My Work`s Tribunal

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My Work`s Tribunal
Good afternoon Sir…please take a seat…how are you?

Fine, thank you for asking.

My name is Mr A; Chairman of this company.


Hello my name is Mr B, Head of Human Resources.


And my name is Mrs C, Head of ****** department. (This was the department I worked for)


Okay please explain to the panel the reason you wish to see us and what or whom it is you wish to complain about regarding our company.

Erm…well….it is a bit embarrassing really….

It is okay, we have seen the brief description of the alleged complaint from Mrs D (The Manageress who I was making the complaint about). Apparently it is claimed by Mrs D that you exposed yourself to a female member of staff… in fact a new female member of staff in the office is that correct?

No it most certainly was not what happened.

Oh..okay, please can you tell us your version of events?

Well it was I that was forced to remove my clothes.


Yes forced.

Why were u forced?

Mrs D informed that I had a bad attitude problem with her and that the quality of my work was slipping.

And do you have an attitude problem with Mrs D?

No…not really.

Not really?

Well I have had the occasional misunderstanding with her.
In what respect?

Well when doing my job I have to contact various people, as I have been doing for about a year now… before Mrs D became my Manageress.


And recently when I have called someone she then informs me that She is My Manager and she is responsible for that call.

So why not leave it to her?

Because she is not always in the office and I have already dealt with a certain part of that job.


So what happened on the day in question?

It was coming to the end of the day… about thirty minutes before home time and she handed me a stack of paperwork she informed me had to be typed up immediately and it was well over an hours work. I asked if I would be getting overtime for this and she informed me that I`d be lucky to keep my job with that attitude. I apologised, even though I had not spoken out of turn and started typing.

Were other members of staff in the office then?

Only my supervisor Mrs E.

What happened then?

By the end of the hour I was asked if I had completed the typing. I showed Mrs D how much I had done and she shouted at me, telling me what an imbecile I was and how slow I was. She told me she was thinking of terminating my contract there and then. She told me she had a girl in mind. I asked to reconsider, but she said no….not unless….

Unless what?

Err…unless I…I strip naked for her.

And did you?

I begged her for me not to, but she just laughed at me and so did Mrs E.

Well did you strip naked for her?

Well…yes..yes I did.

And why did u do it?

I..I..I was convinced I was going to get laid off.

And was there any concrete reason to fire?

No there wasn`t…not really, but they wanted some girl to have my job.

So were you able to save your job? By stripping…

Unfortunately No.

That is completely sick, unfair and unethical….and how conveniently u agreed to strip….(A rather obvious quote from Mrs C in a rather sarcastic tone).

Did you make a complaint to anyone then?

Well…no…I could only tell my co-ordinator, but I was too embarrassed to tell her.

I think I…(glancing around at the other panellists)… might have tried?

I know, but I couldn’t prove anything!

You should not have done it…

Well in hindsight, I know!

I`m sorry to sound harsh in here…but after that incident were you able to face yourself…

Well I never told anyone, hoping that I would never need to.

And how embarrassing would it have been to admit being forced to strip?

Even worse was the fact that the day before they fired me, I had to show the girl that was replacing me in my job how to do it… naked!

Extremely bad…(again with a sarcastic tone and a sneer) these people are way too uncivilized and should not exist in civilized environment….

I agree!

Did they do something to the new girl?

Not really… she answered back to the Manageress and she was made to unbutton her blouse, that`s all!

That`s all? Sadistic… it makes me sick to the stomach.


I know…I knew the new girl was nervous about getting undressed so she had to ask me what the Manageress had written down.

Written down?

Yes. The Manageress was passing her notes to ask humiliate me.

Could you not make an official complain to her superior?

No proof…the notes were shredded once I had been asked.

You didn’t have friend in there that could stand up for you?

No…It was just the Manageress and my supervisor and the new girl, and the new girl would immediately lose her job if she told. It would be their word against mine.

Sick…(I couldn`t tell if she meant the Manageress or my telling of what happened)

Yes…and humiliating

So sorry to hear your experience… I’m really sorry as a woman. (Yeah right!)

Thank you.. but as I say it`s not your fault…I know. Well hope you are a kind woman.

How did you cope up after the incident….

I was quite shaken up, as I say I never told anyone and hoped it would never come up. So far it has not.

I know u never shared it with any one…but somewhere it might have scarred you…

Only in my thoughts…I often think of it at certain times…. and I`m careful when I drink tea or coffee.

Careful with tea and coffee?

On one of those notes, I had to masturbate and cum in a cup of Tea.

What the F**k?.

I know… weird eh?

And what they did with that Tea…

They made the new girl place the cup on the floor and made me lap it up like a dog or something.

And You had tea with your own cum…. you should have stood up for yourself….

In hindsight I know, but well…I kind of felt sorry for the new girl…I knew if I didn`t do what they said, they would make her strip naked too.

And you would not have like to see her naked? Are you gay or something?

No….to be honest I would have liked to see her naked, she had what looked like a fantastic body, but I don’t know, I just felt it wasn’t right somehow.

A bit stupid do you not think?

Would you have liked it if I made you strip naked instead of me? (Question aimed at Mrs C)

Yes….(Nervous glance at the panel) I think so…it is good to be kind and considerate but in hard times it better to think for yourself first…I certainly would have done it if the role was reversed. That`s when you will get to know whether the girl will agree to the manageress and does what she is being asked to do…or quit herself from working in such a sick environment.

A job is a job though, it pays the bills. I`m sure she would have stripped naked if asked, but inside I felt that Mrs D was after humiliating me only.

So did anything happen after you lapped the Tea up? wasn’t long after I had licked the Cum filled Tea from the cup, that I needed to urinate; I normally need to urinate after I have ejaculated.

Perhaps a little too much information for now, please continue.

I asked if I could have my clothes back to go to the toilet. The Mrs D refused and told me to go over to the kitchenette in the office, place my hands on my head and spread my legs apart…so they had a good view of my exposed penis… and urinate on the tiled floor…. they all stood there in front of me, watching me urinate. Mrs D even videoed it on her mobile phone and played it back to me afterwards…once I had urinated on the tiled floor I was made to watch clips of it being re-run over and over again while they laughed at me.

Then I had to mop it up and then the Mrs D handed the new girl another note which read….

….Run some hot water into the kitchen sink, adding washing up liquid and wash myself all over; making sure I thoroughly cleansed my penis, foreskin and bell-end (the word Bell-end was emphasised).

Mrs D then took my clothes and carried them out of the office and left them in a pile on the floor of the reception area. It was after work so nearly all the staff had left for the night, but Security was there though….

….Mrs D returned and made me rinse myself off and the she rubbed her hands all over my wet body from my face which she inserted her tongue into my mouth and kissed me; making a show of how powerful she was in front of the other women. She then kissed me down my body kissing my nipples and commenting how big my man-boobs were, saying that she reckoned they were bigger than the new girls tits, while grabbing her own breasts through her own tight blouse. She then lowered herself down to my penis which was un-erect and I`m embarrassed to say….shrivelled, where she played with my penis and teased me about how small it was; asking the other women if they had seen anything so small…..

…..Mrs D then told me to get a hard-on; she said she wanted to see if I had a reasonable sized cock for her to suck on. The other women cheered. She told me again to masturbate and get erect and then she started slapping my backside until I had masturbated and gained a full erection. Mrs D then took hold of my penis and caressed it; stroking it underneath and making me feel aroused. She pulled my foreskin back so they could see my complete penis.

Mrs D then instructed me to cum again. I masturbated for a while but nothing come; due to me having ejaculated a little while earlier. As I did not cum she then handed me a small kitchen towel and told me to dry myself off while the women watched.

I then had to follow Mrs D; still completely naked into the reception area…in full view of the two security guards (Both Male) and get redressed on the floor.

The Manageress told me that I was to return the next morning not wearing any underwear and she would check. Which believe me she did.

Then I would hear nothing more about it.

Unfortunately I got my contract nulled shortly after that check…

Okay Sir we`ll look at your…err…allegation and get back to you once we have reached a decision…is that okay?

Yes that seems fine. (Although I was sure they were going to shred my side of the allegation once I was out of sight)

Just one more thing.


Due to the nature of the allegation, we err…need a certain proof that the incident took place.

I told you all the notes were shredded.

Yes, but we need physical proof.

Like what?

Well…. If you were to undress so that we could see you naked…err…we could ask Mrs D if she could describe your…err…penis.

I don’t believe this… are you sure this is right?

Oh yes… we need evidence.

I stood up and removed my jacket…tie… shirt…removed my shoes and trousers… socks and ….underpants. Again I was fully naked.

If you would be kind enough? (Mrs C asked)

Kind enough?

Please masturbate for us and let us (Mrs C smiled to the other panellists) see your cock….sorry penis…in its full erect state.

I masturbated and ejaculated into a plastic cup and was then told to urinate into it when ready. Once completed I re-dressed….while watched and was then forcedfully escorted from the building.

My appeal was rejected.

I have never returned since!

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