My grandmothers sisters sneakers and boots

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My grandmothers sisters sneakers and boots
My grandmothers sister has always been close to me, I have been able to talk to her about everything. She knows everything about my fetish and we have talked allot about it, she seems to be quite curious about it. Lets call her Ella. She is 37 years older than me, she is blond with a fit boddy and everythin. She has shoe size euro 41, I have been borrowing shoes from her manny times. She doesn´t look a day older than 40, I prommise!

When I was 19 I was going to her at her house, she lives about 20km from me all alone and has 1km to the nearest neighbor. She has a huge garden and I really understand that she couldn´t do everything there by her selfe.

It was a rainy morning when I sat in the car on my way to her. She said that she needed som help and of course I was willing to help her. When I came to her house it just had stop raining, she stood there on the porch with a quite short skirt and hoodie. I wasn´t able to see her shoes because she was to far away. She came to me and when she came closer I saw a really hot pair of white Reebok Freestyle High on her feet that was really well worn! She gave me a hug and said:

-Hi, how nice of you to come out here and help me! Now when you are here I would love you to stay untill tomorrow night, I want to make dinner for you and I have bought beer to us.

-That sounds good, I don´t have annything to do annyway. I replied.

We walked over her lawn and behind the house.

-If you go into the shed and bring out the paint that we are gonna use on the porch I will go down the creek and try to get rid of some small trees down there. Find a brush and start to pain it. She said.

I took the paint and brush and started to paint the porch, when I was done she came to me and was surpriced that I was done so soon. I looked down at her feet and her Freestyle was totaly soaked in water, I could hear the water around her toes and under her foot when she walked. I just had to ask her:

-Damn, your shoes are totaly soaked! What hapened!?

She replyed:
-I couldn´t hold my balance when I was down at the creek and I steped right down into the water. But it feels good with the water around my feets! Sexy huh!? She said and gave me a wink with her eye.

I felted my cock began to grow and be hard as rock in my tousers.

-Yea, they are really hot and looks really comfy. I sadi with a really nervous voice.

-Do you think that huh? Well if you do, you could use them later if you want to. And she gave me a smile.

I couldn´t beleve my ears when she said that, I was so horny and couldn´t look at annything else than her sexy, wet Freestyles!

I had to do something, so I started to take away the paint and the brush and put it back into the shed and she went to give the vegetgables some water that was in her greenhouse.

I went in and washed my hands and then she came in. Now her shoes was muddy to. I just stood there and stared at her Freestyles and couldn´t take my eyes from them.

-You really think they are hot, don´t you!? She said.

I woke up from my “deam” and faced her eyes and nodded to her.

-Well, get over here then and take them of my feets, then you will feel how wet they are.

She sat down on a chair and I went to her and sat down on my knees. She lifted her shor right in front of my nose and I could now feel the smell of her shoes. They smelled musky and that made me really horny! I took a tight grip and slowly pulled off the shoe from her feet. Now I saw her foot and her black painted toenails. And then I felt her footsweat. Damn it smelled good! I looked her in her eyes and she smiled at me, I smiled back and tooked off her other shoe. She rised up and said:

-I will bring us some beer, you could go into the kitchen and wait there.

I still had both her shoes in my hands, totaly wet and muddy. I knew that she would be back soon but I just had to feel her insole on my cock! I pulled my pants down and quickly putted my cock down into her right shoe. Damn it felt good! I pushed the cock further into her shoe and i was about to cum when I had to put the shoes down so she wouldn´t see me.

I went into the kitchen and she gave me a beer, we sat there and just talked. She told me that she was going to start with the dinner but she needed some vegetables from the greenhouse. I said that I could get them.

-Good, then I start with the dinner. You could use my Freestyles if you want to! She said and gave me a wink.

I went out in the hall and on the way I saw a really hot pair of boots with the brans “TP”, Ten Point. They were really well worn and made in black leather. My first tough was that I will fuck them tonight!
I then took her Freestyles and putted them on my feet. My cock was rock hard the whole time out to the greenhouse and back in. I took them off again and walked in to the kitchen were Ella stood. She looked at me and down at my crotch.

-You liked to wear my Freestyles, didn´t you!? She said and giggled.
I blushed and nodded to her.

The dinner was readdy and we sat down and ate and had some beer. Right after dinner I said that I have to use the bathrooom. She nodded and started to take the plates away.
I didn´t need to go to the bathroom, I had something else in my mind!
I went out in the Hall and grabbed her boots and went into the bathroom. Locked the door and took a deep breath in to her boots. They also smelled lovely but not musky. Just a sweet scent of her foot sweat. I was rock hard and pulled down my pants. I putted one shoe on my cock and one at my face so I could smell it. It felt so good to fuck her boots! I was about to cum so I had them laying in the sink and then blow a huge load into both of them right down to the insole. I pulled my pants up and putted the boots back in the hall. Ella came and said:

-Would you take a walk with me? You could use my Freestyles again! She said and gave me a wink.

-Okey, that sounds fine!
I took her freestyles and putted them on. My cock immediately started to grow again by the feeling of having her hot shoes on me. I turned around and saw that Ella had the boots on her feet. The same boots that I had fucked less than 5 minutes ago!!!

She smiled at me and said:
-I can feel that you alreaddy had some fun with my boots, I feel your cum under my feet! God, they feel almost like my soaked Freestyles! You must have cummed allot into them, and now you are hard again! You really like my shoes and boots, dont you!?

I blushed and nodded to her.

She gave me a naughty look and said:
-I wish I could have your cum in my shoes every day! It feels so sexy!

My cock was now harder than it ever had been before!
She gave me a kiss on my cheek and then we went out on the walk.
When we came back home we sat down to watch some tv, but we both fell asleep. I woke up and took a blanket to cover her up. Then we slept all night untill morning….

To be continued!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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