Never Disrespect a Mistress

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Never Disrespect a Mistress
As I was driving my Mistress home, I knew I was in big trouble. When I have a couple of beers, it naturally removes the protective filters and I’ll let my guard down. The woman who waited on us was absolutely stunning, and I guess I was flirting with her a little bit which Mistress picked up on immediately. I am not allowed to make eye contact with other women let alone stare at a woman’s breast, but the waitress was wearing a provocative outfit which enhanced her shapely figure. When she smiled back at me that was about all Mistress was going to take. About midway through dinner Mistress gave me an icy stare and told me to get the check because we wouldn’t be having dessert. Shit, I knew I was going to get it.

I tried to initiate conversation while I was driving, but Mistress was having none of it. She wouldn’t even allow me to turn on the radio which made me all the more uncomfortable. I apologized repeatedly for anything and everything, but Mistress just sat there not uttering a word. After a while I realized that trying to talk my way out of it was just making things worse, and the smarter move was to keep my mouth shut until she wanted me to say something. She was obviously pissed and the first rule she tried to teach me was to never to piss her off.

It seemed to take forever to get home. I seriously considered dropping her off and running, but she has so many pictures and videos of me in compromising positions that she really has me by the balls. She reminds me that she could ruin my career and have my family disown me if she wanted to. There was hell to pay, and Mistress was going to get her pound of flesh for my transgressions and disrespect. There would be no safe words tonight.

It wasn’t two seconds after I shut the door behind us when we got home that she grabbed my face with her left hand and slapped the opposite cheek with her right. She uses this technique to hold my head still so that my face will get the full impact of her blow. I groaned in pain and once again apologized, but she told me to shut the fuck up. She grabbed me by my ear and led me to the dungeon. Once inside she ordered me to strip, and she moved a lightning speed chaining my hands over my head and a spreader bar between my legs. All the while I was pleading with her to go easy on me and that I loved her very much despite my stupidity at the restaurant. She must have had enough of it, because she grabbed the penis gag off the wall and shoved it in my mouth to insure that all further conversation would be one-sided. Once the harness was secured on my head, she was satisfied that I was both silent and immobile. I could feel the tip of latex phallus tickling the back of my throat.

She disappeared and left me there for a few minutes. We were both formally dressed when we went to the restaurant, so I knew she was getting into something more comfortable. I love it when she dresses in leather, latex, or lingerie of any type. I was thinking that the silver lining to all this was that at least I would have a sexy visual of Mistress to ease the pain a little, but when she returned it was quite the opposite. She had changed into workout clothes and was wearing baggy sweats, a sleeveless tank top, and kickboxing shoes with her fingerless kickboxing gloves tied together and hung over her shoulders. She had removed her makeup and her hair was pulled back tightly. She looked damn intimidating, but the thing that scared me most was the scowl on her face. For the most part Mistress had been silent since the restaurant, but now she let me have it.

“I’m trying to remember the last time I have felt so disrespected, David. Your behavior was shameful, and you embarrassed me enough that I will never return to that restaurant again. Worse yet, I really don’t think you’re all that sorry. Oh sure, you mumbled a couple of half-assed apologies, but if we went back there I’ll bet you’d behave the same way if you saw that waitress again. I’ll bet you’d try to fuck her with your tiny dick if I didn’t have it already locked up. I actually feel sorry for her, too. She was just trying to do her job without some creep staring at her boobs. I can tell you that a woman like that has a real man in her life, not someone like you.”

“I should jettison you right now and share with the world ever bit of dirt I’ve got on you, but then you’d just be a problem for the next Mistress who was foolish enough to get involved with you. No, you’ve left me no choice but to correct things right now. You’ll remember this night, and you’ll remember what a fucking idiot you were. I’m going to make sure of it.”

All the while she was scolding me, she was stretching and throwing a few practice kicks and punches. Mistress has long legs and is extremely limber. A couple of her warmup punches whistled across the front of my face, but didn’t land. I was yelling through the penis gag, but the muffled cries fell on deaf ears.

She started out with a roundhouse kick to my left k**ney area which would have brought me to my knees had I not have support from the chains that hung from the ceiling over my head. She followed with another sharp kick to the opposite side so that I had footprints on either side which matched. She closed the distance between us and hit me with a flurry of punches in the stomach which caused me to lose my air as I choked in the penis gag.

“I’m not taking the gag off. Breathe through your nose.”

She turned her body 45 degrees and I knew from the angle a side kick was coming. Her foot landed squarely on the underside of my chin and left my head moving up and down like a bobble doll. My body was limp now, and yelling into the gag was replaced with moans and groans of deep pain. She propped me straight up, and then started throwing jab punches with her left hand at my right eye. The punches didn’t hurt as bad as the kicks, but they left marks on my face. It didn’t take long until my eye started to swell and close. She threw a couple of right hands that landed on my mouth and I felt my lip slip. blood was also starting to trickle out of my nose, and out of my swollen eyes I could see that she was loading up for a big punch right in the middle of my face. It was a sharp, straight punch that left me bleeding from the mouth and gums, but she didn’t stop there. She was in a full sweat now and adrenaline was pumping through her body. She saw the blood coming from my face and she became a frenzied shark throwing punches and kicks at me from all angles.

I was now semi-conscious and slipping in and out, but in all my pain I knew she was right to do what she was doing. She didn’t have to beat me anymore, I got it and I think at that moment she knew that I had more than enough to learn my lesson now and forever. She stepped back and stared at me for a minute hanging there bleeding and motionless.
“Are you conscious? Can you hear me?”

I groaned softly into the gag. She picked up her cell phone, and called up the camera/video settings.
“You are going to confess everything you did wrong tonight and what you will do differently in the future. Don’t leave out any disgusting details. I want the truth. Lift your head up and look directly into the camera. Speak slowly and clearly.”

I started to speak and I began sobbing uncontrollably. I confessed that I was aroused by the waitress and fantasized at the dinner table about fucking her. I wanted to suck on her beautiful breasts and lap like a dog at her cunt. I was trying to get eye contact to see if she was interested in me, also. I told Mistress that I would have wanted to go back to the restaurant over and over to see her. I let Mistress know everything that was in my head, and also told her I would never look at another woman that way again. Mistress is everything to me, now and forever.

Satisfied with my confession, Mistress turned the camera off.

“You’ll be taking a couple of weeks off of work. I can’t explain this away to neighbors or anyone else. I’ll call your boss and tell him you were in a car accident. We’re also going to go back to the restaurant in a few days, and you will apologize to that waitress. I’m also going to let her know how you got the fucked up face. You’re going to sleep the hard way now.”

Mistress moved behind me, and I knew what was coming. The kick she delivered between my legs was the hardest one of the night and it landed right between my balls. I felt my eyes roll to the back of my head, and the lights did indeed go out.

The pain was even worse when I awoke, but Mistress had cleaned my wounds and bandaged me. My balls were swollen to the size of g****fruits and it was painful to urinate. In a few days I would apologize to the waitress who surprisingly became a friend of Mistress. She has seen the video of my confession and told Mistress that she was also extremely offended by my behavior that night and wishes she could do the same thing to me. Mistress has told me that she is giving her kickboxing lessons, and when she becomes proficient enough, she will honor her request. I’ll never make the mistake of lusting for another woman again.

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