OHGIRL’s First Time- Our Perspectives

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OHGIRL’s First Time- Our Perspectives

Everything in this world is seen and described differently from each person’s point of view. This story is told from the perspective of the two people that experienced the event.

Our Perspectives:
We had discussed the idea of swinging and swapping partners in the past. Neither of us really wanted to commit to such a radical idea though, whether it was our moral values of sticking to our wedding vows, our fear of something new and different, or just because we are both picky. If we were going to swing, we had to have a set of rules. We both decided that we would only share separate partners while we were together, in the same room, and that we both had to be physically attracted to the other couple. Our criteria also included other shared commonalities, such as nonsmoking, no d**gs and healthy individuals that we could get to know as friends first. We wanted to develop a trusting camaraderie with whomever we were going to be sharing such an intimate, sexual relationship. We decided that we would take it slow and attend a couple of different swing clubs around our area. We were going to be observers first, so that we could learn the lifestyle and understand how others handled and enjoyed themselves.
We visited a couple of different establishments and just had a few drinks while we watched and observed. We enjoyed seeing others co-mingle and occasionally watched an attractive couple engage in oral sex or fuck in one of the communal rooms. It was very sexy and voyeuristic and we often left the club extremely aroused. My wife, Ohgirl, would often pull my cock from my pants, as we were driving home, and suck it until I thought I would cum. We would have half of our clothes torn off before we even got into the house, only to ravish each other on the floor, the steps to our bedroom, or once, on the hood of her car, in the garage. I remember fucking her like an a****l from behind, as her breasts were bouncing and sliding across the car’s hood, buffing the exterior.
Although we enjoyed watching the action in the clubs, we still did not feel comfortable with the idea of swinging and we had yet to find another couple who met our rules of standards. We had always enjoyed taking photos of each other and posting them on the internet. It was our way of sharing with others, but without the actual physical swap. So, we resigned ourselves to just continuing our little exhibitionist fun. The only problem was, that we were limited in how well our pictures turned out, based on our ability to take them ourselves. We wanted to get a different angle, or perspective, on our sexual exploits and to be able to see ourselves, in our photos, from another person’s eyes. That is when we came up with our plan. We decided to find and recruit another person, while we were at one of the clubs, to come home with us one night and take the photos for us. The story of what occurred that unbelievable evening will be told from each of our perspectives.

OHGIRL: It took me a while to get ready that night. I was really nervous and I wanted to be as sexy as I could for my husband. I know it makes him horny when we are out and other men are looking at me. I also wanted to look my best, just in case we were able to find someone who would agree to take our photographs. I wanted to be ready to go with little need to prep for a photo shoot. I was a little worried also, because we would need to find someone with whom we both trusted and felt comfortable. This was a definite must have in order to invite them into our house and allow them to be in the same room with us, while we were at our most vulnerable.

OHBOY: My wife looked so hot when we left the house. She was wearing a tight, olive colored, body-hugging dress that showed off her curves and left little to the imagination. She wore her hair straight and had on a minimal amount of jewelry and make up. She was wearing a pair of 4 inch, green stiletto heels that made her legs look great and I wanted to take her before we even left the house.

OHGIRL: When we arrived at the club, we found a seat and ordered a drink. We danced a couple of songs and watched as more people arrived. It was a very crowded Saturday evening, with many couples arriving that we had never seen before. I was getting a little buzzed, but it only takes two drinks to accomplish that. We were sitting at our table when I heard someone shout my name. I was surprised, because very few people know our names at the club. My husband and I looked up and it happened to be a former college classmate or mine. I hadn’t seen him since my senior year and didn’t really know him outside of our classroom discussions. He and I attended the same two classes one quarter and he seemed like a really nice guy. He played basketball at the college and he tried to avoid much of the attention that many of the other students gave him. He was a very tall man and I must admit, I didn’t remember him being as attractive as he looked tonight.

OHBOY: I heard someone yell my wife’s name and I looked up to see this unbelievably tall guy. I knew immediately who he was, but I didn’t know how my wife knew him. He was a former college basketball player for the university from which we had both graduated. He was a good looking black man, about 6’7” tall and he was dressed in a really nice custom fitted suit. My wife said hello and introduced him to me as Robert. We invited him to join us for a drink and soon we were all talking for a couple of hours about how they had met and our current lives. Robert explained that he and his wife had also discussed and considered the swinging lifestyle and that they were supposed to be checking out the club tonight. Apparently she had gotten cold feet and asked him to go alone and to let her know what it was like, when he returned home, later that evening. He said that they had some reservations, as did we, about jumping directly into an alternative lifestyle and that he fully understood how we felt. After a few more drinks, we confided in Robert about our plan to find someone we could trust to take pictures of us having sex. I could tell that he was a bit intrigued with the thought and after talking for a while, he said that he would love to take the photos for us.

OHGIRL: We left the club at about midnight and I had more than enough drinks in me to override my inhibitions about Robert following us home and taking photos of us having sex. Ohboy was extremely horny, so I leaned over and undid the front of his pants. I knew it was a little distracting while he was driving, but I also knew that he would love it. His cock was so hard, as I grabbed it and started licking his shaft and kissing the head of his penis. He was moaning after about 15 minutes and told me to stop or he was going to cum in my mouth. I teasingly stroked his cock and gently placed it back into his pants, looking up at him hungrily, as I seductively zipped his pants back up. We were pulling into our driveway soon afterwards and I quickly went into the house as Ohboy waited for Robert to get out of his car. I went up to our master bath to get freshened up and got dressed for our sexy photo shoot.

OHBOY: Robert followed us in his car and when we arrived, I waited for him to follow me into the house. Ohgirl had already turned off the alarm and made her way to our bedroom. I could tell she was really turned on by our plan, because she had sucked my cock almost the entire ride home. I led Robert into the house and up to our master bedroom. I had two digital cameras and a video recorder all charged up and ready to go. I explained to him what we wanted and he got familiar with the equipment. I turned on some music and all of the lights, so that we would be able to get some really good quality pictures. The door to the master bath opened. Robert and I turned to see my wife walking into the room wearing nothing but a black garter with net stockings and a pair of patent leather black heels . She looked hotter and sexier than I could ever remember and she had her sights set on me. She walked seductively towards me and pushed me back upon the bed.

OHGIRL: I heard Ohboy and Robert in the bedroom while I was getting ready and I was determined to fight off my nervousness and get into the mood. I decided to put on a very sexy outfit and when I was ready, I sauntered into the room. Ohboy was standing next to the bed, still fully dressed, and Robert was standing about 5 feet away. I made my way quickly to my husband and shoved him onto the bed. He laid on his back as I began to rip open the front of his pants and shirt, quickly pulling his clothing from his body. I slid his pants down over his shoes and took them all off in one swoop, then slipped up between his legs and began to lick his hard cock like a lollipop. I was still standing next to the bed and was bent over at the waist as I moved my tongue over Ohboy’s long, white shaft. I knew that Robert was behind me taking the photos, since I heard the beep and saw the flash out of the corner of my eye as he took each picture. After a short period of time, I forgot all about our photographer and began to fully enjoy the sensation of making love to my husband.

OHBOY: Ohgirl stripped my clothes off and grabbed my erect cock like a starving woman. She was sucking my rod like there was no tomorrow. Her ass was pointed at Robert and he was taking as many pictures as was possible. After some time, I grabbed my wife and flipped her around on me. We managed to arrange our bodies into the 69 position and as my mouth met her swollen lips, I could tell that she was soaking wet. I began to lick and suck on her hard clitoris and her body squirmed as my tongue messaged her sensitive area. Her back arched as she let out a low moan and began to cum. She pulled away from my face and slid towards the edge of the bed. She got up on all fours in front of me and begged me to fuck her from behind. She was facing Robert as I entered her and began to slowly slide my cock into her tight, wet pussy.

OHGIRL: We performed oral sex on each other for quite some time before my sensitive clit couldn’t take it any more. I told Ohboy that I wanted him to mount me from behind and he began to slowly fuck me doggy style. I was facing Robert and when I looked up, I could tell that he was getting a bit aroused. His cock was pressing against his dress pants and it was very noticeable. I could tell that he was a fairly well endowed man. He continued to take our photos and his large penis pressed outward against the cloth of his pant leg. He got closer to the bed as he tried to get a different angle on the shots and Ohboy began thrusting harder and faster. I was bobbing forward and my head actually banged into his crotch as I looked up to see him standing even closer than before. This happened a couple of times before I looked up again to see Robert undoing the front of his pants and pulling them down. He was standing about a foot from my face when his cock popped straight up and I swear it was going to hit me in the eye.

OHBOY: I noticed Robert getting closer to the bed and taking quite a few photos. He was definitely getting aroused and I could tell, as he adjusted himself, that he was a little uncomfortable. His crotch was slowly getting closer to my wife’s head and I thought that he had actually brushed against her a few times. I think that Robert noticed me watching him and he looked a bit embarrassed. He stepped back, but I kind of gave him a wink and nod to let him know not to worry about it. I mouthed my permission for him to undo his pants and he quickly had them unbuckled and completely down around his knees. His cock was humongous and it had to be at least 10 inches long and as big around as my wrist. Ohgirl always joked with me and said that if my cock would have been any larger when we met, that she would have run away. She often said that she thought that it would be too painful and uncomfortable to have sex with someone who was too large. I kept a hold on her hips as I slammed my cock deeper into her, hoping that she wouldn’t try to run after getting a look at what was right in front of her face.

OHGIRL: Robert had a monster cock. He was either born to be in porn or he was part Clydesdale. Ohboy didn’t say anything when Robert dropped his pants, so I assumed that he didn’t mind what was proceeding to occur. I felt my husband’s thrusts getting harder and as I moved forward, Robert’s erection brushed up against my face and edged closer to my neck and chest. He was still taking photos, but he continued to move nearer until his black cock was banging against my chin and up against my breasts as we bounced on the bed. I finally reached up and grabbed a hold of his thick member. My fingers couldn’t even wrap completely around his throbbing hard penis. I began to lick the end of his dick and tried to put my lips around it. I was barely able to get his plum sized head into my mouth as I started to suck on him. My hand slid up and down his engorged shaft , stroking him as Ohboy continued to pound me from behind. Ohboy’s cock was throbbing in me and I knew he was going to cum if he continued at his current pace. Robert was surprisingly still taking photos, but had his one hand wrapped in my hair as I tried to successfully perform fellatio on his gargantuan tool.

OHBOY: Robert’s massive cock was rubbing all over my wife’s face and tits as he stood in front of her. She finally reached up and grabbed it, then put her lips around the end of his bulbous penis. Her hand was stroking his cock while he stood there and I got so turned on that I nearly came. I pulled my dick out of Ohgirl’s soaked pussy and went over to get the video camera. She was still sucking on Robert’s foot long erection when I asked her to turn around to suck mine again. I was sitting in the middle of the bed, so she got down, bent over towards me and began sucking on my cock. Robert was now standing behind her as she moved back and forth with my hard rod in her mouth. Robert’s black cock was smacking against her leg and as he moved closer behind her, it began to bounce against her ass. He started to time his movement with her and his dick slipped up between her butt cheeks and over onto her back. I began to film them from my position and had a great angle as my cock filled my wife’s mouth and Robert’s slid back and forth over Ohgirl’s sexy ass. Robert reached down and grabbed his own cock, slapping it across Ohgirl’s butt and leaving a trail of pre-cum as he slid it back and forth over her ass. Robert looked over to me and I just raised my eyebrows and shrugged my shoulders, unable to give him permission to proceed any farther. It would be up to my wife to let anything else occur.

OHGIRL: I watched as Ohboy got off of the bed to get the video camera and when he returned he asked me to suck him off. I got down from the bed and bent over to give him some head and it wasn’t much later that I felt Robert’s huge cock poking and smacking against my ass. His hard, thick shaft was sliding up and down the cheeks of my behind and he either spanked my butt with his hand or was smacking his meat pole against me as I began to grind back against him. It was so huge and it felt like I was sliding my butt against a warm, fleshy stripper’s pole. After a few minutes of this teasing game, I felt the head of his cock press against my pussy from behind. I couldn’t take it any more and blurted out “Just Fuck Me!” My vagina instinctively tightened up as I felt him press hard against me, but my pussy was so wet that my lips slowly parted and I felt the massive head of his cock slide into me. I gasped and let out a soft moan. I had never had a cock so big and I honestly never wanted or fantasized for one like this either. He slowly shoved his huge black cock, inch by inch, into my quivering, moist pussy and I felt the pressure of his girth pushing against my vaginal walls. His groin pressed up against my ass as he buried the complete length of his thick sausage deep into my tight cunt. Robert began to pump his colossal horse cock into me, his balls slapped against the back of my legs while his large hands held onto my hips and squeezed my ass. I was unable to fully concentrate on sucking Ohboy’s dick as Robert started to ram me faster and harder.

OHBOY: Ohgirl told Robert to fuck her and he didn’t look to me for any further instructions. I saw his cock enter her from behind and soon every inch of his huge pecker was completely shoved into her wet slit. She was still trying to suck on my penis as he began to fully stroke his lengthy member in and out of her wet vagina. After about 10 or 15 minutes of this, I knew I was going to cum and I could tell by Robert’s hard thrusts, that he was near completion also. I told Robert to lead my wife to the center of the room, where we had her kneel down between us, so that she could suck us both off. Robert and I both had a camera and continued to take photos as Ohgirl worked back and forth between each of our cocks. I was about to explode, so I turned my wife’s head towards me and began to shoot my cum all over her face. She grabbed my throbbing cock after a couple of huge blasts and wrapped her lips around it. She began to suck me dry as the sticky sperm from my first shots dribbled down her cheek and chin. She soon turned back to Robert and had just barely gotten the head of his cock into her mouth when he groaned loudly and exploded. His cum instantly filled her mouth and she almost gagged from the amount as it spilled from between her lips and poured down her chin. He grabbed his rigid mass of meat and rapidly began to stroke it over her face. Load after load of hot cum sprayed across her lips, chin and in her hair. Her face was covered with cum as it poured down her neck and across her large breasts.

OHGIRL: It seemed like Robert had been fucking me from behind for quite some time. His iron hard cock had been thrusting full length, in and out of my swollen pussy, before I finally felt him slide it out from between my legs. He and Ohboy led me to the center of the bedroom and my husband told me that he wanted to film me getting a facial. I was taking turns licking and sucking on each one of their long, hard cocks when Ohboy shot two huge loads across my face. I grabbed his pulsating cock and instantly shoved it into my mouth to feel and taste his hot cum as it shot deep into my throat. I swallowed all that he had to offer and then I turned my attention to Robert’s foot long goliath. I had barely got my lips around the swollen head of his cock when he came so violently that I thought I would drown in cum. My mouth was overflowing and I had to pull his cock from my lips. He grabbed my hair and started stroking his long, black rod over my face. Shot after shot of warm, sticky jizz splattered across my lips and down my chin. I closed my eyes as I was covered with large amounts of Robert’s hot seed. I never knew that a single man could have cum so much at one time.

OHBOY: After Robert and I had finished, I walked into the bathroom to clean up a bit and to use the restroom. Robert was still taking some photos of his tremendous cum shot that he had plastered across Ohgirl’s face. I was in our master bath for about 10 minutes when I returned to the bedroom to see Robert with Ohgirl in his arms and her legs wrapped around his waist. Her back was pressed against the wall as he bounced her up and down on his huge cock. I grabbed the camera and began to take some photos. It was amazing to see my wife taking such a large penis in her pussy. She was sliding on his shaft like a carrousel horse in a merry-go-round. After watching this for about 10 minutes or so, I was fully aroused again. Robert slid Ohgirl off of his cock and set her on the floor. She bent over towards him and started to suck his cock and she reached up and grabbed my arm, pulling me behind her. I grabbed her hips from behind and slid my cock into her hot, soaked hole. Watching her suck Robert’s cock while I fucked her from behind was exhilarating. We enjoyed this for quite some time as we passed Ohgirl between us, taking turns pumping her from behind and letting her suck on each of our cocks. Ohgirl was sucking on Robert’s black, thick veined organ when he pulled it from her mouth and shot another huge load on the side of her face. She turned to him, opening her mouth, as an endless amount of spunk jetted onto her tongue and lips and sprayed across her tits and hard nipples. Ohgirl reached down and began to rub Robert’s sticky mess into her breasts, pinching and twisting her nipples as he smacked his meaty member across her lips and face. She ran her tongue and mouth up and down his ebony shaft, further smearing her face with his white, sticky semen. I was unable to contain myself as I watched her sensual antics and I grabbed my wife’s head and turned her towards me. I shoved my cock into her mouth and shot two quick loads down her throat, then pulled out and blasted her face with the rest of my warm spunk. Ohgirl was covered with our cum, from her face down to her hips. Some of it was still warm and fresh and some was drying and sticky from her first facial. After slowly and sensually licking our cock and posing for some awesome photos, she went into the bathroom to get into a warm shower. I showed Robert to one of our guest baths and I returned to join Ohgirl as we got cleaned up and refreshed. We walked Robert to his car and bid him a good night. We thanked him for his photographic help and he told us that he would let his wife know how nice the club was. Robert said that he would definitely tell her about the nice couple that he had met and how we would more than meet their special requirements for a potential future meeting.

OHGIRL: Ohboy had gone into the bathroom while Robert continued to take some photos of me. I was drenched in their warm goo and it was on my face, in my hair and dripping down my chin. I posed for a few sexy cum shot photos as I licked their salty sperm from my lips and fingers and rubbed it between my breasts. I knew that Ohboy would want to see me posing for some nasty facial shots. Little did we know that most of the cum would have belonged to another man. Robert’s cock began to get hard again as he took the photos. I watched it as I looked up to the camera, slowly rising up into the air as his blood filled his long thick tool once again. I got up from the floor after a few more photos and turned to go into the bathroom to join Ohboy. Robert quickly reached over and grabbed me from behind, pulling me against him and pressing his hard erection against my ass and back. He whispered into my ear thanking me and stating that he had enjoyed himself. He told me that he was really turned on by my sexy ass and he began to grind his hips into me from behind. I giggled and thanked him for the comment as I tried to pull myself from his grasp. He pulled me against him again and then bluntly told me that he wanted to fuck me in the ass. I told him that I thought that his penis was too big and that I wasn’t really into anal sex. My husband and I had enjoyed anal sex on a number of occasions, but it had to be when I was really feeling naughty or horny and when I wanted to add a little sluttiness to our sex lives. Robert continued to grind his hard cock against the crack of my ass as he held onto me, whispering how good it would feel to slide his dick into such a killer ass. I had to admit that I was a bit turned on as he pressed the shaft of his thick cock against me and I guess I couldn’t get any more slutty than I already was feeling at that moment.
I grabbed Robert’s hand and led him over to the bed. I knelt down and began to suck and lick his cock, slathering it with my saliva and getting it wet with spit. I reached up to my face and chest and wiped off some of the still warm cum and rubbed it up and down his long shaft. I also rubbed some of his natural lube between my butt cheeks and bent over the edge of the bed. I told Robert to be gentle and to take it slow. I reached back and spread my ass apart as I felt Robert slide his hard shaft up and down the crack of my butt, smearing more of his cum and my saliva over my tight opening. He pressed the large head of his cock against my tight asshole and I tried to relax as he pushed harder. I just knew it was to big and there was no way that it was going to fit. He continued to push against my anal opening and soon it began to slide in with the help from the lubrication. I looked back and watched as 3-4 inches of his long prick slid into me. I put my hand back and stopped him, since it was too much and I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take any more. Robert pulled his cock out and knelt down behind me. He started to lick my asshole and his tongue began to probe deep into the opening. It felt really nice and he continued to lick me until he had me extremely wet. He got back up and turned me towards him, wiping more of the cum from my breasts and rubbing it onto his massive organ. He laid me onto my back and spread my legs, pushing them back and farther apart. He guided his long, black missile back to my tight opening and began to press into me again. He slowly slid his cock into me until it was half way in. I held my breath and then he began to slowly stroke it, once, twice and on the third stroke, it was all the way in. I gasped as I felt my legs begin to tremble and my pussy begin to quiver above my fully stretched asshole. He stroked the full length of his cock 3 or 4 more times, then began to rotate his hips and grind me with the full 12 inches of his thick, black cock buried in my ass. I thought that I was going to split open and told him to stop. He pulled his cock out and I sighed in relief as his body laid across me. He asked if he could try it again sometime and I said that I could not promise anything. He stood up next to the bed and pulled me to him, my legs still spread and slid his cock back into my wet gaping cunt. He plunged unexpectedly into me and pressed my legs back towards my chest. My knees were almost up to my ears as he quickly slid his cock in and out of my pussy, plowing me into the bed and penetrating deep into my well used twat. I let out a series of whimpers and grunts as he pounded his long hard cock into me for about 10 or 15 rapid strokes. Before I knew it, my legs were wrapped around his waist and he was lifting me from the bed. He began to bounce me up and down on his engorged cock and I was breathless as he carried me across the room, pressed me against the wall and fucked me hard with his black night stick.
I heard Ohboy walk into the room and watched as he grabbed the camera again. He started taking photos of the action that he had thought just begun. Robert was sliding me up and down on his enormously large cock as fast as he could, driving his thick-veined, black cock into me like a piston. I would bottom out against the base of his rock hard, soda-can thick penis, his balls smacking against my ass, only to be lifted to the tip of his plum sized head to start all over again. This violent fucking seemed to go on forever and I moaned out in pleasure and pain, but eventually Robert slid me off of his dark pole and lowered me to the ground. I grabbed my husband’s arm to keep from falling , as my legs began to give out. Ohboy maneuvered around me and bent me over. He shoved his cock into me and began to fuck me from behind, while Robert placed the head of his cock in my mouth. I was too weak to fight it and too out of breath to protest. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy the sensation, but I felt like a rag doll as they passed me back and forth, sharing my mouth and pussy between them. After some time, my legs gave way and I was kneeling before both of them again. Robert came first, on the side of my face, so I opened my mouth to catch as much of his jizz as I could. He ejaculated like a never ending fire hose and I couldn’t believe that he had covered me in his thick spunk once again. Ohboy then jammed his hard penis into my mouth and began to spurt his warm cum onto the back of my tongue. He pulled his cock from my lips again and shot a few loads across my face and chest. I was so spent as I looked up at them from my knees. Ohboy and Robert both took more photos as I proceeded to lick them both clean, savoring the taste of their semen and my pussy juice. After we were all finished, it was time to clean up and to give my sore and sensitive parts a rest. I took a long hot shower with Ohboy and Robert washed up in our guestroom. We said our goodbyes and made promises to meet his wife on our next visit to the swinger’s club. That was my first time experiencing our new lifestyle and Ohboy and I would mentally rewind that evening of multiple orgasms and hard sex, while going over the video and photos many times.

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