open asshole training

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open asshole training
“Your ass is too tight.” I blinked and looked at him.


“Your ass is too tight. It hurts you when I fuck it, and I want to fuck you more. And harder.” I waited for him to continue. “So from now on we’re going to train your little asshole to take my cock better.”

“How will you do that?”

“It’s easy. You need to be a good little girl and train yourself to be nice and ready for me to fuck your ass whenever I like.” He handed me a brand new bright blue butt plug. “You are to keep this with you at all times. I’ll text you to have you wear it whenever I like. When I text, you’re to insert it and take a photo with your phone, and send it to me to show me you’re following orders.” I frowned, slightly petulant.

“What if I can’t, or don’t want to?” I asked.

“The latter isn’t an option. You get two free passes a week to say no. This should give you an idea how often I plan to ask you to use the plug. Use your free passes wisely- you won’t get any extras so don’t waste them just because you’re feeling contrary.”

“What if I’m at work, or with someone?” I pulled the plug out of its packaging.

“Excuse yourself, and go to the bathroom and put it in. Or you could use one of the passes I suppose, but that would be quite a waste. I expect you’ll get quite used to finding reasons to go to the bathroom over the next few weeks. Since you’re my good little girl you’re going to be wearing the plug most of the time, no matter what you’re doing. After a week or so your asshole should be nice and ready for me to fuck it whenever I like.”

“What if it’s not?”

“If it’s still too tight, well we’ll just graduate to a bigger plug. I bought one just in case.” He showed me. “I might get you to start using this one just because I feel like it, of course, so don’t be surprised if I do. Okay, take your pants off.” I stood up and started to unbutton my jeans. “Respond appropriately before you do that.” he said. I flushed.

“Yes Sir.” I finished unbuttoning my jeans and slid them and panties down around my knees.

“That’s far enough. We won’t be fucking now. Turn around and bend over.” I did as instructed. “Stick your ass into the air.” I felt his hand pushing on the small of my back. “Higher. That’s it. Okay now don’t move.”

“Yes Sir.” I held my position, pleasantly exposed and vulnerable. He got up and rifled through the bedside drawer until he found the lube and squeezed some out onto his fingers. He grasped one of my ass cheeks with his other hand, squeezing it gently so I could feel my asshole being tugged. His cold lubricated fingers pressed against me, sliding around my anus, the tip of one finger just pressing into me.

“Open up for me pet. Loosen that tight little asshole for daddy.” His finger slid in further as I concentrated on relaxing. “Hand me that plug.” I passed it to him, and he pinched my ass cheek before he took it off me, reminding me to stay relaxed. “Hmm, better test how tight your little asshole is before we start training it. For science, you understand.”

“I thought we weren’t going to fuck now?” I asked, slightly surprised.

“I changed my mind, now shush until you have a reason to be noisy.”

He slid his finger out and I felt his cock start pressing against my asshole.

“You’ll get very used to this feeling sweetheart, I plan to be fucking your ass a lot, very soon. Now push back onto me and show me that you’re a good little whore who likes to please her daddy. You do like to please me don’t you?” he asked.

“Of course Sir.” I answered, pressing my ass back onto his cock. I shuddered as he started to slide into me, and my left hand snaked toward my clit.

“Oh no sweetheart, I don’t think you need to come today. Maybe later, if you’re a good little girl and please me properly.” I pouted and took my hand away. “Keep pressing back. That’s a girl, let daddy all the way in there, stretch your asshole out nice and wide.” I inched back, ever so slowly, feeling his cock stretching the entrance to my ass. “Ah, that’s a girl. Right back. Can you feel your ass pressing against my stomach? You’ve done such a good job, taking my cock all the way up your ass. Do you feel nice and open for me?”

“Yes I do Sir.” He didn’t like one word answers.

“Good girl. Now I think I’d like to come in you. Say thank you.”

“Thank you Sir.” He pushed my face down to the bed and started sliding his cock back out again and pausing before sliding it back in. “Imagine how slutty you’ll feel in a few weeks when I can pound into your ass as hard as I like, just like you’re some little porn slut. Would you like that baby?”

I shuddered and screwed up my face, overwhelmed by the confusing mix of pleasure and humiliation that came from being fucked in the ass.

“Yes Sir I would like that.” There was an expectant silence as his cock slid back out of me. “Yes Sir, I’d love feeling like your little porn slut while you fuck my ass as fast as you like.”

“Good girl,” he said, squeezing his cock back into me. “Now stay silent for me. I want to see if you can be obedient for me, otherwise I might have to punish you.” I bit my lip and pressed my face further into the quilt. His cock slid out again, faster this time, and then back in, and I felt my pussy start to get wet. Whenever he fucked me in the ass my pussy always felt so achingly empty, and I loved it when he fucked me with a toy in the other hole; I felt so slutty, so filled. I knew I wouldn’t get that today- I could tell this sex wasn’t for my enjoyment so much as my training. He grabbed my hips and started pulling me back and forth on his cock for a while, but then stopped, pushing me off until he was almost all the way out of me. “Show me how much you like it when I fuck you, little slut. Fuck yourself on my cock, as fast as you can take it until I come.” I shuddered and slid back onto him, my hips working to slide his cock back into me. I bounced back and forth as fast as I could bear it, feeling wholly whorish and utterly violated. “Ah, good girl. You’re such an eager little slut, I knew you’d love the idea of having your ass trained, so you could please me better.” He fucked me harder until I was unable to keep up with his rhythm. By then he didn’t care and grabbed my hips, jerking into me with enough force that I had to bite the quilt to keep from squealing. I suppressed my moans and felt shivers run through me at the level of control he was exerting over me by making me stay silent. I whimpered as quietly as I could as he pulled out and then buried himself to the hilt in my ass one last time, his fingers squeezing my hips bruisingly hard as he came inside me. He rested his weight on me for a moment after he came, grinding his hips into me, until he unceremoniously pulled out. “Keep that asshole closed now sweetheart, I don’t want you to lose any of that come, you’re going to keep it in there for the rest of the afternoon.” I felt him moving around behind me, and then felt the cool pressure of the plug pressing into my ass, seemingly small after being stretched by his cock. He slid it into place and gave my ass a little pat before getting up off the bed. “Now get dressed, and have a good time at work.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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