My wife trying a new BBC

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My wife trying a new BBC
I had felt too stressed at my job during the last months and then I knew Ana wanted something else than I could offer her at our bed.

Worst of all, my sensual wife had joked with me many times before about her fantasizing about a black man and her getting it on.
I knew she had fucked more than one black dick in the past; but now she was telling me her fantasies of doing it in front of me.

I felt that it would be a great turn on for me to watch this.
So, I told Ana to do some searching on the internet. After some few days of swapping emails with some candidates; she happily told me she had found someone that could match…

I chatted with this guy Leon and he sounded more than willing to participate. He sent Ana a few pictures of himself and my sexy wife finally told me she wanted that huge black guy in our marital bed…

Then we set everything. A couple days later we made an appointment and arranged to meet us at a local motel…

When we arrived at the motel, Ana called Leon to tell we were already waiting for him. A while later Leon knocked at the door.

I opened the door and the black guy walked in. Anita was sitting at the bed, looking at him. Leon sat down close to her.
We talked for a while and I could notice that Ana was squirming where she sat. She could not wait anymore.

Then finally Ana took control and told Leon to stand up and come over in front of her. Then she ordered him to remove his shirt. As he did this, Anita started on his pants. She unzipped his fly.

I could see that he was pretty hard by now, as my wife was touching the top of his bulge. Then she grabbed his pants and took them all the way off. I saw Ana’s eyes light up as she sat and looked at his big black cock stretching the fabric of his shorts…
Then she started rubbing him through his shorts.
She finally pulled those shorts down his legs. Leon’s huge cock swung out and was now pointing straight at Anita’s mouth.

My wife looked over at me and asked if I was sure that I wanted to do this. I nodded a silent yes. With that, she grabbed those ten inches in both hands and started to get them wet with her tongue.

After his entire cock looked pretty wet, she took it in her mouth and started with the head; she slowly worked her mouth farther and farther down his dick. After a few minutes, she was in a frenzy sucking it. Leon reached down and played with Anita’s tits…

After a while, Ana stopped sucking him and got on her back onto the bed. Leon then grabbed Ana’s thong and yanked it off her. Then he stood at the feet of the bed and maneuvered his cock in front of my wife’s pussy.
Leon then slowly, inch by inch, started pumping Ana’s pussy until it was all the way in. He was pulling it all the way out, then all the way back in. My sensual wife was screaming with pleasure.
She was gritting her teeth and telling him to fuck her pussy harder.

After a while of hard pumping, Leon told her he wanted to try a piece of her nice ass. Then he pulled it out of her pussy and spun Anita over on her stomach. He told her to get up further on the bed so he could have both knees on the bed.
I reached over and gave him some lube oil to help out.
Leon smeared some on his own dick and around Ana’s rosebud.

Then he put the head of his cock at the rim of Anita’s asshole.
He grabbed her hips and slowly inserted his cock head in her ass. Anita squeezed the sheets in her hands as the black guy slid his cock a little bit at a time in her very tight anus.

After a few seconds, he was all the way in her ass. Then he just started pumping his cock in and out, every time, sliding his cock out just until his head was visible and then all the way back in.

Ana begged him to fuck her pretty tight ass with his big black cock harder and harder. Soon my wife said she was going to cum.
Right then Ana let out a primal scream and came violently as Leon kept fucking her ass with a nice steady pace.

Soon after her orgasm, Leon pulled out and shot his load of warm semen onto my wife’s buttocks. They both collapsed on the bed.

After they rested for a bit, Ana planned on having a threesome…

This time she would ride Leon’s huge black cock and I would enjoy fucking her now stretched asshole. We did it that way and Ana came before Leon and I could fill her both orifices with semen.

Leon rested for another while and then he said he was ready for more action. Ana looked at that growing hard cock and I saw in her look she could not believe her eyes…

But she went on all fours again and rubbed her pussy lips with his fingers as her black lover was getting ready to fuck her again from behind.
I went outside for a smoke; but could hear the frenzy screams from Ana as this black guy was pounding her again.

I knew it would take a long while; but my sensual wife would be fully satisfied after giving her gaping holes to this black man…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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