My Wife my Mate and Me (a Bi tale)

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My Wife my Mate and Me (a Bi tale)

It was so sexy watching my best mate Jack slurp his tongue up and down my wife’s hot cunt. Sexier still when his tongue dipped in it to lap at the spunk I’d just shot up her. She was moaning and holding her legs wide so that he could munch on her sloppy twat and I just stood watching, my cock now beginning to rise again.

Julie my wife had organized the three way, she had a yearning to watch me being fucked by a man so I told her that my mate Jack would do it as long as he could feast on her cum loaded cunt.

We had all stripped off and I had climbed on top of Julie my prick achingly stiff and ready to fuck. Jack wanted to suck on my cock first so I let him have a nice gobble of my dick before I pushed up Julie’s hot twat. With Jack fingering my arse I was soon gushing a fuck load of cum up the wife and she was fucking loving it. I asked Jack if he wanted to fuck her and he said he would later but he was keen to fuck me first.

I’d known Jack for years, he was a sexy fucker and we’d
been having sex together for ages. We were both Bi but Jack preferred arse to twat. He wasn’t married but I’d told him he was free to fuck my wife anytime he felt like it after all he was my best mate, He was pretty hunky looking and very straight looking too and his cock was thicker than mine but not quite so long. Julie my wife, 
loved cock as much as I did, she knew I was Bi and it excited her to think that I fucked around with men. It had been some time before she’d plucked up the courage to tell me that she wanted a 3way and even harder for her to admit that she wanted to see me with a cock up my arse getting fucked hard.

I was very keen on the idea and had arranged the 3way with Jack immediately. Julie was a pretty fit looking woman with ample tits and pretty face plus she had a nice tight twat that was made for any number of pricks.

Cock ragingly stiff, Jack began to shove it up to my arse. Julie held my butt cheeks open and watched as Jack’s cock opened up my tight arsehole. She kissed me and told me to enjoy the fuck then she sat back to watch Jack screw the fuck out of me.

“Do you like that big cock in your arse baby?” said Julie fingering her twat. I could only moan a yes as Jack pounded my arsehole.

I loved cock up my arse so I was soon groaning with pleasure. I could see Julie fingering her juicy cunt as she watched the action and I wanted to get my cock up her hole again. Jack was panting above me, his broad hairy chest a joy to stroke, his nipples fun to pinch and suck.

“Come here babe,” I said to Julie. “If we change position I can fuck you as Jack fucks me”.

Julie lay on her back, her legs spread, her hairless cunt moist and ready. I got my cock in hand and rammed the fucker inside her twat. Jack got behind me and slipped his dick back into my arse. My arse muscles grabbed it and hauled it back to slam against my prostate.
The fuck sandwich was pretty awesome and the three of us were making all sorts of sexy noises as we climaxed together. I could feel Jack’s hot knob engorged and be pulsating inside my arsehole and I milked the fucker dry.
My own randy prick was shooting ball batter up my wife’s twat at a speed of knots and she was fucking swooning with her own orgasm.

I lay after with Julie lapping my cum soaked cock clean and with me sucking on Jack’s lovely spunk drained prick.

It was thirty minutes or so later and we were all fired up again. I let Jack fuck Julie for a while. It was hot watching his cock dive in and out of her greedy cunt and I was soon agonizingly stiff and ready to get stuck in myself. Pushing my cock up Julie’s tight arse was pretty hard going at first but she took it slowly and managed to get all of my dick in. I could feel Jack’s stiff cock against my own separated by the division between arse and cunt. Julie was moaning heavily and we fucked her good and hard until she was screaming for our spunk.

Our cum was soon filling her holes up and she was gasping with orgasmic pleasure. My own cum kept on spurting and so I kept fucking the groans out of her. Jack followed with a massive cum load for Julie. She was going crazy for his cock and I was a little jealous, it has to be said. Not jealous because of Julie, but jealous that Jack’s cock was spurting inside of her instead of me.

Round three and we were all in a sucking mood with Julie taking our two cocks into her mouth for a tongue
lashing. She was a great ball sucker too and had both our balls in her mouth at separate times to suck heartily.
I needed Jack’s cock in my arse again and Julie wanted to see him fuck me again so I got on all fours and told him to ram his prick into my guts.

With Julie’s hot cunt at my disposal, I fingered and tongued her twat out as Jack raided my arse with his cock. Julie’s hot cunt tasted of sweet spunk and I lunged my tongue into it to lap and lick. She was moaning and grabbing my head to hold my mouth to her twat and Jack was fucking me with long ball smacking strokes.

“Fuck him Jack” said Julie “Fuck my dirty bastard husband and fill him with your cum”.

I was in my fucking element, a hard cock ramming my manhole to pieces and a cum tasty twat yielding to my probing tongue.

I reached for Julies tits and massaged them paying special attention to her stiff nipples. Jack was giving me his cock good and hard and I could feel his balls slapping
my arse

“Oh! Fucking hell Jack that feels epic” I said, pushing my arse against his rutting prick.
“You need to be fucked regularly mate,” he said £Fucked and filled with spunk”.
Julie agreed with him and so who was I to say otherwise.

Grunting loudly Jack began to fill my hot arsehole with his scrumptious cum. Julie quickly got around into a sixty-nine with me so that we could cum together.
With her mouth around my cock and Jack still pumping jizz up me I was soon drenching Julie’s tonsils with my sperm. Wriggling my tongue up her cum slick twat and Julie too was cumming, her vocals pretty impressive.

The three of us rested a while and then one more fuck had me creaming Julie’s cunt once more to the delight of Jack who was ready for another feeding. His tongue worked into Julie and my spunk worked out over it.

It was one of those sessions that you wanted to repeat but knew that it would never be as good. It was certainly going to be worth aspiring too.

I kissed Julie, I could taste my own cum and I was happy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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