Out of town guest

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Out of town guest
Dinner in the city had been a lot of fun. My husband’s colleague was in town so we took him out to a nice restaurant.
I love dressing up. Since this was a quasi-business meeting, I chose one of my more conservative cocktail dresses, although it still presented my best assets in a very favorable way. It’s one of my favorites: a black form fitting, mid-thigh, drop shoulder dress. I work-out like a fiend and this dress shows off my toned arms and shoulders.

My husband’s colleague is very handsome, witty and a great conversationalist. It was the first time we met but I felt like I knew him from the stories my husband shared with me. After a couple of cocktails and a lot of laughter, I was drunk with giddiness (and alcohol), being the center of attention of two attractive men. My situation was the envy of every other woman in the bar. I smiled.

The conversation became laced with innuendo and we leaned in to keep our risqué banter private. I was inches away from both men’s faces, so close that I could have easily kissed either one of them or both if the urge struck me. The chemistry between us was palpable. I was becoming aroused and I wanted to act impulsively but this was a business thing so I restrained myself.

After dinner and cordials my husband picked up the check and I was feeling contented. Soon I would be home and I already knew what was for desert. I had been fantasizing about it since my initial arousal. A little cock a la mode for starters followed by a little cherry tart. I excused myself to the ladies room and left the men waiting at the valet stand.
It never occurred to me where my husband’s colleague would be staying. I just presumed it would be a hotel downtown. But as we drove away from the restaurant, he followed us. I thought is coincidental at first but the longer we drove it became evident that he was following us home.

It wasn’t unusual for us to host out of town guests. We have a beautiful home with a well-appointed guest suite with its own private entrance.

As we drove, my husband explained that they would be up late finalizing some deal, blah, blah, blah, and that I should head to bed. He could tell that I was horny, he apologized and he offered me a rain-check. Disappointed for a moment, I thought that’s why I have a toy box.

My husband showed our guest to his room and suggested that he change into something more comfortable before they got down to business. Like a good little (but horny) wife I headed up to our bedroom. I could hear their low mutterings in the study below. It would likely be hours before my husband came to bed.

I changed into my cotton robe and tied it loosely around my waist. I surveyed myself in the mirror and self-approvingly thought my husband was a lucky man to have me. And he enjoys that right of marriage often. The effects of the evening began to take their toll and I dozed off on our bed.

I must have been tossing and turning in my sleep, because when I awoke, my robe was in a twisted ball beside me. My arms were still in the sleeves but my body was exposed. My boobs and my pussy were on display, if anyone happened to look. I glanced at the clock on the nightstand. I’d been asleep for two hours and my husband still wasn’t in bed yet.

I tiptoed downstairs and heard nothing. I peeked into the study and found both men asleep in their leather buster chairs; so much for their business meeting. I sat down on the leather couch across from them. I admired how beautiful they were; they both worked out and were fit and trim, well-groomed; both were just sexy hunks of manliness. I felt a tingle in my pussy.

I reached under my robe and began caressing my breasts and gently tugging at my nipples. My pussy instantly responded and began moistening and then dripping with my self-lubricating wetness. I was feeling naughty and they were sleeping, so there would be no harm in fondling myself, they would never know.

I loosened the knotted tie of my robe and opened the flaps fully exposing myself. Just exposing caused me to flush and my pussy to gush. I could feel my heart beat quicken and goosebumps rise on my flesh. My fingers tickled my pussy lips and traced their outline as my juices flowed forth.

I could feel the heat emanating from the swollen pussy every time my fingers passed near its opening. I shifted down in my seat and placed my feet on the coffee table in front me and spread my legs farther apart. My juices dribbled out of me, across my asshole and down my ass cheeks. One finger slipped over my clit and into my steamy opening, then two, and finally three fingers stretched my sopping pussy hole. My eyes closed in delight and I ushered forth my impending orgasm. I twisted and pinched my nipples sending jolts of pleasure southward.

Our guest shifted in his sleep and I blanched and nearly jumped out of my skin in surprise, in a whirlwind of terry cloth, I wrapped myself in my robe like an Egyptian mummy. My clamped knees together instinctively and I hid my face behind my raised knees. Fearing I was caught, I listened. It was still again. I peeked out and both men were still asleep.

I resumed. Our guest now had his legs spread and I could see his balls through the open leg of his gym shorts. Then I noticed his erection straining against the fabric. No wonder he shifted. Poor fella must be very uncomfortable. All that sexual banter earlier this evening obviously was having its effect in his dreams.

I debated with myself: Should I go up to bed before I am discovered? Or dance with the flame? I decided to risk getting burned.

No matter what happened next, my robe would not be a suitable defense but it could be a hindrance given my intentions. So I peeled it off and tossed it behind the couch. Stealthy, like cat, I slinked toward our guest splayed out in his chair, one leg slung over the armrest allowing his balls to hang out of his shorts. I crouched down and began crawling toward those swollen twisting balls.

If he shifted again and closed his legs now he would have me head locked between his legs. My face was inches from his balls. I deeply inhaled his musky scent. My pussy ached to be filled. I wanted to reach out and touch him but I didn’t dare. So I gently blew on his balls and they danced in response to my warm breathe. I reached back between my legs and began furiously fingering myself, squishing, gurgling and slapping sounds filled the quiet room. I was so aroused I was certain they would hear me whimpering, in need of gratification.

He remained asleep. Emboldened, I reached out and traced my index finger along the length of his fabric covered erect shaft. When I reached the opening of his shorts, I cupped his laden balls and gently massaged them in the palm of my hand.

He stirred again. I panicked. Fearing that I would be pinned by his leg, I ducked down in front of the chair. I waited anxiously. Cautiously, I peered up to see that he scooted down and spread his legs farther apart. Tentatively, I reached up and under his shorts and began slowly stroking his cock as he slept. He would surely awaken now.

This was insane. What was I thinking?!?

I was drawn to his scent. I couldn’t resist it. It was intoxicating. My face inched closer to his exposed balls. Just like earlier in the evening at the bar, I was close enough to kiss him if I felt the urge. I was definitely feeling it. My pussy was on fire and nipples were hard enough to etch glass. Just one little kiss couldn’t hurt.

My nose pushed through his pubic hair and my lips brushed against his testicle. I opened my mouth and extended my tongue, tracing circles around the squirming ball. I opened wider. Soon I sucked his testicle into my mouth and began sucking it and teasing it with my tongue. My nose nuzzled the root of his cock, drunk on the elixir of his muskiness.

I needed to cum. I was teasing myself as much as I was this testicle. But this was getting me nowhere and if it did there would be severe consequences. I looked over my shoulder at my sleeping husband.

My husband was startled awake when I covered his mouth with my hand. I didn’t want him to awaken our guest inadvertently. I stood there before him naked and obviously very aroused. My expectations were explicit; I needed his cock in me anywhere immediately.

I led him out of the study into the family room down the hall. I couldn’t wait long enough even to get upstairs. I dropped to my knees and pulled his pants down in one continuous motion. I was surprised to find him fully erect and his cock and balls were coated with his pre-cum. My arousal was so complete I couldn’t think. I gobbled down his cock. I stroked him feverishly and sucked him off within minutes. He struggled to remain silent as he exploded in orgasm flooding my mouth with gobs of his goo, a muffled moan escaped his lips. I reached up and placed my index finger across his lips, admonishing him to be silent.

I heard footsteps approaching from the hallway but there were closing fast and our guest would be upon us in a moment. I had no time to hide. Attempting to cover myself seemed foolish. I was so delirious with desire and desperate for relief, I couldn’t think. And I still had my husband’s cock impaled in my throat; I wasn’t going anywhere anyway.

Our guest stood in the doorway and feigning surprise, he alleged that he was looking for the bathroom. He just stood there smiling. His cock was still erect except now he wasn’t wearing his shorts.

As my husband explained to me later, he took our guest for a tour of the house and they discovered me passed out on the bed. My husband carefully undid my robe and pulled it aside to reveal my naked body to our guest. He asked if he could caress me. My husband allowed him to do whatever he desired provided he didn’t wake me then I would never know.

Our guest caressed by breasts and squeezed my nipples pulling them upward stretching them to their limit and when I didn’t fully awaken he was inspired to finger me. My body responded to his touch and I actually spread my legs inviting his fingers to probe me deeper even though I was asleep. It wasn’t until I was on the verge of orgasm did I begin to awaken.

That’s when they ran downstairs and pretended to be asleep not knowing what I would do next in my super aroused state. You reap what you sow.

My husband was secretly watching me tease our guest when I thought they were asleep. He had hoped that I would invite our guest into a three-way but instead I led my husband away to another room.

Having just choked down my husband’s cum, now I was confronted with our guest’s hard-on only inches from my face. I attempted to rise from my knees but my husband pressed down on my shoulders.

What next?

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