Naughty maid for my birthday’

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Naughty maid for my birthday’
I have just recently had my birthday, and before it my wife asked me what i would like. Not being to sure i said “oh just you in some sort of outfit” and forgot all about the conversation.
Unfortunatly for me i had to work my birthday but got a picture message from my wife, she was clad in a maids outfit which showed lots of cleavage and it was evident she wore no bra as her nipples were nearly on show and the hem of the outfit showed stocking tops. She put the message hurry home honey with the pic.
Getting home as quick as i could i got through the door to be greeted with a note on the stairs saying that she was in the bedroom and there was a present for me by the bedroom door. I hurried upstairs to find a cane with a bow on it by the door and another note saying Happy birthday, want to punish this naughty maid?
I went into the room to find her in the corner with her hands on her head. I sat on the bed and called her over, she smelt of chanel perfume,kissed me and sunk to her knees and unzipped my trousers and pulled out mt cock. She wanked me and said “If i do this wrong master you must spank me”. She the started to gently lick my shaft and took me in her mouth, it didnt take long for her to accidently bite me cock (accident, yeah right). With that i pulled her up and had her over my lap. The out fit was so short that i didnt need to flip it up over her bottom, She had skimpy black knickers on which i pulled down straight down to her knees.
I must have spanked her for a good ten minuites on her bottom and her thighs (boy she didnt like that). I told her to get off my lap, both her tits had fallen out of her outfit, she was tucking them back in when i said “Did i tell you to put your tits away?”
“NO Master you didnt”
“Thats right i didnt”
“Am i to be punished more for being disobediant?”
“Yes girl you are,get your tits out again and fetch the new cane”
With a pout she pulled her tits out gave them a wriggle and brought me the cane.
“Put your hands on the bed and stick your naughty bottom right out”
When she was in position i swished the cane a couple of times and took aim, its lovely to watch such a naughty girls bottom clench when she feels rod on bare cheeks tapping gently then suddenly hitting home with speed, it left a lovely red mark on both cheeks folwed by a yelp from her.
She was caned twelve times on her bottom and twice on her legs which made her stand bolt upright cluching her legs and jump up and down making her tits bounce delightfully. I took several pics of her caned arse and are still on my phone.
“Right girl remove your outfit, get on your knees and finish this blow job”
“Yes master, i wont bite this time” she said with a sexy smile.
She removed her dress got on her knees and sucked me like it was going out of fashion, feeling my cock starting to spazam she rubbed my cock over her face until i shot the lot all over her face.
“Happy birthday babe, next year i will wear something else”
Its got me thinking what she could wear. Any ideas?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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