My first work trip wasn’t all work – Part 1

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My first work trip wasn’t all work – Part 1
After my second year of college, I got a summer internship with a big company. The department I was in had about a dozen employees. My girlfriend at the time had an internship in another department, which was convenient for us to ride in together and have lunch together sometimes.

One of the guys I worked with was named Mike. He was about 40, kinda geeky with black glasses and a hairstyle that was hopelessly nerdy, but he was a fitness buff that lifted weights and did triathlons regularly. Some of the other guys would give me shit jobs to do because they didn’t think interns were capable of doing any real work, but Mike took an interest in me and had me help with some interesting projects.

There was a job that required most of the group to travel to a city about 3 hours away, and would keep us there for 2 nights. I was surprised that I was allowed to go as well. We were required to double up in the hotel rooms, and Mike said that we could share a room.

After we all went out for supper, we headed back to the hotel. Mike suggested that we have a couple beers and watch the NBA finals, which sounded great to me, especially since I couldn’t buy the stuff for myself at that point. We reclined on our separate beds, watching the game, and Mike started quizzing me about what I liked to do for fun and exercise, and then about whether I was dating anyone. I told him my girlfriend worked there too, in another area, and he was surprised. He said that some of the other guys thought I must be gay. I had come in for quite a bit of grief from some of them because of them being fans of rival schools, and my school was a more prestigious, liberal arts university. I told him no, I wasn’t gay, and he said ok, but it wouldn’t bother him if I was. He asked if I had had sex with my girlfriend yet, and I told him every chance we got, but unfortunately that wasn’t very often because of living with our respective parents.

We chatted some more, and at halftime he announced he was going to take a shower. I stayed there watching the game. The room was one of those with the sink and mirror outside of the actual bathroom, so they were fully visible from the beds. After about 10 minutes, I noticed Mike emerge from the shower. He was toweling his hair, but was otherwise naked. He was facing the mirror, with his ass toward me, and I was stunned as I saw his hairy, muscular body and long thick cock in the reflection . I must have been staring, because he caught my eye in the mirror. I quickly looked away. When I looked back, he was drying his crotch but his ass was still completely on view. He then turned a bit sideways as he toweled off his muscular thighs, and I saw his cock in profile and noticed that it had gotten semi-hard.

Again he caught me looking at him, and this time he put the towel around his shoulders and walked towards me. His cock and balls were just above the level of my face as I lay there propped up on pillows. He said it was okay to be curious about how other men looked. I stammered something in reply and could feel that I was blushing furiously. I could also feel that my own cock was getting hard in my shorts. Mike looked down and saw that I had a bulge in the front of my shorts. He moved closer and said that I should reach up and touch it, if I wanted. I hesitantly reached up and felt his shaft. It was hot and smooth, and about three quarters hard but already much bigger than my own slim six and a half inches. He told me to go ahead and cup his balls with my other hand, which I did. I was amazed at feeling how different they were, larger and heavier than mine. As I held his balls and lightly stroked his penis, Mike reached down and put his hand on my crotch, feeling me through my shorts. He said that it really wasn’t fair for me to still have clothes on, and said I should stand up and take them off.

I was amazed that he would want to see me with my clothes off. I was nineteen, half his age, and very slender in contrast to his masculine body. My cock was hard as could be, though, as I slid out of my shorts and took my t shirt off. I stood there facing him, shaking with nervousness. He reached down and took my penis in his hand, pulling me closer to him so that our cocks could touch. It was the most incredible feeling to feel his much larger, eight inch cock on mine. I actually felt weak at the knees. He put his hands on my shoulders and very gently pressed down, and I knelt down in front of him. He took his massive cock and presented it to my face, rubbing it on my forehead, then across my cheeks and nose, leaving a little precum on me. My mouth opened automatically and took his fat cockhead in. Mike groaned in appreciation as I slowly nursed on his cock. I began to get more bold, licking the shaft from the underside where it joined his balls, up to the tip and back. He stopped me at that point, saying he was getting close, and pulled me up onto the bed.

I lay down on my back, and Mike got on the bed and crouched between my legs. He massaged my balls, rolling them around and around, then bent down and slid my entire cock into his mouth. My girlfriend had never managed that, but he had no difficulty. He pistoned his mouth over my cock a few times, then took my cock out and replaced it with my balls, sucking them into his mouth while he lightly stroked me. This was too much for me, and I started to shoot my cum. He immediately put my penis back in his mouth and sucked all the semen from me. I felt like all the fluid in my body was leaving through my cock as my orgasm went on and on. As my ejaculation subsided, Mike moved up and lay down on top of me. He kissed me then, which for some reason felt even weirder than having his cock in my mouth. I was very conscious that he was much bigger and stronger as I felt his weight on me, and I put my hands on his shoulders and upper arms which were so different from my own. His cock was hard as he lay on top of me, grinding against me, and my own penis responded to the challenge.

Mike began sawing his penis against me alongside my cock, then pulled down and pressed his bulbous cockhead against my balls. It felt like he was going to fuck me like I had a pussy there instead of my scrotum, as he insistently shoved into me, my balls spreading on either side of his cockhead. It felt very exciting, and I began thrusting my hips up at him and opened my legs wider to allow him full access. He had gotten some of my cum on his cock and it had mixed with his own copious precum to make his knob slippery. He then moved it to my asshole and started to press himself into me. I froze, and he started whispering to me to just relax, it was ok. He was slowly inserting his penis, bit my bit, rhythmically, and I could feel my sphincter muscle opening and an enormous presssure. He had only gotten maybe half his head in and it felt like I was splitting wide open. I started to say it hurt too much, then all of a sudden the rest of head pushed into me and the pain went away, replaced by the most amazing sensation of fullness.

My hands were around his waist, then sliding up and feeling his powerful muscles as he began fucking me with his huge cock. I found myself making noises like my girlfriend as we had sex, involuntary high pitched cries and gasps. I had surrendered to him and was totally his, moving my ass up toward him to meet his thrusts. As he fucked me, the friction on my balls and cock against his stomach was pleasurable, but nothing compared to the feeling inside me. Waves of sensation were swamping me. Mike speeded up his thrusts and then I felt his orgasm as he shot his semen into me, his cock pulsing and throbbing, and I came for the second time, shooting my own juice between us.

I lay there feeling perfectly content with this powerful man on top of me, who had found me exciting enough to fuck and to make me his.

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