My Wife’s Escapades

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My Wife’s Escapades
Hi there! My wife and I have been married for close to 4 years now and I must say that the best sex we ever have is when she recounts her previous sexploits to me while we are doing it. I can’t seem to explain why but whenever she shares with me her past sexual escapades with other men, it gets me really aroused.

One such experience that my wife shared with me was when she went for a night on the town with some of her friends. The club she went to was jam packed with sailors in town for R&R and they were buying rounds of drinks for almost every girl in sight. Needless to say they kept buying endless rounds for my wife’s group and started to chat them up. After a couple of drinks and high on the alcohol, my wife started to dance with one of the sailors, a black guy known as Greg. They were dirty dancing with each other on the dance floor, openly caressing, groping, kissing and feeling up each other’s body. Greg then backed my wife into a quieter corner against the wall and started fondling her breasts through her skimpy tube-top with one hand and reaching underneath her mini-skirt with the other to play with her pussy. By then her undies was already soaked with her juices as she gets wet and aroused really easily. She was expecting Greg to pull her panties down and just do her right there, but instead he stopped and carried her up by the hips and swapped positions with her. He’s now backed against the wall while my wife’s back was now faced towards the dancing crowd. At first, my wife was wondering what he was trying to do but she found out soon enough. They were quickly joined by another black sailor guy named Jimmy who lifted up my wife’s skirt and started to rub his crotch against her butt while Greg was doing the same with her pussy. Jimmy then went on to slip his hand to the front and joined Greg in playing with my wife’s already wet cunt.

Not wanting to do it in public, my wife suggested that they should carry on somewhere more private. In a flash, all 3 of them were out of the club and in a cab heading towards the hotel. Sandwiched between the guys in the backseat, my wife’s panties were slipped off in a flash and her legs were parted, fully exposing her glistening pussy. While holding her legs widespread with one hand, Greg and Jimmy proceeded to insert two of their very thick fingers into her leaking cunt and started to give her a good finger fucking. This was more than my wife could take and she started to cum for the first time that night, flooding the guys? hands and the backseat with her juices. Upon seeing this, the guys went on to insert an extra finger each into my wife’s fully juiced-up pussy and began pulling her cunt lips wide open. Jimmy mentioned something about ?Giving the slut a good stretching for what’s to come later?. Unknown to my wife at that moment, both guys had each taken a ?Viagra? pill, and was looking forward to a full night of fucking ahead. All this while, the cabbie was in on the action too, blatantly turning around to feast his eyes whenever they reach a ?Stop? light. My wife’s was continuously probed and fingered by the guys throughout the entire cab ride and needless to say, she came a second time when they finally arrived at the hotel. Once they checked in, the guys wasted no time at all in getting themselves and my wife naked. Both the guys were hung like horses, with Greg being about ten inches long and as thick as a beer can, while Jimmy was even more impressive being almost twelve inches in length and just as thick.

Greg was the first to fuck my wife, positioning her on the bed such that her head dangles over the edge, while Jimmy stood over her face for a blowjob. Opening her mouth wide to receive Jimmy’s thick cock, my wife was oblivious to Greg spreading her legs in a wide ?V? and bending it backwards. Handing her ankles over to Jimmy on the other end to hold her legs permanently apart, causing her leaking pussy to open even wider to Greg’s impending onslaught. Jimmy jokingly remarked while looking down at her gaping cunt, ?Looks like we’ve really stretched the whore out back in the cab!? To which Greg replied, ?That’s right! And we are gonna make sure it’s utterly wrecked before the night’s over!? Upon saying this, he began rubbing his cock head on my wife’s juicy pussy to get it lubed up, before positioning the tip at the entrance and shafted forward with all his might, sinking his cock in all the way to the balls. At that time, my wife was busy deep-throating Jimmy, and all she could manage was a muffled moan through Jimmy’s pubes before cumming again on Greg’s cock. After allowing a few seconds for my wife to adjust to his size, Greg began to piston his cock in and out of her cunt, while bending forward to roughly grab onto her ample tits. Jimmy, on the other hand, pulled his cock out of my wife’s mouth and wanted her to suck and lick his balls instead, which she lapped up obediently.

After pumping my wife for close to thirty minutes, Greg who was still going strong from the Viagra, decided to pull out and swapped positions with Jimmy. Having been loosened up pretty good, Jimmy was able to shove his foot-long cock into my wife’s battered cunt hole with ease, while Greg sank his cock into her eagerly waiting mouth. Similarly, Jimmy continued shafting my wife’s slick hole for a good half an hour before swapping with Greg again. By this time, my wife was really fucked out having came several more times on Jimmy’s cock, and was totally amazed at the guys? sexual stamina. This swapping of positions went on for the next two hours or so, and by this time, my wife blacked out after cumming countless more times throughout the prolonged fucking and sucking. Delighted at what they have achieved, and their cocks still showing no signs of tiring, the guys then decided to try something new. Greg proceeded to lie down on the bed, while Jimmy lifted my u*********s wife up and facing Greg, slowly lowered her well-fucked hole until only Greg’s cock head was inside. Even in her fucked out state, my wife could still mumble a soft moan. Tucking out her legs on either sides while still balancing my wife on Greg’s cock head, Jimmy knelt behind my wife and eased easing his cock head into her pussy as well. Without warning, the guys let go of my wife causing her limp body to slide down, impaling her pussy on both their thick poles.

The sudden pain in her cunt from being speared by two thick cocks jolted my wife back into consciousness. She began to struggle in an attempt to get off the invading cocks, but was no match for the two hulking guys gripping onto her tightly. After allowing her pussy to adjust to their combined girth, the guys started bobbing my wife’s body up and down their cocks. Initially, my wife would gasp in pain with every bob, eventually turning into moans of satisfaction as she begins to enjoy the feeling of being stuffed full of cocks. Almost simultaneously, both guys shouted ?Be prepared to be torn apart!? and upon saying this, Greg pulled her body in closer as he feasts on her tits again, while Jimmy slowly stood up, hence yanking her cunt out in opposite directions. Her pussy is now a sopping mess as both cocks stretch her hole out to beyond imaginable limits and my wife’s enjoying every minute of it. Having achieved their goal of wrecking her pussy, both Jimmy and Greg made one final thrust into my wife’s cunt before dumping bucket loads of cum inside her.

The rest of the night was a sexual blur for my wife as she was fucked in every way possible. However, double-fucking her pussy seems to be the order of the night as the guys seems hell bent on ruining her cunt. Jimmy even fitted his whole fist up her cunt and fisted her to a crashing orgasm. Needless to say, my wife came countless times that night. The guys, bolstered by the ?Viagra?, literally fucked the living daylights out of her

After her initial threesome with Greg & Jimmy, they met up again a few more times during Greg’s & Jimmy’s week-long R&R for some more threesome action. On the last night before the guys were scheduled to leave, they met up again at the hotel for one last rendezvous. Before you know it, they were in the thick of the action with my wife riding Jimmy like a horse while Greg was shafting her ass from behind. She tells me that she felt so filled up every time they do this to her and I could tell she loves it as she gets so aroused and wet just talking about it. After a while, Greg wrapped both his hands around my wife’s inner thighs just above knee level, stood up with his cock still buried in my wife’s ass and pulled her off Jimmy’s cock. He held her thighs up and spread them out on each side so that her kneecaps were now just about level with her breasts, fulling opening up her wet pussy for all to see. Greg then went on to lie down on the bed with my wife still trapped in that compromising position on top of him, while Jimmy went off to open the room door and led another four more black guys into the room.

Upon realising what’s about to happen, my wife started to protest and struggle but was useless against the much bigger and stronger Greg. Seeing my wife in such an exposed position, the new guys wasted no time getting naked and revealing their formidable cocks, which are all about the same size as Greg. The first guy positioned his cock head at my wife’s pussy opening and sank right into her wet and gaping hole. At the same time, Jimmy joined in and started rubbing her clit whilst sucking on her tit to get my wife aroused again. This worked like a charm and despite her initial protests, my wife’s body began to respond and she started to fuck back against the new cock inside her. Still holding her in place, Greg pulled out from her asshole and joined the new guy in my wife’s pussy with ease. Having been double-fucked in the pussy several times over the last couple of days, my wife’s pussy is now so loose that you can actually see right inside it. The added friction of sharing one hole had both guys cumming in a short space of time, dumping their loads in her sloppy cunt.

The remaining three guys were quick to cut in, lifting my wife up while one of them slid beneath her and lowering her asshole onto his cock. Another guy took up position inside her pussy proclaiming, ?Damn! This whore’s pussy is so loose, my cock’s feel like it’s stirring a bucket of paint!? Upon saying this, he proceeded to wrap her legs around his waist to get more friction. The third guy settled for a blowjob while waiting for his turn in my wife’s ass. From this point of the night on, the only real cock that my wife’s pussy saw was when she’s being double-fucked. Other than that, it was either being fist-fucked by one of the guys or fucking herself with the thick end of an empty champagne bottle while blowing one guy and being ass-fucked by another. My wife’s cunt was that loose!

It was another night of sexual haze for my wife. She did everything imaginable that night, tag-teamed, triple-teamed, up the pussy, up the ass and so on. Even Jimmy and Greg managed to fuck her ass together with the help of some KY. Towards the end of the night, my wife has blacked out again from the sheer exhaustion of having to service six different guys continuously coupled with the copious amounts of alcohol consumed. Seeing this as an opportunity to implement the final stage of their plan to transform my wife into a true cock whore, one of the guys who is a tattoo and piercing artist went out to his car and returned with a huge duffle bag. Removing his tools of trade from the bag, the guy began tattooing my wife while Jimmy and Greg held her in place.

Being so drunk and fucked out, my wife barely felt the tattoo needle inscribing across her lily-white ass the words, ? BLACK COCK SLUT? in bold, black lettering. Similarly oblivious when she was being flipped around, it was almost effortless for the words, ?SLUT 4 BLACK COCKS? to be tattooed over her tits. This was followed by the words, ?SLOPPY CUNT? and a big Arrow pointing towards her gaping hole, tattooed over the shaven patch right above her pussy. Next came her first piercing, which snapped my wife awake from her state of stupor, but her struggles were futile against Jimmy and Greg. Both her tits were pierced with a big gold ring inserted into each nipple respectively. A navel ring was quickly added, followed by another ring in her clit, and finally 4 rings on each side of her gaping cunt lips. Fortunately for my wife, the alcohol in her system has helped to numb some of the pain.

Since then, my wife has been with countless men, mostly black with big cocks. Even though my wife has stopped fucking other guys since we’ve been together, she still keeps in contact with Jimmy and Greg, catching up for their sexual romps whenever the guys are in town. She still bears the piercings and tattoos from her first encounters with them, which is a real turn-on when we fuck. Her pussy hangs open from the multiple partners she has had before, and I can rarely get off from fucking her sloppy cunt unless she wraps her legs tightly around my waist causing her pussy rings to rub against my cock. If you liked our story, email us at to let us know. Thanks!

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