My Virginity Taken Pt 3 !

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My Virginity Taken Pt 3 !
The phone started ringing which Hazel answered. “Time to go Steve ! Such a shame. Ah well always tomorrow” she smiled.

I got dressed and wandered home in a bit of a daze. I couldn’t believe what had happened and as I walked into my house I got another shock. “Hi Steve Hazel has just called and said thanks for all your help today and says to remind you its 10 o’clock in the morning”

I quickly replied “Ok mam”

“Shes very impressed with how hard you worked”.

“Yes I’m tired going for a lie down Mam”.

“Ok Steve”

I laid down on the bed and closed my eyes. I couldn’t get what had happened out of my mind or the fact I was seeing Hazel the following day. My hand wrapped around my hard on and I jerked myself off before falling asleep.

I woke and watched TV the rest of the night then bed and sleep !

The following morning I awoke before my parents and ate some corn flakes. It was only half eight but the sun was shining so I ate outside in the garden listening to the radio. Mam saw me through the kitchen window and came outside. “Don’t forget about Hazel Steve”

“I haven’t Mam” I replied. I sat listening to the radio for a further hour then wandered down the street full of trepidation !

I knocked and the door opened. Hazel was in a different bikini but God she looked good.

“Early drink today I think Steve” she said smiling. “You have a lot to do so go into the garden. The sunbeds are ready”. She came out of the back door with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She filled each glass and patted the sunbed.

We laid on the sunbeds and I gulped down my glass of wine. I was so nervous.

“Wow that was fast ! You aren’t nervous are you ?” she said with a smile on her face. She refilled my glass.

We laid in the sun listening to the radio and chatting and as each glass of wine went down my throat I became more relaxed and horny rather than scared !

It started to cloud over and although still pleasant, Hazel motioned that we should go indoors.

She guided me to the bedroom. “Time for your second lesson” she whispered to me.

She sat me on the edge of the bed, took off her top, got her knees and pulled down my shorts. My underpants quickly followed and my cock sprang to attention. Her hand wrapped round it and then her mouth engulfed it.

“Steven you are a big boy ” She said as her head slowly bobbed up and down. She suddenly stopped and said “Wait here”.

I wasn’t going to move. She came back with a tape measure and placed it against my rock hard cock. “bloody hell !”
she exclaimed “10.8 inches ! You’re my new record !”.

She started to suck me again. Slowly and caressing my balls at the same time. I could feel the sap rising and said “Hazel Stop ! I think I’m going to come”

Her head continued bobbing, taking my whole length and suddenly I exploded and filled her mouth with my sperm.

She removed her head from my cock and stuck out her tongue. It was covered in my thick white fluid which she swallowed down.

“Yummy”. “Lets go back outside, its brightened up again and we will continue later”

We went back to the sunbeds with Hazel bringing another bottle with her. We sat and chatted when suddenly there was a knock on the locked gate.

Hazel went and opened the gate. It was my mate Kevin !!

“Hello Kevin”

“Oh Hello” he replied “Is Steve here ? His Mam said he was helping you in the garden”

“Oh yes he is here and he is helping”.

“Oh my God no! This is a disaster” I thought.

Hazel came around the corner of the bungalow and said “Sit down next to Steve, Kev. Like A drink ?”

“ERM Orange juice please”

“Oh I’ve only got the wine, me and Steve are drinking so would you like a glass ?”

“I’ve never drank alcohol and Mam And Dad don’t either. I would get shot…. I’d better leave”. “Phew” I thought great he’s going

My hopes were soon dashed. “Don’t be silly Kevin ! Would you like to help Steve and me ?”

“What do we have have to do ?” he asked. ” Oh it’s really easy and enjoyable isn’t it Steve ?” I nodded
with a sense of trepidation. “God she’s gonna ask him to join us” I thought …….To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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