Out of Afrika – Chapter 19

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Out of Afrika – Chapter 19
Out of Afrika

A Fantasy created by International Writers Curt B, Julie Van and Wunderboi


Chapter 19

Nord Rhein Westphalia is not the prettiest area of Germany but it wasn’t beauty that Oskar was seeking on his latest mission of spreading the Rhino philosophy; no, he had identified the industrial Rheinland as being fertile ground for planting the seeds of Black dominance over a fiercely conservative white population. Given their history and their latent sense of racial superiority he relished the thought of upsetting the established order and establishing a new ‘Master Race’. He regarded the proposition of introducing the ‘Rhino way’ to this somewhat arrogant nation as being a challenge of the highest order. In his meticulous fashion a comprehensive plan had been defined which would result in another nation becoming in thrall to Black cock.

Oskar was heading up a Trade Delegation to the Elektro-Technik Fair being held in the Dusseldorf Messe. It was a perfect front for introducing Rhino products to the German market and he had no concerns that Rhino’s unique products with their special features would not find a ready market in this virgin territory.

Ingrid, as Oskar’s latest PA, had no such opinions as she settled into their Dusseldorf hotel room. As far as she was concerned Oskar, her boss and lover, was completely correct about everything he did and said and therefore any thoughts or views of her own were quite irrelevant. Her demeanor as she knelt before him was a clear example of the success of the conditioning she had received. He hadn’t asked her to give him a stress-relieving blow-job but she had recognised the signs and without any prompting as soon as she had put their suitcases down she led him to the bed and pulled down his pants.

Oskar grunted his approval as his hot spunk jetted from his fat cock into her mouth. She was such a good, obedient girl and a valuable member of the team he thought.

The other 5 members of the delegation were the usual mix of technical savvy salesmen and commercial specialists with the addition of an elder from the Church of the Black Staff who had come along to provide spiritual guidance and to spread the gospel. However, although they were diverse in their professional qualifications they all had one thing in common, a fat Black cock that would with little stimulation become a willing and fearsome tool for fucking.

The stand at the exhibition hall was extensive and had a most impressive display of Rhino’s latest products which all incorporated in one way or another the mind-altering transmitters which had proven so irresistible to whomever had purchase a device in the past. (Of course this feature was not mentioned in the promotional material or advertising and from an ethics point of view it didn’t matter for anyone who fell under the spell of their new device had no objections once they became beneficiaries of the new life they had willingly entered.)

Anyone stepping onto the stand could not fail to be instantly impressed by the presentation of Mobile Phones, TVs, Audio systems and internet-connected domestic kitchen appliances. They would be further charmed by the soft humming emanating from the TVs which provided a sense of calm which was in contrast to the noise and clamour outside the doors of the stand. The TVs also showed the familiar trademark display of swirling psychedelic colours and it took no time at all before a prospective ‘customer’ was literally spellbound.

The Trade Fair was scheduled to last 5 days and Oskar was confident that by the end of the week there would be many ‘conquests’ and successes added to the information held in Rhino’s data centre.


‘Gerber und Tochter GMBH’ was an old established company run by a Mother and daughter partnership. Their business provided electrical services to both the commercial and domestic sector with an emphasis on home entertainment systems; they were prime candidates to receive VIP invitations to attend the fair.

It was no surprise to Oskar that on the opening day of the fair Helga Gerber and her daughter Isabella were drawn to Rhino’s stand. He had seen the invitation list and he knew they would have been aware through the trade media that this exciting new foreign company was exhibiting for the first time. He was not wrong and he would not have been surprised to learn that they had conducted further research which had whetted their appetites to see just what this African-based company was offering.

Helga was a stunning 50 something who looked 20 years less than her age, indeed, her daughter Isabella was often assumed to be her sister. Their arrival on the stand caused a few raised eyebrows by customers who were slightly taken aback at the appearance of the two beauties but Helga and Isabella ignored the censorious looks and concentrated instead on the wonderful array of products that Rhino had on display. Oskar was delighted to see them and quickly introduced himself before he launched into his well-rehearsed sales spiel.

Both women were instantly captivated by the display of electronic goods. Oskar pointed out the different features of the TVs, the modern styling, the efficient way that devices could be programmed to react to voice commands. He showed them audio equipment which could be enjoyed through wireless headsets, likewise, public address systems that required the minimum of management by the user in order to broadcast their message. Finally, he bought their attention to the flagship product, the Rhino Mobile Phone.

The two women were most impressed at what they had been shown and needed little convincing of the superiority and desirability of Rhino’s product. Whether it had been Oskar’s smooth delivery coupled to the way everything had been presented with that soothing background soundtrack that seemingly permeated the air, they both felt keen to move onto the next level of business and discuss prices. Oskar suggested that they leave the clamour of the stand and retreat to the private suite where they could continue their talks in relative quiet. “Also,” he said, “I shall be able to show you more effectively how our phone works.”

He led them over toward the back of the stand where Ingrid was seated at a desk behind which was a door to the ‘inner sanctum’. He introduced them to her as being valued visitors and, hopefully, potential customers and asked her to provide two ‘special’ information packs. Ingrid smiled her welcome, picked up two boxes and led the way into the plush room. Once inside she directed them to be seated and once satisfied they were comfortable she retreated and closed the door to allow them to enjoy the peace and quiet ….

… other than the soothing humming sound in the background.

Ingrid returned to her desk, opened up her laptop and clicked onto the CCTV feed from the room she had just left. She checked the focus and picture quality then hit the record button to ensure that the ensuing action would be correctly recorded for any future reference.

Helga and Isabella sat as directed by the persuasive Oskar on the couch and he took up his place opposite them on a matching armchair. As instructed they opened up the information packs Ingrid had given them and to their delight each found inside a package containing the latest model of the Rhino mobile. There were glossy brochures and other items in the bag but Oskar told them to ignore them for the moment and to just concentrate on the phones.

They tore off the wrappers and he pointed out where to find the on-switch. Excitedly they flicked the switch and on so doing the phones almost seemed to jump into life as the screen displayed the trademark swirling colour display. The two women stared as the psychedelic swirling patterns went through a sequence and then both felt themselves overwhelmed with a sense of calm. They looked at each other with a dazed expression on their faces.

Oskar smiled to see their reaction to the softly vibrating devices they each held but it was a smile of satisfaction that came from observing that the phone and all the other sensory inputs they had been subjected to from the moment they had stepped onto the stand was working and preparing them for the next stage of their ‘programming’.

“Now what you need to do is key in ‘#1234’ and listen to the on-line manual which will lead you through the operating instructions. This latest model has already detected that you are German so it will speak to you in your own language,” said Oskar in his deep soothing voice, “Impressive, or should I say, Beeindruckend, huh?”

They did as told and both sat back and began to listen to a voice that rather than telling them how to operate the phone gave them other directions. They listened intently and it took but a few moments before they both set the phones to one side and stood up.

Helga looked at her daughter with a slightly bemused expression as Isabella unzipped her skirt. It fell to the floor and she then fumbled to undo the buttons of her blouse; it quickly joined the skirt. Helga turned her back and without prompting Isabella undid the fastenings of her mother’s dress. She shuck her shoulders and the garment fell to pool around her ankles.

Oskar had to contain a growl as he looked at the pair who now stood half-undressed before him both wearing Black patent leather high-heel shoes; they looked a delectable sight. The mother was of the old-school and wore sensible white underwear with Black nylon stockings held in place by a suspender belt; Isabella was a little more adventurous with her choice and stood mute before him clad in white lacey underwear and thigh-high stockings. He observed that the girl had a nicely trimmed pussy which could be clearly seen through the transparent material of her panties whilst the mother had no such conceits and stray hairs of a luxurious pubic bush were evident around the edges of her sensible knickers.

Satisfied that they were now completely under the influence of the commands they had been listening to he told them to sit back down on the couch. They did so and he ‘suggested’ they might want to loosen their bras and to give themselves a little tit massage to relieve the tension they were so obviously experiencing. With scarcely a murmur they both did as he suggested and he delighted to watch as they undid the clasps on the restricting garments and to expose themselves and their beautiful breasts to his unfettered gaze. Helga caught his glance and with not the slightest hint of embarrassment she smoothed and rubbed her hands over her soft globes knowing that’s exactly what he wanted to see. Her nipples stiffened and she licked her lips as she felt the familiar warmth of pleasure begin to course through her.

Isabella was just as compliant and she mimicked her mother and likewise fondled her young breasts making her little nubbins rise in response. Soon both women were moaning soft sounds that signaled their gratification and joy as they fondled and massaged themselves. Oskar looked on with feelings of equal satisfaction but his contentment stemmed from witnessing just how easy and effective the application of the mind-controlling system had become. Such an improvement from the early days, he thought.

He reached into a locker alongside his chair and withdrew a small valise. The two women looked at him through hooded eyes and showed no surprise when he opened the case and handed each of them another of Rhino’s products, a Black vibrator which was modeled on the dimensions, shape and form of his own cock. (He was proud of the fact that it was the best seller in Rhino’s range of Adult products.) Without a word they each eagerly took the offered toys and lazily examined their ‘gift’ as they continued with their free hands to cup and rub their aroused tits.

Isabella had never seen anything like this lifelike artificial penis before; she’d overheard jokes made about such things in the ladies restroom but in her prim and proper world thought they were just fantasy. Now, confronted by the evidence, in her befuddled mind she tried to make comparisons to the pink little plastic toy she kept in her nightstand at home that she often used for comfort (a necessity because her wimp of a husband couldn’t be relied upon to give her satisfaction). “Surely,” she thought dreamily, “this couldn’t possibly fit into a vagina such as mine.”

Oskar seemingly read her thoughts. “Isabella, I want you to pull down your panties and introduce your pussy to your new friend.”

Isabella with no hesitation did as he commanded. She kicked off the flimsy panties and sat back into the sofa and spread her legs to expose herself to him. It made for a delightful sight, her long legs encased in Black thigh-high nylons, still wearing the high-heeled shoes and, crowning it all, a smooth shaven pussy topped with a fuzz of blonde hair, gaped open and showing the wet aroused pinkness inside. With one hand she spread her puffy lips as wide as she could and with the other hand she positioned the fat bulbous end of the Black dildo at the entrance to her tight cunt.

“Oh you naughty little girl,” said her mother in a make-believe admonishment as she licked and pretend sucked at her own Black toy, “Where did you learn to do such things?”

“Mutti, you know very well not to ask,” she responded in an equally jokey fashion. “It’s not polite.” With that she leaned forward dribbled a glob of saliva onto the knob that was so perfectly positioned and after a couple of strokes up and down her wet slit she pushed and ‘Oskar’s Cock’ began its sweet invasion.

Helga hummed her approval at the sight of her daughter beginning to pleasure herself in such a wanton fashion and she felt her own wetness begin to well up inside her. She tore her attention away from the sight of the Black tool being enveloped by her daughter’s pretty pussy and looked toward Oskar intending to signal her approval at what he had introduced. Even in her trance-like state she was shocked to see him standing there with his pants unzipped and a real-life cock that looked just like the dildos he had given them bobbing its stiffness in front of her face.

“Kiss it; lick it; suck it.”

She needed no further instruction and did as he said. For the next few minutes she marveled at its warmth; its smoothness (which was almost a contradiction given its hardness); its length; its girth and, most of all, its threatening blackness. She marveled at the size of his Black testicles that swung back and forth as she sucked and struggled to take his cock into her mouth. She had never seen such a wonderful thing before let alone being told to take her pleasure and her reaction was to feel her wetness turn into a stream that soaked her panties.

Isabella watched her mother through half-closed eyes as she panted and mewled as climax after climax washed over her. She had never felt such pleasure before in her life and silently cursed her conservative upbringing that had denied her the bliss she was now feeling between her legs. The sight of her mother alongside her sucking at a Black man’s cock only further emphasized just what she had been missing. She resolved that from this moment on everything would change but that thought was put aside as yet another shattering orgasm washed over her and she pushed the rubbery Black vibrator deeper inside her.

Oskar, to Helga’s great disappointment, pulled away from fucking her face but her annoyance was short-lived. He undid his belt, dropped and stepped out of his trousers and told her to stand up and to take off her own panties. She quickly followed his command and stood in trembling anticipation as she awaited his next order her full breasts heaving as she tried to second guess what was to follow. Oskar was in no hurry to tell her; he was more than satisfied for the moment just to take in the scene before him as he stroked his stiff, dripping cock. On one end of the sofa was a sweet young lady fucking herself with the dildo that he only just given her and was having multiple orgasms as the obscene tool went ever deeper into a willing smooth pussy; beside her stood her mother who clearly had never thought it necessary to shave the luxuriant mat of curly Black hair that covered a pouting juicy cunt.

“Turn around and kneel on the couch.”

Helga quickly did his bidding.

“Tell me what you want.”

“Ich will deinen schwarzen Schwanz,” she panted.

“What did you say?”

“I want … your … Black cock,” she stuttered.

“What do you want me to do with my Black Cock?”

“Ich will, dass du mich fickst,” she moaned.

“What? Speak English you stupid bitch.”

Helga whimpered as she struggled to find the words. “I want … you … to … fuck … me”

“Better,” he said with a smirk. “And why should I want to fuck you; are you a whore?”

“Ya, ich bin ein Hure; ich bin deine Hure .. I mean, I am your whore.”

“Perfect,” he thought, “the upgrade is working better than I expected.”

He stepped behind her and pushed her so she was leaning over the back of the couch. Her hairy bush was exposed in all its glory to his view and he was secretly thrilled to see the pubic hair spread all around to fringe her anus. He would attend to that some other time was his thought as he took his rigid cock in hand and positioned himself against the inviting red slash that was dripping a welcome. He knew that he would find little resistance and he was right, his fat cock slid right in and the only reaction was a gasp from Helga as she felt her very being filled with the biggest cock she had ever allowed to enter her. (Mind you, she didn’t have much with which to compare given her husband had passed some years before and there had only been a couple of unsatisfactory liaisons since).

Oskar pushed until he felt his groin rub against her hairy arse. He stayed motionless for a few moments to allow her to get used to being invaded by such a large cock and then he was gratified to feel the muscles in her vagina begin to spasm as if she was sucking him. He took that as a sign that she was ready to fully appreciate what he could do with the magnificent stiff tool that was fully embedded in her and he began to slowly and properly fuck the accommodating cunt.

She groaned her approval each time she felt his thrusting prick invade her hair fringed pussy and the squeals caused Isabella to take few seconds out of her own administrations to focus on her mother who was being so cruelly used. She had never in her staid life seen such a sight, a woman on her knees, her hanging breasts swaying in time with the pistoning in and out of a very large and very wet looking Black cock squelching itself into her mother’s vagina; a cock that looked just like the one that was lodged in her own cunt. In her fevered mind she recalled that this was similar to the disgusting content of a porn video she had once caught her husband masturbating to. She felt a pang of guilt that at the time she had berated him and had showed her disapproval by denying him sex for months but, here she was, acting out a scene that was every bit as obscene (if not more so) as that perverted video and she was loving it.
Helga’s moans began to increase in volume and turned almost into the cry of an a****l in heat. Oskar was unconcerned that the noise would be heard for the room had been effectively soundproofed to the outside world.
Ingrid sat outside the door and could hear everything for she had discretely slipped in an ear bud that was relaying the sounds that accompanied the scene she was monitoring on her laptop. It was a sight of which she never tired and she was especially excited to see how effortlessly Oskar could service a female. Her excitement was such that she felt compelled to slip a hand under the hem of her short skirt and find a way past the gusset of her already wet panties.
Inside the room Oskar increased the pace of his rutting and felt the beginnings of his climax beginning to build.
Every sensory stimulus was there to help him.

The sight of the prim and proper daughter laying on her back alongside her mother, legs obscenely spread and holding the Black dildo filling her shaven pussy, her other hand massaging her breast.

The grip on his fat Black cock that was being so easily being accepted by a hair-fringed cunt and coated by this mature woman’s love-juice; the squelch that accompanied each thrust.

He didn’t need to ask if she was enjoying her first Black cock, her mumbled cries and pleas, “schöner schwarzer Schwanz … Schwerer … fick mich … “ told him that even if his grasp of German was shakey.

Helga gave a final wail as another shattering orgasm pulsed through her. Oskar felt a flood of her hot juice squirting onto his swaying balls and that was enough to send him over the edge. With the sensation of his own rising beginning to overtake him he quickly pulled out and instantly a pulse of spunk shot out and covered her upturned butt and back. Isabella looked on wide-eyed and quickly scrambled to sit up and leaned towards them to get closer to the magnificent cock he was grasping. He saw her and straightaway turned his attention to the younger woman and directed the next spurt of cum to shoot and cover her surprised face. She opened her mouth in amazement and he took that as an invitation to shove himself into the warm cavern. She didn’t protest but rather delighted in the feel of his surprise gift and tried her best to swallow what she was being so freely given.

Ingrid looked at her laptop intently and knew exactly what the young German woman was tasting and feeling as Isabella gulped at Oskar’s creamy spunk; she had enjoyed it herself so many times before. Her pangs of jealousy were soon forgotten as beneath the enveloping desk she felt her own climax overcome her as her busy fingers stroked and flicked at her clit. She caught her breath and looked at the screen once more and saw that Oskar was gesturing at the ceiling mounted camera and giving her a pre-arranged signal. She stood up, smoothed her skirt and from beneath the desk extracted from a shelf two towels and a packet of wet-wipes.


Helga and Isabella simultaneously emerged from their daydream and found themselves sitting, as before, alongside each other on the couch. Oskar was sitting opposite just as they remembered before that woozy feeling overcame them but, Helga thought as she tried to clear her head, he didn’t appear to be noticing anything unusual about their demeanor. Granted, he was engaged in conversation with Ingrid, the admin person they had seen when they came into the room, and they were both concentrating on a document she was holding but, who knows?

In point of fact, Oskar and Ingrid had just assumed the position of being dutiful business colleagues after having spent the past 20 minutes or so ‘tidying up’. Ingrid had come into the room as bidden and at Oskar’s direction and with the robotic help of the two protagonists she had dabbed and wiped and washed and repaired make-up, etc. so that the evidence of their intense fuck session was effectively erased. Once she was satisfied that no obvious signs of their ravages remained she helped them back into their underwear, dressed them again in their discarded clothes, fixed their disheveled hair and, following inspection by Oskar, she removed the wet towels and cum-soaked tissues from view. As a final action she picked up the two very wet and slimy dildos and took them to the adjacent bathroom where they received a thorough clean.

Oskar zipped himself up and sat down in his armchair. Ingrid returned from her chores and satisfied that all was in order he cleared his throat and said, “Helga, Isabella please pick up your phones and dial ‘#1234’ again please.”

They both looked around and found their new phones and did as he commanded. They listened to a voice that spoke to them in soothing tones and once they had absorbed whatever they had been told they simultaneously switched off the devices and stowed them in their purses.

Helga shook her head once more to try to get her focus back on track. Oskar saw the movement and turned his attention back to her. “Oh, there you are,” he said in a jokey fashion. “I was a little worried that we’d lost you there. It is rather warm in here isn’t it; I do apologize.”

She wasn’t quite sure what he was referring to but, “ … yes, it was rather warm in this room,” she thought, “ … perhaps I nodded off. Best not make anything of it.”

Oskar gathered some papers together and handed them to Ingrid, “If you will put these with the rest of the pack, please.” Ingrid took the papers and shooting a smile toward the two bemused women left the room.

“Right, that’s all in order then. Ingrid will get the pack together for you to take away and I’m sure you will find that this will mark the start of a successful partnership between us.”

Helga nodded in agreement although she couldn’t quite remember any details of the contract to which Oskar was obviously making reference … or could she? “Ah yes, wait a minute; now I remember,” she thought. “We agreed that ‘Gerber und Tochter GMBH’ would be the sole representative, importer and supplier for ‘Rhino Electronics Inc’ in Nord Rhein Westphalia.”

He looked at her as she cleared her mind and then when he gauged she was back in control of her senses he offered his hand to help her to her feet. She willingly took it and when they touched she had the most extraordinary flashback and vision flash through her mind. His touch instantly caused her to think of his cock, a big fat stiff cock spurting and dribbling ropes of white creamy cum. A blush covered her face as she tried to suppress such an obscene vision and the erotic thoughts that went with it.

Oskar noticed her reaction and her flushed face provided all the evidence he needed to see that the ‘programming’ that she had just received had firmly embedded in her mind visions of the Black man’s superiority and her need to serve them whenever it was needed.

They exited the comfort of the ‘inner sanctum’ and joined the clamour of the crowded stand. Ingrid was in the process of placing a variety items in two branded Rhino bags. She carefully placed in each a gift-wrapped box, glossy booklets, fridge magnets and other promotional bits and pieces. As they approached her desk she was putting the final items into the bags, “With Rhino’s compliments, a few things to go with your Rhino phones,” she said by way of explanation when they saw what she doing.

“ … and if you would be as kind as to sign here and initial here … ” said Oskar as he drew Helga’s attention to the contract laid on the desk top, “ … we are all done.”

Helga still a little dazed picked up the pen and signed with a flourish. She was still a bit hazy as to how she had come to this position but inwardly knew that it was the right thing to do. What she had signed up to was the establishment of the beginnings of a Rhino presence in yet another country. Oskar felt very pleased with himself. It had all been far easier than he had envisaged.

Ingrid passed over the bags slipping a copy of the contract inside Helga’s. “There you are … ” she said brightly, “ … compliments of Rhino Industries. There’s a special gift for you both to remind you of your visit but wait until you’re home before you open it.”

They thanked her, shook hands all round and on shaky legs they left. Oskar watched them as they wended their way to the exit of the hall and Ingrid articulated his thoughts, “I wonder what they will think when they open their special gifts and see they have been given the dildos they have just been using.”


The night flight home was a perfect conclusion and antidote to the frenetic events of the past week. However, their work was not complete for there was still a final task to be carried out and as Oskar and Ingrid sat in their business class seats sipping complimentary champagne they reviewed what had been achieved during their stay in Germany and compiled the summary that would be included the monthly report being presented to the next Board meeting back at Rhino’s head office.

They both agreed that the beginning of the German campaign had been a great success and all the objectives of this initial phase had been met. Ingrid tapped away at the keyboard of her laptop and recorded that a local company of influence had been engaged and, as a bonus, it was owned and run by two females (a Mother and Daughter) who had proven to be very compliant and enthusiastic recruits of Rhino’s aims and philosophy. She recorded that they had agreed to work in partnership with Rhino and that two of the Technician/Salesmen had remained in Dusseldorf to begin the groundwork of establishing a ‘Rhino Centre’ on site. She also reported as a by-the-way that a Pastor from the Church of the Black Staff had likewise remained and had already made great progress in evangelizing and spreading the gospel.

What wasn’t reported was the highly sensitive topic of African immigration that Germany was struggling to accommodate. The white-led government saw the flood of Black males from the African continent as a threat to their way of life; Oskar saw it as an opportunity. He still had to think out his strategy of how to fit this rich resource into the overall plan.

However, the report was not all about the matters dealt with in Germany for there had been significant developments back in Hawksville that required being included in the write-up. (The board was very particular that everything that was regarded as ‘on-going’ must be reported).

Oskar cleared his mind and dictated to Ingrid that the retail division continued to expand with more outlets throughout the Eastern Seaboard being opened on a weekly basis. In Hawksville, which was regarded as the hub, Rhino Centre profits had increased exponentially since the introduction of themed ladies wear in the Adult store. He made particular reference to the line of ‘Slave dresses’ and associated paraphernalia such as collars, handcuffs and other restraints and how these had been purchased as a matter of choice by women rather than their partners. Clearly this was evidence of how the Rhino control systems had been successful in forging choices in subconscious minds.
He moved on to report that the Rhino Gentlemen’s club in Rhino Towers had become the hottest spot in town for entertainment and how most evenings reservations would have to be made to ensure entry. He advised that this was due to the tailored ‘entertainment’ that was now regularly provided by willing performers and that not only was there a waiting list for membership but there was a similar list of girls who had graduated from High School having learned of the job opportunities and benefits on offer were looking to make careers of being Adult Entertainers with Rhino.
The last item in the report dealt with social matters and how Rhino had taken it upon itself to provide comfort and support to the community. Oskar didn’t like to admit in the report that he hadn’t got all the facts of the latest endeavour but in a masterpiece of business language fudge he told of the initiative by the Church of the Black Staff who had recognized a growing problem in Hawksville that was a consequence of Rhino’s success and had come up with an innovative working solution.

He related that the establishment and success of the Rhino Business College which had been set up in Hawksville had resulted in an influx of young Black students who had flocked to take advantage of the excellent faculty. Unfortunately the majority of them were immature boys who had come from all over the country and this was their first experience of living away from home and, frankly, some found it very difficult to cope not having the loving family network they had left behind. Likewise, the expansion of Rhino Industries had required the hiring of many semi-skilled white workers who because of the relative low rates of pay (a deliberate ploy by Rhino) had to put in extra hours of overtime in order to pay the bills and to achieve a comfortable standard of living. This had resulted in their wives having too much time on their hands. The Church had devised a tailored solution to all these ills and had set up a special support group that addressed both the anxieties of the Black boys and the needs of the white wives to fill their lonely hours.

Oskar finished his dictation to Ingrid then shared with her that he needed to schedule a visit to the church to discover the details of the scheme so that the next month’s report could be more comprehensive. Ingrid duly updated his calendar and Oskar grunted his approval at the evidence of his PA’s efficiency and said, “OK, now let’s relax.”

The completion of their work coincided with their glasses being emptied. Ingrid pressed the call button and an attractive stewardess appeared carrying a bottle of champagne. She filled Ingrid’s glass and then leaned over to serve Oskar. As she did so the swirling patterns on his phone caught her eye.

“Wow, that’s neat. I’ve never seen anything like that before,” she said. Ingrid smiled and took the bottle from her grasp before setting it to one side.

“That’s the default screen of our company’s phone,” she said. “Rhino Industries; have you heard of us?”

The stewardess shook her head, “Nope, should I have?”

Ingrid under the amused gaze of Oskar handed her the phone, “Here take a listen. It really does cool things.”
The stewardess did as invited and held the phone to her ear. She listened for a few seconds and then with a glazed expression she handed back the phone, picked up the champagne bottle and said, “I’ll be right back.”

Both Oskar and Ingrid knew what to expect and were not surprised when an announcement was made over the system that the cabin lighting was about to be dimmed to allow those who wanted the opportunity to sleep. All around they could observe their fellow passengers settling down to either snuggle under blankets or to focus on the in-flight entertainment; not so for them, they knew that their own special in-flight entertainment was about to be served.
So it proved for the stewardess returned to their ‘bay’ and with no ceremony leaned over once again to ‘serve’ Oskar. Ingrid had already prepared him and had selected his seat to go to the lay-flat bed position. As the dutiful servant she had also unzipped his pants and as she drew down the zipper his half erect cock spilled out of the gap. The stewardess gave a moan of approval at the sight of his swelling member and she leaned down and took him into her wet warm mouth. Ingrid ran her hand up the cabin crew member’s tight skirt and her fingers found a not so tight but extremely wet pussy. Clearly the instructions she had been given by the phone had been effective for not only had she removed her panties as told but she had reacted to the very explicit suggestion that she needed to be fucked by a Black cock.

Oskar nodded his approval as his cock was expertly fellated by the mouth of someone to whom he hadn’t actually been introduced. He had no idea of her name but had he been asked would have said that she was very good at her job and her customer service skills were excellent.

His cock seemed to get ever stiffer and she recognized that the point had been reached when she needed to take her customer service to the next level. She lifted her head and with a mixture of her slobber and his pre-cum coating her chin she positioned herself so that she could straddle the bed. Ingrid assisted by pulling up her skirt and they marveled at the sight of this uniformed lady, her skirt held up around her waist and her dark stockinged legs astride her boss, lowering herself on his rampant cock.

She moaned as he sunk into her and quickly she felt his hairy balls tickling her as she bottomed out.

No time was wasted as she began to fuck him with a silent passion. All around the other passengers were absorbed in their movies or were asleep and were oblivious to the alternative entertainment that was happening alongside. Not so Ingrid who was fascinated as always by her boss’s stamina and ability to perform whenever the fancy took him. She felt she was viewing her own private porn show and, as always, when she watched porn she shoved her hand down inside her own panties (if she was wearing any) and would masturbate in time with the action.

Oskar didn’t take long to get close to the edge but he was a gentleman and he always paced himself until the moment when he knew his partner might be was about to cum herself. So it was at 35,000 feet as he felt the warm wet cunt grasping and sliding over his rigid Black cock. He heard a suppressed squeal and felt his attendant grip him harder and he allowed himself to let go. His spurts of hot cum filled her and she collapsed onto his chest babbling incoherently, whispering into his ear; he took it as being the sounds of gratitude being expressed.

In the gloom of the darkened cabin Ingrid had her own thoughts of appreciation as she softly rubbed her clit and bought herself to a satisfying climax. How she loved to witness her boss and lover enjoy himself and as she watched his latest conquest raise herself up for the final time and saw his fat cock flop out onto his stomach she gave silent thanks of how perfect her life had become.

The stewardess pulled herself and still straddling Oskar stood on her shaking legs. A flood of their juices flowed out of her gaping pussy and pooled on his heaving groin coating an already wet cock. She giggled at the sight and after Oskar had made a quiet comment she gathered her composure said, “Let me get something to tidy that up Sir.”
She stepped into the aisle, smoothed her skirt and disappeared in the direction of the galley. Moments later she returned holding wet flannels and warm towels and very matter-of-factly began to wipe away the evidence of their passionate coupling, dabbing at the spunk that was pooled on and around the slowly softening cock. She gave a final wipe with the towel, “There, I think that’s got it all. Now you can settle down.” She gathered the soiled linen and once again left them alone. They would not see her again until breakfast was served some hours later; she would have no recollection of what she had just enjoyed.

Oskar lifted his butt and pulled up his pants before covering himself with a blanket. He reached over to the ledge where his phone still humming its siren song was perched. He switched it off and as he settled down he let his mind likewise switch off.

As he drifted off into a very satisfied sleep he decided that the trip had in every way been most satisfactory. His final thought before sleep overtook him was that he was really looking forward to getting back to Hawksville so that he could make that visit to the Church Centre and see just what all this business with the Support Group was all about.
Ingrid gave him a goodnight kiss and they both closed their eyes and slept.


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