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we are at an after-bar party
at a small & secluded beach
& as i glance all around me
i see the usual collection of guys
sipping drinks & talking politics…
it is just another boring function
& i don’t really recognize anyone
except 4 u…
i am pretty fucking drunk
& bored out of my fucking skull
so i drop 2 my knees in front of u
& slide your shorts down your legs…
they are down 2 your ankles
be4 anyone even starts 2 notice
& i hear gasps all around us…

as i slide my hands up 2 your hips
& kiss & nip at your furry belly
u stare down at me with a smirk
as your fuck-stick slowly expands
until it slaps me on the cheek…
i stare directly up in2 your eyes
as my tongue swirls over the glans
of your fat & tasty bloated cock…
i lap up & down the broad under-side
of your throbbing & pulsating shaft
& slide my tongue all over your balls
until your package glistens with spit…
no one even tries 2 stop us
which is really not that surprising
since the booze has been flowing
& we all came from the gay bar…
our audience presses in on all sides
& forms a loose circle around us…
all those drunk & leering faces
make me cumpletely determined
2 put on an excellent show…

baring my horny ass is easy
in my loose running shorts
& i hear appreciative murmers
as i push the fabric 2 my knees…
my cock is long & hard & oozing
& i drool a bit of saliva on2 it
as my hand strokes your shaft…
as the spit drips from my cock-head
i spear the wet tip of my tongue
all the way in2 your open piss slit…
” oh fuck !! ”
u groan loudly
as the audience stares in awe…

i am no longer bored
& my cock is throbbing wildly
as it moves with my pulse…

as your legs start 2 tremble
u take a step back away from me
& slide your ass up on2 a picnic table
so i quickly follow behind u dutifully
& sit on the seat between your knees…
i press my palms down on2 your thighs
& then lean slowly down & 4ward
as my tongue snakes out of my mouth
2 tease your hot & tasty cock-flesh…
my tongue slides up the underside
of your straining erection
as i taste u
then i slide further down
& open my mouth wide
& suck one of your balls in2 my mouth
as my tongue swirls all around it…
u groan
as i open my mouth further
& take both of your shaved testicles
in2 my hot & wet drooling opening
& my cheeks hollow with suction
as saliva drips down on2 the table…
as u tilt your head back & close your eyes
i release your balls from my mouth
& slide my lips back up the underside
of your swollen & destended cock
until i reach the pre-cum oozing head…
as u moan softly
i open my mouth wide
& slide my lips over your twitching cock
then slowly take in an inch at a time
until your glans tickles my tonsils
& i swallow your entire length whole…
u groan loudly
” suck it !! oh yes !! suck my cock !!! ”

your ass lifts from the table
as u try 2 shove deeper in2 my mouth
but i press down on your thighs
& push your ass back down on the table…
my tongue swirls all around the leaky head
of your turgid & tasty fuck-tool
as i savor the salty-sweet flavor
of your oozing pre-cum on my tongue…
i look back up in2 your eyes
& i start 2 bounce my head up & down
as fast as i can manage 2 move…
i take your entire erection in2 my mouth
& your glans butts in2 the back of my throat
while my tongue swirls all over your shaft
with each rapid & ravenous stroke…
u still try 2 lift your ass 2 meet my thrusts
& i finally let u raise your hips up 2ward me
so u can punch even deeper in2 my mouth…
as everyone moves in closer 2 watch
u grab my head with both hands
& pull my face down against u
so my lips are crushed 2 your crotch
& your cock-head is inside my throat…
but as your sexy cock explodes
& i feel the rhythmic pulsations start
i pull my mouth quickly off your cock
with my thirsty lips spread wide open
& my tongue pressed under your glans
so everyone can see your hot spurts
as they splatter in2 my waiting mouth…
u throw your head back & scream
” i’m cumming !! i’m fucking cumming !! ”
as u blast my mouth full of sticky goo
& u jam your cock back in2 my mouth
in short & savage little upward strokes
as each spurt leaves your twitching prick…
i suck & swallow your seed in2 my belly
& swirl my tongue around & around
until u are cumpletely & totally spent
& u start 2 soften inside my mouth…
i can feel your thighs quiver & shake
when i finally release your juicy cock
& lick my cum-drenched lips luridly…

as i look up from u
everyone around us is grinning
& i smile back wickedly
as i push myself up & turn around
& walk in2 the bushes 2 relieve myself…
i have a hard time pissing
because my cock is so extremely hard
& when i walk back out of the bushes
i drop my shirt 2 the ground
as i walk back 2 u cumpletely naked…
i grab your semi-hard cock
& whisper in your ear
” i wanna feel u fucking my ass !!
i wanna feel u deep inside me !!! ”
as i stroke your again-hardening cock
& pull u back 2wards the same table…

when we finally reach it
your horny cock is again fully erect
& i lean 4ward on2 the table-top
with my feet still on the ground
as u slide your palms up the front of my thighs
& grab my aching cock & stroke it slowly…
u slide your drooling cock-head
up & down the crack of my ass
& i wriggle my ass back against u
as your cock searches 4 my tight little hole…
my hands reach back 2 my ass
& pull my butt-cheeks wide apart
2 fully reveal my tiny taut pucker
& as soon as i open myself 4 u
your glans seems 2 be drawn right 2 my hole…
i moan & whisper loudly
” give me your cock !!! give it ALL 2 me !!! ”
u grab me tightly by the hips
as your swollen head presses against my hole
& with a huge 4ward thrust of your hips
u slam your body hard against mine
as u pull back powerfully on my hips
& drive your entire cock deep in2 my willing ass
with one violent & breath-taking stroke…
i gasp as i feel your girth stretch my aching hole
& as i wiggle my ass up & down on u
u start 2 saw in & out of me like a man possessed
delving deep in2 my tight & grippy ass…
i look back over my shoulder & groan
” fuck me !! oh god !! fuck that ass !! ”

u pound deep in2 my clutching opening
& fuck me as hard & fast as u can move
as i grind myself back against u
& meet every savage stroke…
my ass grips u so tight that it feels like a fist
& i know that this is not gonna take very long…
u slam in2 me so hard & deep
that my ass jiggles with every stroke
& 4 some reason
that makes me even hotter….
i whimper
” i’m gonna cum !! i’m gonna cum !!
i’m gonna cum on your cock !!! ”
so u start 2 pound in2 me even harder & faster
as your sweat drips all over my ass
& u stroke in2 me like a maniac
as your balls slap in2 mine with every thrust…
when i start 2 scream
” i’m cumming !! oh god !! i’m cumming !!
i’m cumming on your fucking cock !!! ”
my ass clamps down on2 u even tighter
& it literally milks the cum out of your cock
as my stringy cum splatters on2 the ground…
u groan
as your own cock pulses & releases
& sends hot jets of seed deep in2 my horny hole…
u pull me back against u harder
as u plow your hips 4ward
& spray my insides with every drop that u have in u…
the feeling is so intense
that i feel like i am gonna pass out
& u groan
” it feels like your ass is sucking the cum out of me !! ”

when u are finally spent
& your cock starts 2 soften
u loosen your grip on me
& start 2 withdraw from my ass
as u pull your hips away slowly…
my hole is still grips u so tightly
that u can hardly get your cock out of me…

the excitement of having an audience
must be working on both of us
because by the time u withdraw from me
& i turn around 2 face u
your cock is still almost fully hard
& i want u deep inside me again….
i push u back on2 the bench
then kneel between your knees
& as i caress your body
u moan
& pull me closer 2 u…
your legs are spread wide
so i slide up close facing u
with my knees on the seat of the table
on either side of your ass
& i hook my ankles over your thighs…
i raise myself as high as i can
as u guide your girthy glans
2 the opening of my ass
then i slowly lower myself down
on2 your throbbing thickness…
i love the sweet feeling of your cock
as it fills my cum-slippery insides
& opens & stretches me wide…
as i slide myself slowly up & down
on your thrillingly thick cock
u grip my ankles & thrust upwards
2 meet my downward strokes…
u look up in2 my eyes & groan
” u make me so fucking horny 2nite !! ”
i reach back
& pull my ass as wide apart as i can
& slam my ass down hard on2 u
as i take your entire length deep inside me
& i gasp as i feel your cock-head hit bottom
so deep deep deep inside me…
as i slide up & down
& take u so cumpletely in2 me
my cock rubs on your furry belly
making me fully hard once again
& it drives me crazy with lust…
the feeling of your sweaty skin
as it caresses my aching cock
is almost 2 much 2 take…
as u pull my ankles up tight against my ass
u continue 2 hammer up in2 me
& fill my ass with throbbing cock…
u pound so far in2 me
that it feels like u will drive your cock
right up in2 my chest…
my legs shake & quiver
& my cock feels like velvet-covered steel
as it continues 2 rub your belly…
i am getting very close 2 the edge
& i think u are 2
because u drive in2 me hard & fast
over & over & again & again & again…
i moan almost endlessly
& the feeling of u stretching deep inside me
is so fucking wicked & wonderful…
u just continue 2 pummel my ass
so hard & so fast & so deep
until your eyes start 2 look glazed
& i feel your cock begin 2 pulsate
so deep deep inside my tightness…
u moan
” i’m cumming !! i’m cumming again !!! ”
& with a huge groan
u drive in2 me one last time
& then i feel the warmth of your seed
as it sprays from your cock
& splashes on2 the gripping walls of my rectum…
as i feel your juicy explosion
my own cock suddenly replies
& i scream
” i’m cumming !! i’m cumming with u !!! ”
as my cock spurts strings of jism up on2 your chest
& covers u with white splotches of drippy goo…
u hold me tight 2 u
as u pull my ankles upward
& pin me tightly against u
as your ravaging cock empties itself inside me
& cumpletely fills me with heat…
i can feel the rhythmic pulsations
as the sperm travels through your cock
then spurts everywhere inside me…
when the final drops have been expelled in2 my ass
u finally release my ankles
& let me slide downward
with your softening cock still buried deep inside me…

( do u wanna ??? )

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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