My very Dirty Night

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My very Dirty Night
I am a bi guy who loves to suck guys off and occasionally more with the
right guy will take it up my ass depending if i feel comfortable with him.

I love asian guys and black guys i dont know why just do , i especially
love guys who are heavy cummers even more than if they have a big cock.

i am well built around 36w and have an average 6 inch cock which is
unfortunately average.

i discovered the grindr app and have had much fun on it meeting up with
guys and have had a couple of regular guys as i find it more fun if u meet
the same guy a few times to discuss what u both like doing and can then
play it out.

The reason for this story is of one encounter that I took part in which was
not my usual encounter.

i was on grindr on my way home to my wife and saw a guy advertising a group
meet this coming friday it was very specific in what it was and u had to
email in pics and what your into. i sent in an email and got a response and
the rules were simple they expected between 10-20 guys there all between 20
up to 50 years old and didn’t want to have too many bottom guys there as i
am a bottom i sent in my details to see if i was allowed to come not
knowing if i actually would turn up.

i got confirmation of being ok to attend and was told all bottoms had to
wear a wristband on their left wrist and that they had to be totally clean
in side and have their ass and pubes shaved off, i usually did but knew
needed more attention.

i replied saying i would attend the sheer thought of being at the mercy of
all those guys and their cocks was over powering and i had to go.

I told my wife i was away with work and booked a hotel near by and that day
checked into it at noon.

i thought a lot about whether i should go i prepared my body that was the
easy bit and also had a big but plug in most of the afternoon to ready my
ass for any invasion.

My instructions as every one elses were to arrive at the farm house at 6
and strip off in the blue bedroom up stairs a shopping basket was left out
to put your things in and you had to walk around naked and there would be
plenty of lube and condoms and poppers and no pics or filming was allowed.

i decided to go as i had gone to this much trouble already.

I drove to the house which i received postcode at 545 and parked up

I walked to the door and it was open as i walked in there were 3 guys
drinking a beer totally naked and i said hi they said hey go and get naked,
i went up and got naked put my wrist band on my correct wrist and came

I was handed a beer that i drank it all in seconds and the 4 then guys in
front of me all with decent cock s had no wrist band on and were starting
to rub my ass one was a skin head really good body and a nice big cock
which was semi he was rubbing my ass cheeks and checking out my lubed hole
i dropped to my knees and took his swollen cock in my mouth over took by
lust he tasted great and soon grew to a 8.5 inch solid thick cock as i
sucked him another guy was rimming my ass and as they were i heard more
guys arrive and soon i had a nice thick cock in my ass pumping away at me
as i sucked the skin head, soon i felt my ass wetter and the guy behind me
grunting and he had shot his load in my ass no condom , i panicked and said
what the fuck and he replied clean man dont worry , the guy who had been
pumping me looked about 30 and his cock looked nice as it went down.

The skin head wasted no time in assuming the position and sliding his huge
cock in my well lubricated ass, it felt awesome but i wasnt comfortable
knowing i was being bred another cock was positioned in my mouth which was
a round 6 inches and a black guy who i had not seen stuck his cock in my
mouth too which was a solid 7 inches i was in cock heaven. I was slurping
on cock and having my ass stuffed by a nice thick cock feeling it going in
and out of me and easier this time as my ass was coated with the previous
guys spunk.

As i got the other 2 cocks hard in my mouth a guy passed me some poppers
and i took a whiff and wow were they strong i turned into a total cock slut
getting into the fucking i was getting soon another load in my ass was
filling me and i was loving it the black guy was number 3 to fill me and he
slid in my with ease and pumped away at me as i was sucking this 6 inch guy
licking his balls and working my was to tongue his ass too.

Another guy came over and slapped his stubby thick cock in my face which I
greedily took , i thought this cock is not long but a huge mushroom head on
it you would feel that in your hole. As i was definetley the centre of
attention in the room more guys were filling the room some kissing and
sucking each other off and others watching.

The black guy was verbally abusing me as he fucked me and said to the crowd
where do you think this bitch wants his load they answered breed him. And
that he did another load filled my ass number 3 !

After he pulled out he shoved his cock in my mouth for me to clean up and I
did and the mushroom cock guy positioned behind me and struggled to push it
in but as i took another whiff of poppers i took it and loved it.

He fucked me really fast and started to cum in me too soon but he kept on
cumming and cumming and then fucking me a bit more and cumming again he was
one of those guys who cum loads and I loved it. I saw the black guy leave
which was a shame as he had a really manageable horny cock the mushroom guy
was still in my ass and i could feel his thick load filling me and i was on
all fours with another cock in my mouth as i savoured the feeling of truly
getting bred and filled with cum. Another guy was getting fucked and i was
going to have to share all these tops with him clearly. when the guy pulled
out my ass he pulled me up and led me to where this young lad was lieing
with his legs in the air getting fucked and he made me sit on his face and
my ass went on his face and the 2 cocks he had been sucking were thrust in
my mouth both nice thick ones.

I knew what the crowd wanted and i shit out all the cum in his mouth and
on his face he was tonguing my ass hole and it felt good after a few
minutes they got me off him and said kiss him which i did tasting all the
salty cum that had run out my ass into his mouth all 4 loads including the
biggest one ever of the past guy.

Soon i was on my knees pleasing 2 guys and another was working his big cock
in my hole and I was getting pounded again I said fill me please i want
more spunk than him and the guy who had been fucking him pulled out and
thrust it in my mouth and i suck ed him to quickly cumming a good load of
gooey cum and tasting the bottom guys ass too which was hot.

The guy pounding my ass exploded in me and i could feel him squirting
inside me I resumed to sucking the 2 guys I had been and one of them took
position in my ass and starting pounding me i was losing count how many
cocks i had taken up me now. I sucked the 1 guy and saw in the corner of
my eye the other bottom taking a good pounding think he was a power bottom
and had a really small cock on him.

Another cock was pushed in my face this was an asian guy who was smallish
and i sucked him with the other guy, the man fucking me started to cum in
side me another hot load filling me, as he withdrew the asian guy wanted me
and pushed his cock in which i would say was no more than 5 inches it was
actually a nice break for me having a small one as i attended to the 8 inch
guy i had been sucking for a while.

I wanted to change position and lay on the floor and one guy pushed a
cushion under my ass and the guy i was sucking straddled my shoulders and
face fucked me as the asian guy fucked me, am not sure how good it was for
him as i couldn’t feel a lot so he wouldn’t be able to with me having been
stretched out. I heard him cumming and he stayed in my ass a while as he
shot his load as deep as he could then pulled out and went off, the guy I
was sucking and had been for a while went and pushed in me and it felt
great i could feel him deep in side me and I said go on fuck me senseless.
I grabbed the poppers and I took a strong whiff and was loving it.

the other bottom guy was pulled up and led to sit on my face I knew what
was coming…..

I slurped his hole in my face and he farted and big globs of salty cum
dropped out his ass in my mouth which I licked all up and swallowed the
crowd standing around watching closely he kept pushing his anal muscles and
guess what else I got a lump of shit came out too mixed in the cum which I
had to eat at the time nothing else i could do it tasted not nice but not
as bad covered in all the salty cum. I licked him and then he was pulled
up for more fucking . as i was cleaning him my ass was getting the best
fucking so far .

As the trooper started to cum he pulled out and shot it on my face and it
was a nice thick load of 7-8 spurts which i swallowed and licked up
sweetest load i got to get this guys number I thought.

A lot of the guys had migrated into the kitchen for a drink and i was left
un serviced lieing with the power bottom lad getting a pounding off some 40
year old man.

I stood up legs a bit shaky and walked through to the kitchen where the
guys were getting a drink one man said here comes cum slut , i laughed and
took a beer.

Mr mushroom cock was stood near me and I pointed to his cock and said thats
one amazing cock and cum load u give he smiled and said u should try a
facial next see how much u really get i said i am up for that!

One guy asked me if i wanted a golden shower I said yeah but not sure where
we would do that and the owner arranger of the parts said why dont we go
down to my cellar where we can have part 2 of this.

We all walked down some stairs I think i waddled as my ass was well opened
up and when the light came on there was a large open room with leather
benches and a shelf on the wall with all sizes of dildos and but plugs and
also lubes.

there was hand cuffs and whips too. One guy asked me if i was into bdsm i
said no not into pain at all thanks.

A guy picked up one dildo that was really fat and long and asked me if I
wanted it I said no but i would love all your cocks again. The owner
flicked a light switch and the room became all red and really seedy and he
then put a giant tv on and instant hard core gay porn. the scene was set!
I dropped to my knees on the padded mat and said whos first and the
mushroom guy came over and i took his ridiculously fat cock in my mouth and
started to suck it best that I could.

One of the guys was behind me fingering me and licking my but. As i sucked
Mr mushroom cock another guy came over and was wanking in my face.

Soon i felt a cock push in my ass starting to fuck me it was nice to have a
cock back inside me. Mr mushroom was looking like he wanted to cum and I
was curious just how much does he cum as when he came last time it was in
my ass and its difficult to tell quantity. I licked his balls and stuck a
finger in his ass to turn him on as much as I could so i would get the
biggest load i could .

He started shooting 2 thick ropes of thick cum one landed on my tongue the
other on my cheek he kept wanking and then a huge dribble of 3 globs of
thick cum ran down on to my mouth from his bell end. That was more cum
than the usual guy but he kept wanking and another 4 loads of thick cum i
would say as much cum in one spurt as a guy would cum in total but he kept
cumming more it took around 4 minutes for him to finish cumming and when he
had i was totally covered it was amazing i loved it made all better having
my ass fucked as it was happening.

I slurped and licked on him for a good while licking all the cum up and
swallowing it and even licking the mat where i had let some run onto it.

Behind me the guy spunked in my ass and kept fucking me it was hot.

He pulled out and i thanked him for a good decent fucking, another guy came
and slid under me it was the skinhead and his 8 inch cock was sticking up
and i slowly lowered onto him and slid down his long shaft taking it all in
my greasy soaked ass. i rode him and we started to kiss as i took it
kissing real pattionatley i need this guys number too i thought to my self
as i was getting off i felt another cock trying to break into my hole and
it did i dont know how but i now had 2 cocks in my ass I was being
stretched out i begged for poppers and took a huge whiff and it became
easier to bear i was in total amazement taking 2 cocks at once and i just
kissed the guy to distract me from the pain. i felt one of the cocks cum
in me it wasnt the skin head as i could tell if he had of cum and the 2nd
cock pulled out and i was left with the fat one of the skin head who now
could manuevere better in side me.

he pushed me up on all fours and went behind me and started to fuck me like
an a****l hard really fast i was moaning like a total slut and soon he shot
and buried his cock deep in side me

I didnt want him to ever take it out it felt that good his thick fat
lovely cock buried in my ass and I could feel his sweat dripping on me as
his cock softened. A cock was shoved in my face it was a semi hard one
nice regular bigger than average cock with a nice shiny bellend end and it
was attatched to a hunky guy who was tanned and nice looking and I was
sucking him deep as the skinhead pulled his cock out my ass and slapped my
ass cheeks as a sort of compliment.

As soon as my ass was clear I felt a tounge lapping up and my ass and
licking it deeply , the cock in my mouth was at full attention and he asked
did i want it i said hell yeah looking at what must have been 7.5 inches of
nice cock.

He moved behind me and pushed it in my hole with no issue at all it slid
straight in my spunky hole and he pounded me and another cock was shoved in
my mouth this time it was an asian guy which I can always tell by the pubes
on an asian guy.

He was quite hung for an asian guy and he tasted real nice.

The guy servicing my ass was banging away and really rough fucking me as i
attended to this juicy thick asian cock , i licked his balls and

they were really low hanging and i was curious to know what his load was
like , but didnt have to wait long as he came in my mouth i think
prematurely it was a lovely thick load and i ate it all up greedily.

He actually apologised and i said no need it was lovely , the guy banging
my ass started to cum and sprayed his load up me and just pulled out and
walked off … charming i thought.

The young lad who had been getting all the other tops was brought in the
room and put over a black rubber block and he looked like he had been
fucked a lot and was about to get fucked more there was about 8 guys in
this room at the moment mainly at the sofa drinking and I was now with out
any cock so i headed over to grab a drink.

I sat on the sofa and the organiser asked me if i was having a nice time i
said best every, he then asked me if i wanted a golden shower and i said
sure he led me to the corner and i got on my knees and he started to piss
on my face and in my mouth long jets of yellow piss which i drank as much
as i could followed by another 2 guys coming over to join him they also
started to piss on my and i was totally soaked i licked their cocks and one
stayed and got hard and proceeded to fuck me til he spunked in my bum i had
totally lost count how many loads i had had.

I got up and dried off with some paper towels and headed back to the sofa
and another guy had joined the 3 guys he was a black guy called Ty and was
drinking a bottle of beer sitting in his boxer shorts, he looked very toned
and handsome.

The owner introduced me as a slut bottom whos addiceted to cock and spunk
he said cool perhaps you like to try mine? i said well depends what u
offering at that moment he pulled down his boxers and his cock was across
his tummy looked false not real was so big biggest i have ever seen my
mouth was wide open and i replied i doubt i could take that thing in me
perhaps the young lad there might want it!

Ty replied by saying i am sure you will take it i am very good at giving- i
sat next to him and put my hand on his cock and rubbed it transfixed by its

We were watching the other bottom guy getting spitroasted by 2 guys and he
was like me totally into it taking load after load in his ass just as i
had, i wondered why Ty wanted me and not that young lad so i asked him , he
said i was totally hot and he liked well build lads.

I went down on him trying to take it in my mouth , it was so thick and the
bell end as big as Mr Mushrooms but his cock was so long you need 4 hands
to manage it, as i did one of the guys was pokeing my ass with his fingers
and i got on my knees to totaly attend to Ty and felt a cock enter me which
was pleasant not big and not small , it was the asian guy i had sucked and
he fucked me as i worked on Tys cock trying to make it hard it was
certainly growing and soon it was standing up almost its self, this thing
must have been 14 inches and as thick as a coke can. The nice asian guy was
banging away at me and soon spunked up me which i knew meant one thing,
that is i have to try and take Ty in me.

2 of the guys led me to the bench and lay me down and lifted my legs up, i
said pass th poppers and Ty came over and started to poke me feeling my
hole to see if it was ready , i inhaled as much of the poppers that i could
and was over come feeling i could take a tank up my ass and said go on stud
give me it all use my ass which he sure did he pushed the tip in which was
ok as i had had Mr Mushroom on 2 occasions that night but as he pushed in
it was nothing like the others cocks i had taken it went so deep and its
girth all the way was ridiculous i felt like i was going to pass out as he
pushed deep in me soon to be all the way he kept it in me while i got used
to its size which i thought would never happen i almost pushed him out of
me but didnt.

Slowly he fucked me and as he did it got easier and soon felt good
stretching me to the limit.

One of the guys stuck his cock in my mouth which was just what i needed as
i was getting fucked by this monster and i sucked on him and he was nice
and hard and i concentrated on trying to make him cum as Ty worked on my
ass it went on for ages and the guy i was giving head to shot a nice load
all over my face and in my mouth and went off as i lied there covered in
cum old cum new cum dried cum and Ty just kept on working my hole. I looked
down admireing that massive member that was invading my ass time after time
after time.

He asked me if i liked it and i whimpered sure its amazing and 2 of the
guys watching him doing me were wanking and one stuck his cock in my mouth
and i slobbered on it and soon another load of cum was washing in my mouth
as Ty just kept fucking me.

I heard the other bottom getting a good seeing to and he was competing with
me how much dick he could get i think.

Ty quickened up and i felt he could be soon to cumming and i tried to
encouraget him by saying go on baby give me it feed my ass your seed ,
breed your bitch , as soon as i said that he grunted and began to cum and
he thrust deep in me and spunked still fucking me as he shot and eventually
pulled out and my ass was gapeing and the guys were looking at it wanting
to see if i stil had an ass.

Ty’s cock pulled out and he stuck it in my mouth and i tasted the depths of
my ass it had been so far up me i tasted my own shit on his cock and
thought nothing of it cleaning him until he went soft to around 9 inches
soft !

I was quivering after that seeing to and a pakistani lad came over and
started to fuck me i couldnt feel much to be honest but was nice as he
fucked me as hard as he could , i lay there thinking about all the things i
had done so far and was driven to want to do more and the other bottom was
led to sit on my face again and i wondered how much spunk was hideing up
his loose hole?

he sat on my face and his ass was a lot redder than last time i licked it
and i lapped at his hole which was also gaping and gooey cum ran out of him
in to my mouth which i devoured and one of the guys said push push and this
lad did and a few spunky poos came out in my mouth and i again ate them all
as the paki lad fucked my ass.

my cock was hard and i started to spunk my self with out touching my self
the bottom lad w****d his mouth around me and took my saved load which was
huge after the build up of all this action.

the paki lad started to cum in my ass and pulled out when he was done and
stuck it in the bottom lads mouth then the bottom lad started to lick my
ass out tasting all the spunk that was running out of me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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