My Wifes first black experience part 3

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My Wifes first black experience part 3
After Simon had wolfed his dinner Julia suggested we go use the hot tub so i went and set it up and stripped off naked and got in. Julia joined me with Simon and a nice bottle of wine and 3 glassses.

They both got in and we chatted about things and Simon asked if it was ok if his friend came over here one night to stay with him . I said oh am not sure about that , Julia piped in yes of course , i could tell she was intrigued out by the idea.. Simon was grateful this was ok with us , all i could think was would it be another hung black guy !

After some wine in the hot tub Julia was more flirty than usual and stuck her tounge down Simons throat and was massaging his huge cock in the water. I got out with my modest hard on on full show and got some towels.

We all got out and went into the snug and the two of them continued where they left off , soon Simons cock was buried in her pussy and i was feeding her my cock and Simon was helping out too in sucking me.

Soon he came in her and kept going as i thought he would for not cumming in 4 days. He kept going for another 10 minutes before unloading another decent load in her. He pulled out and Julia got up and hovered over my mouth and dribbled all the loads in to my waiting mouth , there was loads of thick white semen that i drank down it was lovely. As i was lappying her pussy clean Simon was sucking my cock and licking my balls.

Simon then said he wanted to see me fuck my wife (thats novel i thought ) and she came and sat on me . Due to the size of cocks she had lately been enjoying suffice it to say there was less friction for me or her to enjoy in using my penis which is a modest 6 inches of average girth.

I did my best and came in her and i think she enjoyed some of it !

When she got off me Simon licked me clean and her pussy and we all sat back and watched some TV.

When bed time arrived i headed up and said no doubt you two will want to sleep together tonight , Julia said if you dont mind darling. !

Morning came and I was up early and away to work , As Julia doesnt work but has a part time business i imagine she be doing little work with our new visitor here. i checked our cameras occasionally through the day to see what was going on and i noticed Olys white van had been in our driveway since 5pm . Luckily we live in the country with no neighbors and no one can really judge what ever we are getting up to !

I arrived home just after 6 and in the kitchen Julia was cooking and Simon and Oly were sitting watching TV. They both made a big fuss over me and i asked what everyone had been up to. Oly said ,i think Simons only fucked your wife 3 times today…
I looked over to Julia said is it 3 times ? She said yes only 3 dear….
Oly what about you have you not had a go yet? No not yet Jon but hoping to .. Julia turned around said well come over here babe i got some spair time now …. Oly went over and they made out and got real dirty as i sat next to Simon with a bottle in our hands.

Soon Oly had her bent over the kitchen table fucking her really hard as Simon and I watched Simon was rubbing my cock through my pants and pulling it out and wanking me off. I started rubbing his but i think he was worn out as not a lot of stirring in his pants.

Simon went down on my cock and sucked me really nicely until i spunked in his mouth . Oly kept fucking Julia then pulled out and fed her his load which was a decent amount….

He came back to joins us and kissed Simon tasting my spunk in his mouth as Julia continued cooking.

I reflected how things in 2 weeks had changed….

After dinner the boys went to play pool and i was wondering if Oly was wanting to stay tonight so i asked him ? He said if it was no trouble he would like to i said sure..

Julia came in to the games room with a really sex out fit on and sat next to Oly looking real slutty. In no time the 2 of them were at her kissing , fingering and forcing their hard cocks into her . She was getting a nice spitroasting as i sat watched and wanked off… Once they had both spunked all over her face they resumed their game of pool !

She sat next to me and i said are you enjoying being a total black cock slut? She said i had no idea what i was missing am just making up for lost time. Who would have thought i be having all these nice black guys here wanting to fuck me all the time , and dont you forget your getting plenty out of it too gay boy !!!! I said hey am not gay and you know am not i just enjoy sucking cock sometimes . Julia said what about the ass fucking your forgetting to mention ? I said ok i liked that but that was forced on me not my idea ! She laughed and said its ok darling we are both getting fun…

That night i went to bed and was woken up by Oly who had got into my bed , i thought here comes an ass battering for me , sure enough he was kissing me with his fingers up my ass…. I could here in the next room Julia getting a good fucking again by Simon , with in minutes Oly was balls deep in my ass fucking me and kissing me as he fucked me. it was a nice fuck and he came in me and i rolled over and he was asleep very soon.

Morning came and i went for a much needed shower and went put the coffee on down stairs.

Simon came down early and sat with me having a coffee. I asked him if he gave Julia a good seeing to during the night ? he chuckled and said what do you think … I said good man… He asked how i felt about the 3 guys using my wife? I said i was ok about it she was enjoying it and how can i mind when i get to have lots of fun too..

Simon asked if i minded if his friend visited him tonight and maybe stay for dinner , I said sure no problem just check with Julia too.

My day at work dragged on and as i checked the camera i could see Oly fucked Yulia with Simon in the morning and then didnt see anything else much happen.

I text her to ask her what shes up to and she sent me a pic of her pussy with spunk dripping out of it …. wow i thought…

Later she text me to say all the boys had gone into town and could i pick up Simon and his friend in town around 5 ? I said sure .

I pulled up at the station where i was to pick up Simon and his friend , Simons friend was an asian guy chinese i would guess from university he was called Tam . We said our hellos and the two of them chatted in the car about the stuff they were both into and then Simon started talking about how fine Julia my wife was and how i was a great guy for letting Simon get a piece of her while he stayed. Tam was saying how lucky he was and did he have any pics and Simon started showing some (clearly taken some himself as i have not shared them) Tam was saying oh she takes u very well Simon you think she would like some asian cock Jon. I laughed it off and said most probably !

When we arrived at the house Tam and Simon went to their room and i helped Julia prepare dinner. We chatted and my cock was rock hard and i dragged her into the snug to give her a fuck over the settee and dump my load in her which took around 5 minutes with thoughts racing through my head of what she had been up to today .. Her pussy was no where near as tight as it was a few weeks ago and she was constantly wet , i dont know whether this is because her pussy is always full of cum these days or because she is incredibly turned on with all out black guests .

Dinner was pleasant and Simon asked if we could all use the hot tub , so we all stripped off naked Tam being a bit shy and kept his underwear on and we all got in. Julia noticed he had his boxers on and taunted Tam saying those need to come off… She went over to him and kissed him deep and as she did worked off his boxers … Once they finished kissing Julia said you got nothing to be ashamed of down there babe you feel really big… I was curious but guessed i see it soon enough !

We went through 3 bottles of wine in the tub and were all relaxed Julia was kissing Simon and Tam and me a bit… We all got out and Simons cock was at full mast all 14 inches of it , it still amazed me to look at it. i was semi hard and i caught a look at Tam who had a really nice fat cock , not long but very fat.
We moved through to the snug and Simon asked if i could put one of our videos on of our sessions i said sure and put on a good one where Simon and Ty are doing Julia. There was a part of it when i was sucking Simons cock and Tam looked at me to say you like cock too …

Tams cock was rock hard and Julia was sucking Simons cock now and about to try Tams. When Julia took Tams cock in her mouth with in about 30 seconds he erupted in her mouth … She took it all and said who wants it ?? Simon said i think you should give it to your husband !.

She dumped it all in my mouth and it tasted really good…

SImon went down on Julias pussy licking her real deep and tasted my cum from earlier and asked whos cum was it , she said that would be my husbands . Simon said cool and licked deeper getting it all to eat, Tam was stroking his cock and said ive arrived here this is amazing… Julia said to me Jon why dont you give our new guest some nice head , i smiled and went down on Tams cock.. It was sure thick and around 6 inches long but so thick it made up for it.

I was sucking him and ended up rimming his ass too which Julia liked the look of as Simon was pushing his huge tool into her fucking her with all his might. Tam was rock hard and i led him to Julias mouth to suck him as she took all of Simons 14 inches in her. Simon eventually came deep in her and pulled out and stuck his slimy cock in my mouth to clean up which i did and she moved Tam between her legs and she pushed his fat cock in her and she loved it for its pure girth alone. Tam was fucking her not as well as Simon but having a good go and Julia pulled him down to kiss her as he pumped her.

Simon was still hard and was now sucking my cock as i watched our new asian guy fuck my wife.

Tam soon came in her and pulled out not knowing where to put his cock and Julia pulled it to her mouth to clean up and i went in between her legs to eat all the delights buried up her cunt.

I licked all the loads out and there was plenty to feast on and as i did Tam and Simon shared my cock (Tams bi too wow ) I soon ejaculated into their mouths a decent load of spunk.
to be cont….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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