My GF (now wife!) fucks a friend – True Story!

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My GF (now wife!) fucks a friend – True Story!
The story I’m about to tell actually happened. To this day, I get turned on thinking about it and I love telling it. I didn’t know about this until some time after we were married. I’ve always had a fantasy of sharing my wife with another man and it was during one long cum filled fuck session that she finally told me what happened. I hope you enjoy!

My wife grew up in a well to do family that, while close, are certainly prudish and pretty stuck up. When she was growing up she spent most summers hanging out at the family condo in Ft. Lauderdale, FL that is literally beach front! Its a beautiful place and high end to boot. I was her first fuck and the first time I fucked her I blew a bucket load of cum inside her! Little was I to know what a cum slut she was and how much she loved it!

She and I met in college and within a short amount of time, our relationship was fully sexual. She would blow me and swallow my cum. I fucked her as deep and thoroughly and passionately as possible, always leaving her tight, wet pussy dripping with our cum. I ate her pussy and loved it when she had a thundering orgasm! Her pussy was always dripping wet so when I entered her, my 8″ and thick cock would easily bury to the balls inside her! It was heaven!

In time, she found that sucking my cock after it was inside her was something she enjoyed and she never let me use a condom. She always told me that she loved the feeling of my cock spurting inside her and she almost always came when I did!

After a couple years of college I moved south and took a job as I was unable to pay for college. We did the long range relationship thing and it worked pretty well. Every time we visited, it seemed only moments from the time we met until we were fucking like fiends and I was dumping a huge load inside her. If I wasn’t cumming in her tight pussy, I was cumming in her mouth or on her face and then wiping my cum up with my cock and feeding it to her.

During one summer vacation (always several weeks long) my girlfriend (now wife) was spending time with her grandmother at the condo in Florida. She was a fit 5-10 and 120 lbs of lean pussy with smallish firm tits and puffy nipples. She wore long brown hair and usually walked about with her very long and shapely legs topped with a pair of tight shorts that accentuated her beautiful heart shaped ass. Most of the time she had just a hint of her ass cheeks showing. And what a gorgeous ass it is too!

At this time she didn’t shave her pussy area as such, but she did keep it a trimmed tight mass of dark hair. I so vividly remember seeming my cum mixed in with her pussy hair. Very erotic!

She always liked to take long beach walks. There was a small ice cream shop on the beach that she liked to stop in and get a scoop. She loves ice cream and part of me wonders if she isn’t reliving her summers in Ft. L when she gets a scoop! Anyway, she would visit the same shop and the owners son, Dan, woould wait on her and frequently gave her free ice cream and spent a lot of time chatting with her.

After some time, she eventually invited Dan and his best friend to the condo when her grandmother was away. They would have drinks and talk and shoot he shit as young people do until the early hours.

On one such occasion, they were sitting around the pool on a hot humid night when Dan decided to go swimming. He didn’t have trunks so he told her he was going skinny dipping. She turned her eyes while he stripped and jumped in. After some cajoling and ribbing she stripped to her undies and bra and jumped in too. Dan’s friend had gone back to the condo to get some more beers, so it was just her and Dan in the pool.

After a short while and some horseplay, things were getting more serious. She could see in the lighted pool (even though it was late and dark, the pool lights put out just enough light that you can see underwater.) that Dan had a full hard on and he would occasionally brush his hand across her breasts or bottom. He was getting more forward now and she was having second thoughts.

After a couple minutes, she swam away and things cooled down a bit. At some point she decided to lose the bra and panties and took them off and tossed them out of the pool. Eventually Dan’s friend returned with some beers and they all stood around the shallower end (up to their necks in water) and drank a beer and talked.

While they were talking she occasionally stole a look at Dans cock and she could see he was still rock hard. She later confided in me that the sight of Dan’s upturned cock was very much of a turn on for her but she was torn between her devotion to me and wanting to feel him inside her. She swore that she never intended to fuck him!

Soon enough, the beers were finished and Dan’s friend told them he had to go back to the condo and grab a couple of cold ones and he left the pool. Dan and my girlfriend (now wife) were alone again. Within a couple seconds Dan positioned himself in front of her, holding her close. She could feel his hot cock nestled in her tummy as his hands found her nipples, gently rolling them and caressing them. His hands caressed her back and down to her firm ass. She reached down to his hard cock and gave him a couple of strokes. She reached down and cupped his balls in her hands and even, maybe, let her finger reach out to his asshole. His cock was rock hard and he was moaning under her touch!

After a few wild seconds, she decided she didn’t want to go any further and pulled away to swim to a ladder to exit the pool. Dan was right behind her and as she paused to grip the ladder he positioned himself behind her with his upturned cock now between her legs. She loved it but at the same time felt guilt!

She pulled away and told him to stop but in that instant he rocked his hips in just the right way and his cock found its way to her puffy pussy lips and he was inside her! With only a couple more strokes, he was buried deep! She loved the feeling of his cock inside her and after rocking her hips back into him and letting him plunge his cock as deep as he could go she started to orgasm!

She felt her pussy tighten on his cock as her orgasm continued to rack her taught body. Within seconds, Dan was cumming inside her with his own massive load! His cock spurted cum many times and she told me she could feel his hot cum splatter the inside of her cunt until she thought she would pass out! His cock pulsed over and over, but eventually slowed. His softening dick slid easily from her sperm filled hole as he pulled away.

It was only then that they realized that Dan’s friend has returned and witnessed the entire event!

My loving Girlfriend, now wife, fucked Dan, sucked his cock, swallowed him cum and let him eat her cunt repeatedly over the next several weeks. She even told me that on one occasion, I had called her on the phone and she spoke to me while giving him a hand job and watched his cum spurt long and strong while I was on the phone. After we hung up, she sucked his cock until he was hard and then let him fuck her, with her ass elevated on a pillow so not a drop of cum dripped out! The reason for that was that the next day she was flying up to visit me and she knew I’d go down on her! She wanted me to taste the remnants of Dan’s cum and she’d taste him when she licked our cum off my cock.

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I have over the years. I’ve had her tell and retell the story many times and I always love the thought of her fucking another man and letting him cum deep inside her! I hope to make it happen again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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