My Wife’s Charity Striptease – Part 4

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My Wife’s Charity Striptease – Part 4
(Please read Parts 1 to 3 first)

Sue’s words at the end of our last photo/striptease/sex session with my mates had been reverberating in my mind for some days. She had confirmed to me after the last, let’s face it, orgy (or gangbang?) that she really did mean that she would like to be joined by another woman, mainly as she felt that I hadn’t been getting the full benefit. I wasn’t going to refuse the idea, but I was wondering how we were going to get someone to join the secret sessions which had started as a way of using Sue’s attractiveness to raise money for the charity she worked for.

As things had turned out I had been extremely turned-on by the antics that ensued; my wife being, initially, ogled as she showed my friends (all of them married and all of them friends of us both!) her naked body, displaying shamelessly her sexual organs, allowing them to photograph her private places and then to allow them, at later sessions, to fondle her body, insert fingers into her and finally to jerk off on her and eventually to have full sex with her. Her only limit, so far, was that only I, her husband, was allowed access to her anus! But thinking it through, it did seem that the lads were getting a lot more out of this (granted at quite a high price for their charitable donations) than I was. The idea of having another woman there that I could screw was definitely meeting my approval.

Sue had challenged the men to find someone, and I had heard no news of progress on that front, when one day, arriving home after work, Sue greeted me at the door.

“Hi Alan,” she smiled “we have a visitor. You remember Jane from the office?”

Yes, I remembered Jane. A very attractive redhead a couple of years younger than Sue, with a nice body and great legs, nice pert tits, a B-cup I’d say. I think she’s single, having been in a long-term relationship that fell apart about a year earlier, if my memory served me correctly.

“Hello Jane,” I called, “nice to see you again. I hope everything’s good with you?”

Jane stood up and gave me a peck on the cheek. She looked very nice indeed, quite formally dressed in a dark skirt suit that was cut well to emphasise her shape, and an expensive-looking cream silk blouse.

“Alan,” said Sue, walking up to me and turning me so I was facing away from Jane, “I hope you don’t mind, darling, but, well…” at this point, to my surprise, she put her hand on the front of my trousers and pressed against my sleeping penis, which immediately began to stir, “well, I told Jane about our little sessions with the boys!”

“What!” I said, stepping back a pace. “That’s supposed to be a secret!”

“I know my love, but Jane’s my best friend and I had to tell someone, it was eating me up not being able to share it with a girlie friend. Anyway, Jane’s really keen, aren’t you, Jane?”

“Keen on what?” I interrupted.

Jane moved over to us and, placing a hand on my bum, said “I’m interested in joining you all! Sue’s story really made me horny. I haven’t had any decent sex for over a year. I want to be admired by a load of men, with no commitments, just some great sex!” As she spoke she began to massage my posterior, running her hands all over the seat of my trousers, running a finger down between my legs. “I know Sue wants to share the load, and offer something for you, Alan. I’ve always found you attractive – would I do for a shag for you?”

“Bloody hell. Yes.” I managed to stammer. “Jane, are you absolutely sure? And you, Sue?”

“Oh yes, don’t you worry” said Sue. “In fact I’m as randy as hell now just talking about it! Jane, let’s do him!”

With that both women advanced on me, both grabbing me and holding me in a joint embrace, while each of them kissed and licked my face and rubbed their hands on my shirt and trousers. Sue worked on my dick and brought it to attention inside my pants. I opened my legs slightly to enable Jane to fondle my crotch from behind. This was wonderful!

I turned my head to get at Jane’s lips and kissed her deeply, putting my tongue in her mouth. As I did so, Sue knelt down and opened my flies, putting a hand inside and rubbing me through my boxer shorts. I opened Jane’s jacket and slipped it off her shoulders onto the floor, then began to open the front of her blouse. An underwired, white, balconette bra came into view, along with the plump tops of her well-supported breasts.

Sue opened my belt and the front of my trousers and let them fall. As I began to feel Jane’s breasts through her bra, Sue extracted my prick from my boxers and took me into her mouth. Jane continued to feel my bum with her hands, putting one between my legs and cupping my balls, as Sue sucked away. Heaven!

I needed to get at Jane’s sex though, and began working on the zipper of her skirt. She took her hands away from me and undid her skirt for me, stepping out of it to reveal that she was wearing a white suspender belt, tan stockings and little white nylon panties. Sue took her cue from Jane and stripped off as well. They had obviously prepared for this, Sue was also clad in stockings and suspenders and one of her quarter-cup bras holding her breasts erect but exposing her nipples for attention.

Jane removed her bra revealing very round and firm perky tits with very deep areolae. In fact I realised that she had deepened their colour with lipstick. Phew! All for me!

The girls were stood in front of me, both within reach, so I put one hand on each of their panties, between their legs. Both girls opened their legs for me to get access and I could feel wetness from each crotch. They moved against me and I transferred my hands around them to put a hand down the back of each panty, running it down the cleft of their bum-cheeks, over their arse-holes and felt their respective pussies, slipping a finger into each. In return Jane got hold of my dick and Sue ran her hand over MY bum-cleft.

After a minute or so of this, Sue told me to get on the floor. She pulled off my boxers and I was naked from the waist down, apart from my socks. The girls removed their panties, showing Sue’s shaven Mound of Venus and Jane’s light auburn triangle.

I lay on the carpet. The next second I was aware of Jane pulling a condom over my erection (Sue must have given that to her I thought) and lowering herself onto it. Meanwhile Sue straddled my head and slowly brought her pussy lips onto my mouth. I linked and sucked her greedily while I pumped my groin into Jane furiously. In a minute it was all over – I couldn’t help but spunk into Jane, not with the double stimulation of her tight pussy and my wife’s wet pussy. I really exploded into that condom, it felt like pints of cum shot from me.

“Oh, I’m sorry girls, I just couldn’t help it. I’ve never had two women at the same time before!”

“I should hope not!” said Sue, smiling. “Never mind, let’s all get cleaned up and we can have another session where you attend to OUR needs!” she winked at Jane.

So we all got completely naked and trooped upstairs to our bathroom where we had a very pleasant 30 minutes soaping each other down, feeling each other up, inserting fingers and also getting clean. Jane was certainly highly sexed; she couldn’t leave my dick and my bum alone. At one point she made sure she inserted a finger up my arse-hole, so I returned the compliment, only with a finger up each of her holes at the same time. Sue noticed this and demanded that I do a four-hole finger exercise, so I had the girls leaning forward over the bath-tub while I used each hand to frig each of their pussy and arse-holes together. They squirmed in delight. “Oh, that’s fucking lovely,” said Jane.

“He’s very good at fingering me to orgasm” said Sue as we walked into our bedroom and arranged ourselves on the bed. “I wonder if he can do stereo?” she asked.

“What? Bring you both off manually?” I asked “Got to be worth a try.”

Well, we did try, but it wasn’t possible to get a position that allowed me to get access to pussies and arses as I would like, so I suggested I did each of them separately, with the assistance of the other. Sue graciously let Jane go first so I lay alongside Jane with one hand underneath her and the other between her legs stimulating her clitoris. I asked Sue for the KY jelly to speed up the lubrication process, but Sue said she had a better idea and began to lick Jane’s pussy. “Fuck, you don’t really need this, Jane,” she said, “you are sopping wet my dear!”

Sue moved her head away to give me finger room, and began sucking Jane’s rouged right nipple, while I attended to the left one. I rolled Jane’s clitoris around with my finger, very, very gently stimulating it. At the same time my other hand transferred pussy juices onto her anus. Then I began to put a little pressure on her anal opening as I continued clitoral stimulation. Jane’s breathing quickened and she began to move under my fingers. Suddenly her anal ring opened and my finger slipped up into her bum-hole. At the same time she began to buck with orgasm and screamed out “I’m coming… Oh, that’s SO good!” as her hips jerked and her bum shaft pumped on my finger. At last she was calm.

Now it was Sue’s turn to cum. I got Jane to lie on her back on the bed and then, after putting on another condom, I entered her. Sue knelt over Jane’s chest with her legs wide apart and her nether region facing me. I asked Jane to hold Sue’s bum cheeks open and for Sue to lower her head onto Jane. In this position I was able to get my mouth right on to Sue’s pussy and arse and I began to lick the whole of her crotch and put as much of my saliva on her as I could. She was producing copious amounts of juice and was soon dripping. I concentrated on her clitoris, tonguing her gently at first, then focusing in on her little orgasm button. It wasn’t long before I heard the tell-tale heavy breathing that told me her cum was on its way. I transferred lingual attention to her ring-piece, teasing her little anal rosebud mercilessly. “Oh shit, here I go…” she shouted, “Oh ffffffffuuuuuuuccccccckkkkk…”

As she rocked with her orgasm I began shafting Jane, who had lain there patiently with my dick up her vagina, holding my wife’s anus open for me while I got her to orgasm. Jane received me very nicely indeed. Although wet from her orgasm, she was deliciously tight and gripped my cock tightly with her pussy muscles. I came further bucketloads into her, pumping like there was no tomorrow. We all collapsed onto the bed.

* * *

We spent the rest of the evening licking, sucking and fingering each other as we planned another session with the guys.

Sue and Jane were almost deciding not to bother as they had both enjoyed tonight’s session so much, but Jane was very keen to get other pricks up her, and Sue admitted she craved the group sex from time to time, plus they hoped for the usual charity contributions. I agreed to get in touch with Bill, who usually led on the organising, telling him we had another woman to photograph and screw and to sound out the guys about a further session in our usual hotel, maybe in the next few weeks? Would they be up for the usual contributions, maybe a bit more as there would be two willing pussies available to be filled repeatedly?

As we sat around and chatted about the sessions with the lads, sitting in our underwear, Jane was interested in hearing details of what had gone before and what her role would be. We decided that she should definitely do a striptease for the guys as this would be a new body for them, and would certainly get the evening of to a good start. When Sue told her about the double penetration she had had at the last encounter, Jane was intrigued.

“So you had Alan fucking you up the arse while another bloke was in your vagina? Really? What was that like?” she asked.

“Amazing actually,” replied Sue, “Alan is very good when he’s up my bum, he’s gentle and doesn’t rush anything so it doesn’t hurt me. I wouldn’t let anyone else up there though, certainly not at a group session as I couldn’t trust them to be careful. But having a prick up each hole at the same time is just so dirty! I feel completely wanton. My holes feel so full, it’s like I’m sex personified. And everyone watching and wanking at the same time – I just feel like I have so much power!”

As she spoke Jan began feeling herself between her legs. “I’ve never had anal sex” she said. “It sounds like there’ll be an expectation that I will, especially if you have. I’m worried they’ll rush me. I’m a bit scared if truth be told!”

“Why don’t you let Alan do you then?” asked Sue, catching my eye and nodding approval at me. “He could have you now, up the bum, nice and gentle, with my help. You could see if you like it, and would be prepared for the guys. What do you think?”

Jane gulped. “OK, yes, if you don’t mind, Alan?”

Did I mind? Did I heck!

“No, its fine with me, Jane!” I said, my dick hardening to a rock-like state in my pants.

“Be careful with her, Alan” said Sue, as I pulled off Jane’s panties and squeezed KY jelly onto my fingers. I asked Jane to bend over one of our lounge chairs so her bottom was facing out and her chest was down. Then I began to massage the lubricant over her anus. I had had a finger up her bum-hole earlier, as she had mine, but her hole would need to be teased open further than that, so I made sure I had plenty of lube over her sphincter as I pressed a little harder. On cue Jane pushed back against my fingers.

“Good girl,” I whispered, “keep pushing back until you open up.” “Sue, hold her arse-cheeks apart for me, so I can see right up her.” Sue did as I requested and Jane’s anus came fully into view. Seconds later I could feel Jane pushing back against my pressure and her little bum-hole opened a little, allowing a finger to go inside her. I slipped one finger up her rectum, nicely and slowly, getting lots of KY up her. Then I began to slide it in and out. Jane was dripping juice out of her pussy now, and that just added to the lubrication going up her arse. As I continued I felt her ring-piece dilate and the passage of my finger became easier.

“How’s that, Jane?” I asked.

“Oh fine thanks, feels nice and rude. Keep going, Alan”

I got more pussy-juice on my fingers and continued fingering her bum-hole. After a while I tentatively placed a second finger at the entrance. I felt Jane tense up, so reduced pressure. She pushed back at me though, clearly keen to go ahead, so I resumed pressure with both fingers. Her anus opened a little further and I ensured that I massaged it gently but firmly, opening it further and inserting the tips of both fingers. “Oh!” gasped Jane as my fingers both slid up her.

“Wow” said Sue, still holding Jane’s arse apart, “they’ve gone in all right!”

My fingers were being gripped tightly by Jane’s arse. “Sue, quick, squeeze some lube up her while I have my fingers inside,” I commanded. Sue grabbed the tube and squeezed about an inch of jelly up Jane’s ring alongside my fingers. Immediately they had a slippier passage up her bum, which dilated even further. Two fingers were going up her now with ease.

“OK, ready for cock now Jane?” I asked and got a positive grunt in response.

Removing my fingers, I got my ramrod hard dick ready. Sue unfurled the third condom of the evening over it. Then I placed it at Jane’s anus and pushed inside, just so the head of my cock was in her. Jane exhaled, then turned her head to look back at me over her shoulder. She nodded and mouthed “Go Ahead!” at me.

Sue squeezed yet more jelly over Jane’s arse, just where my dick was inside her anus. Then I pressed forward and another couple of inches went up into Jane’s bottom. Once again, lovely and tight, just like Sue’s is, but not yet as experienced. I moved out slightly, pulling back an inch or so. Jane responded by pushing back at me, trying to get my dick further inside her. I was clearly not causing her much, if any, pain. I gently thrust a little forward and was met with no resistance. I withdrew slightly again and then put my dick in further. This time I was in to the hilt. Jane put her head down on the sofa and reached back to hold her own bum apart. Then she started a rhythmic clenching and unclenching of her buttocks which almost made me cum up her. Fortunately I managed to start a rhythm of my own, in and out of Jane’s lovely bum-hole.

Sue put her hand under me and felt my balls as I thrust in and out of Jane, then she reached under Jane and put a couple of fingers in her pussy, and massaged Jane’s clit. I was pumping into Jane’s arse while my wife was cupping my balls and stimulating her friend! I could feel Jane beginning to orgasm. As she did, my wife inserted a finger into MY arse and I came immediately, it was all too much. I spunked, Jane rocked and Sue laughed in delight: “I just brought the two of you off together… Fan-fucking-tastic” she shouted.

* * *

Some time later, Jane left us, and Sue and I began fantasising about what the next session would have in store for us.

Next day I called Bill and gave him the news. Within the hour he rang me back. “We’re all up for it, Alan. Desperate in fact! The girls will get a 50% increase in donations. Can we do it within the week?”


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