My Wife – A Lesbian Prostitute – Part 2

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My Wife – A Lesbian Prostitute – Part 2

To recap about it in a nutshell , I would like to recall the first part. I am an educated person with a decent job and a perfect family. My wife is good looking and looks a bit like Bhumika Chawala and also like Bhagyashree ( of Maine Pyar Kya Fame). More like she looks now a days.

Now, it so happed that our office’s new boss, madam ( a very influential and dominating lady), had assumed the office. She arranged for a pvt. Get- together for all colleagues and their spouses. The next day after the dinner, she threw the bombshell, that she wanted my wife to be their muse ( kind of a lesbian slave). She and other most, influential ladies of the state had formed the group where they would share new ladies (women) amongst themselves.

She threw me the shocker, that if I don’t accept she is going to fire me from job and on false grounds have me arrested. On the other hand if I agree , I would be not only be promoted but my wife would be paid a good amount of money too. She told no man would ever touch her and it was very confidential. I had no other choice, discussed the matter with my wife and she agreed.

Thus, before the conclusion of first part , as I had mentioned, I had left my wife with madam for week end . I dropped my wife at Maam’s place on Saturday , at around 10.30 and picked her up , the next day , Sunday evening at around 6.30 pm. My c***d was at my in-laws place and convinced my parents that my wife has gone to her parents place, due to her mom’s illness.


My wife took a seat. She was looking tired , means very tired. I couldnt say anything to her and there was all silence between us. I had guilt feeling that where I have made her land. During the time she was at Maam’s place, we had not talked. As was instructed by Maam, no telephone calls ( unless its of our c***d’s matter) and no other contacts. She had told that they wanted to enjoy her- totally.

After around half an hour of driving, I broke the ice of silence , by asking if we could park for a cold drink and she agreed. Not knowing what to say, I asked her to bring to soft drinks from the nearby cafe. This was now, when she said that she cant even walk. I looked her in her eyes and thankfully she was not crying. She told me to lets have the cold drink and return home. In night she will tell everything.

We reached home, and with difficulty my wife finished all the household chores , made our son sleep and came to our bedroom. She asked me to put body lotion and then she removed all her clothes. When she did that, I was stunned. Excepting her face and neck, each part of her body had kiss marks. Some were so deep that it had become blueish . Not a single centimetre of her fair breasts were without marks. I asked her did the ladies bite her, to which she said, not hard bites but yes, intense and hard smooches all throughtout. They had taken care , so as not to put any bleeding marks.

These marks were every where, her stomach, her navel region, her breasts, her ass and even her thighs. I asked her to remove her panty , and even her inner thigh region had kiss marks. Her pussy was swollen and had become reddish. I asked her is she all right and did the ladies fuck her..She said they took care that she doesn’t get hurt at any stage. She told that she was completely used by the ladies used every part of her body , but without hurting and that she may have been fucked around 15-20 times and may had 50 orgasms within this short span. I could notice one thing , all the while my wife was never complaining. There , I thought to myself that my wife has become a lesbian prostitute or a slut. I asked her to narrate the whole incidence.

She started from first. She told that after I left her in Maam’s house, she entered her big drawing room. There were 3 other ladies who were already there. All of them in their mid 40 or early 50’s. Each of these ladies were highly dignified to look and each of them well maintained. Maam eased her out and answered the questions that were running on her head. She repeted that they have a habit of sharing decent, educated ladies amongst themselves. Their group had 10 members. All of the members were straight and mostly everyone have a family of their own. Their c***dren are now in to teens or into initial phase of their careers.

She said, that because they are under so much professional pressure, they relax themselves by having share new girls amongst themselves. They don’t go for Giggolos as it has got chance of exposure. Maam had told that they already have share around 8 ladies within themselves. They had an unofficial agreement that each one of the member would have to bring one new muse and that this was her turn to find a suitable girl for the group failing which she would have been put away (jokingly). Maam also said to my wife that not to fear anything and she wont be physically harmed. Finally maam told her that she would be paid Rs. 1,00,000/- per month and that would continue for at least a year (which may increase, too). All her needs would be taken care by the group.

Then one by one, she introduced each member. All of them were from very high society and had made their marks in their respective field of work. Apart from Maam, the three ladies that were present were also head of their offices. One of them was a big legal eagle ( a senior advocate of repute) , one was state manager of a nationalised bank and other was an philanthropist cum social worker ( wife of a reputed multi-national software firm based in the state). Apart from the ladies present they had six other influential ladies. They were a well known actress cum classical dancer of international fame, lady police commissioner , wife of a central minister ( herself a sitting MLA), one highly successful business entrepreneur, a departmental chief secretary of government and finally a chairperson of a private university of the state.

My wife told me that these ladies are so influential that they could shook the entire state and they control whole of state. Maam, told her not to disclose about the group and warned her of dire consequences (even death or jail). She told that each of them had a daily turnover of average 10-15 lakhs of Rupees from their direct and indirect investment also. She also threatened to my wife that should she play any tricks she would be left nowhere and if she co operates , then apart from my official promotion and her fees, the group can be useful in any circumstances.

My wife told me, she slyly asked Maam as to why she was chosen to be their muse. Maam told her it was her turn and she preferred women of age 30-32 , with a height of around 5.2 feet and having good hair. The day she saw her photo ( recall the incident where my Maam had seen her pictures in phone) she took an instant liking about her.
Maam, said they were expecting other guests to arrive soon and then they could start up. Ma’am, tauntingly asked other members as to how her find was, to which they replied , she found a good catch.

Soon, one by one the guests turned up and what my wife described was a surreal experience. One which changed her life

Dear readers this in the second part of the story . Whatever written hear is true . Also, I have maintained the secrecy while divulging the details. Hope you have found it interesting . on the next part will describe the sexual episode.

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