Office Party

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Office Party
When I turned 18 and moved out of my little hometown and into The Big City, I could never have guessed that I would land the job of my dreams – well, almost. I worked for a prestigious record company, and music is my life. The woman who hired my to be her assistant was a medium-height redhead in her early 40’s with a slithering physique; curvy, cool and controlled. She dressed SHARP. I immediately looked to her as my role model, a kind of guiding figure for this small-town girl in over her head and surrounded by the snakes and sharks of New York City. I wanted to learn everything from her.

It was about 3 months into the job that she broke the barrier and invited me to an office function that was happening later that night. After hours, the company would sometimes have a new artist in the building with catering, drinks and music – I was so excited I stuttered, “Wh-what…uh…What should I wear?” She smiled ever so slightly and leaned in close. I was surprised with how soft her breast was, which was firmly pressed against my shoulder. I felt a little dizzy, thinking about her that way. My breasts were firm and a little smaller than hers. I was kind of self conscious of them, because they made me look so young. I didn’t want to look like I was 18 anymore. She, on the other hand, had the breasts of a fully grown, adult woman. I wondered what she looked like…

“Something not so…modest,” she said. I have to admit, I did dress rather conservatively I wasn’t used to showing off, but my boss often wore low-cut blouses and tight-fitting skirts. I wanted to be like her so badly, she seemed to be so comfortable all the time and I figured that maybe if I dressed “not so modestly” that maybe I would loosen up. Here goes nothing!

At about 10pm, I arrived at the office. The music was loud, and I immediately scanned the room for something to drink so as to look more comfortable than I actually was. I walked over to the punch bowl and filled a plastic cup. It tasted great, but a little medicine-like…was there alcohol in this? I drank the first cup so fast that I didn’t really think about it. Halfway through sipping my second glass, and nervously looking around the room at all of the well-dressed men and women, I realized that my face was hot, and I had to find a restroom…quickly. There it was! All the way across the room. The only path to it was blocked by a seemingly endless barrage of loud, slick New York types all laughing and gesturing…but I had to go so badly, and whatever that punch was was giving me the strength to push through!

I opened the bathroom door, and there she was – my boss, my role model, my muse…my crush. Yes, I guess I did have a crush on her. But I had never thought of a woman that way, so it didn’t even enter my mind. I just kind of got goofy around her, like she was a celebrity or something. And now she was applying lipstick to her perfectly chiseled lips. I once joked with her that she must have been the model for the Rolling Stones logo, with her big, juicy lips and perfect teeth.

“There you are,” she said without looking away from the mirror. “I thought you might have gotten cold feet. I’m glad to see you took my advice.”

She must have been referring to my blouse…it was tight, and I wasn’t wearing a bra. I noticed her looking at me through the mirror. I instinctively crossed my arms.

“Oh, come now…you don’t mind if I sneak a peek, do you?” My face got really hot, and I don’t think it was from the punch.

“Uh..I just really need to…um,” I stammered.

She capped her lipstick, pressed her lips together and spun – no, slinked – around and seemed to penetrate me with her green eyes. She laughed.

“Too much sangria, honey?”

So that’s what it was!

“Yeah…excuse me,” I nervously sputtered.

“Oh, of course. I’m actually here to do the same, not just do my makeup.”

With that, we both entered joining stalls simultaneously. I noticed that right before we entered, she was looking right at me. How odd! Maybe it was just the sangria…

I lifted my skirt and sat, but was still so nervous that I couldn’t go. A few seconds went by, and I could hear my boss in the next stall. She obviously didn’t have stage fright! But as soon as she started, I heard her let out a sigh. All of a sudden, all the blood that was in my face went right down to my…let’s just say…my pussy. I immediately grabbed it, instinctively and without thought, with my clit between my fingers. I guess hearing her sigh like that turned me on, and the sound of her peeing just made me think of her in other ways that confused me. I was gently squeezing my fingers together and tightening my grip.

Oh my gosh, I have to stop! I thought. This is so…dirty!

She sighed again, and my hand twitched. My middle finger went straight inside of me, and I moaned a little. Thankfully I don’t think she heard me over her peeing. But I was thinking about how warm it must be, how wet…I put another finger in. I was lost in ecstasy and speeding up.

Then I stopped suddenly. I realized that she had stopped peeing, and my pussy was making wet noises that seemed to resonate in the bathroom walls 100 times louder than they should have been!

“All done?,” she said from the next stall.

I panicked. Did she hear me? I didn’t answer.

“Not..quite…” I said.

She replied, “Good. Me neither.”

What did that mean? I just heard her finish peeing…

And then I heard it. That sloppy, wet, muted sound coming from the next stall. It couldn’t be…

“Oooooh…” she cooed.

I got wetter. And less nervous. Did she know I could hear her? And could she hear me? I didn’t care anymore. I started up again, slowly, by tapping my clit with my index finger while my middle and ring finger were still deep inside. I could her her wetness rhythmically pulsing next to me. I tried to time my strokes with hers, beckoning a “come here” motion inside of me, as if I was inviting something mysterious to come out of me. Something…forbidden…

She went faster. I went faster. I saw her shoes under the stall – she had kicked them off and her toes were curled up. She was breathing heavily, and I almost lost my mind. All of a sudden, I made a sound – halfway between a whimper and a sigh – and then she said, “Do it, honey. Do it.”

I couldn’t hold out any longer. I gripped tight, filled my hand with a slick juice and let out a very audible, unmistakable moan. She moaned too, but hers was so much more controlled and mature, like she had done this so many times. That just made me gush more.

When it was over, I was petrified. Should I say something? Should I leave? I just sat there. I felt so…


I began to pee. Ooooh, it was so warm and nice. Finally!

She laughed from the next stall. I started giggling too. I felt like it was our…inside joke. Immediately I felt less nervous.

When it was over, we came out of the stall and I immediately went to wash my hands, without making eye contact. She grabbed my hand – still slick – and joined it with hers, also wet. She looked me right in the eyes, and then licked my ear. My knees buckled a little and I almost passed out. She then let go of my hand and licked her finger before slapping my ass – which I DEFINITELY didn’t expect. We both laughed again, and she let me wash my hands while she did the same.

After that, I saw her glide out of the restroom and back into the party. She was so lively, so full of energy! I filled my sangria glass again, and couldn’t wait for my next trip to the restroom…

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