My Girlfriend’s Son Pt 3

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My Girlfriend’s Son Pt 3
My Girlfriends Son Pt 3
We have all night I thought to my self as I walked into the bathroom. Lily and Tommie went into her bedroom to use the bathroom in there . I fondled that beautiful young boy and he came in his panties….he called me Daddy. I didn’t know what to think or how to act anymore. I was dizzy, hot, horny and lusted over Tommie like I never have over any woman in my life.
I splashed water on my face and generally cleaned myself up thinking of how sweet Tommie’s lips were, soft and honey sweet. “Make me cum Daddy”….I groaned loudly, then looked around guiltily hoping nobody heard. I was still rock hard and ran my hand up and down it’s length squeezing it and groaning agin, sofly this time. I knew one thing, I wasn’t letting go of this incredible situation. Both Lily and Tommie liked me a lot and I was quickly losing some preconceived notions I had about my self…whatever happens, will happen. I walked out of the bathroom and down the hall to Lily’s bedroom. The carpet kept my steps soundless so they didn’t hear me approaching. The door was open I quietly walked in to see them on the bed, Tommie kneeling behind his mother, also on her knees. Her skirt was up in back and Tommie was pushing his hard pantied cock against her chunky ass…she pushed back as he went forward.
“ Can I fuck you Mommie, please” he begged as he slid his cock in the crease of her ass.
“Baby I want Daddy to come in me tonight”
Then he said softly but distinctly, ”But I want daddy to cum inside me tonight.”
Lily caught her breath for a moment, looked around at her beautiful son,” You want daddy inside you? Are you sure baby? “Oh yes, he’s loving and gentle,” answered Tommie as he pushed harder and quicker against his Mommie’s beautiful ass.
I was stunned and more excited than I can ever remember…a slave to the overwhelming feelings of pure lust and love for these two people. I shed my clothes right there and walked over to the bed where Tommie continued to dry fuck his panties onto his Mom’s ass…her panties were as usual soaked..…he had begun to precum and it showed most sexily , driving me a little madder with an already overheated need. They heard me approach and looked around at the same time, both stared at my enlarged cock as I crawled onto the bed and placed my cock firmly between Tommie’s pantied covered ass cheeks, he moaned and pushed back moving his round perfectly shaped little ass up and down me. Lily watched us for just a few seconds and groaned, “Oh God this is so sexy I’m gonna cum!”…and started shaking and wiggling against Tommies cock between her ass cheeks. Her panties were so wet they were transparent and her pussy looked very inviting…she collapsed onto her stomach, still shaking and lie there moaning..I never saw anything like it..why Tommie or I didn’t cum during this was a miracle. He’s most likely seen it before. As for me, I believe my cock grew an extra…I was so hard against this boy/girls ass…”Do it Daddy,” Tommie said in that little voice,” Fuck me, cum inside me Daddy, please, I want to feel it fucking me..”
Lily sat up “Wait a sec..I’ll be right back”…and left the room. When she came back she had a bottle of some kind of lotion with her. She joined us on the bed, squirted some of that liquid on her hands and softly spread it all over my cock…Lily’s hands are very soft and with the lotion I was barely able to hang on when she stopped. She put more lotion on her hand and slipped underneath Tommie’s panties, spreading the warm lotion on his virgin hole. He moaned when she did this and pressed back against her fingers….Lily slipped a finger inside and fucked it in and out…a louder moan and he reached back grabbing my cock and squeezing hard…he put the head up against hiss ass and Lily moved her hand out of the way. Oh my God! This is really happening…I’m going to fuck this incredibly beautiful and loving young boy/girl and entered my cock inside just a bit…I was in no hurry….a little more and my head was inside…Tommie was shaking and breathing hard with gasping breaths…”Are you ok Baby?”..I asked ….”Ohhh yes….fuck me Daddy….”
I was about halfway in and I started actually fucking this little soft ass..he was pushing back against my rhythm…I heard Lily moan and looked to see her hand inside her panties and watching us intently. She moved closer to us and reached a hand around and squeezed Tommie’s hard cock……I held his hips steady and fucked my whole length into that little hole…man it was tight; but the lotion helped a lot and I started again to move in and out while his Mom jacked his cock…..I was real close to cumming and there was nothing I could do about it…..I fucked faster..” I’m gonna cum inside you you baby”..I moaned out loud….Tommie jammed his ass back against me and squeezed his ass together….I literally screamed when that happened and unloaded a massive orgasm inside this young boy…He was bucking and shaking and pushing back as hard as he could while I did this and then he yelled out and exploded from his Mom’s ministering his beautiful young cock.
It literally felt like my orgasm went on forever…I had my eyes closed and I can’t even describe the lights going off behind my eyes as I pumped hot seed into his virgin ass…I held his hips back against me as tight as I could and rode that light. I have never experienced, nor I doubt that I will ever again experience such sexual bliss. For just that short time..I was the only one in the universe and it granted me the ultimate pleasure.
I collapsed sideways onto the bed, bringing Tommie with me..I was still inside him. He lay very quiet and docile..breathing heavily…then he he asked…” You won’t leave me alone, will you Daddy? are my Daddy?” I put my arms around the beautiful boy/girl and pulled him to me..filling him completely once again…” I’m not going anywhere baby. I love you and your Mom. Yes I am your Daddy.”
Lliy crawled over to us, put her arms around both of us. We were asleep in seconds.

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