My first adventure

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My first adventure
I joined the army after I quit school in the 12th grade. After joining the army it put a crimp in my dressing up as a girl. I did wear panties whenever I got the chance but I really wanted to dress up completely as a girl. I wanted to go out dressed and I have to admit I was attracted to several guys in my unit. My third year in the army I went to Viet Nam in December 1967. I was in the 101st Airborne. I had a best friend in my unit and we were friends since we were both assigned to the infantry unit. He didn’t know anything about my sweet secret. We had planned to go to Thailand for Rest & Recuperating or R & R as we called it. We were going to spend a week in Bangkok. We were going to spend the time drinking and spending time with the girls. A week before we were to leave for Bangkok, we were on patrol and he got killed in a firefight. I was thinking about canceling my R & R. Everyone told me I should go. I left for Bangkok, alone and I was thinking that this was going to be the worst trip of my life.
I got to my hotel and after unpacking I went to the bar in the hotel for a drink. I was going to spend the whole week drunk. After having two beers I decided to go walk around and find another bar. I walked outside and was standing on the sidewalk looking around. A young boy walked up to me and asked me if he could show me around and he would show me where all the good girls were. I said ok and we walked down the street with him. We walked pasted several bars and he pointed out the bars I should go to. He asked me what kind of girl I wanted to be with. I told him I was not sure. I told him I was not sure what I wanted to do. I wanted another beer and started to go into the bar we were standing in front of. He told me we should go to another bar; He said that the girls in that bar were not real. I was looking at two girls that were standing at the door. I said out loud that they look nice. He said maybe you like those kind of girls. I looked at him and smiled. He smiled back and said lets go in. He said he knew a few of them. He knew more than a few he knew all of them. I had a couple of drinks talking to several of the girls. He took me into the bar and I started to talk to one girl. She asked me if I wanted to be alone with her. I said sure and she took my hand and lead me to a small room in the back bar. She asked me if I wanted another beer. I said sure and she went to get it for me. I was admiring the clothes hanging in the room when she walked back in with my beer. She asked me if I wanted her to change into the dress I was holding. I told her no, and hung the dress back up. I was a little tipsy and told her I wanted to wear the dress. She asked if I wanted to be a girl like her, I said yes without thinking and she smiled at me. She walked out of the room and went go get the lady that ran the bar. They came back in to the room talking to each other. The older lady was staring at me. I didn’t know what they were saying but I knew they were talking about me.
The older lady kept smiling at me. The older lady came up to me and asked if I was in the Military. I said I was in the army, she asked if I was with any friends and I said no. I was alone. She asked if I wanted to be one of her girls while I was there. I said I would love to be one of her girls. She smiled at me again and got my hand and led me up some stairs to another room where several girls getting dressed. She walked past the girls getting dressed and took me into another room where there were three other ladies. She talked to them for a few minutes and they all smiled at me. One walked up to me and got my hand and turned me around. When I was facing her again she put her hand up to my cheek and said you will make a very pretty girl. They took me to another room and told me to take a bath and shave all my hair off. I told them I had done that at the hotel. I went into the room took off all my clothes and got in the shower.
When I got out of the shower my male clothes were gone. In their place were several pair of panties and bra’s all different sizes. One of the ladies stuck her head through the door and told me to find the ones that fit me and come into the next room. I dried myself off and decided on a pair of bright red panties with a matching bra. I walked into the next room and the ladies were waiting for me. I sat on the chair they were standing in front of. They started to put on my makeup. When that was done one lady started doing my nails and one was trying on different wigs on me. After about thirty minutes or so they turned me around so I could look in the mirror. The way they had done my makeup I didn’t look like an American girl. I looked like one of them. They did their magic and gave me a nice cleavage. I had boobs and I loved it. One girl brought me some high heels to wear. I put them on and stood up. I looked in the mirror and couldn’t believe what I looked like. One of the ladies asked if I was ready to go in to the bar. I looked at her and said dressed like this. She laughed and said no. She told me to pick a dress to wear. She took me to another room and told me to find one I liked and fit me. I got a red mini dress. It was so short and tight fitting on me. I loved it. I walked out and the woman smiled and said I looked so pretty. Then they called the lady that had taken me up stairs and when she walked in I could tell she approved of what I looked like.
She asked if I was ready and I said I was. As we walked down the stairs I told her I had not been with another guy before and she told me it would be ok. She said she would pair me up with one of her other girls. If I was not comfortable doing anything with the guy to let the other girl know. She said the other girl would take over for me. I said ok but I would do what I had to, so that I would be a good girl for the lady. She had the girl I had told about dressing as a girl to help me. We walked in to the bar and I asked her what I should do. She said to be myself. It had been two hours since I had gone upstairs. We walked in to the bar and the place has filled up with people. I couldn’t believe how many military men were in the bar and with the girls. I talked to several of the men and they were surprised to find out I talk English so well. I told them that I was an American. That first day nothing much happened. Well I did get felt up a lot. My dress was so short it barely covered my panties. When I walked the dress would ride up exposing my panties. That is when the men would walk behind me and rub their hands on my panties. It was so much fun being a girl and not having to worry about who I might run in to. That night the girls took me out to dinner and I enjoyed walking around town in my short and I do mean short dress. That night after closing the bar I spent the night with one of the girls. The next morning we got up early and went back to the bar. The ladies did my makeup again and I picked another outfit to wear that day. The outfit I picked out for the day was ever shorter than the one I wore the day before. I was so short that my baby blue panties peeked out from under the dress.
At around noon I was talking to one of the girls with my back to the front door. She said several military men were walking in. I looked over my shoulder and saw 5 or 6 guys walking in. I turned back to continue talking to her. The next thing I knew someone had walked up behind me and they lifted the back of my short dress and said you look to good to be a boy. I turned to see how who was taking liberties lifting my dress and showing my panties to everybody in the bar. I recognize him. He was the First Sergeant from A Company. I was in B Company. His name was Ralph Gonzales. He was always visiting my first sergeant. My first sergeant name was Joe Chavez. Sergeant Gonzales and I had also been in several firefights together. That is when I panicked, and he asked if he could buy me a drink. All I could do was shake my head yes. The girl I was with told him to go find a place to sit and I would join him for the drink. He looked for a place to sit towards the back of the bar. I told the girl that I knew him from the army. She told me not to worry because there was no way he would know who I was. She said you do not look like the person who walked in her. She said the only way he would know who I was is if I told him. She handed me the drinks and I turned to see where he was sitting at. The girl smacked my butt and told me to go have fun.
I walked towards him and he kept looking at me up and down and licking his lips. I got to the table and placed his beer in front of him and I tuned to find a chair to sit on. As I turned my back to him, he placed both hands on my waist and pulled me back unto his lap, almost spilling my beer. He said please sit on my lap and we will discuss the first thing that pops up. It sounded corny but I had used that line a few times too. I sat on his lap and placed my beer on the table. I put one arm around his neck. As soon as I sat on him I could tell he was already getting a hard on. He lifted the back of my dress and rubbed my panties. His other hand went up to my face and around to the back of my neck. He pulled me towards him and kissed me. This was my first kiss with another man. At first I hesitated and didn’t kiss him back. He stopped kissing me and asked what was wrong. I told him nothing was wrong. He pulled my face close to him and kissed me again. This time I kissed him back. After we stopped kissing he said that’s more like it. He looked down to my legs and lifted my dress. He was looking at my crotch and gave me the best complement anyone had ever given me. He said you look just like a real girl between your legs. I smiled at him and he asked me again if I wasn’t a real girl. I shook my head no and he said I was one of the most beautiful girls he had ever seen.
I was so excited I told him thank you and gave him a big deep kiss. I slid my tongue in to his mouth and he sucked on it. He slid his tongue into my mouth and I sucked on his tongue. His hand was on my knee and he started rubbing my legs. He put his hand between my legs and as we kissed. His hand worked its way up between my legs. As his hand slid up my legs I opened them giving him free access to me. He reached my crotch and started rubbing me between my legs and my clit started to respond. We stopped kissing and he told me that was what he wanted. I could feel his hard on and so I started moving my ass up and down rubbing his cock. For the first time in my life I leaned forward and bit his ear and whispered to him I wanted what was poking my ass. He asked if I wanted him to slide it deep into my ass. I told him yes, but he had to be gentle because it was still untouched. He asked if I was a virgin and never been fucked. I told him that I was a virgin all over and that he was the first man I had ever been with. He said so you want me to bust you cherry and I said yes please do. He asked if I could go back to his room with him and I said I have to check with the owner. I got up to go ask her if I could leave and she told me sure. I walked back to where he was at and he finished his been and mine too. I asked him what hotel I was going to meet him at and he said he would walk me to it. I told him you are in the army and someone might see you with me. He laughed and said so what you look just like a girl and no one will ever be able to tell the difference. He stood up and straightens himself up and pushing down his man hood. I stopped to talk to the lady who dressed me up. She told me to have fun and be careful.
He got my hand and walked me out the front door. His hotel was several blocks from the club. As we walked he put his arm around me and would kiss me on the neck and nibble on my ear. A few times he let his hand go down to my ass. He would lift my dress up just enough to rub my ass. It was so exciting walking down the road in daylight with a man’s arm around me and being treated like a girl. We got to his hotel room and as we walked in to the room he grabbed me and turned me around and kissed me. Within a few seconds I was just wearing my panties, bra and heels. As we kissed he pushed me back towards the bed. When we got to the bed I started to undress him. He was in front of me totally naked and his cock was standing straight up and it looked so big. I fell to my knees and started kissing his stomach and worked my way down to his cock. I was licking his cock and kissing my way down the shaft. I socked his balls and even tried to put both of them in my mouth. I kissed my way up his shaft and when I got to the head of his cock I slowly opened my mouth to let his sweet cock slide into my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was doing with another guy. Soon I had most of his cock in my mouth and I was enjoying it so much. After a few minutes I felt the head of his cock swell up and right after it did he shot his load into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could but some dripped out of my mouth. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and bent down and licked my lips and gave me a deep kiss. He stood up and laid me on the bed, with my legs hanging off the side. He pulled the front of my panties down and released my clit. He started playing with it and kissed the head of it. He looked at me and said now I will return the favor. He opened his mouth and swallowed my clit. He sucked on it for only a few minutes and I exploded in his mouth. After he licked me clean he told me to lie on the bed. I got up and put my head on the pillows and he lay next to me.
He started kissing me all over and after several minutes he asked if I was ready to lose my virginity. I smiled at him and said yes I was ready. He got out of the bed and went to his bag. He took out Vaseline and walked back to the bed. He told me to lie on my stomach. He got a pillow and told me to rise up and he put in under my hips. My ass was up in the air and he started kissing my ass. He was rubbing the Vaseline on my love canal. He inserted one finger in me and after a minute or two he inserted another finger and than three and than four. After I had gotten comfortable with his fingers in me he pulled them out. He applied Vaseline on his cock and got on top of me. He placed the head of his cock on my opening slowly started to push it in. It took him a few minutes to get the head of his cock in me. That was because the head of his cock was so big and fat. When he got the head of his cock in me he waited a few minutes to get use to his cock being in me. He allowed me to get use to the pain. He was kissing the back of my neck. He asked if I was ready for more and I told him yes. He pushed it in a little further. He would wait for the pain to subside and then push a little more in me. Soon he had all of his eight inches in me. While he was all the way in me he started to nibble on my neck and ear. He started sucking on my neck and I was getting so turned on. After a few minutes I started moving up and down to get him to move. I wanted him to fuck me and not just lay on top of me. He took the hint and started pumping me. He started off slow and then picked up his speed. Soon we were moving in rhyme. After about fifteen minutes of him pounding his fat cock in to me I felt his cock swell up and explode in me. He gave me one last big thrust and was deep inside me. I reached back and held on to his ass so he couldn’t pull out of me. I wanted him to stay in me as long as he could. I held him until he got soft and his cock slid out of me. He got off of me and lay next to me. I turned to face him and gave him a big kiss and told him, “wow you are so good and thank you”. He smiled at me and gave me a long deep kiss. We stayed together for about three hours. He walked me back to the bar. At the bar we talked for another two hours and then he said he had to go, but he would come back to see me.
I didn’t see him the next day but I had more than I could keep track of to keep me company. That day I was told that I brought in more money to the bar than any of the other girls. I had guys waiting to be with me, some just wanted to buy me a drink and talk to them. I was so happy. I was living my dream. In fact I had a few guys that lived in town that came to the bar to be with the new girl. I was more interested in being with the military guys than the local men that came to see me. That was until one of the locals offered the lady who ran the bar five hundred American dollars if he could spend two hours with me. Before she accepted his offer she asked me if I was willing to be with him. She pointed him out to me and told me he was a good tipper and lots of the girls liked him. He was a nice looking older man. He looked like he was in his early to late fifties. The reason I said he was an older man was because I was only nineteen at the time. I told her it would be ok with me. I asked her what about the other guys waiting to be with me. She smiled and said she was sure they would wait a little longer. She went back and talked to gentleman and he smiled back at me. He handed her some money and ordered a drink for the two of us. He walked to me and handed me the drink. I think it was some kind of wine. He got my hand and walked me to an empty table. In his broken English he asked me with I liked to do. I told him I liked just about ever thing. We finished our drink and he asked if I was ready to go to the back room. I told him yes and I stood up and got his hand to lead him to my room. As we walked to the back he walked next to me with his hand on the small of my back. I felt his hand slide down and go under my short skirt and started rubbing my ass. I looked towards him and asked him if that was what he wanted. He gave one of my cheeks a squeezes and a light spank. He said he wanted it and much more.
We got to my room and we walked in. He closed the door and asked where I was going. I told him to the bed. He said not yet and dropped his pants to the floor. He said come here and make me happy. I walked back to him and got on my knees and played with his cock. It was the smallest cock I had that day. I started teasing him by licking his shaft and kissing him ball. I was also playing with his ass. After a few minutes he said put it in your mouth. I kissed the head of his cock and slowly opened my mouth to allow it in. As his cock disappeared into my mouth he put his hands behind my head and so was face fucking me. It didn’t take him long to explode in my mouth. After I lick him clean he told me to get on the bed. He wanted to touch and rub my body all over. Before I sat on the bed he stopped me and took off my skimpy dress. I was standing there in my panties and bra. I got on the bed and he started kissing my legs at my ankles. As he kissed his way up my legs he said “I fuck you good soon’. He was a few inches from my crotch and he saw my scar on the inside of my left thigh, he asked what happened here. I told him it was from a motorcycle accident when I was 16. He continued kissing me all over and it lasted almost an hour. No one had taken this much time with me. He would not let me touch him. He finely said I am ready for you now, please roll over for me. I did what he said and he mounted me. He slowly pushed his cock into my sweet ass. It didn’t take him long to get his four or five inch cock into my ass. For having a small cock, he knew how to use it and for the next forty five minutes he fucked me long and hard. He was pounding me into the bed and boy did I love it. I have to admit he knew what he was doing. He fucked me so good. I really enjoyed being with him. He had brought out feeling in me that I didn’t know I had. When he climaxed in me I didn’t think he was ever going to stop shooting cum into me. He was so good. When he got off me he handed me two hundred dollars and told me this is yours. He got dressed and walked out of the room. I got up and cleaned myself up. I was so sore but I felt so good and I felt like a real woman. I walked out to the front and the madam asked if I was ok. I said yes and went to work flirting and sucking a few more GI’s cocks.
The day before I was to go back to Viet Nam, Ralph came back to the bar. He told me that he missed me and he wanted me again. I smiled back at him and told him I want you too. We sat at the table drinking a beer. We talked for about an hour. I stood up got his hand and took him to my room. As soon as we got in the room he grabbed me and stated kissing me. We made out for several minutes and the whole time he was felling me up. I got down to my knees and I sucked his cock. He stood me up and walked me to the bed and he fucked me three times. It was a good day. We were on the bed just talking and he was feeling up my legs. He felt the scar on my legs and asked what happened. I told him about my motorcycle accident. He told me he had not noticed the scar the first time we were together. I smiled at him and said you were more interested in other parts of my body. We both laughed. He told me he was going back to Viet Nam in a couple of days. He started kissing my crotch and worked his way down my leg. He went down and kissed my scar. He asked “does this is to make it feel better”. I told him it did. We spent next four hours together. I didn’t want him to leave but he said he had to meet some friends. He left and I went back out to the bar to work. The week that I stayed there I must of sucked about 70 or 80 cocks and only got fucked by the oriental man and Ralph. That night I said good bye to all my new friends and went back to my hotel room. I had not been in it since I had arrived in town. The next day I got up went to the airport to go back to Viet Nam. That is not the end of the story.
I had been back for almost two weeks when I got back from a mission. I had been back for about an hour before I had to go to a debriefing. I was talking to some of my friends when I saw my lover from R & R. Ralph, he was talking to my fist sergeant, and he looked like he had been to hell and back. I went into my room and got out of my clothes. I shaved my body in my room. I always shave in my room so that when the guys saw me in the shower, I didn’t have any hair on my body. After shaving I wrapped a towel around me to walk to the showers. I was alone in the shower so I took my time. I had just finished my shower and was drying off. Ralph walked in to the showers. He asked how the water was I said wet. He turned on the water and got under the shower. I watched him under the water. Watching him brought back so many wonderful memoirs of our time together. I wanted to run up to him and tell him who I was. I wanted to have him right there on the shower floor. He had his eyes closed under the water, so I stood there admiring him. I was staring at his cock and wishing I would suck it like I had done before. I heard some people walking into the shower so I started drying myself again. I had placed my right leg up on a bench to dry it. I was talking to the two guys who walked into the showers. One of the men told me that guy under the shower was staring at me. I didn’t turn around to look at Ralph. I just told them you guys are nuts.
I put my right leg on the floor and placed my left leg on the bench. Ralph was walking towards me. When he got to where I was standing, he started talking to me. He asked how I got the scar on my leg. I told him without thinking, that it was from a motorcycle accident when I was 16. He didn’t say anything else. I realized what I had just done and quickly finished drying myself without looking up at him. I walked out of the showers without saying anything to him. I got to my room and sat on my bunk thinking of what I had just done. After a while I started thinking he had more to lose than I did. He was a first sergeant and I was only a sergeant. Someone knocked on my door and I want to see how it was. It was a guy from my squad and asked if I wanted to go get a beer. I said sure and went inside to get some money. We were walking to the club and we had to pass in front of the orderly room. My first sergeant was on the little porch talking to Ralph as I walked pass them my first sergeant Joe called out my name. I turned to face him. It was hard looking at him and seeing Ralph standing next to him. Ralph didn’t say anything but was looking at me like he was trying to figure out if I was that person he had been with on R & R. My first sergeant asked me what hotel I had stayed at on R&R. I told him the name of the hotel. He said he was going on R & R next week and was looking for a nice place to stay at. I told him it was a good hotel; I turned around and continued walking towards the club.
It had been two weeks since I had told my first sergeant what hotel I had stayed at. I had not seen him since the day he left for R&R. I had just returned from the Asha Valley. I walked to the orderly room and talked to the company clerk to get the key to my room. I then went to the mail room to get the mail for the guys in my unit. The mail guy gave me the mail and there was none for me. I asked him why I didn’t have and mail. He told me the first sergeant had put my mail in my room. He said I had several packages and so he put them in my room so that the mail room would not be too crowded. I said ok and went to give the mail to the guys. I went to my room and opened the door. There were three packages on my bed the first two were from my mom and dad. The third one had no writing on it, no address or stamps. My name was not on the package. I put the ones from my family aside and opened the one with no writing on it. To my shock and dismay, it was the clothes I had worn at the bar on R & R. The dress that was my favorite was on top. It was the one I wore at the bar the most. There were several of the panties, bras, high heels I wore that week. I found several new dresses in the box too. I looked for a note or something but there was nothing in the box, but the clothes. I didn’t know what to think. I locked up the box in my locker and sat there thinking of who knew about me and who could have gotten the clothes from the bar. I was thinking I might have been my first sergeant but then I was not sure. He had gone on R & R and had just gotten back. I was thinking maybe it was Ralph, who had put two and two together and he told my first sergeant about my sweet secret. I started to get worried but knew I couldn’t show it around the camp. I decided to try and act as normal as I could.
I shaved my body in the room and went to take a shower. I was getting ready to walk out of the shower and in walked the first sergeant. I stopped to talk to him and asked him how his R&R was. He told me he had lots of fun and met very interesting people. He said you got a lot of care packages from your family. I told him they sent me a lot of goodies. Just before I walked out he said it is nice to get surprise packages. I turned to face him and said yes it is, he was sopping himself and was rubbing his crotch. That is when I noticed that he didn’t have any hair on his body. When I say he had no hair, that included his crotch and under arms, he was smooth all over. I walked out and went to my room. I sat there for the longest time wondering what all this meant. I took out the box of clothes and looked at them. I wanted to put them on but wouldn’t put them on because I was scared, I would get caught dressed as a girl. You don’t know how bad I wanted to dress up.
The next day I want out on another mission and was out for three days. When I got back I met with the first sergeant and we talked about the mission. He said that my squad was off for the next four days. I went to tell them that they were off for four days. They could do whatever they wanted for the next four days. They started talking about going to the village and getting drunk and laid. I was asked to go to the village with them but I couldn’t get the box of girl’s clothes someone had put in my room. I told them that I had a lot of things to do in base camp; I told them I would join them if I finished all the work I had to do for the first sergeant. I went to the club with them and had two beers with them. After finishing my beer, I said I had to go take a shower. I left the club and did my routine of shaving my body before going to take a shower. I got back to my room and started to get dressed. That is when I saw the note taped on the locker. I took the note off my locker. I read the note and it said for me to please dress up like a girl. They asked that I dress up in the blue mini dress. It said for me not to worry because no one would find out about me dressing as a girl. The note went on to say that they had more to lose that I did. They said that they would keep my secret. What scared me the most were the two pictures someone had taken of me at the club dressed as a bar maid. He said he would knock on my door that night around ten. He said he would knock twice and wait and then knock three more times. He said that way I would know it was him. I sat on my bed and didn’t know what to do. I decided that I might as well dress up as a girl. I had wanted to dress up since I had come back from R & R and gotten the clothes. I opened the locker with the girl’s clothes. I took the box out of the locker. I opened box and for the first time I looked at everything in the box. I couldn’t believe all the dresses, panties, bras, high heels shoes, garter belt, hose, makeup, and a makeup mirror that were in the box. A few of the items in the box I had worn at the club on R & R. I was so sure it had to be Ralph who got the clothes for me.
I told my friends that I didn’t feel well. I was going to go to bed early. I said I was going to try and get rid of whatever I had. I took my time getting ready for my visitor. They all said they would be at the club and would be getting drunk. I told them to enjoy themselves. I was in my room in panties, bra. I was putting on makeup and when I finished I put on my wig. I was trying on the high heels to see which ones I would wear. I kept looking at myself in the makeup mirror and loved the way I looked. I was thinking how nice it would be if I could walk into the club dressed this way. It was ten minutes before ten so I put on the blue mini dress. It turned out to be a tight fitting dress. It was also a very short dress. The dress was so short it barely covered my panties. When I walked a few steps the dress would ride up exposing almost two inching of my panties. I was thinking of changing my dress when I heard the knocks on my door. I froze and couldn’t move for a few minutes. I finely turned to walk toward the door. As I walked I could hear my heels clacking on the wooden floor and it sound so loud to me. I was thinking everyone in the camp could my heels as I walked. I had just reached the door when he knocked for the third time. I unlocked the door and slowly opened it. It was Ralph. I stood behind the door so no one could see me if they walked by. He walked into the room and I closed the door and locked it. He was staring at me and said you look so much better now. We walked towards where I had two lawn chairs next to my bed. I sat on the first chair and he moved the other one in front of me. He had been talking the whole time but I couldn’t tell you what he was saying. He sat down and handed me a beer. I opened beer and turned to put in on a small table next to the chair. I turned towards him and asked him how he had found out about me. He smiled and put his finger on my scar on the inside of the thigh. He said when he saw the scar in the shower he knew no two people could have the same scar. I didn’t say anything. He started talking and said we should talk the way we did at the bar and when we were in his room. I told him I was nervous because we could get caught. He agreed but said we wouldn’t get caught. He leaned over and kissed me. I kissed him back. I put my arms around his neck. I was kissing him hard and sucking on his tongue. He was rubbing my leg. We stopped kissing and I felt more at ease. He said we should slow down because the night was young. He said he would love to make love to me again but we had to go slow because he had a surprise for me. I asked him what it was and he said it would be at least 30 minutes before he could tell me.
We make small talk and drank more beer. I posed for him and we did a lot of kissing. I loved him feeling me up and kissing me all over. I asked him if he had gone on R & R again. He said no, he had not. I asked him how he got my clothes from the bar. He looked at me and gave me an evil smile and said a friend had gotten them for him. I asked if his friend was in the military and all he would say was maybe. I started getting nervous and scared again. I was wondering who else knew about me. He saw that I was nervous and told me not to worry because no one would ever know about me. I told him what if I get killed and when they are going through my things they would find my dresses. He smiled at me and said for me not to worry.
Someone knocked on my door again. They used the same knock that Ralph has used. I froze again and asked him who was at my door. He smiled and said your surprise. They knocked again and I was just looking at the door. He stood up and got my hand and pulled me up and told me to answer the door. He told me to turn off the light in my room. As I was walking to turn off the light my dress rode up and he said I love your dress it shows off your panties. I turned off the light and walked to the door with him following me. He stood next to me as I opened the door. He put his hand on my ass and was rubbing it. He kissed me on the neck. I unlocked the door and slowly opened it not knowing what to expect or who was there. When I opened the door the person was facing away from my door. They seemed to be looking around like they were looking for someone or to make sure no one saw them. It was dark and the only light you would see was when someone opened the door to the club. I was so scared and wondering who was at my door. I didn’t notices at first that the person standing at my door was wearing a blue mini dress. Someone opened the door to the club and that is when I noticed that they had long brown hair and were wearing a super short blue mini dress. From what I could see, they had sexy long legs. The dress was short and I could see her white panties. The person did one more sweep of the camp and turned around and walked into my room. She was very pretty and appeared to be older than me. She said Hello to me in Vietnamese. I closed my door and she put her hand around my neck and kissed me on the lips. I was scared but I kissed her back. She broke of the kiss and I turned to walking back into the room. We were holding hands as I was leading her into the room. As we walked into the room Ralph turned on the little light I had. I turned around to get a good look at the girl who was at my room and my mouth fell open to the floor. The beautiful, brown haired, sexy legs girl was my first sergeant and she was so pretty and looked so good. She told me her name when she was dressed was Mary. She pulled me close to her and gave me another kiss. I was kissing her back and as my tongue explored the inside of her mouth, she pulled my short dress up with her hand exposing my panties. She started rubbing my ass with the other hand. I didn’t have to pull her dress up because most of her panties were already exposed. I was rubbing her ass and she grabbed my ass and pulled me tight against her. I could feel her clit getting hard and pressing against my crotch. Ralph said can I join and put one of his hands on my ass and rubbed it. The other hand he used to move my hand out of the way and started rubbing both of our asses. He took turns kissing the two of us. We worked our way towards my bed. When we got to it Ralph sat down and Mary and I started undressing him. In no time he was sitting on my bed naked and we were both taking turns sucking his cock. We also make out and he played with both of our clits. Ralph stopped us from sucking him and said we should take our time.
We sat down on the bed with Ralph between us. He was rubbing our legs and saying he was so glad we had all met. Mary asked if I was ok and comfortable with what was happening. I told her I was now. She kissed me and I worked my way down and was kneeling in front of her. I pushed her dress up exposing the top of her panties. I was kissing and sucking her clit through her panties. She moved so that she could lie on the bed. I pulled the front of her panties down and took her cock into my hands. I played with it for a few minutes and started sucking on it. At the same time Ralph sat on her chest and placed his cock into her mouth. As I sucked her I played with her love hole. I started with one finger and after a few minutes I had three fingers in her. She would let out a moan ever few seconds when the cock was not all the way in her mouth. After several minutes of sucking each other she exploded in my mouth. I tried to swallow all of her cum. As she exploded into my mouth I did the same in my panties and I could tell that Ralph did the same in her mouth. I licked her clean and Mary licked Ralph clean. Ralph got off Mary and she sat up on the bed. I stood up because my panties were a mess and I wanted to clean up. Mary saw the mess and put her hands on my hips and pulled me towards her. She said we can’t let all that go to waste. She started sucking and licking the front of my panties. She pulled my panties down and licked me clean. I almost climaxed again. I stepped out of my panties and she picked them up and started licking the inside of them. She told me that I tasted good and I gave a hell of a blow job. Ralph told her if you think she gives a good blow job wait until you fuck her. She is one fabulous fuck. Mary said she was hopping she would be able to do that to me tonight. I told her I would not let her leave until she fucked me.
I walked back towards her and gave her a kiss. She kissed me back and started feeling me up. Ralph came up behind me and started to apply Vaseline on my sweet ass. He was soon finger fucking me and I was getting so excited. He told Mary that I was ready and she stood up and walked me over to the desk. She bent me over the desk. She got behind me and slowly slid her sweet cock into my awaiting ass. She was bigger than Ralph and it started to hurt. She heard me cry out and she said she was sorry and would be gentle. There was a lot of pain but once she was all the way in me it was so worth it. She was fucking me and soon we were in prefect rhythm. After a few minutes Ralph got between me and the desk and started sucking me. It felt so good and I exploded just as Mary exploded in me. I reached back and held Mary in me until she got soft. As Mary pulled out of me Ralph said it was his turn and got behind me and slid his cock into me. After several minutes he exploded in me and I was so happy and satisfied. After that we all laid on my bed kissing, hugging and more sex until around four in the morning. They got dressed and I walked both of them to the door. I kissed them bye at the door and they left. For the next four months that I was in Viet Nam we had regular visit whenever I was in base camp.

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