked

“YES!” She shouted

“What if I know some other guys that would like to fuck you? Can I bring them over?” He asked

Nancy groaned as she envisioned guys lined up waiting to take turns using her. All those hard young cocks jerking for her!

“Please bring them over!” Nancy said as she smiled

The end

( a word from the author….any ladies out there want to admit their cock addiction? If you enjoyed give a thumbs up. Comments and messages are always welcomed.)

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