New Year’s Fuck Toy

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New Year’s Fuck Toy
Christine is a successful lawyer. Asian with short hair and a nice body she’s proud of. She texts me on New Year’s Eve saying she changed her mind and wants to go out with her girl friends. She asks if I can be her designated driver. I agree of course. She replies with a smiley face saying I’m sweet.

When I go to pick her up, she opens the door looking absolutely stunning. Classy with just the right amount of sex. She’s wearing a black cashmere sweater, a dark purple miniskirt with sparkles, and her black open-toed Jimmy Choo stilettos. I can tell she spent a lot of time on her hair and makeup. She’s also wearing expensive perfume. She’s looking very fuckable, and she knows it.

I tell her she looks fantastic. She smiles and thanks me, playfully turning around and sticking out her perky ass. She turns her head and says jokingly, “I’m feeling frisky.” She shakes her ass a little, and I laugh. If she only knew what I’m gonna be doing to that ass later tonight.

We get to the bar and party hard with her friends. We all dance. Christine definitely knows how to move her body. It’s hot watching her gyrate and sweat to the music. Guys definitely notice and flirt with her. She flirts back, sometimes heavy, but she always leaves them with blue balls. She can be such a massive tease.

The champagne is flowing and she gets really drunk but not sloppy. At midnight we all cheer and she gives me a peck on the cheek. We leave shortly after. Back in my car, she says she’s thirsty. I give her a bottle of water that I’ve laced with Rohypnol. She thanks me and takes big gulps. She says it really hits the spot.

She starts to get drowsy as it takes effect and says she must have drank too much. I tell her to drink up all the water so she doesn’t get sick. She nods, and I watch her guzzle down every last drop. I smile knowing the bitch is mine.

When we get back to her apartment, she is completely fucked up. It’s late so no one sees me practically dragging her up the stairs and inside. I dump her on the bed onto her back. I shake her, poke her, pinch her. Nothing. She is completely out.

I slowly hike up her skirt, trying to guess what panties she’s wearing. It’s a black satin-and-lace g-string. Total “fuck me” panties. The fabric is wedged up her pussy, and it’s really wet. All that cock teasing earlier must have made her really horny. I grab her ankles and yank her legs apart spread eagle. I bury my face in her pussy and inhale deeply. The smell of her sweat and perfume makes me hard.

I flip her over onto her stomach and move her to the edge of the bed so her legs dangle off. I yank up her skirt all the way to her stomach and spread her legs wide open so I get a nice view of that g-string riding up her perfect ass. I step back and admire her up and down from head to toe like a piece of meat. I decide her heels need an upgrade before she gets fucked.

I go to the closet and see her nude Louboutins. She has them boxed up and only wears them for special occasions. I decide that getting fucked in the ass is a special occasion and bring the box back to the bedroom. I take the velvet bag out of the box and remove the gorgeous heels. I take off her Choos, which are moist with sweat and lotion, and put them on the bed. I gently slip the Loubs onto her perfect feet and step back to look at her. Those red bottoms were the perfect touch. Now she’s ready.

I slide her g-string down her legs, but don’t remove it completely. I let it dangle from her left ankle. I grab one of her Choos and put it up to my face, inhaling the aroma of lotion and sweat. I grab the other one and fuck it slowly. The moist leather feels good against my cock. When I’m good and hard, I take out some lube and apply it generously to my cock.

I reach down and spread her asscheeks apart, exposing her tiny little asshole. I put the tip of my cock against it and insert gently. She doesn’t move as I penetrate the most private area of her body. It’s really tight, almost uncomfortable. I can tell she’s definitely never been fucked there before. Even with the lube I have to push really hard, and I grunt as I force my cock all the way inside her. She doesn’t move so I grab her hips and start to thrust, gently at first then slowly increasing speed.

Her asshole starts to loosen and it feels amazing, even better than her perfect pussy. I grab one of her Choos and sniff it while I keep fucking her asshole. I grab her skirt with my other hand and hold the fabric like reins on a horse. I thrust harder and harder, ramming my cock deeper and deeper into her ass. She still doesn’t move. Soon I’m in a frenzy and don’t give a fuck, pounding her asshole with a slap-slap-slap sound.

I’m close to exploding thinking about how hard I’m dominating this bitch. I want to fill her asshole with cum but think better of it. I pull out and spray the biggest, thickest load of my life all over her ass. I make sure to milk every last fucking drop out then go and wipe my dick clean all over her beautifully done up hair and face.

She looks really hot right now. Lying on her stomach fucked to shit with her skirt hiked up, legs spread wide open, and her g-string down around her ankle. I fucked her ass so hard one of her Loubs fell off and the other one is dangling from her foot. Her ass cheeks are drenched with my cum, and it’s starting to dribble down the back of her legs onto her feet.

I wanna leave the bitch the way she is, but I know I can’t. Not if I want to violate her again, and I definitely do. I use her g-string to wipe up some of my cum and spread it into her Choos. I do the same to her Loubs. There’s still a lot of cum left so I bring out her Valentinos–the red and nude heels plus the nude flats–and wipe some cum into them. When her ass, legs, and feet are “clean,” I put her cum soaked g-string back on, tugging on it from behind so it’s wedged deep up her pussy and ass crack. I pull her skirt back down and slide her Choos onto her feet. I turn her over. She’s still sleeping peacefully. I admire my perfect little fuck toy one last time then leave. Happy New Year, bitch.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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