Nurse, the SCREENS!

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Nurse, the SCREENS!
I haven’t written anything for a long time, I am now qualified as a nurse, and I work at a local hospital,
looking after the c***dren.

One particular lad, Jack, was on the c***dren’s ward even though he was 18, his parents had taken that option, not
wanting him to be with adults and their ailments.

He was suffering from a back injury, he’d fallen off a skateboard or bike, and was very bruised and had difficulty
walking for a time.

He was six foot, and very VERY good looking, but painfully shy. When it came to us giving him a wash this was of course a problem.

You might have “Carry On” style fantasies about bed baths, but the reality is we get the patient to wash their own privates!

Oh, no, you don’t get that sort of service on the NHS, maybe with BUPA ! Lol

So I drew the curtains round Mark and got him stripped, he was blushing madly. He was never so embarrassed with
Mandy, the other nurse who has a slight beard. He deffo was with me, as red as a beetroot.

Now it was accidental, but I got a quick flash. His cock, it was not only completely erect but it was fucking MASSIVE!
He was SO embarrassed.

“Um, sorry to pry” I whispered “but have you .. been like that long? FOR long I mean”

He nodded and gulped

“Almost all the time” he admitted

Once he was washed I went and got a wheelchair and after getting his pyjamas back on and a robe, I took him to a treatment room
down the corridor. We managed to not draw the attention of the other patients. Spongebob was on.

I got him into the treatment room and onto an examination couch, where I gently asked him to undress again.

He did so, looking VERY nervous, as if something was very wrong.

So there he was, magnificent and naked, gym honed physique and about ten inches ( yes, really! ) of superbly erect cock pointing at the

I asked him again how long it had been like that, again he reiterated it was like that most of the time , at the moment.

I asked him did he not masturbate.

He blushingly admitted he didn’t have the privacy, especially as he couldn’t get out of bed to go to the bathroom alone.

“How awful!” I empathised “Can I examine your testicles?”

He shrugged, nodded, and blushed even deeper.

I didn’t bother with rubber gloves I just got him to open his legs a fraction whilst I had a good feel of his balls.

They were massive, and very heavy, so absolutely BRIMMING with sperm.

My legs got a bit wobbly as I fantasised for a moment about blowing him.

“Have you got a girlfriend ?”

He hadn’t and had never had one.

“Are you …. a virgin?”

He was, he said.

“These are very full and need to be emptied” I told him firmly “You could get problems if you don’t”

I was making all this up

“It’s called Priapism, a permanent erection, it could cause problems with your blood pressure, all sorts”
I improvised

It was certainly causing problems with mine.

“I recommend you masturbate, now. In this . um. relative privacy?”

“Can you step out then?”

“Well, no, health… and safety you see, I can’t leave you alone. Ridiculous, I know. There’s something else, I actually have
to watch – for your safety, in case you hurt yourself. It would be .. on me”

I then started thinking about all his sperm all over me, and it would be ON ME.

I felt quite faint at the thought.

“Go on” I told him “Best.. get on with it”

“Can’t you… look the other way?”

“Sadly not” I assured him “I have to watch – for your SAFETY!”

He gulped and took his cock into his (shaking) hand

And he began to pull



His toned buttocks clenched and unclenched

His face was scarlet and he was sweating profusely

“Ah hum” I began (my throat was constricting) “How does that feel?”

He didn’t say, he just nodded

With his other hand he grasped his balls, gently massaging them.

I would SO like to have helped !

I was messing with a pendant round my neck (we’re not suposed to wear jewellery) which I do when I am turned on

Little moans and groans escaped him.

“Are you getting there?” I asked “Sorry, personal question, I know”

He didn’t really answer, he just continued his vigorous wanking of this great cock of his.

Finally I relented and offered to help

“Did you want to have a look at my BOOBs?” I asked “Would that help”

He nodded animatedly

“I’m not going to get them right out” I explained “I will show you my cleavage”

I unbuttoned my uniform and exposed lots of creamy titflesh.

“Ohh” he moaned

I maintained that I wasn’t going to lift them out of the bra.

“PLEASE, show me” he sobbed

I couldn’t let him suffer !

I grabbed both of my enormous titties and got them right out for him, the nipples were like bullets.

“Show me….down there as well!” he begged

“NO” I said firmly “I can’t”

Still the titties had done the job, as I absent mindedly fingered the big nipples.

Jack’s wank had finally struck oil.

Great gouts of creamy white sperm fired from the end of his huge cock and gleaming purple knob,
another and another and another, firing all up his ripped stomach.

His body rocked and spasmed in his ectasies.

“Oh MY!” I said at last “It that BETTER?”

He was a lad of few words, Jack.

He just nodded.

He was remarkably shocked when I took hold of his knob in my hand and wanked him gently.

“JEsus!” he said, but he didn’t try to move away

“Any more for any more?” I asked as the last few droplets dribbled onto his skin

I would have LOVED to have sucked him, but hey.

I grabbed a handful of the usual blue papertowel roll and wiped him all up. I once again handled his cock as I
lifted it out of the way.

Afterwards I had another good feel of his huge balls, in the guise of a medical examination, obviously !

He was due to be released in a week or so, but my colleague Carole and I made arrangements to give him a massage,
back in this room, in order to help aid his recovery. We went to work on his bare back with warmed oils and soft hands,
and when we got him to (very grudgingly) turn over he was like a FLAGPOLE, poor lamb, and he was SO embarrassed,
especially as there were now TWO young women seeing it, and not just me.

Carole didn’t mess Carole didn’t: she just grabbed his big cock by the head and wanked him right off.

He seemed to come a little easier than he did for me, possibly because she pulled her uniform up, and her tights
and thong down, and gave him a nice flash of her shaved little pussy.

Gorgeous pussy, actually. It certainly would have made ME come.

The day came for Jack to be discharged – mind you we had DISCHARGED him a few times ourselves, and I gave him a slip
of paper with my name address and mobile number, and asked him to come to my flat.

He wanted to know why, but I was suitably vague, about wanting to keep in touch.

About three weeks passed before I heard from him, and I immediately arranged for him to visit me on the
following Friday night.

I got back from the hospital at 6pm and he was already sat on the step waiting for me.

I let him in and he was very nervous, shaking in fact.

I excused myself to go and shower, I thought he was watching round the door, I wasn’t sure, I just thought I felt eyes on me.
I let the hot water soothe my body, soaping my big tits and my pussy.

I wrapped a towel round me and made my way to my room, Jack was in the lounge, but he wasn’t where he HAD
been sitting, so I think he had been having a spy on me. In my bedroom put my sexiest bra on, and stockings and suspenders, all silk and midnight blue, and with no knickers.
The bra was padded so it made my already big tits look absolutely huge.

I covered the lot with a cream satin robe, and went in to Jack.

He seemed suitably impressed.

His eyes were out on stalks.

I approached with two HUGE glasses of wine to calm our nerves.

“So.. why did you invite me here?” he ventured at last

I grinned to myself, trying to hide it behind the glass.

“I wanted…. I want you to … make love to me, if you’d like to!” I explained, gently and clinked our glasses.

He was taken aback

“I was HOPING beyond hope it was that” he said “….But I did think you were probably wanting to… help me with
my homework .. or something”

We both laughed heartily and drank our drinks.

I went over and stood in front of him. I took a deep breath, then I dropped the robe.

“JESUS” he breathed as he took me in, my cleavage, the big tits, and the stockings, framing my baby smooth
shaved pussy. No knickers.

I stood with my hands on my hips as confidently as I could muster, though I was shaking inside.

“Kisses first?” I asked

He stood, quite confidently, actually, and of course he towered over me, and he leant in to kiss me. Our mouths
collided, rather awkwardly, a mixture of nerves and his inexperience, but I locked my lips onto his, and our tongues
soon came into play, and we were off. He was someting of a natural, a very sensual kisser.

He was getting a bit BOLD, actually, as he wrapped his big warm hand round a breast.

I broke free at that point and span round.

“Sorry!” he murmured

“No it’s okay” I reassured him “I just wanted to show you how to unhook a bra, so I showed him with mine.

Having big tits, my bras have several fastenings, so if he could undo mine, he could undo any bra.

I lifted them out and wrapped his large hand around one.

“Have a good feel” I told him “Squeeze them, but not too hard”

He soon wanted to have a go at my nipples, which were painfully hard, and once his gentle virgin hands started
on them, my bare pussy was dribbling down my legs.

He’d got kind of board shorts on, very baggy, but I could see how immensely hard he was in there, so I grabbed
his cock with both hands, through the clothing.

He groaned at the contact.

I dropped to my knees and undid them

I saw him gulp

I pulled the shorts and his underpants down. Fucking hell! He was bone hard and so HUGE!

I dipped below to have a suck of his big hairy balls, one at a time. He flinched as my tongue tickled there.

I looked up at him, into his eyes, and took his huge cock head in between my tarty-lipsticked lips.

I gently retracted his tight foreskin and tongued the exposed knob.

He lurched towards me slightly, and with a huge groan, he came.

I swallowed and swallowed his thick hot cream, great dollops of it. OOdles.

I massaged and milked his huge, but now emptied balls until he finally stopped coming.

I was licking my lips and grinning up at him with glossy shiny lips, as he finally opened his eyes and looked at me.

“Sorry !” he whispered

I shook my head

“Yummy!” I told him “That’s what I wanted, I wanted to taste you”

He nodded and smiled.

We sat down (nearly) naked together, I still had my stockings on and we drank some more wine.

We talked a little about our expectations, I told him that first I wanted to get on top of him,
sit on him and ride him, and afterwards I would get him on top of me to learn how to fuck a woman.

But first, and whilst his cock was recovering, I was going to teach him to eat pussy, and that was now!

I went and lay on my bed, with my legs as wide as they would go, I got him right in close, no more than
six inches from my pussy. I opened all my pussy lips wide for him, showed him my clitoris, masturbated it
while he watched me. Finally I showed him how to use his tongue on my clit and how to finger fuck me simultaneously.

Under my expert tutelage he lapped at my clit, as I lay and squeezed my tits, writhing in pleasure until with a soft squirt
( I heard his muffled cry of surprise!) I came all over his face.

“Oh my god that was FAB, you’re a natural!” I enthused

I went and kissed him enthusiastically, licking all my come from round his mouth.

When he got up he was rock hard again, so I lay him down and threw a leg over.

I did so confidently enough, but once I tried to sit on it, I mean MY GOD , so HUGE, all I could do
was slip the head inside my tight pussy, and just teeter on the end of it.
I looked back over my shoulder at the both of us, incredibly clearly reflected in the mirror.

There was fully seven inches of rock hard cock OUTSIDE of my body, glistening with the juices
that had dribbled down the shaft from my cunt.

I grew a little braver then, with my increased arousal!

“Grab me round the waist” I told him

He grabbed

“Now take NO notice of me if I start complaining – PUSH me down onto your cock really firmly, mercilessly in fact. MAKE
me take it inside!”

“Am I not TOO big?” he asked “Like FREAKishly?”

“umm” I giggled “The large end of the scale, not in the record books, but easily the biggest I personally
have ever had up me, I assure you!”

He kind of shrugged.

And he gripped

And he pushed

And I opened

And I gasped

And I screamed

“JESUS, FUCK!” I howled as I managed to haul myself up again to somwhere near the top of the
fucking thing before he grabbed me masterfully, and pushed me back down onto it so that the
enormously WIDE base parted my pussy soOOO wide I thought I’d be feeling a draught
up there for weeks to come.

I felt his finger linger round my arsehole, and I LONGED for him to push it up there, but he didn’t,
and I didn’t like to ask, as that sort of thing is a bit rude.

I came again, straight away which was a bit of a bonus, and I bit and scratched him like a wild a****l, poor

Jack had pumped his load down my throat previously, and for most of my boyfriends the volume would have
been about a month’s worth. Jack wasn’t ready to come again just yet.

Once I had got my own breath back, I lay on my back, got my legs up on his shoulders,
and I grabbed his cock in and pulled it in towards my slot. I pushed the first two or three
inches inside me as a taster, and then I pulled it out again.

I got Jack to take his cock in in OWN hand then, to get him used to doing the INSERTION himself.

The big head was half inside my cunt, and I got him to lean on me, pulling him in with my legs.

“Christ, that’s good” I grunted, biting at his shoulder.

I got him moving with little words of encouragement such as



|”Thats it”


“Give me ALL of it, the whole fucking length”

“Make me take it…..all!”

“OH MY GOD YES” and I was coming again

“OOOOOOoogh!” grunted Jack and he seemed to grow even bigger as he pumped his load into the depths of my pussy.

His hot load

Juicy condom-less fuck

My tender pink insides splattered with his piping hot sperm.

It made me come AGAIN, as I pulled him in for those peculiarly tender post-fuck kisses.

We lay panting and when we were rested I fetched more wine, he was really quite drunk, having no resistance
I guess. He asked me about boyfriends, and I told him I didn’t currently have one, but I had had about twenty
lovers, and tow of them were women. He wanted to know ALL about that, and I told him. He got very hard again,
as I told all him about my nights with Lyn, in juicy detail.

I asked him about his rugby mates, and got him to tell me all about their sweaty bodies in the showers together,
he didn’t want to, but I traded him with some of my other stories including a very horny threesome.
I heard all about the other lads big cocks and hairy balls in the showers. And their arses, I wanted to know
who had the best arse.

And while we were on the subject of arses, I broached the subject of the next lesson: Anal sex.

He seemed never to have heard of the practice, between men and women, and he regarded it as peculiarly
a gay thing.

I reassured him that nowadays, with greater openness (particularly of bottoms) and the availability of
heavy duty condoms and lubes and the like, and every women’s magazine contains some sort of rubbishy
COY article about anal sex.

I got him to agree to try, and with the SIZE of him, TRY is all we could do.
I wanted to do it without a condom, so I smeared lubricant all over his cock from stem to stern.
I got him to lube my arse with it as well, three fingers up me ! I wanted my bum licked, but he did
refuse to do that.

I lay on my side on the bed, and I opened my buttocks.

I cannot say there wasn’t pain involved and I this it twanged his foreskin sufficiently to
cause him some discomfort too, but he popped through my ringpiece and into me.

The whole nine yards. Well – the whole ten inches – right up my arse, I don’t think if he’d been
a milimeter wider he’d have been able to get into me, a SNUG FIT would be an understatement.

He reached round and grabbed my tits, whilst I rubbed my clit, and Jack fucked my arse, and we both came
together, I imagined rather than felt him shoot his load somwhere deep in my dark interior, until my
muscles finally squidged his softened cock out of me.

We slept then, he couldn’t stay the night, unfortunately, his mom was expecting him back.

It was nearly a month before I saw him again, him and three of his rugby team!

Oh boy. Sore !

Next episode !!

TRUDI xxxx


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