Olivia’s new Master part 5

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Olivia’s new Master part 5
The next morning Olivia was the first to wake up so she thought she would give her Master a nice wake up call, so she lowered herself under the covers and down between his legs until she came face to face with his nice big black cock. She started by teasing it with her tongue just gently licking it up and down it’s full length before she opened her mouth and took it’s huge head inside her now well trained mouth and she started sucking it slow at first and then speeding up. Her Master soon woke and Olivia could tell he was awake going by all the moans of pleasure coming from him and then all of a sudden she felt his cock jurking inside her mouth as he started to shoot his warm tasty cum into her mouth and she quickly swallowed it all and continued to suck it for a few second longer to make sure she got every last drop and then she moved back up the bed and kissed her Master on the lips before getting up and heading down stairs.
After a few minutes her Master came down and started to tell her what she was going to be doing today.

Right Olivia, today you are going to be doing something different and meeting someone new and this is going to be someone who will take my place in looking after you when I am not around.
Her name is Mistress Kate and she is quite strict but if you treat her right and do as she says she can be a pussy cat but you get on the wrong side of her and you may not be able to sit down for a few days.

Now go up stairs and get washed up and I shall come up and get you ready for her. So Olivia ran up stairs and got into the shower and made sure she was clean all over ready for when her Mistress arrives. She got out and was greated by her Master holding a tail ready to help dry her off and he took his time gently working the tail round her body and he gently tease her pussy with it making her moan out loud with pleasure. He smiled and moved away from her and as she went to grab her panties he told her to stop as she wont be needing any clothes when she meets her new Mistress so Olivia left her panties in the bathroom and followed her master into her bed room where she found he had brought up a lot of the toys and stuff from down stairs.
He ordered her down on her knees which she did with out hesitation and her Master then moved round behind her and he started to tie her legs together. He then ordered her to put her hands behind her back and again they were tied up and then he placed a ball gag into her mouth and st****d it in place and he grabbed his camera and took a couple of photos and said good bye to her and he left the room and headed off on another business trip. An hour passed and there was no sign of her Mistress or anyone and Olivia’s knees were getting tired but she new not to move as she did not want to upset her new Mistress.
A few more minutes passed without any sign but then Olivia hered the front door open and close and then she hered the sound of high heeled shoes walking on the wooden flooring and then coming up the satirs and Olivia look up as the door started to open and she watched as this beautiful woman walked into the room. she was in her early fourties and she had a fantastic body which Olivia was looking forward to getting to know better.
Good morning bitch she said out loud in a very strict voice.
Good morning Mistress Olivia replied in a very muffled voice.

Good girl, now then I am sure your Master has told you all about me and what we are going to be doing yes?

Yes Mistress Olivia replied.

Good and I am sure he told you that it is best not to upset me as I like to punnish my sluts hard.

Yes Mistress

Good now let me have a good look at you. He has told me everything he has done with you so far and he told me that you can cum alot and squirt.

Yes Mistress Olivia replied

Good because I love squirting girls and if you can squirt for me alot today you will get a treat later.

Now lets get started.

She walked round Olivia looking up and down her and she liked what she saw. She then got Olivia to stand up and she then bend her over her bed and she started to spank Olivia’s ass until it had a nice red glow. The she grabbed the Vibrator and strapped it in place against Olivia’s pussy and put it on full power and as Olivia moaned out loud her Mistress started to lick her pussyand then as Olivia come close to cumming Her Mistress put a strap-on on and she eased it into Olivia’s ass and she started to fuck her hard and fast and Olivia’s moans got louder and louder until she was screaming out through her ball gag and then she started cumming hard and just as she squirted for the first time today her Mistress pulled her cock out of Olivia’s ass and turned off the Vibrator and she dropped to her knees and she started to lick Olivia’s pussy cleaning up all her cum.

Mmmm you taste good slut but I want more.

So she turned the Vibrator back on and again she started to fuck Olivias ass until once again Olivia cum hard for her Mistress and again Her Mistress did the same as the last time.
Her Mistress then stood up and watched as Olivia’s body continued to shake and jurk as she was bent over the bed and then she grabbed the whip that Olivia’s Master had used a few times and she started to whip Olivia’s ass making it glow an even darking red and also making Olivia cry out through her gag.
Her Mistress then rolled Olivia on to her back and she started to gently whip Olivia’s pussy and every time Olivia tried to move away and her Mistress told her that every time she moved away she would get whipped harder and harder so Olivia bit hard into the ball gag and closed her eyes and took 10 quite hard whips to her pussy.
Good girl, now that was not so bads was it and she dropped to her knees and gently started to lick Olivia’s pussy and she kept licking until she brought Olivia to yet another orgasm.
She then untied Olivia and she told her to lay face down on the bed and then she started to ease her cock back into Olivia’s ass and she fucked her quite hard and she was not going to stop until Olivia cum but she did not need to worry about that as after a while Olivia once more orgasmed for her Mistress and this was her first proper anal orgasm and she loved it.
Her Mistress then removed the strap-on and she told Olivia to lay on her back as it was time for her to please her Mistress now so as Olivia rolled over her Mistress moved up the bed and she swung her leg over the top of Olivia so she was sitting on Olivia’s chest looking down into her eyes. Now I want you to lick my pussy Olivia but when I tell you to stop you do as yor told yes?

Yes Mistress Olivia replied.

Good girl.

Then she removed Olivia’s ball gag and she slowly lowered herself down on to Olivia’s face and Olivia started to lick her pussy as good and as fast as she could and soon her Mistress was starting to moan with pleasure and then just as her moans started to get louder she ordered Olivia to stop so she did and a few second passed as her Mistress settle down and then she told her to start licking again and this time not to stop. So Olivia did as she was told and she licked and sucked on her Mistresses pussy until she made her cum and she was forced to swallow a lot of her Mistresses cum as she squirted into Olivia’s mouth.
Then her Mistress got up and took the rest of her clothes off and she told Olivia to get unter the covers so Olivia did as she was told and got into bed and she was she joined by her Mistress. They both started kissing each other and gently exploring each others bodies with their hands until Olivia’s Mistress said it was enough and it was time to sleep as it was late and she told Olivia that she would need all the rest she could get as she would be cumming alot more tomorrow.

So they both closed their eyes and fell asleep.

To be continued

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