Neighborhood fun part 3, The moms and me

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Neighborhood fun part 3, The moms and me
-thanks for reading. There are more to come, a lot more!

So it had been a few days since the cookout, it was Wednesday and I had to work a 36 hour over night/on call shift at the hospital on Thurs and into Friday. I had asked Amber, Krystal, and Rachel if they would mind looking in on Hayleigh, only because it had been only 4 days since we moved in. I wasn’t worried about her, hell she could take care of herself and she knew all to well how to use a gun. It was more because I didn’t know if I could trust the rest of the neighborhood – guys mainly.

They all said they would make sure Hayleigh was ok and that made me feel better. I told them all it was ok with me if their daughters wanted to sleep over, as long as they didn’t mind 4 teenage girls in a house by themselves. All the moms said it was ok.

Thursday morning rolled around and as I was heading out the door, I told Hayleigh that “the moms would be looking in on her and that they all said it was cool if her friends stayed the night. She told me I was an awesome dad, said thanks and I headed out the door. It was going on 8am, and as I drove out of the neighborhood, almost everyone on my street was out on their porches having coffee. As I drove by Rachel’s, her and Krystal were outside in their robes, I gave a wink, waved and said “thanks for everything, hope to see you later. ” they waved back saying ” have fun at work, and oh don’t worry- you will!”

It was a long rough day at the hospital, and about an hour before my shift ended, our chief medical officer, my boss, asked if I could cover a few more hours because another physician was running late. I looked at the clock-645 pm- and this clown wanted me to stay until 10 pm. I said I would, and that he owed me one.

Finally 10pm rolls around and I clock out and head home. I pull in the drive around 11 and head inside.

I could hear the tv on in the living room, so I pop my head around the corner, and see all 4 of the girls, Mindy, Becca, Jessica and Hayleigh, all asleep on the floor, wearing tiny tight shorts and even tighter shirts. I walked a little closer to get a better look, the floor creaked loud and Hayleigh rolled over, pistol pointed at me. I said “don’t shoot Hayleigh, it’s just daddy!” She said hi as she tucked the pistol back into the book safe on the shelf, and asked if everything went ok at work. I told her it was fine and she said ” sleep tight, see ya in the morning.” 2 thoughts ran through my mind 1-so glad my stepdaughter can take care of herself and 2- the sight of 4 hot teen asses made me need to go jerk off.

I headed up to shower and take care of business, and just as I was stepping in the shower, my phone buzzed. It was Rachel, saying welcome home and that she was heading down to my house. I thought to myself “hell yes, it was Friday drinking night and she probably wanted finish what was started a few days ago!”

I turned off the shower, wrapped a towel around me, a short one, barely big enough to cover my cock, headed down the stairs just in time to see Rachel’s face in the window. As I slowly opened the door, their stood all 3 of the milfs, with sluty smiles on their faces. I told them to be quiet because the girls were asleep in the living room. We all headed upstairs and into my room. I asked them if everything was ok , and Amber responded ” yeah, we spent the night talking about your huge cock, and what we started, and wanted to cum over and see you”. Then Krystal said ” it looks like you wanted to see us too, as she pointed to my cock head that was now sticking out from under my towel. I smiled and said ” so….” Rachel said ” so…” As she reached down and grabbed my shaft. Amber pulled my towel off and Rachel, still with my cock in her hand, walked me to my bed and sat me on the edge. She got down on her knees and began to slowly stroke my cock with both hands. Amber and Krystal followed, and now all 3 had their hands around my engorged cock. Stroking slowly, twisting as they pumped up and down.

They tugged for a few minutes, then Amber spit on my shaft to get it wet. She then licked the head and motioned for Rachel and Krystal to do the same. Rachel was the first to try and fit my cock in her mouth, and as it slid past her hot moist lips, it stretched her mouth wide. She was only able to fit the head. She held it in her mouth, trying to push more of my cock in while Amber and Krystal continued to stroke my shaft. Rachel pulled off and said ” fuck, I want more but I can’t fit it in my mouth!” Amber moved her head in saying “let me try!” She licked her lips and opened her mouth wide, she lowered her head and slid my cock in. It stretched her mouth too, and she only got the head in. She rolled her tongue around it and Krystal per her hand on the back of Amber’s head and pushed. I felt about 2 more inches go into Amber’s throat, and she started to gag. Krystal and Rachel giggled saying to Amber “is that all you got slut!” Amber pulled my dick from her mouth, grabbed the shaft and smacked my hard cock on the side of Krystal’s face. Krystal gasped, and Amber and Rachel started to laugh. Amber grabbed Krystal’s head and slammed her throat onto my cock saying ” how do yo like that!” Krystal mumbled something, and when Amber let her off my cock, Krystal gasped for air.

I stopped the moms, and told them to strip for me. They obeyed and started taking each other’s clothes off. When they were all naked I told them all to bend over the bed. As they did, I stood behind them, grabbed my cock and gave each of their asses a good old cock slap. Each one moaned as I slapped my heavy cock on each ass cheek and ran a finger through each of their moist pussies. They cooed with excitement. I knelt down and said ” who’s cunt should I eat first! ” Before they could answer , I grabbed Rachel’s ass cheeks, spread them wide and jabbed my tongue into her dripping cunt hole. She jumped a little, then pushed her ass back against my face allowing my tongue to slide deep between her wet folds. While Sill jabbing my tongue in and out, I reached up, grabbed Rachel’s arms and pulled them behind her. I made her hold her ass open, and reached my hands over to play with Amber and krystal. I ran a finger up and down both cunts, and rubbed hard on their clits. I could feel the juices flowing and slid my fingers in, knuckles deep, curled them a little and went hard for the g spot. Rachel was grinding hard on my tongue, and I felt the inside of her walls tighten. I pulled my tongue out and pressed the tip against her tiny asshole. When she felt it, her knees went weak, and she came, squirting like a fire hydrant. Amber and Krystal looked in amazement, as all Rachel could say was ” oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck!” She shook violently as I continued to probe her ass with my tongue.

Still knuckles deep in the others, I finger fucked harder and could feel they were close too. I rotated my fingers and placed my thumb against Amber and Krystal’s assholes and pushed it in. They bucked wildly and moaned loud. As the started cum, I could feel the juice run down my arms. I pulled my fingers out and leaned back to watch 3 hot moms writh in their own excitement.

When they calmed down, they climbed on my bed and motioned for me to join. I didnt waste any time and jumped like superman onto the bed. They pushed me on my back, Krystal straddled my face, Rachel hovered over my cock, and Amber grabbed my shaft and guided it to Rachel’s cunt. She held it place as Rachel lowered herself onto it, my head spreading her folds wide and resting against her opening. Krystal was grinding hard on my face, like a wild a****l, barely letting me breath, and I heard Amber tell Rachel ” you can do it sweetie, take it all. With that, Rachel lowered herself onto my cock. I felt her struggle as my head pushed into her tight pussy, stretching her wide. Amber spit on my shaft and let her hand go, she knelt beside Rachel, placed her hands on her shoulders, and began to push Rachel down onto my cock, Rachel winced and moaned and I could feel her shake as I slid deeper into her fuckhole. She slid about half way and held it for a few, allowing her pussy to stretch and accommodate my girth. Then slowly she stared bouncing up and down, trying to take more inside with every down thrust. Amber said ” that’s my girl, take that dig dick, you are doing great!” Krystal leaned forward resting a on her fore arms as I tongue fucked her wet cunt. Amber knelt on my side, one hand on Rachel’s clits and the other rubbing Krystal’s ass. Amber licked her fingers and drove 2 of them into Krystal’s ass. Krystal jumped and started to spasm telling Amber to finger her ass deeper. Amber obeyed and began trusting her 2 fingers deep into Krystal’s hole. Rachel was now riding me hard, raising her hips till my head almost came out then slamming down hard, taking all 10 inches deep into her cunt. She said aloud ” oh holy fuck, it feels like it’s in my stomach! It’s so deep!” With every bounce, I thrust my hips to meet her pushing my cock deeper and deeper into her, then out of nowhere Krystal began to flood my mouth with her cum. She reached down and grabbed my hair, pulling my face deep into her moist pussy and squeezing my head with her thighs. Amber finger fucked her frantically until Krystal collapsed, squirming on my face.

Amber pushed Krystal off and said ” my turn baby” and climbed on my face. Rachel was still fucking me hard and as she started to shake she said ” I’m cuming, I’m cuming, fuck me fuck me!” Then she came, hard, slamming down one more time and resting until her violent orgasm finished.

I knew I couldn’t last much longer, so I said it was time they gave up their asses. I made all 3 of them lay on their backs, side by side and I knelt in between Krystal’s legs first. I grabbed my lube, and lathered their tiny holes. I rested my head on the tip of Krystal asshole, looked at her and asked “ready?” She looked at me in fear said “ready” and I pushed hard, pushed right into her ass. She screamed and said go slow, I ignored her and pushed harder and deeper. She started to get tears in her eyes as I stretched her ass wide. I pushed all 10 inches into her and stopped only when my balls rested on her cheeks. She started to whimper as I slowly withdrew my cock. As her ass released my head, she lay there with a gaping hole. I moved over to Amber and repeated the same way. Driving deep into her in one thrust. Amber hollered ” ouch” and I told her to lay there and take it. I knew I was being an ass, I knew it hurt, but I was in pure execstacy. I pulled out of her and moved to Rachel.

Hovering over her she looked at me and said “take it, it’s yours” and I slammed into her, balls deep. She let out a shriek and I loved it. I moved back and forth between their asses, one thrust at a time until I couldn’t last any longer. I pulled my cock out of Amber’s ass, stood above them and jerked my cock fast, and as I came, I shot 4 ropes of thick cum on each of them, covering their faces and tits. I had never cum that much before and couldn’t believe it. All of them said ” holy fuck that’s a lot of cum!” When I shot my last rope, I climbed off the bed, and looked at them laying there, cum covered, fucked good, and in a little bit of pain. I slapped each of their asses and told them what good little whore they were.

They all said ” mmmmm” and that it was amazing. Out of no where, I heard Hayleigh say ” dad” and the moms froze, not making a sound. I told her just a minute and I could hear her walk down the hall into her bathroom. The moms got up quickly, put their clothes on and still covered in my cum, I hurried them downstairs and out the door. As I watched these moms leave my house, faces covered in cum and walking funny, I knew I was gonna have a great year. I was proud of myself for being able to take on the three of them and wanted more. As Hayleigh came down the stairs, she asked if everything was ok and I replied ” yeah I thought I heard something outside”. She said ok and went back to the living room, curled up on the couch and went back to sleep. I couldn’t help but think she heard us. And wondered if the girls had heard us too. I sauntered back to my room, lay on my bed and thought about what just happend. I went to shower, and clean off all of the sweet cunt and ass juice from my cock, then crawled into bed with an enormous smile on my face. I slept like a rock that night……

Thanks for reading, more fun with the moms and the daughters to come.

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