No library.

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No library.

Mr.T and I have recently attended a black time event out of town at a casino resort.

The two of us looked good Damn good him in his tux me in a gown .
The event was a two night three day event one night he took me the second night he took his

Him and I spent the day to gather did some shopping ,some gambling we won some took it back
to the room ,so I would have more to play while he was gone.
As we are sitting there talking he smiles sorry we could not find a library last night.
Looking at him kiss him deeply telling him thank you .
We have time to kill before he is to go unzipping his jeans stroking his cock then
licking biting the head swirling my tongue around his cock sliding down his cock sucking
slowly at first pulling off looking up at him tell him I will suck you off now but I am
going to dress as a high class call girl I want you to find me pick me up and bring me
back to the room he agrees.
As I continue to stroke him sucking harder faster he caresses and pinches my nipples
spanks my ass moans escape my lips I continue to suck he begins to Fuck my mouth harder
and faster he moans shoots a load try to swallow all of it to much dripping out the sides
of my lips.Mmmm taste so good.

Time for him to get ready for his night we shower.
as he dresses I am laying on the bed watching he looks at me are you dressing
nope not yet don’t want you to see what I am wearing.

Pretty soon there is a knock on the door it is his sister time for them to go
and enjoy the event.

Now it is my turn to dress and ready my self for our nights adventure of call girl.
Short black dress, sparkling no panties ,stockings,big silver hooped earrings,
heels,now my make up dark ,do my hair wild,now for the finishing touch red lips.

Ready to head down to the casino as I am walking get lots of looks see my dress
is tight showing my bubble but,arriving at the gaming floor find a machine to
play as I sit and begin the gentleman behind me I hear them whisper I think
she is a hooker they have stopped playing there game turn to one another continue
talking as they still glances you see I can see them in the reflection of my machine.

The machine is not paying standing to move to another machine while I wait for Mr.T
to find me I turn smile at the gentleman and move on my way finding another machine
does not take long for a gentleman to sit down next to me ,nor Muuaahh hello continue
I see my husband I stand placing a foot on the foot bar on my chair hitching my stocking
exposing the top of my stocking he sees me walks up behind me grinding his cock into
my ass then spanks it leans over me telling me he would like to hire me for the night
telling him the prices he says you don’t understand for the night,oh that will be 1500.
for the night he says that’s fine.
taking my arm he escorts me back to his room opening the door he shows me in stepping
in behind me .
Telling me to sit on the edge of the bed he walks up to me unzips pulling his cock
out he begins to stroke, it is now hard tangling his fingers in my hair pulling me
to his cock suck my cock slut parting my lips I start stroking him as my red lips
slide up and down his cock ,pulling me off his cock he commands me to lay down
pull up your dress and play and spank your pussy as I watch .
Soon he is pulling me to the end of the bed by my ankles spreading my legs spanking
my pussy with his cock then thrusting it in hard and deep causing me to scream
out thrusting again and again he then tells me to say how much I want his cock
slamming in to my dripping pussy say it louder yes!!! Fuck me with that big
cock of yours make me scream.
Pulling me up hands and knees I want to Fuck you from behind thrusting
his cock in grabbing my hips as he thrust hard and deep you like this slut
You want more ,Yesss Fuck me Yesss he thrusts in hard and deep tell me how
you want me to cum in your ass Yesss Fuck yes cum in my ass grabbing my
hair pulling as he slams in hard and deep as he shoots his load holding it
there moving his hips as he drains his cock into me pulling out he spanks my
ass go clean up come back in nothing but a towel and climb into bed I will
be waking you later .as I am walking towards the bath so I can shower I turn
and look at Mr.T you left the door open sir ,looking at me saying yes I know.

No library,but we did have a night pilot adventure.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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