My Seattle Airport Adventure

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My Seattle Airport Adventure

(MF, exh, mast, public)


I’m an average kind of guy who maybe has let a few opportunities slip through his fingers but for the most part I’m not overly disappointed in my life. But at 54 and never experiencing the wild side of life I felt like life was passing me by. I wish that I had at least one exciting incident in my life to give me something to remember in my old age.

My wife lost interest in having sex with me when I was 49 and after a while I stopped trying to seduce her. So for almost five years now, I’ve been virtually celibate, except for self-induced orgasms. If you know what I mean.

That’s why what happened to me at the Seattle airport yesterday was so exceptional, something that I’ll be able to mull over even in extreme old age.

I was sitting in the main terminal at one of the metal phone booths across from one of the many little food places working on a project on my laptop that I was supposed to have completed the week before. I was waiting to pick up a colleague for a business meeting the next day and had several hours to kill and an electrical outlet so I was using my time productively.

When I looked up from my laptop for a moment to compose my thoughts I noticed a pretty young woman sitting at a booth across from me in a little deli, one of many eateries at the airport. To my delight she smiled at me like she thought I was cool.

As I said I am 54, and I’m no great specimen. I haven’t done anything to hurt my body, but then I haven’t gone out of my way to make it exceptional either. And at 54 if you want to look good you have to work at it. So I was amazed that this hot looking young woman seemed to want to hold my gaze.

Then she swung around in her seat to face me. I looked around thinking that her boyfriend or a family member was coming to meet her, but there was light foot traffic on this day and no one was about.

When I turned back to her she was sitting on the edge of her bench and had her wonderful legs spread wide. I was looking into a smooth young pussy and the lovely woman attached to it.

I’m positive that I blushed, and I know that I was shocked. I’d only had intimate relations with one woman in my life and to actually be seeing a super attractive woman flashing me so blatantly was quite an experience.

Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a shadow and she closed her legs just in time to let an unsuspecting family (parents and a daughter and son) pass by.

Once they were gone and an airport employee had passed by I watched as my beautiful young flasher opened her legs again. I looked into her eyes and she mine. It was like an electric charge that passed between us. I knew in that instant that if I wanted to I could have her, that she wanted me.

Then my hearty almost stopped when she raised her blouse and flashed her huge tits at me. They were marvelous. It appeared that she had an “all-over” tan. Then she scrunched down in the chair and I was looking at an inviting pussy as well as two beautiful breasts.

I’d never even imagined a scene like this in my wildest dreams. Then she pointed at my crotch and I looked down and saw a lump pushing up the material. I was surprised to see that I was a hard-on because it didn’t feel like one. But what I had done was become aroused slowly and had been that way for so long that it almost felt normal, like it was just a natural function. Which of course it was.

I looked back up to see her pantomiming that I should open the fly to my pants. My first thought was “no way” I almost choked at the thought. Then I saw the young woman push a finger into herself and slowly push it in and out while circling a nipple with another finger. She closed her eyes in obvious pleasure.

It was an amazing sight. In all my life I’d never been able to get my wife to do anything out of the ordinary and to see a woman so brazenly display herself and obviously enjoying experience was such a turn on for me.

She pulled her finger out of her slit and poked it between her lips and looked at me as she sucked on her finger. Then she pointed toward my crotch and pantomimed again that I should open it.

I was almost like a robot I was so dazed – and so aroused. I looked both ways and hoped to god that I’d get away with this as I slowly unzipped the fly to my pants. I still looked around nervously expecting the cops to descend on me as I fished around in my pants for my now “every slimy” dick.

I finally got hold of it and flipped it free of my underwear so that it popped out into the open. My heart was in my throat at this point and I was almost struggling for breath. I was so nervous that I was amazed that I was still hard, but I was. I was harder than I think I’d been in 20-years, and it felt good, so very good.

Then my beautiful playmate spread her legs again and inserted that finger again. At the same time she indicated with her other hand that I should jackoff myself off with an unmistakable “jackoff” motion of her lovely hand.

I did as she indicated I should do, I gripped my pre-cum soaked dick and began to slowly jackoff to her masturbatory motions. It didn’t take more than a minute before I shot a big intense gob of cum in a high arch that splatted against the screen of my now discarded computer.

I kept pumping my dick and spurting more cum, making my hand sticky and so messy that it looked like it was glazed with frosting. I was a mess, I had cum all over my fingers, sloppy spots on my pants and an obvious string of cum slapped across my computer’s screen.

I looked up at my playmate and saw her scoot around still fingering herself furiously. Then I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye and grabbed my computer and slammed it down over my still throbbing dick and looked up just in time to see one of the cleaning ladies come up to me and look in the booth where I was sitting.

She had a cleaning cloth in her hand and I said nothing when he reached in next to me and swiped the cloth other the countertop in my phone booth whisking away a big glob of my cum with her wet rag.

I sat there in fear and embarrassment as she looked down at me and then silently walked away. I knew that if she had had any experience with men that she’d know what she’d just seen. And smelled for that matter. The smell of sperm permeated the whole booth and I wanted to get out of there before I got caught.

I looked over at the young woman and saw that her head was thrown back and she was obviously in the throes of an intense orgasm. I had the fleeting thought that almost getting caught in a compromising position was the turn-on that had sent her over the top. I’m not sure but I think it was.

Then I saw a cop walking my way. It was absolutely obvious that the airport employee had turned me in, but I wasn’t going to stay around to find out. I closed my laptop, cum soaked screen and all and hiked up my zipper sealing in most of the cooling goo from my recent orgasm and stood up.

My pretty fellow masturbator had fled her table and was quickly walking away toward the gates. I thought about following her, but I didn’t have a ticket so I couldn’t get through security anyway, and besides how far did I really think this would go?

I sighed as I walked to the parking garage. The whole time I was walking through the terminal and standing in the elevator to reach level 6 and my car, I was constantly worried about the smell I was emitting. I smelled so strongly of cum I just knew that everyone could tell what I’d done.

I finally reached my car and drove home as fast as I could and took a fast shower and changed my clothes then headed back to the airport. As I walked toward the gate area I wondered if the airport employee or cop would recognize me. I had purposely put on different colored clothing to help disguise myself. But the whole time, I was looking for my fair playmate.

I know that every time I find myself at the Seattle Airport in the future I’ll be looking for that young woman in the hopes that we’ll repeat the adventure. I’d love to do it again. I really mean it.


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